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Race Videos

 Select by Stadium or by Sire of the runners
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Name of RaceStadiumDate vHtGradeDist mWinnerTimeFilm
Romford 27 Jun 2016 HT 9Romford27 JUN 20169GR A2400 To Tone Sandy24.76
SAGE CONTRACTING Darwin26 JUN 20167GR All537 Presh31.75
1. DWZRV-SiegerrennenEilenburg26 JUN 20160OPEN280 Best Wishes99.00
1. DWZRV-Siegerrennen VorlaufEilenburg26 JUN 20161OPEN280 Yes17.27
1. DWZRV-Siegerrennen VorlaufEilenburg26 JUN 20162OPEN450 Never Got On27.78
1. DWZRV-Siegerrennen FinallaufEilenburg26 JUN 20163OPEN280 Best Wishes17.11
1. DWZRV-Siegerrennen FinallaufEilenburg26 JUN 20164OPEN280 Yes17.42
1. DWZRV-Siegerrennen FinallaufEilenburg26 JUN 20165OPEN450 Never Got On27.78
TAB REWARDSHealesville26 JUN 20167GR Grad350 Bordeaux Miss19.40
HENLOW PUPPIES DUP HT 4Henlow26 JUN 20164OPEN460 All About Class28.03
Belle Vue 25 Jun 2016 HT 11Bellevue25 JUN 201611GR A1470 Ballymac Jack28.20
The 2016 Irish Independent Laurels Round 2 Cork25 JUN 20168GR AA0480 Curious Boy27.85
WWW.IPSWICHGREYHOUNDS.COMIpswich25 JUN 20161MAIDEN431 Stalking Moon25.64
DENISE & BOBS BIRTHDAY STAKES HT 10Monmore25 JUN 201610GR A2480 Sheazys28.86
Monmore Green 25 Jun 2016 HT 14Monmore25 JUN 201614GR A1480 Grandpas Girl28.77
CORAL HOME OF THE PRICE BOMB HT 13Romford25 JUN 201612GR S1575 Pro Diva35.97
WILLIAM HILL STAYERS HT 7Sunderland25 JUN 20167OPEN640 Positivereaction39.60
THE MEADOWS SUPPORTS WHITE RIBBONThe Meadows25 JUN 20165FEATURE600 Lithgow Panther34.29
HTL Auto Services A2 525 Round 1 Heat 1Dundalk24 JUN 20168GR A2480 Hather for Matt28.99
LADBROKES 630 HT 9Monmore23 JUN 20169OPEN630 El Nino38.20
RACERS FUNCTION CENTREShepparton23 JUN 20168GR Grad450 Staggerlicious25.68
FREE ENTRY ON MONDAY, THURSDAY & SATURDAY MRomford22 JUN 201612GR A1400 Xavier 24.41
June Super Saver €10.95 per Person S1/Shelbourne Park22 JUN 20166GR S1320 Deep Night18.76
SR Transport British Bred HT 2Brough Park21 JUN 20162OPEN480 Droopys Trapeze28.81
THE TOWCESTER GREYHOUNDS ON RPGTV EVERY TUETowcester21 JUN 20163GR D3260 Onyergorusty15.74
First Choice Security Standard Trophy HT 10Nottingham20 JUN 201610OPEN500 Eden the Kid29.73
First Choice Security Sprint Trophy HT 12Nottingham20 JUN 201612OPEN305 Klockwork Khaos17.63
Stadium Bookmakers Maiden Standard Trophy -Nottingham20 JUN 201614OPEN500 Mad About Rioga29.77
THE OWNERS BONUS SERIES - FINAL HT 12Yarmouth20 JUN 201612GR A6462 Woodcocks Tigger29.03
COOLALINGA MOWERS SPRINTDarwin19 JUN 20166GR All537 Presh31.65
The 2016 Irish Independent Laurels Round 1 Cork18 JUN 20167OPEN480 Civility Counts28.30
Mr Ben McQuaid and Family, Galbally, Co. TyDundalk18 JUN 20162GR S4366 Tyrur Sherman21.52
Matpro Machinery Ltd S2 400Dundalk18 JUN 20167GR S2366 Heathlawn Jet21.54
Mr Sean Tierney and Family, Dungannon A3/A4Dundalk18 JUN 201610GR A3480 Fridays Wispa29.27
Brighton & Hove 18 Jun 2016 HT 7Hove & Brighton18 JUN 20167GR A3515 Mallogs Nina30.28
THE ULTIMATE DINING EXPERIENCE A5/A6 525Lifford18 JUN 20169GR A5480 Corner Bounty29.30
Monmore Green 18 Jun 2016 HT 2Monmore18 JUN 20162GR A2480 Zulu Jaguar28.75
Monmore Green 18 Jun 2016 HT 6Monmore18 JUN 20166GR A10480 Rollon Greatness29.96
Monmore Green 18 Jun 2016 HT 12Monmore18 JUN 201612GR S1630 Fionntra Chris38.34
WILLIAM HILL STANDARD HT 2Sunderland18 JUN 20162OPEN450 Myway Mars27.99
WILLIAM HILL SPRINT HT 4Sunderland18 JUN 20164OPEN261 Calzaghe George15.93
TossracetÅkersberga18 JUN 20162GR M3550 Al Vinn34.10
Åkers Kanal GP RaceÅkersberga18 JUN 20163GR M2550 Skys Mel Vinn32.55
HalsbandsjaktenÅkersberga18 JUN 20165GR M3550 Hultings Ragnhild33.46
Nualas Star ChallengeÅkersberga18 JUN 20166OPEN550 Nelly Melody32.75
Rosalinas MinneÅkersberga18 JUN 20167OPEN320 Sjudraget Lilja19.04
Cherokee Race FinalÅkersberga18 JUN 20168OPEN320 Elsa Viola19.01
Åkers Kanal GP RaceÅkersberga18 JUN 201610GR K4320 Go for Eclipse19.04
Belle Vue 17 Jun 2016 HT 11Bellevue17 JUN 201611GR A1470 Flamboyant28.03
COMMERCIAL PAINTING GROUP STKSMaitland16 JUN 20163GR Grad400 He's Some Asset22.45
Monmore Green 16 Jun 2016 HT 3Monmore16 JUN 20163GR A9480 Witcombe Candy29.45
BGRC 5th Grade HeatAlbion Park15 JUN 20166GR 5395 Swizzlestick22.69
THE RETIRED GREYHOUND TRUST STAKES HT 11Towcester14 JUN 201611GR D3260 Sevenup Babs15.84
Monmore Green 13 Jun 2016 HT 2Monmore13 JUN 20162GR A3480 Foyle Huja28.42
Monmore Green 13 Jun 2016 HT 13Monmore13 JUN 201613GR A9480 Beatties Midget29.39
Stadium Bookmakers Maiden Standard Trophy -Nottingham13 JUN 20168OPEN500 Mad About Rioga30.16
Stadium Bookmakers Standard Trophy HT 9Nottingham13 JUN 20169OPEN500 La Cuchilla30.15
Romford 13 Jun 2016 HT 11Romford13 JUN 201611GR A1400 Slaneyside Eagle24.01
THE OWNERS BONUS SERIES - HEAT 1 HT 1Yarmouth13 JUN 20161GR A6462 Woodcocks June29.08
CUB DASHDarwin12 JUN 201610GR Mixe383 Presh22.32
Rotterdam Derby Final 280m bitchesRotterdam12 JUN 20169OPEN280 Finn16.93
Rotterdam Derby Final 280m dogsRotterdam12 JUN 201610OPEN280 Rustys Ocean16.50
Rotterdam Derby Final 480m bitchesRotterdam12 JUN 201611OPEN480 Most Wanted28.30
Rotterdam Derby Final 480m dogsRotterdam12 JUN 201612OPEN480 Windgap Speed28.42
BSR 2016 Münster Finale HündinnenMünster11 JUN 20168OPEN480 Be Cool28.94
BSR 2016 Münster Finale RüdenMünster11 JUN 20169OPEN480 Nice to See You28.62
TAB - MORE THAN JUST WINNINGThe Meadows11 JUN 20169GR Grad600 Emily Jane34.63
AJS CORPORATIONThe Meadows11 JUN 201611GR Grad525 Liam30.29
DOWNTOWN CLEANINGThe Meadows11 JUN 201612GR Grad525 Yanong30.10
Åkers Kanal GP RaceÅkersberga11 JUN 20162GR K3320 Slip the Jet19.01
Cherokee RaceÅkersberga11 JUN 20164GR K4320 Stella Dog's Zook19.48
Holeinine MemorialÅkersberga11 JUN 20165OPEN320 TNT Im Dynamite18.82
Indy 500Åkersberga11 JUN 20167OPEN550 Nelly Melody32.67
Åkers Kanal GP RaceÅkersberga11 JUN 20168GR M3550 Tizzano32.60
Game Over MemorialÅkersberga11 JUN 20169OPEN550 Skys Mel Vinn32.53
Harness Racing Sunday 12th June S2 400Dundalk10 JUN 20169GR S2366 Heathlawn Jet21.69
LADBROKES 480 HT 6Monmore9 JUN 20166OPEN480 Tyrur Flynn28.00
Monmore Green 09 Jun 2016 HT 12Monmore9 JUN 201612GR A1480 Tyrur Hagler28.75
FREE ENTRY ON MONDAY, THURSDAY & SATURDAY MRomford8 JUN 201612GR A1400 Ballymac Leo24.07
Sheffield Stadium Stayers HT 8Sheffield7 JUN 20168OPEN660 Romeo Storm39.30
PREMIUM SERVICE MAIDEN HT2Nowra6 JUN 20162GR Maid520 Combustion30.73
DROOPYS STUD CHAMPION STAKES FinalYoughal6 JUN 20167GR A1480 Oaklands Paddy28.95
Belle Vue 04 Jun 2016 HT 12Bellevue4 JUN 201612GR A2470 Fridays Pices27.96
The Laurels Restaurant A4 525 Stake. Semi-FCork4 JUN 20164GR A4480 Kranky Damo28.24
Brighton & Hove 04 Jun 2016 HT 4Hove & Brighton4 JUN 20164GR A3515 Genuine Deejay29.94
100 UP- ZULU ROSE HT 4Monmore4 JUN 20164GR A7480 Gogetembridie29.65
Monmore Green 04 Jun 2016 HT 10Monmore4 JUN 201610GR A4480 Sheazys28.74
Romford 04 Jun 2016 HT 6Romford4 JUN 20166GR S1575 Harley Dee35.99
HARDYS PRECISION EXCAVATION HT3The Gardens4 JUN 20169GR Grad400 Ellie Mae23.11
William Hill Bet On The Move 480 Puppy HT 2Wimbledon4 JUN 20162OPEN480 Bockos Alfie28.29
William Hill Dorando Marathon HT 6Wimbledon4 JUN 20166OPEN894 Roxholme Magic54.78
William Hill Champion Hurdle Final HT 7Wimbledon4 JUN 20167OPEN480 Razldazl Raidio28.90
William Hill Greyhound Derby Final 2016 HT Wimbledon4 JUN 20169GROUP1480 Jaytee Jet28.22
William Hill The Home of Betting 480 StandaWimbledon4 JUN 201610OPEN480 Ballymac Brogan28.22
William Hill Greyhound Radio British Bred HWimbledon4 JUN 201613OPEN480 Eden the Kid28.44
Find us on Facebook S2 400Dundalk3 JUN 20167GR S2366 Farran Yarvis21.66
Swindon 03 Jun 2016 HT 6Swindon3 JUN 20166GR A7480 My Little Flojo29.68
TRUE BLUE ELECTRICAL STKSMaitland2 JUN 201610GR Grad450 He's Some Asset25.40
LADBROKES 630 MAIDEN HT 9Monmore2 JUN 20169OPEN630 El Nino37.92
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