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Race Videos

 Select by Stadium or by Sire of the runners
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Name of RaceStadiumDate vHtGradeDist mWinnerTimeFilm
LADBROKES PUPPY DERBY 2019 SEMI FINAL1 HT 4Monmore9 MAR 20194OPEN480 Seaglass Tiger28.46
LADBROKES 630 HT 5Monmore9 MAR 20195OPEN630 Millroad Smokey38.29
LADBROKES PUPPY DERBY 2019 SEMI FINAL 2 HT Monmore9 MAR 20196OPEN480 Toolmaker Me Dad28.37
THE GREENE KING IPA BITTER STAKES HT 7Monmore9 MAR 20197OPEN480 Forest Mike28.49
LADBROKES PUPPY DERBY 2019 SEMI FINAL 3 HT Monmore9 MAR 20198OPEN480 Roman Empire28.45
Terry Princes 61st Birthday Celebration HT Nottingham9 MAR 20194GR A5500 Towstar Poppy31.14
Susan Bowes Rememberance Trophy HT 5Pelaw Grange9 MAR 20195GR S1590 Downtown Katie37.29
CORAL APP NOW AVAILABLE ON GOOGLE PLAY HT 1Romford9 MAR 201910GR A2400 Wychwood Sarah24.94
RPGTV STEEL CITY CUP - HEAT 1 HT 7Sheffield9 MAR 20197OPEN500 Droopys Wild29.10
RPGTV STEEL CITY CUP - HEAT 2 HT 8Sheffield9 MAR 20198OPEN500 Droopys Verve28.69
RPGTV STEEL CITY CUP - HEAT 3 HT 9Sheffield9 MAR 20199OPEN500 Swan Style28.93
RPGTV STEEL CITY CUP - HEAT 4 HT 10Sheffield9 MAR 201910OPEN500 Lightfoot King28.70
RPGTV STEEL CITY CUP - HEAT 5 HT 11Sheffield9 MAR 201911OPEN500 Roxholme Jim28.98
RPGTV STEEL CITY CUP - HEAT 6 HT 12Sheffield9 MAR 201912OPEN500 Swift Jim29.13
Sheffield 09 Mar 2019 HT 13Sheffield9 MAR 201913GR A1500 Jota el Rey29.22
OWLERTON STADIUM MAIDEN DUPLICATED HT 14Sheffield9 MAR 201914OPEN500 Geelo Whiskey29.19
The 2019 Ladbrokes Easter Cup 550 FinalShelbourne Park9 MAR 20199GROUP1503 Clona Blaze29.37
Plunkett Devlin Celebration Open 600 FinalShelbourne Park9 MAR 201911GR AA0549 Skywalker Logan32.30
Swindon 09 Mar 2019 HT 8Swindon9 MAR 20198GR A4480 Ballymac Anny29.68
Monmore Green 08 Mar 2019 HT 11Monmore8 MAR 201911GR A3480 Droopys Nuala29.08
CORAL GOLDEN SPRINT - 1ST SEMI FINAL HT 8Romford8 MAR 20198OPEN400 Union Jack24.24
CORAL GOLDEN SPRINT - 2ND SEMI FINAL HT 9Romford8 MAR 20199OPEN400 Kilmore Lemon24.29
CORAL GOLDEN SPRINT - 3RD SEMI FINAL HT 10Romford8 MAR 201910OPEN400 Roxholme Hat23.83
MEK 325Tralee8 MAR 20197GR SS0297 Tullig Irish17.68
GMHD Insurances A0 Stakes FinalTralee8 MAR 20198GR A0480 Paganini Show28.37
2019 GMHD.ie Insurances Juvenile Classic FiTralee8 MAR 201910GROUP2480 Toolmaker Daddy28.40
The Hot Coffee @ the TrackSide Diner Open 5Enniscorthy7 MAR 20197GR A0480 Hot Diggity Dog29.06
WINTER DERBY PUPPIES HT 3Hove & Brighton7 MAR 20193OPEN490 Ballymac Mikado29.44
MIDWEEK SPECIAL 515 (DUPLICATED) HT 4Hove & Brighton7 MAR 20194OPEN515 Shoot the Bolt30.34
WINTER DERBY HURDLE HT 5Hove & Brighton7 MAR 20195OPEN515 Shaneboy Bowie31.40
CORAL WINTER DERBY FINAL HT 8Hove & Brighton7 MAR 20198GROUP2490 King Turbo28.46
FOLLOW US ON TWITTER @hovegreyhounds LADIESHove & Brighton7 MAR 20199OPEN490 Kanturk Repeat28.76
FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM @hovegreyhounds STAYHove & Brighton7 MAR 201910OPEN695 Piper Arthur42.27
MIDWEEK SPECIAL 515 (DUPLICATED) HT 11Hove & Brighton7 MAR 201911OPEN515 Droopys Gold29.76
WINTER DERBY 490 HT 12Hove & Brighton7 MAR 201912OPEN490 Summer Call28.83
Monmore Green 07 Mar 2019 HT 7Monmore7 MAR 20197GR A1480 Dalcash Behold28.54
Monmore Green 07 Mar 2019 HT 10Monmore7 MAR 201910GR S2630 Droopys Pep39.11
Wheeling Downs 07 Mar 2019 HT A9Wheeling Downs7 MAR 2019A9GR B501 Fraulein Sammy30.33
Yarmouth 07 Mar 2019 HT 2Yarmouth7 MAR 20192GR A8462 Crinkill Ace29.24
5TH LEG PICK 6 JACKPOT HT 10Yarmouth7 MAR 201910GR A5462 Killglen Tess28.62
Monmore Green 06 Mar 2019 HT 13Monmore6 MAR 201913GR A4480 Bloos Top Diesel28.98
Henlow 05 Mar 2019 HT 6Henlow5 MAR 20196GR A10460 Darver Alexa28.56
The Enniscorthy GOBA Spring Unraced Round 1Enniscorthy4 MAR 20192GR N0480 Cant Catch Flash30.17
The Enniscorthy GOBA Spring Unraced Round 1Enniscorthy4 MAR 20193GR N0480 Boderan Stevie29.82
The Enniscorthy GOBA Spring Unraced Round 1Enniscorthy4 MAR 20194GR N0480 Know Wonder29.76
The Enniscorthy GOBA Spring Unraced Round 1Enniscorthy4 MAR 20195GR N0480 Altesse Samcro29.81
The Enniscorthy GOBA Spring Unraced Round 1Enniscorthy4 MAR 20197GR N0480 Fieldview Borris29.90
The Longford Try A Trio Grade A8 525Longford4 MAR 20193GR A8480 You Say Taylor30.06
Naples March 4, 2019 Afternoon Race 3Naples-Ft. Myers4 MAR 20193GR C550 CT's Bill30.26
Y.T.S. Unrced Stake N/0 525 FinalYoughal4 MAR 20191GR N0480 Ballyhimikin Jet29.21
HENLOW 428 MINI - DUP HT 1Henlow3 MAR 20191OPEN428 Linden Twiggy25.97
HENLOW 428 MINI - DUP HT 2Henlow3 MAR 20192OPEN428 Saleen Story25.89
HENLOW 550 MAIDEN HT 3Henlow3 MAR 20193OPEN550 Spoilt Brat34.52
HENLOW STAYERS HT 4Henlow3 MAR 20194OPEN692 Avastorm42.92
GREYHOUND STAR MARATHON - HEAT 1 HT 5Henlow3 MAR 20195OPEN870 Savana Winner56.00
GREYHOUND STAR MARATHON - HEAT 2 HT 6Henlow3 MAR 20196OPEN870 Aayamza Breeze55.85
MAIDEN GOLD CUP - HEAT 1 HT 9Henlow3 MAR 20199OPEN550 Savana Pam34.53
MAIDEN GOLD CUP - HEAT 2 HT 10Henlow3 MAR 201910OPEN550 Glory Snake33.73
MAIDEN GOLD CUP - HEAT 3 HT 11Henlow3 MAR 201911OPEN550 Savana Awesome34.31
MAIDEN GOLD CUP - HEAT 4 HT 12Henlow3 MAR 201912OPEN550 Felt Fixer33.88
MAIDEN GOLD CUP - HEAT 5 HT 13Henlow3 MAR 201913OPEN550 Gortnaskeha Aero33.97
MAIDEN GOLD CUP - HEAT 6 HT 14Henlow3 MAR 201914OPEN550 Wildfire Legend34.25
Pelaw Grange 03 Mar 2019 HT 11Pelaw Grange3 MAR 201911GR A2435 Downtown Katie26.62
THE CEARNSPORT SPRINGBOK FINAL HT 10Sittingbourne3 MAR 201910OPEN480 Burgess Brandy29.67
Belle Vue 02 Mar 2019 HT 3Bellevue2 MAR 20193GR A9470 Ballymac Daisy29.26
Kinsley 02 Mar 2019 HT 10Kinsley2 MAR 201910GR A6462 Memories Furey28.46
Spring Open Unraced 525 Round 1 Heat 1Limerick2 MAR 20192GR N0480 Alien Sea29.01
Spring Open Unraced 525 Round 1 Heat 2Limerick2 MAR 20193GR N0480 Moanteen Bigmike29.08
Spring Open Unraced 525 Round 1 Heat 3Limerick2 MAR 20194GR N0480 Bound Tobe Foxy29.73
Spring Open Unraced 525 Round 1 Heat 4Limerick2 MAR 20195GR N0480 Maithgoleor29.82
Con and Annie Kirby Memorial TrialstakeLimerick2 MAR 201912GR A0480 Skywalker Jorge29.07
Monmore Green 02 Mar 2019 HT 2Monmore2 MAR 20192GR A1480 Pro Duchess28.59
LADBROKES PUPPY DERBY 2019 (HEAT 1) HT 3Monmore2 MAR 20193OPEN480 Front Edge28.71
LADBROKES PUPPY DERBY 2019 (HEAT 2) HT 4Monmore2 MAR 20194OPEN480 Newinn Buzz28.62
LADBROKES PUPPY DERBY 2019 (HEAT 3) HT 5Monmore2 MAR 20195OPEN480 Droopys Mac28.62
LADBROKES PUPPY DERBY 2019 (HEAT 4) HT 6Monmore2 MAR 20196OPEN480 Roman Empire28.59
LADBROKES PUPPY DERBY 2019 (HEAT 5) HT 7Monmore2 MAR 20197OPEN480 Droopys Cruiser28.77
LADBROKES PUPPY DERBY 2019 (HEAT 6) HT 8Monmore2 MAR 20198OPEN480 Toolmaker Me Dad28.24
CLAIRE BUTLERS 50th BIRTHDAY STAKES HT 9Monmore2 MAR 20199GR A1480 Apache Kid28.43
The Mullingar Unraced Consolation 525 FinalMullingar2 MAR 20196GR A5480 Blue Jig Dancer29.81
The Mullingar Unraced N0 525 FinalMullingar2 MAR 20197GR N0480 Dance Rojo29.70
William Hill - Hotbox Bet Stakes HT 8Newcastle (Brough Park)2 MAR 20198GR A4480 Indias Boy29.37
Come Racing Wednesday to Saturday Stakes HTNewcastle (Brough Park)2 MAR 201911GR A6480 Hillend Hulk29.62
March Hare Dual Distance Trophy - Heat ThrePelaw Grange2 MAR 20197GR D1245 Yes Vote14.58
Get Exclusive Offers On The Racing Post AppSheffield2 MAR 20197OPEN720 Brigadier Bullet43.05
Search Racing Post App HT 9Sheffield2 MAR 20199OPEN660 Droopys Live39.29
Bet Through The Racing Post App HT 10Sheffield2 MAR 201910OPEN500 Droopys Verve28.82
Racing Post Juvenile Trophy HT 12Sheffield2 MAR 201912GR IV500 Seaglass Phantom28.60
Plunkett Devlin Celebration Open 600 Semi-FShelbourne Park2 MAR 20197GR AA0549 Priceless Blake32.61
Plunkett Devlin Celebration Open 600 Semi-FShelbourne Park2 MAR 20198OPEN549 Ballymac Tas32.30
Plunkett Devlin Celebration Open 600 Semi-FShelbourne Park2 MAR 20199GR AA0549 Ballymac Anton32.43
The 2019 Ladbrokes Easter Cup 550 Semi-FinaShelbourne Park2 MAR 201910GR AA0503 Droopys Davy29.53
The 2019 Ladbrokes Easter Cup 550 Semi-FinaShelbourne Park2 MAR 201911GR AA0503 Clona Blaze29.72
The Ladbrokes Open 525Shelbourne Park2 MAR 201912GR AA0480 Newhall Missile29.13
The Sparta Kennels Open Unraced Stake FinalWaterford2 MAR 20199GR N0480 Worseforwear28.61
Monmore Green 01 Mar 2019 HT 13Monmore1 MAR 201913GR D2264 Beatties Dancer15.67
CORAL GOLDEN SPRINT - HEAT 1 HT 3Romford1 MAR 20193OPEN400 Savana Class24.08
CORAL GOLDEN SPRINT - HEAT 2 HT 4Romford1 MAR 20194OPEN400 Roxholme Hat24.19
CORAL GOLDEN SPRINT - HEAT 3 HT 5Romford1 MAR 20195OPEN400 King Elvis23.83
CORAL GOLDEN SPRINT - HEAT 4 HT 6Romford1 MAR 20196OPEN400 Chopchop Hope24.02
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