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Race Videos

 Select by Stadium or by Sire of the runners
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Name of RaceStadiumDate vHtGradeDist mWinnerTimeFilm
Welcome to the Kingdom Greyhound Stadium 32Tralee27 FEB 20161GR S6297 Crouchs Impact17.66
Premium Credit/GMHD.ie Sweepstake Semi-FinaTralee27 FEB 20166GR A4457 Stormy Pearl27.55
TAB - MORE THAN JUST WINNINGCranbourne26 FEB 201612GR Grad311 Two Teams Umpire18.03
Welcome To Dundalk Stadium A2 525Dundalk26 FEB 20161GR A2480 Rockcliffe James28.96
Easter Eggstravaganza S4/S5 400Dundalk26 FEB 20162GR S4366 Kilara Allstar21.62
Black Brano’s 40th Birthday A3 525Dundalk26 FEB 20163GR A3480 Bakerswood29.13
Brendan Boylan’s 21st Birthday S5 400Dundalk26 FEB 20164GR S5366 Fridays Pices21.60
Brian Barry’s 50th Birthday A4 525Dundalk26 FEB 20165GR A4480 Aintree Mac29.23
Mother’s Day Weekend S7 -S10 400 Semi-FinalDundalk26 FEB 20166GR S7366 Tyrur Hamilton22.22
Fundraise at Dundalk Stadium A4 525Dundalk26 FEB 20167GR A4480 Jaxxy Lexie29.18
Mother’s Day Weekend S7 -S10 400 Semi-FinalDundalk26 FEB 20168GR S7366 Domestic Rocket21.86
Monmore Green 26 Feb 2016 HT 1Monmore26 FEB 20161GR A4480 Skyfall Silver28.97
Perry Barr 26 Feb 2016 HT 9Perry Barr26 FEB 20169GR A4480 Shreyas Rani29.09
Swindon 26 Feb 2016 HT 9Swindon26 FEB 20168GR A8480 Westwell Splanc29.86
BGRC 5th GradeAlbion Park25 FEB 20162GR 5520 Kinloch Beach30.12
BGRC 5th GradeAlbion Park25 FEB 20166GR 5600 Abby's Magic35.10
Brighton & Hove 25 Feb 2016 HT 2Hove & Brighton25 FEB 20162GR A4515 Piercestown Jane30.27
LADBROKES PUPPY DERBY TRIAL STAKES HT 8Monmore25 FEB 20168OPEN480 Barricane Bullet28.25
LADBROKES 630 HT 12Monmore25 FEB 201612OPEN630 Newinn This Way38.28
LADBROKES 630 HT 13Monmore25 FEB 201613OPEN630 Well Jean38.44
Monmore Green 25 Feb 2016 HT 14Monmore25 FEB 201614GR A4480 Ross Kate29.43
Ladbrokes A4/A5 525 Semi-FinalShelbourne Park25 FEB 20168GR A4480 Crickleowl Pixie28.93
Lawrence Brothers Intertrack Trophy Heat 1 Wimbledon25 FEB 20161GR A1480 Rinkies Lad28.86
The Abbey Standard (Dup) HT 6Swindon24 FEB 20166OPEN480 Embers Fury28.64
LADBROKES 1048 HT 9Crayford23 FEB 20169OPEN1048 Roxholme Magic68.59
THE 2016 LADBROKES GOLDEN JACKET - Final HTCrayford23 FEB 201610OPEN714 Patchys Kerry44.94
Brighton & Hove 21 Feb 2016 HT 3Hove & Brighton21 FEB 20163GR A4515 Brinkleys Dragon30.82
The Beer Monkeys Playing Live on February 2Pelaw Grange21 FEB 20166GR P5435 Downtown Amy25.79
Welcome To Dundalk Stadium S8/S9 400Dundalk20 FEB 20161GR S8366 Tullna Gift21.99
Easter Eggstravaganza S7/S8 400Dundalk20 FEB 20162GR S7366 Ohio Secret21.97
Charlotte Tully’s 20th Birthday A7/A8 525Dundalk20 FEB 20163GR A7480 Flat Totheboards29.24
Mother’s Day Restaurant Special A4/A5 525Dundalk20 FEB 20164GR A4480 Len the Turner29.50
Denise Davenport’s 50th Birthday A4 550Dundalk20 FEB 20165GR A4503 Aulton Jacko30.91
Racecourse Road N0/N2 350 FinalDundalk20 FEB 20166GR N0320 Clonrooske Abu19.18
BEC Electrical Ltd A5 525(No B/G) FinalDundalk20 FEB 20167GR A5480 La Termino28.90
Racecourse Road A3/A4 Bitch 525 (No B/G) FiDundalk20 FEB 20168GR A3480 Monraud Turbo28.57
Nana Ree’s Retirement S2/S3 400Dundalk20 FEB 20169GR S2366 Peads Tango21.70
The Clarke and Hughes A2 550 Semi-FinalDundalk20 FEB 201610GR A2503 Tyrur Tolan30.47
The Clarke and Hughes A2 550 Semi-FinalDundalk20 FEB 201611GR A2503 Thats It30.46
THE LIFFORD €10 SPECIAL A6/A7 525Lifford20 FEB 20164GR A6480 Ghetto Twirl29.60
Romford 20 Feb 2016 HT 10Romford20 FEB 201610GR A1400 Millwards Ozil24.38
The Hit Or Bust Stakes HT 12Swindon20 FEB 201612GR A3480 Fivestar Premier30.04
THE GREYHOUNDS MAKE GREAT PETS STAKES HT 9Towcester20 FEB 20169GR D1260 Ela Ela Genie15.53
The Find Us On Facebook 525Cork19 FEB 20165GR A6480 Run China Girl29.27
The Curraheen Park A4 525 Stakes. Semi-FinaCork19 FEB 20169GR A4480 Muskerry Tank28.91
Welcome To Dundalk Stadium A2 525Dundalk19 FEB 20161GR A2480 Rockcliffe James29.03
Find us on Facebook S0 400Dundalk19 FEB 20162GR S0366 Maytown Flavour21.97
Easter Eggstravaganza A1 550Dundalk19 FEB 20163GR A1503 Killglen Chief30.56
Easter Holiday Restaurant Package S1/S2 400Dundalk19 FEB 20164GR S1366 Santro Wind21.92
Fundraise at Dundalk Stadium A5 525Dundalk19 FEB 20165GR A5480 Brandy Tonic29.10
Mother’s Day Restaurant Special S3 400Dundalk19 FEB 20166GR S3366 Dark Train21.59
Packages for all Budgets at Dundalk StadiumDundalk19 FEB 20167GR A6480 Catunda Daisy29.50
Celebrate your special occasion at Dundalk Dundalk19 FEB 20168GR S6366 Whetstone Blake21.90
ADEPT ACCOUNTANTS C1Hatrick19 FEB 20160GR C1520 Crowd Goes Wild30.41
Pelaw Grange 19 Feb 2016 HT 7Pelaw Grange19 FEB 20167GR A2435 Glengiblin Phil26.14
Pelaw Grange 19 Feb 2016 HT 8Pelaw Grange19 FEB 20168GR A1435 Sparta Nelson25.93
Pelaw Grange 19 Feb 2016 HT 9Pelaw Grange19 FEB 20169GR A2435 Daisys Bliss26.10
Swindon 19 Feb 2016 HT 7Swindon19 FEB 20167GR A8480 Arthurs Bride30.28
2016 GMHD.ie Insurances Juvenile Classic RoTralee19 FEB 20165GR N0480 Lenson Rocky28.26
2016 GMHD.ie Insurances Juvenile Classic RoTralee19 FEB 20166GR N0480 Tammen Twister28.57
2016 GMHD.ie Insurances Juvenile Classic RoTralee19 FEB 20168GR N0480 Double Oh Seven28.35
2016 GMHD.ie Insurances Juvenile Classic RoTralee19 FEB 20169GR N0480 Skywalker Manner28.35
BGRC 5th GradeAlbion Park18 FEB 20162GR 5520 Alota Amy30.35
BGRC 45 GradeAlbion Park18 FEB 20165GR 4/5600 Radley Return34.91
THE PETER BUSSEY MEMORIAL TROPHY - Heat 1 HCrayford18 FEB 20162OPEN540 Swift Whirlwind33.67
THE PETER BUSSEY MEMORIAL TROPHY - Heat 2 HCrayford18 FEB 20164OPEN540 Crossfield Titus33.52
THE PETER BUSSEY MEMORIAL TROPHY - Heat 3 HCrayford18 FEB 20166OPEN540 Best Boy Ethan33.67
RAPIDVITE Division1Hobart18 FEB 20164GR INV340 Go Minnie Go19.63
100 UP CLUB BALLYMAC PATTY HT 3Monmore18 FEB 20163GR A4480 Risky Pumpkin29.09
LADBROKES.COM 630 HT 5Monmore18 FEB 20165OPEN630 Malbay Balotelli38.41
LADBROKES.COM 630 HT 8Monmore18 FEB 20168OPEN630 Swift Gutierrez38.63
Sheffield 18 Feb 2016 HT 9Sheffield18 FEB 20169GR A1500 Ballycowen Tom29.27
Belle Vue 17 Feb 2016 HT 11Bellevue17 FEB 201611GR A2470 Southwind Tip29.63
Yarmouth 17 Feb 2016 HT 4Yarmouth17 FEB 20164GR A1462 Woodcocks Delboy28.53
1ST LEG PICK 6 JACKPOT HT 6Yarmouth17 FEB 20166GR A4462 Killacolla Agnes28.91
Queen Mother Memorial Trial Stakes - DuplicSheffield16 FEB 20162OPEN660 Kilpatrick Ted38.94
Stadium Bookmakers Sprint Trophy HT 7Nottingham15 FEB 20167OPEN305 Raparee Rocket18.12
ORANGE PARK 15 Feb 2016 HT E15Orange Park15 FEB 2016E15GR A603 Darx Ida Da Moon37.80
Romford 15 Feb 2016 HT 9Romford15 FEB 20169GR A3400 To Tone Tas24.57
GRV VIC BRED HT2Shepparton15 FEB 20162GR Mixe390 Yanong22.26
Henlow 14 Feb 2016 HT 3Henlow14 FEB 20163GR A8460 Woodcocks Tigger28.40
Henlow 14 Feb 2016 HT 5Henlow14 FEB 20165GR A5460 Bobsleigh Wood27.55
Happy Valentine’s A9/A10 525Dundalk13 FEB 20161GR A9480 Coloured Connie29.60
Love is in the air S7 - S10 400Dundalk13 FEB 20162GR S7366 Second City22.20
Racecourse Road N0/N2 350 Semi-FinalDundalk13 FEB 20163GR N0320 Clonrooske Abu19.22
Racecourse Road N0/N2 350 Semi-FinalDundalk13 FEB 20164GR N0320 Pass Remarkable18.75
BEC Electrical Ltd A5 525(No B/G) Semi-FinaDundalk13 FEB 20165GR A5480 Scullys Flo28.84
BEC Electrical Ltd A5 525(No B/G) Semi-FinaDundalk13 FEB 20166GR A5480 La Termino28.65
Happy '5?th' Birthday Valerie Fearon A5 525Dundalk13 FEB 20167GR A5480 Mi Daza29.46
Maeve McGahon’s 70th Birthday S4/S5 400Dundalk13 FEB 20168GR S4366 Santro Wind21.50
Racecourse Road A3/A4 Bitch 525 (No B/G) SeDundalk13 FEB 20169GR A3480 Wishful Flyer29.14
Racecourse Road A3/A4 Bitch 525 (No B/G) SeDundalk13 FEB 201610GR A3480 Monraud Turbo28.79
Cupid’s arrow A2 525Dundalk13 FEB 201611GR A2480 Cillians War29.00
Brighton & Hove 13 Feb 2016 HT 3Hove & Brighton13 FEB 20163GR A4515 Moyola Seantan30.46
WELCOME TO LIFFORD STADIUM S9 350Lifford13 FEB 20161GR S9320 Fridays Crunchie19.38
Monmore Green 13 Feb 2016 HT 4Monmore13 FEB 20164GR A5480 Droopys Raffi29.10
Lloyds Coach Services Big Thanks To Our CliMonmore13 FEB 201610GR S1630 Sales Fever38.90
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