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Race Videos

 Select by Stadium or by Sire of the runners
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Name of RaceStadiumDate vHtGradeDist mWinnerTimeFilm
Geelo Midnight Retirement Stayers HT 6Sheffield26 APR 20166OPEN660 Borna Mindy38.57
ORANGE PARK 25 Apr 2016 HT E11Orange Park25 APR 2016E11STAKE704 Darx Ida Da Moon43.44
Romford 25 Apr 2016 HT 2Romford25 APR 20162GR A7400 Lismadine Dream24.63
LEST WE FORGETShepparton25 APR 20161MAIDEN450 Hammer Hawke25.52
WATER SEARCH MAIDEN STAKEAngle Park24 APR 20161MAIDEN388 Maggie's Memory22.95
The B.I.F. National Produce Stakes 2016 RouClonmel24 APR 20161GR AA0480 Skywalker Manner28.70
The B.I.F. National Produce Stakes 2016 RouClonmel24 APR 20162GR AA0480 Droopys Acrobat28.75
The B.I.F. National Produce Stakes 2016 RouClonmel24 APR 20163GR AA0480 Anopheles28.82
The B.I.F. National Produce Stakes 2016 RouClonmel24 APR 20164GR AA0480 Theres the Bell28.25
The B.I.F. National Produce Stakes 2016 RouClonmel24 APR 20165GR AA0480 Nomadic Leader28.69
The B.I.F. National Produce Stakes 2016 RouClonmel24 APR 20166GR AA0480 Escapism28.38
The B.I.F. National Produce Stakes 2016 RouClonmel24 APR 20167GR AA0480 Razldazl Tierna28.40
The B.I.F. National Produce Stakes 2016 RouClonmel24 APR 20168GR AA0480 Clares Rocket28.27
The B.I.F. National Produce Stakes 2016 RouClonmel24 APR 20169OPEN480 Skywalker Gail28.43
The B.I.F. National Produce Stakes 2016 RouClonmel24 APR 201610GR AA0480 Brinkleys King28.66
The B.I.F. National Produce Stakes 2016 RouClonmel24 APR 201611GR AA0480 Concrete Jungle28.73
The B.I.F. National Produce Stakes 2016 RouClonmel24 APR 201612GR AA0480 Jo Jo Fantasy28.18
ROSEWOOD & DISTRICT COMMUNITY BANKIpswich23 APR 20160GR NOV431 Zinzan Brooke25.48
Naome Spring TrophyIsaszeg23 APR 20168OPEN485 Booksy29.45
THE BALLYDUFF TRI DISTANCE 525/550/575 RounLifford23 APR 20164GR A6480 Corner Bounty29.91
Monmore Green 23 Apr 2016 HT 13Monmore23 APR 201613GR A1480 Tyrur Mata28.46
Sandbahnmeister 2016Münster23 APR 20161OPEN275 Vigorous Rachel17.63
Sandbahnmeister 2016Münster23 APR 20162OPEN275 Zusi Zorc 16.50
Sandbahnmeister 2016Münster23 APR 20163OPEN275 Nothing Compares16.52
Sandbahnmeister 2016 B-FinaleMünster23 APR 20166OPEN275 Once a Dream16.54
Sandbahnmeister 2016 Veteranen FinaleMünster23 APR 20167OPEN275 Miss Harringay16.97
Sandbahnmeister 2016 Hündinnen FinaleMünster23 APR 20168OPEN275 Nothing Compares16.44
Sandbahnmeister 2016 Rüden FinaleMünster23 APR 20169OPEN275 Rustys Ocean16.49
Sandbahnmeister 2016 Hündinnen FinaleMünster23 APR 201610OPEN480 Ballymac Alesha29.24
BECKYS LAST NIGHT OF FREEDOM STAKES HT 10Perry Barr23 APR 201610GR A2480 Coconut Bandito28.99
2016 Gain Dog Foods Open 600 Semi-FinalShelbourne Park23 APR 201611GR AA0549 Shugabear Barber32.83
Yarmouth 23 Apr 2016 HT 5Yarmouth23 APR 20165GR A1462 Penny Seabiscuit27.97
CHASERS FUNCTION CENTREBendigo22 APR 20162GR Grad425 Run Sajid Run24.25
K9 RACERS SYNDICATIONBendigo22 APR 201610GR Grad500 Oscar de Snowman28.45
THE MAGICAL KENNELS A6 FinalGalway22 APR 201610GR A6480 Heathlawn Jet29.54
BET WITH CORAL ONLINE, MOBILE & IN SHOP HT Hove & Brighton22 APR 20163GR A4515 Clairkeith Shane30.43
Monmore Green 22 Apr 2016 HT 3Monmore22 APR 20163GR A4480 Dublinhill Magic29.02
Monmore Green 22 Apr 2016 HT 4Monmore22 APR 20164GR A4480 Lucky Impact28.88
ORANGE PARK 22 Apr 2016 HT E15Orange Park22 APR 2016E15GR A603 Darx Ida Da Moon38.04
2016 Lee Strand 550 Round 2 Heat 2Tralee22 APR 20164GR A3503 Coconut Corker30.17
BGRC 45 GradeAlbion Park21 APR 20163GR 4/5520 Tripum30.19
BGRC 5th GradeAlbion Park21 APR 20164GR 5600 Apatite34.64
THE CORAL REGENCY - Heat 4 HT 9Hove & Brighton21 APR 20169OPEN695 Fizzypop Buddy41.12
NEATH HOTEL MAIDENMaitland21 APR 20162MAIDEN400 Pippy Dippy22.31
Monmore Green 21 Apr 2016 HT 1Monmore21 APR 20161GR A2480 Fionntra Chris28.85
Monmore Green 21 Apr 2016 HT 2Monmore21 APR 20162GR A9480 Fernleigh Lady30.19
BETFRED MOBILE HT 3Kinsley20 APR 20163OPEN650 Acomb Ruby40.01
BETFRED TV HT 6Kinsley20 APR 20166OPEN844 Roxholme Magic51.95
BETFRED GOALS GALORE EXTRA HT 9Kinsley20 APR 20169OPEN650 Coolavanny Lass39.92
Lady Lane Sprint HT 3Swindon19 APR 20163OPEN285 Vanayamzaman16.23
ORANGE PARK 18 Apr 2016 HT E15Orange Park18 APR 2016E15GR A603 Darx Ida Da Moon37.44
MANISH GUPTA ACCOUNTANTSShepparton18 APR 20165GR Mixe450 Online25.64
Yarmouth 18 Apr 2016 HT 12Yarmouth18 APR 201612GR A2462 Harrow Wolf28.24
Season Opening Race S1 SprintAlsonemedi17 APR 20162GR S1280 Dopping Tiger16.37
Belle Vue 17 Apr 2016 HT 5Bellevue17 APR 20165GR A6470 Casino Ebony28.51
Greppin 17.04.2016 Finale Hündinnen 277mGreppin17 APR 20165OPEN277 Venus16.83
Greppin 17.04.2016 Finale Rüden 277mGreppin17 APR 20166OPEN277 Uranus16.69
80 and Still Going Musketeers Forever HT 10Bellevue16 APR 201610GR A1470 Ballymac Jack28.06
Welcome To Dundalk Stadium S7/S8 400Dundalk16 APR 20161GR S7366 Drumcove Joey21.71
Find us on Facebook S5/S6 400Dundalk16 APR 20162GR S5366 Glenvale Poppy21.66
Follow us on Twitter A6/A7 525Dundalk16 APR 20163GR A6480 Caletta Pollensa29.39
Sharon McGarrity’s 40th Birthday A5/A6 525Dundalk16 APR 20164GR A5480 Boogiewoogie Bob30.10
Fundraise at Dundalk Stadium S5 400Dundalk16 APR 20165GR S5366 Tullymurry Fitz21.78
Check Out Our Website S7 - S10 400 FinalDundalk16 APR 20166GR S7366 Steely Pulse21.73
Find us on Facebook A3/A4 525 FinalDundalk16 APR 20167GR A3480 Fridays Pices28.85
Celebrate your special occasion at Dundalk Dundalk16 APR 20168GR S3366 Jive Dancer21.63
Packages for all Budgets at Dundalk StadiumDundalk16 APR 20169GR A4480 Homeless Darkie28.78
Communion Celebrations at Dundalk Stadium ADundalk16 APR 201610GR A3480 Swift Cabernet28.93
Birthday Parties at Dundalk Stadium A3 525Dundalk16 APR 201611GR A3480 Black Hollow29.10
Monmore Green 16 Apr 2016 HT 4Monmore16 APR 20164GR A2480 Skyfall Silver28.78
Monmore Green 16 Apr 2016 HT 14Monmore16 APR 201614GR A1480 Droopys Fafe28.31
Perry Barr 16 Apr 2016 HT 10Perry Barr16 APR 201610GR A3480 Coconut Bandito28.96
Poole 16 Apr 2016 HT 4Poole16 APR 20164GR A5450 Mad Keane27.50
2016 Gain Dog Foods Open 600 Round 1 Heat 1Shelbourne Park16 APR 20169GR AA0549 Newlawn Luke32.82
Owners Bonus Series Final HT 10Bellevue15 APR 201610GR A5470 Polished Prince28.55
Welcome To Dundalk Stadium AO/A1 525Dundalk15 APR 20161GR A0480 Deja Dancer28.84
Find us on Facebook SS0/S1 400Dundalk15 APR 20162GR SS0366 Nanny Brien21.65
Shovels A1/A2 525 RaceDundalk15 APR 20163GR A1480 Rock Starman28.87
Ruth Courtney and Shauna Doyle's Birthdays Dundalk15 APR 20164GR S7366 Over the Border22.15
Follow us on Twitter A4/A5 525 FinalDundalk15 APR 20165GR A4480 Billy Junior29.85
Packages for all Budgets at Dundalk StadiumDundalk15 APR 20166GR S1366 Glasmeen Diamond21.72
Champions Restaurant Dining Packages S4 400Dundalk15 APR 20167GR S4366 Bartons Prince21.59
Birthday Parties at Dundalk Stadium A5/A6 5Dundalk15 APR 20168GR A5480 Miomi29.14
THE MAGICAL KENNELS A6 Semi-FinalGalway15 APR 20168GR A6480 Heathlawn Jet29.28
Monmore Green 15 Apr 2016 HT 10Monmore15 APR 201610GR A6480 Klockwork Kiowa29.57
THE LIKE US ON FACEBOOK STAKES HT 8Towcester15 APR 20168GR D3260 Emers Captain15.50
2016 Lee Strand 550 Round 1 Heat 5Tralee15 APR 20168GR A3503 Coconut Corker30.45
Qld Derby heatAlbion Park14 APR 20162OPEN520 Thirty Talks29.97
Qld Derby heatAlbion Park14 APR 20163OPEN520 My Silver Chisel29.97
Monmore Green 14 Apr 2016 HT 3Monmore14 APR 20163GR A1480 El Nino28.81
www.lovethedogs.co.uk HT 1Wimbledon14 APR 20161GR A6480 Pesky Pony29.49
William Hill Greyhound Derby 2nd Trial StakWimbledon14 APR 20169OPEN480 Farneys Cookie28.93
MCIVOR RD VETERINARY CLINICBendigo13 APR 20164GR Tier425 Lettuce Hold On24.03
2ND LEG PICK 6 JACKPOT HT 7Yarmouth13 APR 20167GR A2462 Butterbridge Caz28.43
M DAY & SON BUILDING STAKESGosford12 APR 20165GR Grad600 Shezza Girl35.42
Harlow 12 Apr 2016 HT 4Harlow12 APR 20164GR A7415 Speak Up26.45
Bresmed Northern Sprint - Heat 6 HT 11Sheffield12 APR 201611OPEN280 Walshes Hill15.75
Betfred.com Maiden Sprint Trophy Heat 1 HT Nottingham11 APR 20166OPEN305 Hiya Butt17.50
ORANGE PARK 11 Apr 2016 HT E10Orange Park11 APR 2016E10GR TA704 Darx Ida Da Moon43.88
BYERS ELECTRICAL (1-4 WINS) FINALShepparton11 APR 20164GR Rest450 Yanong25.50
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