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Race Videos

 Select by Stadium or by Sire of the runners
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Name of RaceStadiumDate vHtGradeDist mWinnerTimeFilm
HENLOW MAIDEN GOLD CUP HEAT 4 HT 10Henlow18 SEP 201610OPEN550 Forest Danny33.87
BAPP Group Of Companies Scurry Cup HT 6Bellevue17 SEP 20166OPEN260 Walshes Hill15.10
Ståhl/Täge MinnesloppJärbo17 SEP 20162OPEN484 Winnertip Marcus Hellner29.92
Valbo Trä RaceJärbo17 SEP 20165OPEN286 Stella Dog's Rough Boy17.14
2016 Boylesports Irish Greyhound Derby FinaShelbourne Park17 SEP 20168GROUP1503 Rural Hawaii29.65
Yarmouth 17 Sep 2016 HT 3Yarmouth17 SEP 20163GR A7462 Nationwide Joker29.05
THE EMMAS 40TH BIRTHDAY STAKES HT 11Yarmouth17 SEP 201611GR A1462 Wolf Pack28.51
Monmore Green 16 Sep 2016 HT 14Monmore16 SEP 201614GR A9480 Witcombe Candy29.79
Pelaw Grange 16 Sep 2016 HT 5Pelaw Grange16 SEP 20165GR A4435 Windy View26.69
Belle Vue 14 Sep 2016 HT 11Bellevue14 SEP 201611GR A4470 Dear Molly28.23
THE 70th EAST ANGLIAN DERBY STANDARD - Div Yarmouth14 SEP 20163OPEN462 Clubber Lang27.82
THE JOHN SMITHS SPRINT GRAND FINAL HT 7Yarmouth14 SEP 20167OPEN277 Scolari Sound16.24
BGRC 3/4 GradeAlbion Park12 SEP 20168GR 3/4520 Rocky Be Good30.34
J P Print, Petone C1Manawatu12 SEP 20160GR C1375 Funky Town21.66
Monmore Green 12 Sep 2016 HT 10Monmore12 SEP 201610GR A2480 Skyfall Silver28.70
Stadium Bookmakers Maiden Standard Trophy -Nottingham12 SEP 201611OPEN500 Blackstone Brand29.79
BYERS ELECTRICAL (275+ RANK)Shepparton12 SEP 20163GR Grad450 Lettuce Hold On25.92
Belle Vue 11 Sep 2016 HT 10Bellevue11 SEP 201610GR A3470 Casino Harry27.94
Eilenburg 11.09.2016 FinaleEilenburg11 SEP 20165OPEN280 Audrey17.58
Eilenburg 11.09.2016 FinaleEilenburg11 SEP 20166OPEN280 Uranus17.62
Eilenburg 11.09.2016 FinaleEilenburg11 SEP 20167OPEN450 Yes28.37
HENLOW 550 MAIDEN DUP HT 7Henlow11 SEP 20167OPEN550 So Swift Jess34.34
Megs Lucky 13 Stakes HT 8Bellevue10 SEP 20168GR A1470 Gilford Jet28.01
September Puppy OpenIsaszeg10 SEP 20164OPEN485 Kvitovas Act29.48
Czech Championship 500mIsaszeg10 SEP 20167OPEN500 Kengyelfuto Magnezium29.86
Terezas Nikita Open Sprint 275mIsaszeg10 SEP 20169OPEN275 Kengyelfuto Big Bolt16.80
Czech Championship 485m dogsIsaszeg10 SEP 201610OPEN485 First Flyer Raul29.61
Czech Championship 485m bitchesIsaszeg10 SEP 201611OPEN485 Kengyelfuto Daru29.20
Monmore Green 10 Sep 2016 HT 5Monmore10 SEP 20165GR A2480 Sheazys28.75
Pelaw Grange 10 Sep 2016 HT 5Pelaw Grange10 SEP 20165GR A5435 Windy View26.34
NASHVILLES HEN PARTY RACE HT 8Perry Barr10 SEP 20168OPEN480 Ballymac Darragh28.44
2016 Boylesports Irish Greyhound Derby SemiShelbourne Park10 SEP 20165GROUP3503 Sonic29.40
2016 Boylesports Irish Greyhound Derby SemiShelbourne Park10 SEP 20166GROUP3503 Rural Hawaii29.58
Yarmouth 10 Sep 2016 HT 1Yarmouth10 SEP 20161GR A2462 Wolf Pack28.63
The Longford Race Nights Grade S1-S2 330Longford9 SEP 20169GR S1302 Genies Lamp17.75
BAGS TRACK CHAMPIONSHIP 2016 YOUNGSTERS HT Towcester9 SEP 20161GR IT480 Let Me Tell You28.76
Kingdom Greyhound Stadium 325Tralee9 SEP 20161GR S8297 Farran Recruit18.04
Gain Feeds 525 FinalTralee9 SEP 20169GR A1480 Down the Green28.65
Henlow 08 Sep 2016 HT 3Henlow8 SEP 20163GR A8460 See the Shadow28.38
National Greyhound Sales Unraced 525 Round Shelbourne Park8 SEP 20168GR N0480 Good News28.30
OUTLOOK (300+ RANK)Warragul8 SEP 20166GR Grad460 Cool Milo26.50
SYSCOM SYSTEM CONSTRUCTION STKSGosford6 SEP 20166GR 5600 Shezza Girl35.06
The BETFRED 1350 SHOPS NATIONWIDE British BSheffield6 SEP 20164OPEN500 Along Came Finn28.96
GRAFTON DIST SERVICES CLUB MDNGrafton5 SEP 20164MAIDEN305 Toast the Victor17.71
J P Print, Petone C1Manawatu5 SEP 20160GR C1375 Funky Town21.86
Stadium Bookmakers Maiden Standard Trophy HNottingham5 SEP 20166OPEN500 Blackstone Brand29.87
Sheffield 05 Sep 2016 HT 10Sheffield5 SEP 201610GR A4500 Droopys Ewing29.17
THE 70th EAST ANGLIAN GREYHOUND DERBY 2nd RYarmouth5 SEP 201611OPEN462 Holdem Rio27.92
Weltmeisterschaft 2016 Finale RüdenBlagnac3 SEP 201612OPEN477 Razldazl Oscar29.32
Weltmeisterschaft 2016 Finale HündinnenBlagnac3 SEP 201613OPEN477 Cashen Princess29.26
Try a Forecast S7 335Drumbo Park3 SEP 20162GR S7306 Peads Groover18.26
The Sweeney Cup HT 9Hall Green3 SEP 20169GR A2480 Let Me Tell You28.94
THE BOOKING OFFICE S7 350Lifford3 SEP 20163GR S7320 Marcos Alfie18.99
2016 Boylesports Irish Greyhound Derby RounShelbourne Park3 SEP 20168FEATURE503 Sonic29.91
Cimbria RaceSimrishamn3 SEP 20161GR K4310 Hankos Grey I Am Shish18.85
Cimbria RaceSimrishamn3 SEP 20162GR K3310 Genghis Khan18.72
Svenskhundkapp.se RaceSimrishamn3 SEP 20163OPEN310 Wild Earp18.64
Marieholms Korv RaceSimrishamn3 SEP 20164OPEN771 Qetesh Joe la Bello48.33
Puppy OaksSimrishamn3 SEP 20165GR K2310 Hagas Betty Lee18.69
ThumatorpstrofénSimrishamn3 SEP 20166OPEN511 Champix Camolin31.28
Belle Vue 02 Sep 2016 HT 8Bellevue2 SEP 20168GR A1470 Gilford Jet27.98
CORAL SUPPORTS THE RGOA STANDARD HT 12Romford2 SEP 201612OPEN400 Dance Costa24.41
Gain Feeds 525 Semi-FinalTralee2 SEP 20169GR A1480 Mossend Jordan28.90
Belle Vue 31 Aug 2016 HT 8Bellevue31 AUG 20168GR A4470 Casino Harry28.18
Hall Green 31 Aug 2016 HT 7Hall Green31 AUG 20167GR A5480 Wychwood Sarah29.21
THE 70TH EAST ANGLIAN GREYHOUND DERBY 1st RYarmouth31 AUG 20164OPEN462 Ballinclare Solo27.78
www.betfred.com Stakes HT 1Nottingham30 AUG 20161GR A3500 Gleannrue Mario31.01
Sheffield Stadium Standard - Duplicated HT Sheffield30 AUG 20167OPEN500 Ballymac Deirdre28.70
Carlsberg Sprint Trophy HT 6Nottingham29 AUG 20166OPEN305 Rappers Delight17.99
Somersby Strawberry And Rhubarb Cider SprinNottingham29 AUG 201613OPEN305 Scolari Sound17.54
MANISH GUPTA ACCOUNTANTSShepparton29 AUG 201612GR Grad390 Miss Georgia May22.58
Yarmouth 29 Aug 2016 HT 12Yarmouth29 AUG 201612GR A8462 Southtown Wolf29.16
HENLOW MINI HT 3Henlow28 AUG 20163OPEN428 Xavier 26.06
HENLOW 460 MAIDEN DUP HT 4Henlow28 AUG 20164OPEN460 Jackos Escalade28.25
Try a Forecast S6 335Drumbo Park27 AUG 20162GR S6306 Peads Mover18.27
Monmore Green 27 Aug 2016 HT 12Monmore27 AUG 201612GR A2480 Holycross Love28.45
6TH LEG PICK 6 JACKPOT HT 11Yarmouth27 AUG 201611GR A2462 Brickfield Champ28.47
Monmore Green 26 Aug 2016 HT 10Monmore26 AUG 201610GR S2630 Droopys Raffi38.84
WILLIAM HILL HOTBOX BET STAKES HT 7Sunderland26 AUG 20167GR A6450 Foxy Oscar27.96
THE TIM CHENEY 50TH BIRTHDAY STAKES HT 5Towcester26 AUG 20165GR P6480 So Swift Jess29.06
Gain Feeds 525 Round 1 Heat 1Tralee26 AUG 20166GR A1480 Ceroc Razldazler28.45
BGRC 3/4 GradeAlbion Park25 AUG 20167GR 3/4520 Blueys Shout30.26
Deluxe Flooring Standard HT 4Pelaw Grange23 AUG 20164OPEN435 Roedhelm Alonso25.74
D&D Saferider Motorcycle Training Maiden HTPelaw Grange23 AUG 20165OPEN435 Chickasaw25.74
Sheffield Stadium Stayers HT 4Sheffield23 AUG 20164OPEN660 Happy Man39.17
The Betfred Steel City Cup Heat 4 HT 9Sheffield23 AUG 20169OPEN500 Barricane Tiger28.51
The Betfred Steel City Cup Heat 5 HT 10Sheffield23 AUG 201610OPEN500 Minglers Thunder28.83
The Betfred Steel City Cup Heat 6 HT 11Sheffield23 AUG 201611OPEN500 Tynwald Baz28.66
THE 70th EAST ANGLIAN DERBY TRIAL STAKES - Yarmouth22 AUG 20162OPEN462 Harrow Wolf28.18
THE STADIUM BOOKMAKERS SPRINT - Div 1 HT 7Yarmouth22 AUG 20167OPEN277 Scolari Sound16.27
Amsterdam 21.08.2016Amsterdam21 AUG 20162OPEN280 Rustys Ocean17.01
Deutsches Derby 2016 FinaleHamburg21 AUG 20163OPEN480 Zampano28.47
Belle Vue 20 Aug 2016 HT 7Bellevue20 AUG 20167GR A5470 Dear Molly28.88
CRAYFORD BOOKMAKERS SPRINT HT 5Crayford20 AUG 20165OPEN380 Never Your Fault23.31
The LadiesMidlanda20 AUG 20167OPEN488 Earl Grey29.35
Romford 20 Aug 2016 HT 4Romford20 AUG 20164GR A7400 Knockalton Pride25.33
THE BOOK NOW FOR CHRISTMAS STAKES HT 7Towcester19 AUG 20167GR A6480 Barrack Eddie28.76
BGRC 3/4 GradeAlbion Park18 AUG 20167GR 3/4520 Lauryn's Best30.11
Pettitt's Sleeda Farm A3 575Enniscorthy18 AUG 201610GR A3526 Musical Lyric32.36
THE LADBROKES GOLD CUP FINAL 2016 HT 11Monmore18 AUG 201611OPEN480 Jaytee Spartacus27.83
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