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Race Videos

 Select by Stadium or by Sire of the runners
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Name of RaceStadiumDate vHtGradeDist mWinnerTimeFilm
BEC Electrical Ltd A5 525(No B/G) Semi-FinaDundalk13 FEB 20166GR A5480 La Termino28.65
Happy '5?th' Birthday Valerie Fearon A5 525Dundalk13 FEB 20167GR A5480 Mi Daza29.46
Maeve McGahon’s 70th Birthday S4/S5 400Dundalk13 FEB 20168GR S4366 Santro Wind21.50
Racecourse Road A3/A4 Bitch 525 (No B/G) SeDundalk13 FEB 20169GR A3480 Wishful Flyer29.14
Racecourse Road A3/A4 Bitch 525 (No B/G) SeDundalk13 FEB 201610GR A3480 Monraud Turbo28.79
Cupid’s arrow A2 525Dundalk13 FEB 201611GR A2480 Cillians War29.00
Brighton & Hove 13 Feb 2016 HT 3Hove & Brighton13 FEB 20163GR A4515 Moyola Seantan30.46
WELCOME TO LIFFORD STADIUM S9 350Lifford13 FEB 20161GR S9320 Fridays Crunchie19.38
Monmore Green 13 Feb 2016 HT 4Monmore13 FEB 20164GR A5480 Droopys Raffi29.10
Lloyds Coach Services Big Thanks To Our CliMonmore13 FEB 201610GR S1630 Sales Fever38.90
Pelaw Grange 13 Feb 2016 HT 8Pelaw Grange13 FEB 20168GR A3435 Windy Rodao26.86
Pelaw Grange 13 Feb 2016 HT 10Pelaw Grange13 FEB 201610GR A2435 Fagans Sophie26.57
Pelaw Grange 13 Feb 2016 HT 11Pelaw Grange13 FEB 201611GR A1435 Fagans Verona26.42
Romford 13 Feb 2016 HT 4Romford13 FEB 20164GR A3400 Xavier 24.78
Swindon 13 Feb 2016 HT 10Swindon13 FEB 201610GR A3480 Hi Jack29.59
THE BET WITH TOWCESTER BET STAKES HT 8Towcester13 FEB 20168GR D1260 Ela Ela Genie15.49
DIAMOND VISION PHOTOGRAPHYBendigo12 FEB 20165GR Grad500 Jack Winter28.47
Ladbrokes A1 525Dundalk12 FEB 20161GR A1480 Maytown Eclipse28.63
Love is in the air A3 550Dundalk12 FEB 20162GR A3503 Sheikh Mahead30.33
Jim and Cora McLoughlin's S2/S3 400Dundalk12 FEB 20163GR S2366 Gran Perro21.55
Happy Valentine’s A4 525Dundalk12 FEB 20164GR A4480 Wraysbury Chloe29.08
George McDonnell's 05th Birthday A5 525Dundalk12 FEB 20165GR A5480 Deja Dreamer29.08
No bones about it; you are top dog S3/S4 40Dundalk12 FEB 20166GR S3366 Nelson Street21.64
Will you be mine A6 525Dundalk12 FEB 20167GR A6480 Jaxx the Greyt29.04
Cupid’s arrow A7 525Dundalk12 FEB 20168GR A7480 Spotted Elk29.49
ORANGE PARK 12 Feb 2016 HT E15Orange Park12 FEB 2016E15GR A603 Darx Ida Da Moon37.98
Adopt A Retired Greyhound On 01142 888300 HSheffield12 FEB 20163GR A1500 Clonkeen Snowy28.55
Friday 12th February 2016 HT 1Swindon12 FEB 20161GR A8480 Rosie Chirp29.74
5th GradeAlbion Park11 FEB 20160GR 520 Hay You Boy30.16
5th GradeAlbion Park11 FEB 20169GR 520 Windorah Jack30.19
THE GREENE KING IPA BITTER STAKES HT 10Monmore11 FEB 201610GR A3480 Monroe Hondo28.62
Blunsdon Standard 480 HT 5Swindon10 FEB 20165OPEN480 Klockwork Kannon29.24
Bramble Kennels Syndication British Bred PuBrough Park9 FEB 20165OPEN480 Droopys Trapeze28.73
Conlon Family 706m HT 11Brough Park9 FEB 201611OPEN706 Borna Mindy43.05
EAST COAST ROOFING STAKESGosford9 FEB 201611GR Grad400 Ellie Mae23.57
BRIGHT HOME IMPROVEMENTS STAKES HT 5Harlow9 FEB 20165OPEN592 Woodcocks Delboy38.58
Monmore Green 08 Feb 2016 HT 3Monmore8 FEB 20163GR A5480 Rattling Maguire29.46
Stadium Bookmakers 480m Maiden Trophy HT 5Nottingham8 FEB 20165OPEN480 Mays Gamble29.51
GREYHOUNDS ON BOARD (275+ RANK) VETERANSHealesville7 FEB 201612GR S/E350 Hot and Lonesome19.75
William Hill - Bet On The Move Stakes HT 10Brough Park6 FEB 201610GR A7480 Geordie Cassie30.09
Find us on Facebook S4/S5 400Dundalk6 FEB 20162GR S4366 Wee Dinger22.09
Follow us on Twitter A7/A8 525Dundalk6 FEB 20163GR A7480 Rock Song29.05
Annemarie Martin’s 40th Birthday A5/A6 525Dundalk6 FEB 20164GR A5480 Cloran Chucky29.60
BEC Electrical Ltd A5 525(No B/G) Round 1 HDundalk6 FEB 20165GR A5480 La Termino29.00
BEC Electrical Ltd A5 525(No B/G) Round 1 HDundalk6 FEB 20166GR A5480 Droopys Wall28.95
Gary Crory’s Stag Party A4 525Dundalk6 FEB 20167GR A4480 Aintree Mac29.86
BEC Electrical Ltd A5 525(No B/G) Round 1 HDundalk6 FEB 20168GR A5480 Killacolla Pet29.23
BEC Electrical Ltd A5 525(No B/G) Round 1 HDundalk6 FEB 20169GR A5480 My Rainbow Dash29.60
Fundraise at Dundalk Stadium A4 525Dundalk6 FEB 201610GR A4480 Playground Bolt29.53
Champions Restaurant Dining Packages A4/A5 Dundalk6 FEB 201611GR A4480 Brannock Shelly29.00
Brighton & Hove 06 Feb 2016 HT 4Hove & Brighton6 FEB 20164GR A5515 Foileen Cowboy30.75
ORANGE PARK 06 Feb 2016 HT E15Orange Park6 FEB 2016E15GR A603 Darx Ida Da Moon38.31
Pelaw Grange 06 Feb 2016 HT 4Pelaw Grange6 FEB 20164GR D2245 Master Nodrog15.28
Swindon 06 Feb 2016 HT 10Swindon6 FEB 201610GR A3480 Hi Jack30.07
The Hit Or Bust Stakes HT 12Swindon6 FEB 201612GR A5480 Hesa Wizard29.77
Belle Vue 05 Feb 2016 HT 3Bellevue5 FEB 20163GR A5470 Casino Diva28.52
Welcome to Dundalk Stadium A2 550Dundalk5 FEB 20161GR A2503 Tyrur Tolan30.41
James McNamee’s ‘30th’ Birthday A1/A2 525Dundalk5 FEB 20162GR A1480 Fisty Kit28.98
Find us on Facebook S0/S1 400Dundalk5 FEB 20163GR S0366 Maytown Flavour21.56
Champions Restaurant Dining Packages A3 525Dundalk5 FEB 20164GR A3480 Neon Cosmo29.55
Birthday Parties at Dundalk Stadium S2/S3 3Dundalk5 FEB 20165GR S2320 Lefanta Tom18.88
Fundraise at Dundalk Stadium A5/A6 620Dundalk5 FEB 20166GR A5567 Rackethall Song34.74
Follow us on Twitter A6/A7 525Dundalk5 FEB 20167GR A6480 Groveshill Turbo29.37
Bit and Bite Packages at Dundalk Stadium S6Dundalk5 FEB 20168GR S6366 Santro Wind21.81
Pelaw Grange 05 Feb 2016 HT 9Pelaw Grange5 FEB 20169GR A2435 Ohmakneeliz26.03
Pelaw Grange 05 Feb 2016 HT 10Pelaw Grange5 FEB 201610GR A4435 Windy Rodao26.31
THE BARRY BOREHAM BIRTHDAY STAKES HT 10Romford5 FEB 201610OPEN575 Ballymac Spacer36.36
Sheffield 05 Feb 2016 HT 6Sheffield5 FEB 20166GR A2500 Mumhan Alainn29.39
The Tote Trio Pool 525Tralee5 FEB 20162GR N2480 Stormy Pearl29.29
5th GradeAlbion Park4 FEB 201610GR 520 Kidatee Dan30.44
Henlow 04 Feb 2016 HT 9Henlow4 FEB 20169GR A5460 Bobsleigh Wood27.81
Monmore Green 04 Feb 2016 HT 6Monmore4 FEB 20166GR A1480 Tyrur Mata28.89
Wimbledon 273 Sprint HT 5Wimbledon4 FEB 20165OPEN273 Queen Asia16.30
Wimbledon 480 Puppy HT 6Wimbledon4 FEB 20166OPEN480 Barricane Bullet28.63
William Hill Springbok Trial Stakes D Div 3Wimbledon4 FEB 20167OPEN480 Gingers Dream30.09
William Hill Springbok Trial Stakes D Div 2Wimbledon4 FEB 20168OPEN480 King Jake29.65
William Hill Springbok Trial Stakes D Div 1Wimbledon4 FEB 20169OPEN480 Ballymac Loch29.55
Wimbledon 480 Maiden HT 10Wimbledon4 FEB 201610OPEN480 Mystical Charlie28.82
METEOR OPD WANGANUI C2Hatrick3 FEB 20160GR C2305 Two Up17.39
LIQUORLAND WANGANUI C1Hatrick3 FEB 20160GR C1520 Crowd Goes Wild30.69
The Abbey Standard HT 4Swindon3 FEB 20164OPEN480 Bog Brae28.95
GTA STANDARD ( Div 1) HT 8Sittingbourne2 FEB 20168OPEN480 Forest Sara29.14
BGRC 45 GradeAlbion Park1 FEB 20163GR 4/5600 Chevaleir Nuit35.10
Monmore Green 01 Feb 2016 HT 6Monmore1 FEB 20166GR A5480 Klockwork Kasey29.09
Monmore Green 01 Feb 2016 HT 14Monmore1 FEB 201614GR A3480 Ava Owen Charley28.99
Nottingham 01 Feb 2016 HT 3Nottingham1 FEB 20163GR A1500 Lenson Bee30.57
Nottingham 01 Feb 2016 HT 4Nottingham1 FEB 20164GR A2500 Baggie Joe31.04
Stadium Bookmakers Sprint Trophy - Heat 1 HNottingham1 FEB 20169OPEN305 Scolari Sound17.53
Stadium Bookmakers Standard Trophy - Final Nottingham1 FEB 201612OPEN500 Holdem Lee30.20
FINER FRUITSShepparton1 FEB 20162GR Tier390 Yanong22.24
Yarmouth 01 Feb 2016 HT 2Yarmouth1 FEB 20162GR A1462 Woodcocks Delboy28.49
Brighton & Hove 31 Jan 2016 HT 5Hove & Brighton31 JAN 20165GR A5515 Katusha Kid30.92
MURPHYS WORLD OF COLOURSale31 JAN 20166GR Grad440 Queen of Patong25.63
Welcome to Dundalk Stadium S8/S9 400Dundalk30 JAN 20161GR S8366 Santro Millar21.99
Bit and Bite Packages at Dundalk Stadium S4Dundalk30 JAN 20162GR S4366 Beaming Sincere21.59
Celebrate your special occasion at Dundalk Dundalk30 JAN 20163GR A7480 Fridays Eclair29.43
Find us on Facebook A4/A5 525Dundalk30 JAN 20164GR A4480 Wishful Flyer29.41
Fundraise at Dundalk Stadium S3 350Dundalk30 JAN 20165GR S3320 Fridays Jayfkay19.05
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