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Race Videos

 Select by Stadium or by Sire of the runners
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Name of RaceStadiumDate vHtGradeDist mWinnerTimeFilm
2016 Boylesports Irish Greyhound Derby RounShelbourne Park18 AUG 20164GR AA0503 Rural Hawaii29.67
2016 Boylesports Irish Greyhound Derby RounShelbourne Park18 AUG 20168GR AA0503 Coconut Corker29.81
Mackey Cup A5/A6 525 yds stake Semi-FinalThurles18 AUG 20164GR A5480 Glideaway Bertie29.39
OWNERS BONUS SERIES FINAL HT 5Poole16 AUG 20165GR A2450 Ide Luka27.04
AMY SHIRLZ AND LELEShepparton15 AUG 20169GR Tier390 Crazy Hawke22.62
5TH LEG PICK 6 JACKPOT HT 10Yarmouth15 AUG 201610GR A4462 Winter Breeze28.73
Sevens Cab and Coach Hire A4 525 FinalDundalk14 AUG 20164GR A4480 Giro Day28.40
European DerbyBjerringbro13 AUG 20161OPEN524 Indiana Jones32.76
European Derby ConsulationBjerringbro13 AUG 20162OPEN524 Glaise Deeny32.69
Puppy DerbyBjerringbro13 AUG 20163OPEN524 Stella Dog's Buba's Champ33.37
European Sprint DerbyBjerringbro13 AUG 20164OPEN303 DiamondInTheRough18.01
European Sprint Derby ConsulationBjerringbro13 AUG 20165OPEN303 Camolins Flash18.51
European Veteran DerbyBjerringbro13 AUG 20166OPEN303 Aragorn18.57
GradedBjerringbro13 AUG 20167GR 303 Wild Earp18.58
GradedBjerringbro13 AUG 201611GR 4303 Boreen Holly18.40
GradedBjerringbro13 AUG 201612GR 5303 Blue Butcher18.84
CRAYFORD BOOKMAKERS SPRINT HT 6Crayford13 AUG 20166OPEN380 Balboa Buzz23.41
Monmore Green 13 Aug 2016 HT 14Monmore13 AUG 201614GR A3480 Lucky Impact28.92
THE LOVE THE DOGS STANDARD HT 6Perry Barr13 AUG 20166OPEN480 Exiles Maestro28.69
Skellefteå TrofénSkellefteå13 AUG 201612OPEN510 Earl Grey30.04
OWNERS BONUS SERIES FINAL HT 1Towcester13 AUG 20161GR P7480 So Swift Jess29.30
Hall Green 12 Aug 2016 HT 8Hall Green12 AUG 20168GR A2480 Drahbeg Lord29.33
The Brian Fallon S5 330Longford12 AUG 20166GR S5302 Genies Lamp17.91
THE LADBROKES GOLD CUP 2016 (SEMI FINAL 2) Monmore11 AUG 20168OPEN480 Droopys Buick28.12
Monmore Green 11 Aug 2016 HT 14Monmore11 AUG 201614GR A3480 Sheazys28.77
2016 Boylesports Irish Greyhound Derby RounShelbourne Park11 AUG 20164GR AA0503 Coconut Corker30.03
Mackey Cup A5/A6 525 yds stake Round 1 HeatThurles11 AUG 20163GR A5480 Glideaway Bertie29.35
RAPIDVITE ANIMAL PRODUCTSCranbourne10 AUG 20166GR Grad520 Staggerlicious30.64
Romford 10 Aug 2016 HT 9Romford10 AUG 20169GR A2400 To Tone Tas24.43
THE FOSTERS MAIDEN - Div 2 HT 6Yarmouth10 AUG 20166OPEN462 Harrow Wolf27.95
Tuesday HT 1Brough Park9 AUG 20161GR A6480 Bramble Tudor29.67
MURPHYS GREYHOUND COMPLEXWarragul9 AUG 201611GR Grad400 Maverick Thunder22.57
Nottingham Stadium Puppy Classic Trial StakNottingham8 AUG 20169OPEN500 Let Me Tell You30.17
QUALITY TEAMSShepparton8 AUG 20163GR Tier390 Crazy Hawke22.58
Yarmouth 08 Aug 2016 HT 4Yarmouth8 AUG 20164GR A3462 Killacolla Agnes28.36
HENLOW STANDARD DUP HT 8Henlow7 AUG 20168OPEN460 Westmead Rossi27.43
Hildesheim 07.08.2016Hildesheim7 AUG 20161OPEN280 Zephyra17.25
Hildesheim 07.08.2016Hildesheim7 AUG 20162OPEN280 Van Helsing17.10
Hildesheim 07.08.2016Hildesheim7 AUG 20163OPEN280 Yakez 16.90
Hildesheim 07.08.2016Hildesheim7 AUG 20164OPEN480 Never Got On29.00
Hildesheim 07.08.2016 FinaleHildesheim7 AUG 20165OPEN280 Zephyra17.23
Hildesheim 07.08.2016 FinaleHildesheim7 AUG 20166OPEN280 Yakez 16.93
Hildesheim 07.08.2016 FinaleHildesheim7 AUG 20167OPEN480 Waldfee29.86
AV Direct A7 - A10 525 Semi-FinalDundalk6 AUG 20165GR A7480 Soars Ahead29.25
AugustiraceJärbo6 AUG 20163OPEN286 Earl Grey17.07
Romford 06 Aug 2016 HT 8Romford6 AUG 20168GR A8400 Itsur Mistress24.97
OWNERS BONUS SERIES HEAT ONE HT 1Towcester6 AUG 20161GR P7480 Queen Linda28.87
1ST LEG PICK 6 JACKPOT HT 6Yarmouth6 AUG 20166GR A5462 Woodcocks Susie28.74
Monmore Green 05 Aug 2016 HT 2Monmore5 AUG 20162GR A5480 Rockette Star29.31
Monmore Green 05 Aug 2016 HT 3Monmore5 AUG 20163GR A2480 Foyle Huja28.57
UBET NATIONAL SPRINT QLD HEAT 2Albion Park4 AUG 20167OPEN520 Thirty Talks29.98
LADBROKES GOLD CUP 2016 (HEAT 4 ) HT 7Monmore4 AUG 20167OPEN480 Making Paper28.14
COLOSSUS BETS T.V.TROPHY FINAL HT 10Towcester3 AUG 201610GROUP3906 Borna Mindy56.57
BGRC 3/4 GradeAlbion Park1 AUG 20168GR 3/4520 Sivamet30.49
Monmore Green 01 Aug 2016 HT 10Monmore1 AUG 201610GR A4480 Holycross Love28.57
CKH PAINTINGShepparton1 AUG 201610GR Tier390 Fatboy Linc22.75
3RD LEG PICK 6 JACKPOT HT 8Yarmouth1 AUG 20168GR A5462 Devine Beauty28.79
4TH LEG PICK 6 JACKPOT HT 9Yarmouth1 AUG 20169GR A4462 Woodcocks Tigger28.51
BGRC 5th GradeAlbion Park31 JUL 20166GR 5395 My Sprite23.05
Moonshine Sprint 2016 FinalAlsonemedi31 JUL 20161OPEN280 Somersby Nana16.56
Moonshine Derby 2016 Bitches FinalAlsonemedi31 JUL 20162OPEN480 Pantera Negra28.67
Moonshine Derby 2016 Dogs FinalAlsonemedi31 JUL 20163OPEN480 Runtastic Air Hammer28.59
Brighton & Hove 31 Jul 2016 HT 5Hove & Brighton31 JUL 20165GR A4515 Foileen Cowboy30.64
NL Championship 480m bitches FinalRotterdam31 JUL 20161OPEN480 Rosani28.93
NL Championship 480m dogs FinalRotterdam31 JUL 20162OPEN480 Windgap Speed28.62
Thurles TSC A6/A7 525 yds stake FinalThurles31 JUL 20165GR A6480 Beeves Rock29.04
AV Direct A7 - A10 525 Round 1 Heat 4Dundalk30 JUL 20166GR A7480 Medoit29.15
THE BUNYIP MIXED STAKEGawler30 JUL 20160GR 3/4400 Il Signo22.85
Hall Green 30 Jul 2016 HT 9Hall Green30 JUL 20169GR A2480 Romeo Marshal29.54
Hall Green 30 Jul 2016 HT 13Hall Green30 JUL 201613GR A3480 Drahbeg Lord29.28
Trinity Forest At Stud A3 Bitch 525 Semi-FiLimerick30 JUL 20166GR A3480 Down the Green28.88
Monmore Green 30 Jul 2016 HT 5Monmore30 JUL 20165GR D1264 Sameagainplease15.50
Doire Construction Champion Stakes 550 FinaShelbourne Park30 JUL 20169GROUP1503 Clares Rocket29.29
SM Veterans Final 30.07.2016Västerås30 JUL 20161OPEN295 Farkland Willow17.67
SM Sprint Final 30.07.2016Västerås30 JUL 20162OPEN295 Ballymac Johnros17.42
SM Bitches Final 30.07.2016Västerås30 JUL 20163OPEN510 Riona Viking30.35
SM Dogs Final 30.07.2016Västerås30 JUL 20164OPEN510 Swedishousemafia30.57
THE UDO, CRYSTEL AND ISABELLA TROPHY RACE HYarmouth30 JUL 201611GR A1462 Harrow Wolf28.24
Legs Like A Greyhound HT 5Bellevue29 JUL 20165GR A6470 Dear Molly28.39
Belle Vue 29 Jul 2016 HT 12Bellevue29 JUL 201612GR A4470 Galtee Leah28.56
UNIBET GARDENS 1-3WIN FINALThe Gardens29 JUL 20167GR Grad515 Pippy Dippy29.73
THE TOWCESTER RACECOURSE FOR CONFERENCING STowcester29 JUL 201611GR A5480 Droopys Achieve28.68
Lennart Janssons Minne 29.07.2016Västerås29 JUL 20161OPEN510 Konichiwa Hero30.70
Hellbergarnas Cup Final 29.07.2016Västerås29 JUL 20162OPEN510 Quliqa SamSarah31.17
SM Consolation Final Bitches 29.07.2016Västerås29 JUL 20163OPEN510 Qetesh Steel a Kiss30.58
SM Consolation Final Dogs 29.07.2016Västerås29 JUL 20164OPEN510 Earl Grey30.77
SM Consolation Final Sprint 29.07.2016Västerås29 JUL 20165OPEN295 Stella Dog's Zook17.75
Midlandas Lotterilopp Final Sprint 29.07.20Västerås29 JUL 20166OPEN295 Stella Dog's Enigma17.94
BoyleSports.Com Derby Trial Stake 550Youghal29 JUL 20168GR AA0503 Coconut Corker30.87
MONMORE PARTY PACK SUMMER SALE TROPHY HT 1Monmore28 JUL 20161OPEN480 Forest Bressie28.15
LADBROKES 480 (duplicated) HT 3Monmore28 JUL 20163OPEN480 Fred the Shred28.35
LADBROKES 480 (duplicated) HT 9Monmore28 JUL 20169OPEN480 Thirteen Bags28.52
GEM BENDIGOBendigo27 JUL 20169GR Tier425 Taltarni Shiraz24.55
GET CONNECTED WITH A CORAL CONNECT CARD HT Hove & Brighton27 JUL 20162OPEN515 Droopys Merc30.05
Swindon 27 Jul 2016 HT 13Swindon27 JUL 201613GR A4480 My Little Flojo29.37
Gamblers Guide MemorialVästerås27 JUL 20163GR 295 Hultings Harald Hårfagre17.73
Sheffield Stadium Puppy HT 5Sheffield26 JUL 20165OPEN500 Exiles Maestro28.99
Sheffield Stadium Sprint - Duplicated HT 6Sheffield26 JUL 20166OPEN280 Ballymac Jack16.08
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