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Race Videos

 Select by Stadium or by Sire of the runners
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Name of RaceStadiumDate vHtGradeDist mWinnerTimeFilm
Hall Green 11 Mar 2016 HT 3Hall Green11 MAR 20163GR A7480 Drahbeg Queen29.93
BEVS LAST NIGHT OF FREEDOM STAKES HT 6Hall Green11 MAR 20166GR A5480 Toocrazytoocatch29.62
Monmore Green 11 Mar 2016 HT 10Monmore11 MAR 201610GR A4480 Catunda Fifi29.30
CORAL GOLDEN SPRINT - 1ST SEMI FINAL HT 6Romford11 MAR 20166OPEN400 Vanayamzaman23.91
DPR INSURANCE BROKERSShepparton11 MAR 20161MAIDEN450 Online25.61
RACERS FUNCTION CENTREShepparton11 MAR 20163GR Grad390 Yanong21.94
Swindon 11 Mar 2016 HT 4Swindon11 MAR 20164GR A5480 Westwell Splanc29.63
BGRC 5th GradeAlbion Park10 MAR 20163GR 5520 Sivamet30.19
BGRC 5th GradeAlbion Park10 MAR 20165GR 5600 Serene Star35.41
LADBROKES PUPPY DERBY 2016 - SEMI FINAL 1 HMonmore10 MAR 20164OPEN480 Droopys Elite28.47
LADBROKES PUPPY DERBY 2016 - SEMI-FINAL 2 HMonmore10 MAR 20166OPEN480 Bramble Magpie28.29
LADBROKES PUPPY DERBY 2016 - SEMI-FINAL 3 HMonmore10 MAR 20168OPEN480 Ballymac Lyster29.13
Monmore Green 10 Mar 2016 HT 14Monmore10 MAR 201614GR A1480 Holycross Angel28.60
Monmore Green 07 Mar 2016 HT 9Monmore7 MAR 20169GR A3480 Kilcuala Hondo29.03
Monmore Green 07 Mar 2016 HT 14Monmore7 MAR 201614GR A4480 Galtee Lady29.12
Stadium Bookmakers Standard Trophy - Heat 1Nottingham7 MAR 20168OPEN500 Fred the Shred29.74
BETFRED BOOKMAKERS RACE HT 1Sheffield7 MAR 20161GR A5500 Stanton Cimla30.27
Swindon 07 Mar 2016 HT 6Swindon7 MAR 20166GR A5480 Hero In Black29.75
Pelaw Grange 06 Mar 2016 HT 6Pelaw Grange6 MAR 20166GR D1245 Master Nodrog14.71
Belle Vue 05 Mar 2016 HT 10Bellevue5 MAR 201610GR A2470 Ballymac Jack28.68
Bob Vernon Memorial Maiden HeataCapalaba5 MAR 20163MAIDEN366 Zinzan Brooke19.53
Welcome To Dundalk Stadium S5/S6/S7 400Dundalk5 MAR 20161GR S5366 Holy Well22.19
Champion’s Restaurant A7 - A10 525 Round 1 Dundalk5 MAR 20162GR A7480 Raparee Dee29.87
Champion’s Restaurant A7 - A10 525 Round 1 Dundalk5 MAR 20163GR A7480 Bow Wow Falcao29.59
Champion’s Restaurant A7 - A10 525 Round 1 Dundalk5 MAR 20164GR A7480 Water the Flower29.63
Easter Eggstravaganza S3 400Dundalk5 MAR 20165GR S3366 Bower Barryroe21.57
Aideen Rodgers’ 30th Birthday A5 525Dundalk5 MAR 20166GR A5480 My Rainbow Dash29.43
Easter Holiday Restaurant Package A5 525Dundalk5 MAR 20167GR A5480 Maisies Petal29.08
Fundraise at Dundalk Stadium A4 550Dundalk5 MAR 20168GR A4503 Fridays Muscles30.42
Confirmation Celebrations at Dundalk StadiuDundalk5 MAR 20169GR A3480 Nanny Brien28.95
Champions Restaurant Dining Packages A3/A4 Dundalk5 MAR 201610GR A3480 Tullna Spartan29.29
Find us on Facebook A2 525Dundalk5 MAR 201611GR A2480 Rockcliffe James29.11
THE RICHARD DONT DO IT STAKES HT 9Hall Green5 MAR 20169GR S2645 Danzey Rumble40.86
Con and Annie Kirby Memorial Entries RequirLimerick5 MAR 20163GR A3480 Ballymac Boxcar28.54
Monmore Green 05 Mar 2016 HT 6Monmore5 MAR 20166GR A1480 Skyfall Boris28.94
Monmore Green 05 Mar 2016 HT 12Monmore5 MAR 201612GR A1480 Tyrur Hagler28.92
Monmore Green 05 Mar 2016 HT 14Monmore5 MAR 201614GR A1480 Andlyns Cracka28.97
Pelaw Grange 05 Mar 2016 HT 11Pelaw Grange5 MAR 201611GR A2435 Downtown Amy26.77
Romford 05 Mar 2016 HT 2Romford5 MAR 20162GR A3400 Mistress Alice24.60
Romford 05 Mar 2016 HT 8Romford5 MAR 20168GR S1575 Rough Mystery35.85
Romford 05 Mar 2016 HT 9Romford5 MAR 20169GR A4400 Wychwood Bronze25.01
2016 Ladbrokes Easter Cup Round 2 Heat 2Shelbourne Park5 MAR 20169GR AA0503 Jaytee Jet29.44
2016 Ladbrokes Easter Cup Round 2 Heat 3Shelbourne Park5 MAR 201610GR AA0503 Slippery Fred29.56
2016 Ladbrokes Easter Cup Round 2 Heat 4Shelbourne Park5 MAR 201611GR AA0503 Sidarian Vega29.69
Swindon 05 Mar 2016 HT 9Swindon5 MAR 20169GR A3480 Steragel Brendan29.54
THE GREYHOUNDS MAKE GREAT PETS STAKES HT 9Towcester5 MAR 20169GR A3480 Swift Leonard28.58
Download The Coral App For Free Bets A1 525Dundalk4 MAR 20161GR A1480 Boanerges28.92
Karen and Holden Baxter's SS0/S0 400Dundalk4 MAR 20162GR SS0366 Fridays Castle21.66
Con and Annie Kirby Memorial Trial Stake 52Dundalk4 MAR 20163GR AA0480 Express Castle29.18
Mother’s Day Weekend S7 -S10 400 FinalDundalk4 MAR 20164GR S7366 Tyrur Hamilton21.72
Graham Cousins' 50th Birthday A2 525Dundalk4 MAR 20165GR A2480 Thats It28.88
The Paul Elvis Presley McCloskey Stakes S2 Dundalk4 MAR 20166GR S2366 Samcro21.88
Find us on Facebook A3 525Dundalk4 MAR 20167GR A3480 Wear Back29.44
Fundraise at Dundalk Stadium S5 400Dundalk4 MAR 20168GR S5366 Tyrur Sherman21.85
Monmore Green 04 Mar 2016 HT 1Monmore4 MAR 20161GR A6480 Catunda Fifi29.14
Monmore Green 04 Mar 2016 HT 9Monmore4 MAR 20169GR S2630 Droopys Raffi39.04
CORAL GOLDEN SPRINT - HEAT 5 HT 6Romford4 MAR 20166OPEN400 Scolari Sound23.71
CORAL GOLDEN SPRINT - HEAT 6 HT 7Romford4 MAR 20167OPEN400 Pass to Go23.71
Sheffield 04 Mar 2016 HT 12Sheffield4 MAR 201612GR D4280 Fair Game16.93
Swindon 04 Mar 2016 HT 8Swindon4 MAR 20168GR A6480 Westwell Splanc29.70
Swindon 04 Mar 2016 HT 13Swindon4 MAR 201613GR A3480 Lacken Tiger29.42
Premium Credit/GMHD.ie Sweepstake FinalTralee4 MAR 20161GR A4457 Farran Puk27.52
2016 GMHD.ie Insurances Juvenile Classic FiTralee4 MAR 201610GROUP1480 Escapism28.35
BGRC 5th GradeAlbion Park3 MAR 20162GR 5520 Crazy Vixon30.15
BGRC 5th GradeAlbion Park3 MAR 20169GR 5600 Midnight Bliss35.19
MILLERS MUZZLES Division1Hobart3 MAR 20165GR FFA340 Go Minnie Go19.61
LADBROKES PUPPY DERBY 2016 HEAT 2 HT 5Monmore3 MAR 20165OPEN480 Along Came Finn28.69
LADBROKES PUPPY DERBY 2016 HEAT 3 HT 6Monmore3 MAR 20166OPEN480 Barricane Bullet28.52
KEVIN BLADEN 50th BIRTHDAY STAKES HT 10Monmore3 MAR 201610GR S1630 Malbay Balotelli38.41
Monmore Green 03 Mar 2016 HT 14Monmore3 MAR 201614GR A2480 Roseville Billy29.06
Romford 03 Mar 2016 HT 6Romford3 MAR 20166GR A2400 Bonville Alex24.19
RAILWAY STATION HOTELBendigo2 MAR 20166GR Grad425 Stop Senoring24.20
CHASERS FUNCTION CENTREBendigo2 MAR 20168GR Grad500 Two Teams Umpire28.38
LIVE GREYHOUNDS STREAMING AT CORAL.CO.UK HTHove & Brighton2 MAR 20167GR A5515 Foileen Cowboy30.71
Peterborough 02 Mar 2016 HT 3Peterborough2 MAR 20163GR A7435 Newden Ray27.02
Sheffield Stadium 480 HT 3Sheffield1 MAR 20163OPEN480 Coolavanny Rebel27.84
The Coors Queen Mother Memorial Cup - Heat Sheffield1 MAR 20167OPEN660 Borna Mindy38.93
TOWCESTER RACECOURSE SPRINT HT 10Towcester1 MAR 201610OPEN260 Ballybee Brewery15.43
Romford 29 Feb 2016 HT 10Romford29 FEB 201610GR A2400 Wychwood Tia24.81
Belle Vue 28 Feb 2016 HT 5Bellevue28 FEB 20165GR A2470 Ballymac Jack28.31
HENLOW 460 MAIDEN HT 8Henlow28 FEB 20168OPEN460 Bobsleigh Wood27.75
McNallys / Windhoist Crane Hire N1/N2 400Dundalk27 FEB 20161GR N1366 Tyrur Sherman21.86
CMD Electrical S5/S6 350Dundalk27 FEB 20162GR S5320 Whetstone Blake19.35
Lifting Gear Supplies A7/A8 525Dundalk27 FEB 20163GR A7480 Elusive Haircut29.89
BM Transport A5/A6 525Dundalk27 FEB 20164GR A5480 Rossa Braveheart29.21
Gallonray House S2/S3 400Dundalk27 FEB 20165GR S2366 Fridays Castle21.45
Monmore Green 27 Feb 2016 HT 5Monmore27 FEB 20165GR A1480 Cloneen Duke28.71
Monmore Green 27 Feb 2016 HT 12Monmore27 FEB 201612GR S1630 Final Ace38.80
Swindon 27 Feb 2016 HT 3Swindon27 FEB 20163GR A3480 Forest Lexie29.37
Swindon 27 Feb 2016 HT 8Swindon27 FEB 20168GR A3480 Sapphire Belle29.23
Welcome to the Kingdom Greyhound Stadium 32Tralee27 FEB 20161GR S6297 Crouchs Impact17.66
Premium Credit/GMHD.ie Sweepstake Semi-FinaTralee27 FEB 20166GR A4457 Stormy Pearl27.55
TAB - MORE THAN JUST WINNINGCranbourne26 FEB 201612GR Grad311 Two Teams Umpire18.03
Welcome To Dundalk Stadium A2 525Dundalk26 FEB 20161GR A2480 Rockcliffe James28.96
Easter Eggstravaganza S4/S5 400Dundalk26 FEB 20162GR S4366 Kilara Allstar21.62
Black Brano’s 40th Birthday A3 525Dundalk26 FEB 20163GR A3480 Bakerswood29.13
Brendan Boylan’s 21st Birthday S5 400Dundalk26 FEB 20164GR S5366 Fridays Pices21.60
Brian Barry’s 50th Birthday A4 525Dundalk26 FEB 20165GR A4480 Aintree Mac29.23
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