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Race Videos

 Select by Stadium or by Sire of the runners
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Name of RaceStadiumDate vHtGradeDist mWinnerTimeFilm
Henlow 25 Nov 2017 HT 1Henlow25 NOV 20171GR A10460 Westmead Suzie28.50
Monmore Green 25 Nov 2017 HT 12Monmore25 NOV 201712GR A4480 Elderberry Vic29.60
Pelaw Grange 25 Nov 2017 HT 6Pelaw Grange25 NOV 20176GR A2435 Zoes Manor26.48
Perry Barr 25 Nov 2017 HT 10Perry Barr25 NOV 201710GR A3480 Wicky Big Rocks29.06
Yarmouth 25 Nov 2017 HT 1Yarmouth25 NOV 20171GR A4462 Leighton Wolf28.41
Shawfield 24 Nov 2017 HT 1Shawfield24 NOV 20171GR HP480 Makeit Job Done29.45
The Grandstand Restaurant 570Tralee24 NOV 201710GR A1521 Enchanted Puma31.34
DAPTO LOYALTY PROGRAM MDNDapto23 NOV 20171MAIDEN520 Wendy Darling30.56
BENDIGO ADVERTISERBendigo22 NOV 201710GR Tier425 Macka's Victorem24.68
4TH LEG PICK 6 JACKPOT HT 9Yarmouth22 NOV 20179GR A1462 Woodcocks Susie28.26
5TH LEG PICK 6 JACKPOT HT 10Yarmouth22 NOV 201710GR A4462 Aughane Val28.50
Betfred Treble Odds On Lucky 15s Sprint TroNottingham21 NOV 20175OPEN305 Affane Party17.62
Betfred Follow Us On Twitter Stayers TrophyNottingham21 NOV 20179OPEN680 Heroic Miss41.31
Betfred Eclipse Stakes - Final HT 10Nottingham21 NOV 201710OPEN500 Bubbly Bluebird29.62
OWNERS BONUS SERIES HEAT TWO HT 11Towcester21 NOV 201711GR A2480 Alarming Hades28.31
100 BURGERS @ MCQUEENS MAIDEN STAKEAngle Park20 NOV 20172MAIDEN515 Greysynd Ebony30.00
6TH LEG PICK 6 JACKPOT HT 11Yarmouth20 NOV 201711GR A4462 Black Label28.98
William Hill - Supporting RPGTV Stakes HT 6Brough Park18 NOV 20176GR A5480 Margarets Spirit29.87
Harlow 18 Nov 2017 HT 5Harlow18 NOV 20175GR A5415 Swift Casey26.06
THE CHAMPIONSTAKES RESTAURANT S4/S5 350 SPRLifford18 NOV 20176GR S4320 Fridays Skittles19.27
ALLERDENE FC TROPHY HT 11Sunderland18 NOV 201711GR A2450 Forest Apple27.97
BET WITH www.starsportsbet.co.uk STAKES HT Towcester18 NOV 20178GR A9480 Mad About Johnny29.02
COLOSSUS BETS TV TROPHY HEAT THREE HT 10Towcester18 NOV 201710OPEN906 Roxholme Magic55.57
Monmore Green 17 Nov 2017 HT 12Monmore17 NOV 201712GR A4480 Skyfall Venom28.98
DOWNLOAD THE CORAL APP SPRINT (DUPLICATED) Hove & Brighton16 NOV 20172OPEN285 Droopys Perfect16.34
WILLIAMHILL.COM STAKES HT 7Sunderland15 NOV 20177GR A4450 Glaise Jackie27.77
ECC TIMBER PUPPY DERBY FINAL HT 10Towcester15 NOV 201710GROUP1500 Magical Bale29.10
3RD LEG PICK 6 JACKPOT HT 8Yarmouth15 NOV 20178GR A4462 Droopys Essence28.64
THE Y.G.O.T.A KENNEL SWEEPSTAKE - FINAL HT Yarmouth15 NOV 201710GR A4462 Jaydeecee28.72
TWITTER@BRISGREYS STAKEAlbion Park13 NOV 20175GR R/W600 Sweet Karmar35.19
Betfred Home Of Goals Galore Maiden StandarNottingham13 NOV 20175OPEN500 Tyrur Emily29.80
Betfred Eclipse Stakes - 1st Semi-Final HT Nottingham13 NOV 20179OPEN500 Droopys Expert29.26
Betfred Eclipse Stakes - 2nd Semi-Final HT Nottingham13 NOV 201710OPEN500 Bubbly Bluebird29.38
Betfred Eclipse Stakes - 3rd Semi-Final HT Nottingham13 NOV 201711OPEN500 Dorotas Wildcat29.47
SHOALHAVEN SERVICES STAKESNowra13 NOV 201710GR Grad365 Sir Badger21.22
6TH LEG PICK 6 JACKPOT HT 11Yarmouth13 NOV 201711GR A1462 Thats Grand28.33
Monmore Green 11 Nov 2017 HT 14Monmore11 NOV 201714GR A8480 Bark O Barman29.07
BET ON YOUR MOBILE AT WILLIAMHILL.COM STAKESunderland11 NOV 20173GR A4450 Imperial King27.84
REMEMBRANCE DAY STAKES HT 4Towcester11 NOV 20174GR A9480 Head Iton Carl29.60
THE ECC TIMBER PUPPY DERBY SEMI-FINAL HT 9Towcester11 NOV 20179OPEN500 Magical Bale29.24
Ml.Fitzpatrick Memorial Oaks Open 525 FinalNewbridge10 NOV 20177GR AA0480 Down the Green28.77
CORAL BRIGHTON BELLE - FINAL HT 7Hove & Brighton9 NOV 20177OPEN515 Away Shelly29.85
UBET DASHDarwin8 NOV 20172GR Mixe312 Never Fear18.63
WILLIAM HILL ST LEGER FINAL HT 10Perry Barr8 NOV 201710GROUP1710 Rubys Rascal42.99
WILLIAMHILL.COM STAKES HT 7Sunderland8 NOV 20177GR A4450 Darlo Lulubelle28.17
Yarmouth 08 Nov 2017 HT 5Yarmouth8 NOV 20175GR A4462 Flaming Princess29.21
Monmore Green 06 Nov 2017 HT 13Monmore6 NOV 201713GR A2480 Swift Drake29.30
Betfred Eclipse Stakes - Heat 1 HT 6Nottingham6 NOV 20176OPEN500 Calico Brandy29.53
2ND LEG PICK 6 JACKPOT HT 7Yarmouth6 NOV 20177GR A4462 Perfect Peace28.39
Brighton & Hove 05 Nov 2017 HT 5Hove & Brighton5 NOV 20175GR A3515 Ashwood Telly30.39
Perry Barr 05 Nov 2017 HT 7Perry Barr5 NOV 20177GR A4480 Drahbeg Dior28.89
Perry Barr 05 Nov 2017 HT 14Perry Barr5 NOV 201714GR A4480 Drahbeg Duke29.26
Andrea McPherson 40th Birthday StakesDrumbo Park4 NOV 20175GR A4480 Bandicoot Bundee29.34
Magyar Puppy Sprint DerbyIsaszeg4 NOV 20174OPEN275 Ballymac Jo Jo16.79
Gain 500Isaszeg4 NOV 201710OPEN500 Shaneboy Rook30.31
Monmore Green 04 Nov 2017 HT 12Monmore4 NOV 201712GR A1480 Holycross Love28.92
Swindon 04 Nov 2017 HT 5Swindon4 NOV 20175GR A3480 Tailteann Storm29.95
Ml.Fitzpatrick Memorial Oaks Open 525 Semi-Newbridge3 NOV 20178GR AA0480 Canyar28.97
THE WILLIAMHILL.COM STAKES HT 1Sunderland2 NOV 20171GR A3450 Whites Mccool28.54
Monmore Green 01 Nov 2017 HT 7Monmore1 NOV 20177GR A1480 Saleen Chase28.90
Monmore Green 01 Nov 2017 HT 10Monmore1 NOV 201710GR A8480 Bright Ruby29.41
Yarmouth 01 Nov 2017 HT 5Yarmouth1 NOV 20175GR A1462 Merchant Navy28.19
MCQUEENS TAVERN MAIDEN STAKEAngle Park30 OCT 20172MAIDEN515 Lucy Stardust30.45
3RD LEG PICK 6 JACKPOT HT 8Yarmouth30 OCT 20178GR A4462 Saleen Missy28.55
Beringen 29.Oct. 2017 Finale HündinnenBeringen29 OCT 20173OPEN345 Nikita20.55
Red Mills Future Champion Unraced 525 FinalEnniscorthy29 OCT 20176GR N0480 Burgess Brandy29.15
DERBY 550 MAIDEN HT 9Henlow29 OCT 20179OPEN550 Prime Time33.14
DERBY STAYERS HT 12Henlow29 OCT 201712OPEN692 Coolavanny Bear42.62
Perry Barr 29 Oct 2017 HT 4Perry Barr29 OCT 20174GR A5480 Drahbeg Dior29.00
Perry Barr 29 Oct 2017 HT 6Perry Barr29 OCT 20176GR A4480 Wicky Jo29.26
Perry Barr 29 Oct 2017 HT 11Perry Barr29 OCT 20179GR A4480 Champagne Magic28.76
Perry Barr 29 Oct 2017 HT 10Perry Barr29 OCT 201710GR A3480 Romeo True Blue29.30
THE RYAN PRESTON CHALLENGE CUP HT 10Perry Barr28 OCT 201710GR A2480 Townspark Gem28.60
Perry Barr 28 Oct 2017 HT 11Perry Barr28 OCT 201711GR A1480 St Clares Lass28.82
FOLLOW TOWCESTER GREYHOUNDS ON FACEBOOK STATowcester28 OCT 20176GR A9480 Greencroft Kelly29.31
BET WITH www.starsportsbet.co.uk STAKES HT Towcester28 OCT 20177GR A7480 Crinkill Kay29.19
ECC TIMBER PUPPY DERBY HEAT SEVEN HT 10Towcester28 OCT 201710OPEN500 Magical Bale29.46
6TH LEG PICK 6 JACKPOT HT 11Yarmouth28 OCT 201711GR D2277 Rondun Ado Ron16.75
Epona memorialÅkersberga28 OCT 20171GR 1515 Qetesh Joe la Bello29.81
Copy CatÅkersberga28 OCT 20172GR 3515 Cava Volcano30.70
PUPPY DERBY FINALÅkersberga28 OCT 20173FEATURE515 Quliqa Trix30.35
Easter RoseÅkersberga28 OCT 20174GR 1515 Greycraft Queen29.50
Greyhoundbilder.seÅkersberga28 OCT 20175GR 1550 Canis Majoris32.35
Reklamtjänst S:t LegerÅkersberga28 OCT 20176GR 1780 Space Barley47.25
VeteranderbytÅkersberga28 OCT 20177GR 2320 Sjudraget Vittra19.00
NML Speed ChallengeÅkersberga28 OCT 20179GR 1320 Ballymac Johnros18.20
Åkers Kanal GP RaceÅkersberga28 OCT 201710GR 2320 Stella Dog's Zap18.58
Åkers Kanal GP RaceÅkersberga28 OCT 201712GR 3320 Playa Amor19.16
Åkers Kanal GP RaceÅkersberga28 OCT 201715GR 1320 Powerhouse Inca18.60
Åkers Kanal GP RaceÅkersberga28 OCT 201717GR 3515 Black Panda30.32
Åkers Kanal GP RaceÅkersberga28 OCT 201718GR 3515 Conlig Ginger30.44
NML Speed ChallengeÅkersberga28 OCT 2017A9GR 1320 Stunning Romeo18.13
NML Speed ChallengeÅkersberga28 OCT 2017E9GR 1320 Rammstein18.33
Monmore Green 27 Oct 2017 HT 8Monmore27 OCT 20178GR A1480 Muchas Gracias28.92
Ml.Fitzpatrick Memorial Oaks Open 525 RoundNewbridge27 OCT 20178GR AA0480 Pennys Ding28.96
Henlow 26 Oct 2017 HT 1Henlow26 OCT 20171GR A10460 Night Time Shani28.65
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