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Race Videos

 Select by Stadium or by Sire of the runners
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Name of RaceStadiumDate vHtGradeDist mWinnerTimeFilm
TOP CAT VIDEOShepparton7 APR 201611GR Tier390 Winter Blues22.55
The Total Recycling Services Marathon HT 4Sheffield5 APR 20164OPEN915 Borna Mindy56.30
Personal Protective Services C2/3Manawatu4 APR 20160GR C3375 Dr. Brm21.78
WATER SKI CLUB STAFF (1-4 WINS) HT3Shepparton4 APR 20164GR Rest450 Yanong25.42
SILVER EAGLE OUTFITTERSHealesville3 APR 20167GR Grad350 Bordeaux Miss19.82
Int. Frühlingsrennen 03.April 2016Hildesheim3 APR 20161OPEN280 Wira 17.09
Int. Frühlingsrennen 03.April 2016Hildesheim3 APR 20162OPEN280 Zoe16.91
Int. Frühlingsrennen 03.April 2016Hildesheim3 APR 20163OPEN280 Zoccx16.84
Int. Frühlingsrennen 03.April 2016Hildesheim3 APR 20164OPEN480 Waldfee29.60
Int. Frühlingsrennen 03.April 2016Hildesheim3 APR 20165OPEN480 Kengyelfuto Mimóza29.10
Int. Frühlingsrennen 03.April 2016Hildesheim3 APR 20166OPEN480 Zampano28.84
Int. Frühlingsrennen Finale 03.April 2016Hildesheim3 APR 20167OPEN280 Zoe16.87
Int. Frühlingsrennen Finale 03.April 2016Hildesheim3 APR 20168OPEN280 Zoccx17.30
Int. Frühlingsrennen Finale 03.April 2016Hildesheim3 APR 20169OPEN480 Kengyelfuto Mimóza29.21
Int. Frühlingsrennen Finale 03.April 2016Hildesheim3 APR 201610OPEN480 Nice to See You29.11
Welcome To Dundalk Stadium A6/A7 525Dundalk2 APR 20161GR A6480 Nosey Girl29.86
Follow us on Twitter S4 400Dundalk2 APR 20162GR S4366 Fatboyz Luke21.72
Celebrate your special occasion at Dundalk Dundalk2 APR 20163GR A4480 Aulton Jacko29.40
Follow us on Twitter S7 - S10 400 FinalDundalk2 APR 20164GR S7366 Pennys Kong22.06
Find us on Facebook A7- A10 525 FinalDundalk2 APR 20165GR A7480 Kit and Kabudel29.53
Champions Restaurant Packages A5/A6 525 FinDundalk2 APR 20166GR A5480 Silverhead Tina29.41
Fundraise at Dundalk Stadium A3 525 FinalDundalk2 APR 20167GR A3480 Jewel Ruler29.20
Champions Restaurant Packages A3/A4 525 SemDundalk2 APR 20168GR A3480 Sin Away29.07
Champions Restaurant Packages A3/A4 525 SemDundalk2 APR 20169GR A3480 Oh Suzanna28.89
The Land Of Legends A2 525Dundalk2 APR 201610GR A2480 Mulla Magic28.87
Monmore Green 02 Apr 2016 HT 13Monmore2 APR 201613GR S1630 Kilfane King38.58
Racing Post Greyhound TV Scottish Derby SemShawfield2 APR 20166OPEN480 Fair Taxes28.92
Racing Post Greyhound TV Scottish Derby SemShawfield2 APR 20167OPEN480 Ballymac Matt28.75
Racing Post Greyhound TV Scottish Derby SemShawfield2 APR 20168OPEN480 Droopys Buick28.63
Belle Vue 01 Apr 2016 HT 9Bellevue1 APR 20169GR A2470 Fridays Dazzler28.37
Belle Vue 01 Apr 2016 HT 11Bellevue1 APR 201611GR A1470 Ballymac Jack28.26
PINECREST KENNELS MAIDENDubbo1 APR 201611MAIDEN400 Lightfoot Lily23.25
Welcome to Dundalk Stadium A3 525Dundalk1 APR 20161GR A3480 Wear Back29.10
Fundraise at Dundalk Stadium A4 525Dundalk1 APR 20162GR A4480 Killeavy Flash29.00
Celebrate your special occasion at Dundalk Dundalk1 APR 20163GR A4480 Fernlea Flyer28.81
Packages for all Budgets at Dundalk StadiumDundalk1 APR 20164GR S3366 Fridays Twix21.41
Birthday Parties at Dundalk Stadium A5/A6 5Dundalk1 APR 20165GR A5480 Fridays Aquarius28.92
Find us on Facebook S5 400Dundalk1 APR 20166GR S5366 Fridays Crunchie21.57
Check Out Our Website S7 - S10 Semi-FinalDundalk1 APR 20167GR S7366 Deputy Hawk21.90
Check Out Our Website S7 - S10 Semi-FinalDundalk1 APR 20168GR S7366 Neuro Donna21.80
DYNA STEEL @ SIRES 1-2WIN HEATThe Gardens1 APR 20164GR Grad515 Lochinvar Dash29.62
EUREKA SHEDSWarrnambool1 APR 20162MAIDEN450 Run Sajid Run26.19
BGRC 5th GradeAlbion Park31 MAR 20162GR 5520 Sivamet30.33
BGRC 5th GradeAlbion Park31 MAR 20164GR 5600 Serene Star35.07
Brighton & Hove 31 Mar 2016 HT 4Hove & Brighton31 MAR 20164GR A4515 Kilmurry Luke30.29
GRSA.COM.AU STAKEAngle Park30 MAR 20165GR Grad388 Il Signo22.36
OWNERS BONUS SERIES - FINAL HT 8Romford30 MAR 20168GR A4400 To Tone Dancer24.78
Yarmouth 30 Mar 2016 HT 4Yarmouth30 MAR 20164GR A5462 Woodcocks Denzil28.80
Sheffield Stadium Stayers HT 8Sheffield29 MAR 20168OPEN660 Glenpadden Ace38.84
KINGSLEY JARMAN FENCING Division1Launceston28 MAR 20162GR FFA278 Go Minnie Go16.20
4TH LEG PICK 6 JACKPOT HT 9Yarmouth28 MAR 20169GR A3462 Islas Deasy29.01
THE EASTER SUNDAY 350Lifford27 MAR 20166GR S3320 Fridays Wispa19.16
Belle Vue 26 Mar 2016 HT 11Bellevue26 MAR 201611GR A1470 Ballymac Jack28.33
Follow us on Twitter S7 - S10 400 Semi-FinaDundalk26 MAR 20161GR S7366 Pennys Kong21.85
Follow us on Twitter S7 - S10 400 Semi-FinaDundalk26 MAR 20162GR S7366 Keiles Homeless21.95
Find us on Facebook A7- A10 525 Semi-FinalDundalk26 MAR 20163GR A7480 Fridays Flake29.35
Find us on Facebook A7- A10 525 Semi-FinalDundalk26 MAR 20164GR A7480 Kit and Kabudel29.66
Champions Restaurant Packages A5/A6 525 SemDundalk26 MAR 20165GR A5480 Blenhiem True29.25
Champions Restaurant Packages A5/A6 525 SemDundalk26 MAR 20166GR A5480 Pretty Ava29.67
Easter Eggstravaganza S7 - S10 400 FinalDundalk26 MAR 20167GR S7366 Second City22.43
Fundraise at Dundalk Stadium A3 525 Semi-FiDundalk26 MAR 20168GR A3480 Jewel Ruler29.08
Fundraise at Dundalk Stadium A3 525 Semi-FiDundalk26 MAR 20169GR A3480 Fridays Bounty29.22
Vanessa Wynne’s Birthday A3 525Dundalk26 MAR 201610GR A3480 Valeries Master29.19
Happy 75th Birthday Patsy Grant A2 525Dundalk26 MAR 201611GR A2480 Nanny Brien29.27
Osterrennen 2016Kleindöttingen26 MAR 20161OPEN280 Johannes Jaxxon17.32
Monmore Green 26 Mar 2016 HT 3Monmore26 MAR 20163GR A3480 Hunky Chunky29.03
Monmore Green 26 Mar 2016 HT 10Monmore26 MAR 201610GR A5480 Ballymoney Fane29.54
***FINAL BEGS RACE *** HT 11Monmore26 MAR 201611GR S1630 Bleisce Charm38.41
Monmore Green 26 Mar 2016 HT 14Monmore26 MAR 201614GR A1480 Tyrur Mata28.67
RPGTV Puppy Trial Stakes HT 2Shawfield26 MAR 20162OPEN480 Newinn Champ29.62
RPGTV Scottish Derby Heat 1 HT 3Shawfield26 MAR 20163OPEN480 Eden the Kid28.96
RPGTV Scottish Derby Heat 2 HT 4Shawfield26 MAR 20164OPEN480 Fair Taxes28.97
RPGTV Scottish Derby Heat 3 HT 5Shawfield26 MAR 20165OPEN480 Ballymac Matt29.62
RPGTV Scottish Derby Heat 4 HT 6Shawfield26 MAR 20166OPEN480 Droopys Buick29.29
RPGTV Scottish Derby Heat 5 HT 7Shawfield26 MAR 20167OPEN480 Leave At Dawn29.21
RPGTV Scottish Derby Heat 6 HT 8Shawfield26 MAR 20168OPEN480 Mucho Macho Man29.29
3RD LEG PICK 6 JACKPOT HT 8Yarmouth26 MAR 20168GR A4462 Harrow Wolf28.57
6TH LEG PICK 6 JACKPOT HT 11Yarmouth26 MAR 201611GR A7462 Borna Creek29.56
Frightful Flash Kennels McCalmont Cup A1 RoKilkenny25 MAR 20166GR A1480 Newlawn Luke29.31
Monmore Green 25 Mar 2016 HT 3Monmore25 MAR 20163GR A1480 Tyrur Flynn28.69
ROMFORD FRIDAY NIGHT 500 MAIDENS - HEAT 2 HRomford25 MAR 20163OPEN400 Xavier 24.49
5th GradeAlbion Park24 MAR 20160GR 600 Nureyev35.26
5th GradeAlbion Park24 MAR 20169GR 520 Split Image30.14
LOU PETTERSON MEMORIALBendigo24 MAR 201612GR Grad425 Yanong23.99
Williamhill.com Sprint HT 9Brough Park24 MAR 20169OPEN290 Blue Jedamac16.86
Monmore Green 24 Mar 2016 HT 6Monmore24 MAR 20166GR A6480 Treacys Escalade29.48
Romford 24 Mar 2016 HT 9Romford24 MAR 20169GR A7400 Swift Hersilia24.91
CORAL BACKS CHILDREN WITH CANCER HT 4Hove & Brighton23 MAR 20164GR A3515 Bullofstonehall30.45
Sheffield Stadium Standard HT 4Sheffield22 MAR 20164OPEN500 Making Paper28.58
Pinpoint Recruitment Heat 5 HT 10Sheffield22 MAR 201610OPEN480 Mustang Chick27.57
Pinpoint Recruitment Heat 6 HT 11Sheffield22 MAR 201611OPEN480 Thirteen Bags27.88
TOP CAT VIDEO HT3Warragul22 MAR 20169GR Grad400 Iona Machine23.01
RACE 5 TRACK LOTTO 500 FINALDerry21 MAR 20165GR A6457 Fanore Ping Pong28.53
Stadium Bookmakers Standard Trophy - Heat 2Nottingham21 MAR 201614OPEN500 Garryglass Penny30.04
Rotterdam 20.03.2016 Final bitches 280mRotterdam20 MAR 201611OPEN280 Vigorous Petra16.47
Rotterdam 20.03.2016 Final dogs 280mRotterdam20 MAR 201612OPEN280 Black Kinloch15.99
Rotterdam 20.03.2016 Final bitches 480mRotterdam20 MAR 201613OPEN480 Most Wanted28.90
Rotterdam 20.03.2016 Final dogs 480mRotterdam20 MAR 201614OPEN480 Windgap Speed28.76
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