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Race Videos

 Select by Stadium or by Sire of the runners
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Name of RaceStadiumDate vHtGradeDist mWinnerTimeFilm
All Direct Furniture A4 525Dundalk5 DEC 20157GR A4480 Creive Tiger29.25
Eamon McCrave Memorial A3 525 Round 1 Heat Dundalk5 DEC 20158GR A3480 Glitzy Las Vegas28.82
Eamon McCrave Memorial A3 525 Round 1 Heat Dundalk5 DEC 20159GR A3480 Thats It29.04
PayPal A3 600Dundalk5 DEC 201510GR A3549 Santro Dice33.71
Monmore Green 05 Dec 2015 HT 3Monmore5 DEC 20153GR S1630 Malbay Balotelli38.35
CORAL BACKS CHILDREN WITH CANCER UK HT 3Romford5 DEC 20153GR A7400 Avit On Doris25.22
Wheeling Downs 05 Dec 2015 HT A14Wheeling Downs5 DEC 2015A14GR AA501 Try Me29.82
ECC TIMBER LAURELS 2nd semi-final HT 4Bellevue4 DEC 20154OPEN470 Millwards Whitey27.90
Lloyd Clarke’s 18th Birthday A1 525Dundalk4 DEC 20151GR A1480 Mandys Knight28.80
Irish Rail S1/S2 400Dundalk4 DEC 20152GR S1366 Gran Perro21.74
Glen Dimplex A2 525Dundalk4 DEC 20153GR A2480 Swift Cabernet29.09
H2 Sheds S3/S4 350Dundalk4 DEC 20154GR S3320 Regards to Ned19.21
Millview Childcare A6 525Dundalk4 DEC 20155GR A6480 Skryne Kestral29.77
Killeevan Astro Club S5 350Dundalk4 DEC 20156GR S5320 Ture Ace19.53
Meadowlands Surgery A5 525Dundalk4 DEC 20157GR A5480 Tell Me Eabha29.14
Integrity Risk and Claims Management S9 350Dundalk4 DEC 20158GR S9320 Dillons Bridge19.59
SKY RACINGIpswich4 DEC 20150MAIDEN431 Funky Town25.28
LAWRENCE JONES MEMORIAL FESTIVAL 684 (HEAT Monmore4 DEC 201511OPEN684 Swansalona Diva41.24
LAWRENCE JONES MEMORIAL FESTIVAL 416 (HEAT Monmore4 DEC 201512OPEN416 Southfield Jock24.01
The Christmas Party Nights 525Cork3 DEC 20155GR A5480 Coom Black29.14
Belle Vue 02 Dec 2015 HT 1Bellevue2 DEC 20151GR A5470 Ballymac Jack28.73
TRUE VINTAGE Division1Hobart1 DEC 20156GR 4461 Mr. Patong26.33
Nottingham 01 Dec 2015 HT 2Nottingham1 DEC 20152GR A3500 Fairway Amber30.45
R W 600mAlbion Park30 NOV 20157GR 600 Alpha Adonis35.51
BGRC 5th GradeAlbion Park30 NOV 20159GR 5520 Spring Dream30.56
San Miguel Fresca Standard Trophy HT 14Nottingham30 NOV 201514OPEN500 Garryglass Penny30.19
Stadium Bookmakers National Sprint Trial StNottingham30 NOV 201515OPEN305 Scolari Sound17.57
St Paul's Romanian International Project N1Dundalk28 NOV 20151GR N1366 Trixies Angel22.38
Specsavers Newry S9/S10 350Dundalk28 NOV 20152GR S9320 Quarterland Kev19.51
Saint Monica's Boxing Club Newry S6/S7 400Dundalk28 NOV 20153GR S6366 Killglen Fairy21.93
Finbar Hughes Bookmakers Newry A6/A7 525Dundalk28 NOV 20154GR A6480 Skryne Hawk29.55
Ulster Bank Newry A5 525Dundalk28 NOV 20155GR A5480 Bit of Company29.14
Timoney's Ice Cream, Newry S3 400Dundalk28 NOV 20156GR S3366 Tedeedah21.71
The Rebecca Munroe 17th Birthday A2 525Dundalk28 NOV 20157GR A2480 Pats Baby28.96
Retro Beauty and Camlough Detal Practice S2Dundalk28 NOV 20159GR S2366 Glasmeen Diamond21.93
Fundraise at Dundalk Stadium A3 525Dundalk28 NOV 201510GR A3480 Fridays Dazzler29.29
Swindon 28 Nov 2015 HT 12Swindon28 NOV 201512GR A5480 Hesa Wizard29.97
ECC Timber Laurels Heat 2 HT 3Bellevue27 NOV 20153OPEN470 Millwards Whitey28.31
Welcome to Dundalk Stadium A1 525Dundalk27 NOV 20151GR A1480 Maytown Rules28.81
Follow us on Twitter S3 400Dundalk27 NOV 20152GR S3366 Bua Milan21.67
Fundraise at Dundalk Stadium A3 525Dundalk27 NOV 20153GR A3480 Fisty Kit28.94
Christmas Party Nights at Dundalk Stadium SDundalk27 NOV 20154GR S4366 Joshuas Blossom21.87
Christmas Party Nights for all budgets A4 5Dundalk27 NOV 20155GR A4480 Bartons Prince29.15
Celebrate your special occasion at Dundalk Dundalk27 NOV 20156GR S4366 Tinas Emma22.15
The Big Jack Looney Night Out A6 525Dundalk27 NOV 20157GR A6480 Ballymac Danu29.33
Find us on Facebook S5/S6 400Dundalk27 NOV 20158GR S5366 Dee21.82
FOLLOW US ON TWITTER @HOVEGREYHOUNDS HT 6Hove & Brighton27 NOV 20156GR D1285 Brother Harry16.57
Monmore Green 27 Nov 2015 HT 11Monmore27 NOV 201510GR S1630 Riverside Harry39.10
Nottingham 27 Nov 2015 HT 6Nottingham27 NOV 20156GR A4500 Restless Miles30.97
KIAS 16TH BIRTHDAY TROPHY HT 8Monmore26 NOV 20158OPEN684 Gleneagle Tina41.81
Romford 26 Nov 2015 HT 3Romford26 NOV 20153GR A5400 Xavier 24.70
Belle Vue 25 Nov 2015 HT 1Bellevue25 NOV 20151GR A6470 Ballymac Jack28.99
The www.haroldscrossgreyhoundstadium.ie 525Harolds Cross24 NOV 20155GR A5480 Snabba Lily29.59
The 2015 HRX Irish Grand National Hurde FinHarolds Cross24 NOV 20156GR H0480 Comeout Russell29.73
Betfred Goals Galore Sprint Trophy HT 4Nottingham24 NOV 20154OPEN305 Scolari Sound17.66
Betfred Hat Trick Heaven Marathon Trophy HTNottingham24 NOV 20159OPEN925 Loop the Loop58.21
Betfred Eclipse Stakes - Final HT 10Nottingham24 NOV 201510OPEN500 Pinpoint Boom29.74
R W 600mAlbion Park23 NOV 20156GR R/W600 Marluca34.96
BGRC 5th Grade FinalAlbion Park23 NOV 20158GR 5520 Your Deal30.38
Brighton & Hove 22 Nov 2015 HT 4Hove & Brighton22 NOV 20154GR D1285 Glenvale Stevie16.59
ECC TIMBER OAKS Heat 8 HT 11Bellevue21 NOV 201511OPEN470 Aero Babooshka28.08
Welcome to Dundalk Stadium S10 350Dundalk21 NOV 20151GR S10320 Manilla Rex19.53
Christmas Party Nights for all budgets S8/SDundalk21 NOV 20152GR S8320 Drumcove Oscar19.69
Champions Restaurant Dining Packages A8/A9 Dundalk21 NOV 20153GR A8480 Quarterland Lee29.15
Christmas Party Nights at Dundalk Stadium ADundalk21 NOV 20154GR A7480 Gingers Spice29.94
Find us on Facebook S6/S7 400Dundalk21 NOV 20155GR S6366 Toryview Craft22.17
Fundraise at Dundalk Stadium A5 525Dundalk21 NOV 20156GR A5480 Our Top Man28.98
Follow us on Twitter A5 525Dundalk21 NOV 20157GR A5480 Fisty Kit29.18
Jackie Hartnett’s 50th Birthday A4 525Dundalk21 NOV 20158GR A4480 Pats Baby29.04
Bit and Bite Packages at Dundalk Stadium A4Dundalk21 NOV 20159GR A4480 Jumeirah Jade29.11
Birthday Parties at Dundalk Stadium A3 525Dundalk21 NOV 201510GR A3480 Fridays Dazzler29.22
Distance Racing @ Lmk Entries Required WeekLimerick21 NOV 201511GR A3549 Empress Sofia32.81
Monmore Green 21 Nov 2015 HT 3Monmore21 NOV 20153GR A4480 Dublinhill Magic29.05
2015 Comerford Cakes Open 525 Round 1 Heat Shelbourne Park21 NOV 20157GR AA0480 Milldean Puma28.72
BENDIGO ADVERTISERBendigo20 NOV 201511GR Grad425 Splash of White24.00
GBOTA WOLLONGONG BRANCH HEATBulli20 NOV 20156GR Grad472 Sandave Prince25.86
Welcome To Dundalk Stadium S5 350Dundalk20 NOV 20151GR S5320 Jive Dancer19.22
Find us on Facebook A2 525Dundalk20 NOV 20152GR A2480 Ballygibba Jack28.72
Bridge Turf Lawns A2/A3 525 FinalDundalk20 NOV 20154GR A2480 Lazy Daddy28.48
Jim McLoughney’s 60th Birthday A3 525Dundalk20 NOV 20155GR A3480 Fridays Peaches29.23
Christmas Party Nights for all budgets A6 5Dundalk20 NOV 20157GR A6480 Quarterland Rick29.30
The Longford @ Mullingar Next Friday A5-A6 Longford20 NOV 20154GR A5480 Ghetto Twirl29.64
HOVE THURSDAY NIGHT 500 MAIDEN - Heat 2 HT Hove & Brighton19 NOV 201512OPEN515 Sizzlers Puma29.95
LADBROKES.COM 416 HT 12Monmore19 NOV 201512OPEN416 Tyrur Vettel24.31
WARATAH SPORTS STAKESGosford17 NOV 20153GR Grad515 Multicam Ranger29.81
R W 600mAlbion Park16 NOV 20154OPEN600 Ratatat35.39
BGRC 5th Grade HeatAlbion Park16 NOV 201510GR 5520 Minnie Impact30.34
Larry O'Rourke/TSC Munster Juvenile Cup FinClonmel15 NOV 20158GR A1480 Brinkleys King29.01
Welcome to Dundalk Stadium S9/S10 350Dundalk14 NOV 20151GR S9320 Killglen Fairy19.58
Find us on Facebook A7/A8 525Dundalk14 NOV 20152GR A7480 Bardolino Joe29.62
Fundraise at Dundalk Stadium A6/A7 525Dundalk14 NOV 20153GR A6480 Our Top Man29.30
Christmas Party Nights at Dundalk Stadium SDundalk14 NOV 20154GR S4366 Joshuas Blossom21.99
Packages for all Budgets at Dundalk StadiumDundalk14 NOV 20155GR A5480 Shesadiamond29.21
David Crosby’s 50th Birthday Celebrations ADundalk14 NOV 20156GR A3480 Killeavy Flash29.07
Mary Torley’s Birthday Celebrations A4 525Dundalk14 NOV 20157GR A4480 Rock Garden29.35
Celebrate your special occasion at Dundalk Dundalk14 NOV 20158GR S3366 Coloured Flair21.81
Birthday Parties at Dundalk Stadium A3 525Dundalk14 NOV 20159GR A3480 Boyne Aimee29.13
Christmas Party Nights for all budgets A1/ADundalk14 NOV 201510GR A1480 Rock Starman29.10
THE TRACK LOTTO NOVICE 350Lifford14 NOV 20152GR N0320 Mineola Monster19.58
BECOME AN OWNER AT ROMFORD STADIUM - CALL FRomford14 NOV 20156GR A5400 Sharons Dilemma24.88
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