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Race Videos

 Select by Stadium or by Sire of the runners
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Name of RaceStadiumDate vHtGradeDist mWinnerTimeFilm
BRIAN BEARD PLUMBINGShepparton22 APR 20178GR Mixe450 Zinzan Brooke24.92
Swindon 22 Apr 2017 HT 2Swindon22 APR 20172GR A3480 Tridente29.39
THE PEACHEY STAKES HT 11Towcester22 APR 201711GR A4480 Alarming Hades28.26
Yarmouth 22 Apr 2017 HT 3Yarmouth22 APR 20173GR A1462 Wolf Pack28.35
Belle Vue 21 Apr 2017 HT 10Bellevue21 APR 201710GR A1470 Jayms Storm27.90
Monmore Green 21 Apr 2017 HT 5Monmore21 APR 20175GR A5480 Brocks Jezebel29.12
BELLE VUE JUNIORS HT 2Bellevue20 APR 20172OPEN470 Swift Asbolos28.48
BELLE VUE STANDARD HT 6Bellevue20 APR 20176OPEN470 Beaming for You28.02
Peterborough 19 Apr 2017 HT 5Peterborough19 APR 20175GR A8435 Aughall Seamie27.13
Williamhill.com Stakes HT 11Brough Park18 APR 201711GR A3480 Bramble Bradley29.15
DORSET DASH HT 3Poole18 APR 20173OPEN250 Only One Leemac14.76
THE BRESMED NORTHERN SPRINT SEMI FINAL 2 HTSheffield18 APR 20177OPEN280 Brynoffa Jasmin16.08
BUTCH RICHARDS STAKETownsville18 APR 20172GR 5TH380 All Fueled Up22.31
Congratulations to Zenas Dazl on completingCrayford15 APR 20172GR A8380 Motown Jaxx23.70
The New Barking Buzz App Sweepstakes Semi-FLimerick15 APR 20179GR AA0480 Ballymac Galway28.61
Swindon 15 Apr 2017 HT 5Swindon15 APR 20175GR A3480 Tridente29.48
Yarmouth 15 Apr 2017 HT 3Yarmouth15 APR 20173GR A1462 Roxys Prince28.07
4TH LEG PICK 6 JACKPOT HT 9Yarmouth15 APR 20179GR A5462 Flaming Princess28.85
Monmore Green 14 Apr 2017 HT 3Monmore14 APR 20173GR A2480 Clares Blue28.79
Monmore Green 14 Apr 2017 HT 4Monmore14 APR 20174GR A5480 Found It29.55
Monmore Green 14 Apr 2017 HT 10Monmore14 APR 201710GR A5480 Notorious Rhys29.11
The Barking Buzz App 525Tralee14 APR 20175GR N1480 Stormy Solstice29.30
Belle Vue Juniors HT 3Bellevue13 APR 20173OPEN470 Blackstone Ollie27.90
LADBROKES 630 MAIDEN HT 3Monmore13 APR 20173OPEN630 Stags Star39.07
Monmore Green 13 Apr 2017 HT 4Monmore13 APR 20174GR A5480 Fozzie Me Daddy29.38
LADBROKES 630 MAIDEN HT 12Monmore13 APR 201712OPEN630 Buckos Lass38.75
Peterborough 12 Apr 2017 HT 4Peterborough12 APR 20174GR S2620 Lord John39.40
Happy 1st Birthday Super Hero Blake HT 5Brough Park11 APR 20175GR A3480 Costa Cain29.64
THE BRESMED NORTHERN SPRINT HEAT 4 HT 9Sheffield11 APR 20179OPEN280 Ela Ela Genie15.82
Hall Green 10 Apr 2017 HT 10Hall Green10 APR 201710GR A4480 Brews Hill29.34
TOP CAT VIDEOShepparton10 APR 20179GR Mixe390 Liam22.77
Belle Vue 09 Apr 2017 HT 4Bellevue9 APR 20174GR A8470 Megan Rose28.71
Pelaw Grange 09 Apr 2017 HT 5Pelaw Grange9 APR 20175GR A1435 Woodville Reason25.84
Into The Fryer Stakes HT 9Bellevue8 APR 20179GR A1470 Ballymac Jack27.95
THE GREENE KING IPA BITTER STAKES HT 8Monmore8 APR 20178GR A1480 Ballyregan Ray28.61
Sandbahnmeister 08.04.17 Ht6 Finale HündinnMünster8 APR 20176OPEN275 Zoe16.39
Sandbahnmeister 08.04.17 Ht7 Finale RüdenMünster8 APR 20177OPEN275 Razldazl Isildur16.18
THE LOVE THE DOGS STAYERS HT 3Perry Barr8 APR 20173OPEN660 Exiles Maestro40.44
THE TOWCESTER RACECOURSE MAIDEN HT 10Towcester8 APR 20179OPEN500 Bruisers Bullet29.23
LADBROKES GOLDEN EASTER EGG S2Wentworth Park8 APR 20176GR S/E520 Striker Light29.64
1ST LEG PICK 6 JACKPOT HT 6Yarmouth8 APR 20176GR A5462 Tyrur Bubbles29.11
Yarmouth 08 Apr 2017 HT 14Yarmouth8 APR 201714GR A1462 Mass Megan28.26
Hall Green 07 Apr 2017 HT 1Hall Green7 APR 20171GR A6480 Rowington Pixie29.47
FOLLOW @CORAL ON TWITTER MAIDENS HT 3Romford7 APR 20173OPEN400 Dower Forgold23.98
Monmore Green 06 Apr 2017 HT 13Monmore6 APR 201713GR A6480 Lucky Impact29.38
The Lady Lane Standard Stakes HT 5Swindon5 APR 20175OPEN480 Alarming Hades28.93
Monmore Green 04 Apr 2017 HT 14Monmore4 APR 201714GR A2480 George Mac29.12
THE SHEFFIELD STADIUM PUPPY SPRINT HT 2Sheffield4 APR 20172OPEN280 Ballymac Healy16.13
CKH PAINTING (1-4 WINS) DAMSELS DASHShepparton4 APR 20179GR Rest450 Pretty Ribbons25.74
THE RETIRED GREYHOUND TRUST STAKES HT 11Towcester4 APR 201711GR S2655 Sosaidhs Blue39.86
Hall Green 03 Apr 2017 HT 5Hall Green3 APR 20175GR A5480 Brews Hill29.72
The Pre-Produce Stakes A0 / A1 525 Semi-FinClonmel2 APR 20179GR A0480 Toocoolforschool29.06
FOLLOW @GRV_NEWS ON TWITTERHealesville2 APR 20173GR Grad300 Cailah Rose17.17
HENLOW 550 MAIDEN DUP HT 11Henlow2 APR 201711OPEN550 Newtown Cain33.84
Hildeshiem Frühlingsrennen Ht1Hildesheim2 APR 20171OPEN280 Greyfort Audrey17.51
Hildeshiem Frühlingsrennen Ht2Hildesheim2 APR 20172OPEN280 Once a Dream16.99
Hildeshiem Frühlingsrennen Ht3Hildesheim2 APR 20173OPEN280 Pond Eliza Blue17.58
The Curraheen Park Bookmakers Getting Out SCork1 APR 201711GR A0480 Ela Alecko28.83
Crayford 01 Apr 2017 HT 13Crayford1 APR 201713GR S2540 Reaveys Raider34.07
Track Bookmakers and DTSC A1/A2 525 2nd SemDrumbo Park1 APR 20178GR A0480 Coolykereen Risk28.79
Brighton & Hove 01 Apr 2017 HT 6Hove & Brighton1 APR 20176GR A4515 Foileen Cowboy30.70
SAMS STAG DO TROPHY HT 7Monmore1 APR 20177GR A3480 Emi Smurph29.09
kgoba stakes finalTralee1 APR 20170OPEN480 Fibonacci29.27
LADBROKES GOLDEN EASTER EGG HT 5Wentworth Park1 APR 20176GR S/E520 Striker Light29.67
STACEYS LAST FLING TROPHY HT 11Yarmouth1 APR 201711GR A1462 Glenske Homer28.21
Yarmouth 01 Apr 2017 HT 13Yarmouth1 APR 201713GR A1462 Dairy Rumble28.14
Monmore Green 31 Mar 2017 HT 1Monmore31 MAR 20171GR A6480 Found It29.69
Belle Vue Standard HT 6Bellevue30 MAR 20176OPEN470 Beaming for You27.78
CORAL HOME OF THE PRICE BOMB STAYERS HT 5Hove & Brighton30 MAR 20175OPEN695 Diego Flight42.16
The Hall Green March Maiden Trophy Final HTHall Green29 MAR 20175OPEN480 Sylvias Chloe29.05
The Hall Green March Maiden Stayers Final HHall Green29 MAR 20176OPEN645 Bakers Crumble40.11
Peterborough 29 Mar 2017 HT 4Peterborough29 MAR 20174GR S3620 Zatopeks Baby39.29
The Blunsdon Stayers Stakes HT 10Swindon29 MAR 201710OPEN685 Glideaway Bertie42.13
Monmore Green 28 Mar 2017 HT 5Monmore28 MAR 20175GR A2480 Starshineedifice28.59
THE DUNHAM GREYHOUND CENTRE PUPPY HT 4Towcester28 MAR 20174GR IV500 Madabout Eoghan29.48
THE BET WITH BG AT TOWCESTER BY PHONE BITCHTowcester28 MAR 20177GR IV500 Empress Katie29.44
SAGE CONTRACTING DASHDarwin26 MAR 20176GR Grad383 Never Fear22.76
R & J ORCHARD EARTH MOVINGSale26 MAR 20175GR Grad440 Splash of White24.87
Track Bookmakers and DTSC A1/A2 525 Round 1Drumbo Park25 MAR 201711GR A1480 Talking Tactics28.66
Monmore Green 25 Mar 2017 HT 1Monmore25 MAR 20171GR A2480 Tyrur Spieth28.97
DOG OF THE MONTH FEBRUARY - KING DAN HT 4Monmore25 MAR 20174GR A1480 Skyfall Silver28.58
Monmore Green 25 Mar 2017 HT 6Monmore25 MAR 20176GR A3480 Beatties Dancer29.15
THE LOVE THE DOGS MAIDEN DASH HT 2Perry Barr25 MAR 20172OPEN275 Ballymac Healy16.48
THE LOVE THE DOGS DASH HT 3Perry Barr25 MAR 20173OPEN275 Lissom Sheldo16.25
THE LOVE THE DOGS STANDARD HT 9Perry Barr25 MAR 20179OPEN480 Romeo Treaty28.59
The New Barking Buzz App A2/A3 525yd stk FiThurles25 MAR 201710GR A2480 Ridgedale Prince28.96
BET WITH BET365 STAKES HT 2Towcester25 MAR 20172GR A6480 Magical Riley28.87
THE BE MINDFUL STAKES HT 12Towcester25 MAR 201712GR S2655 Creative Thinker40.06
kgoba stakes semi finalTralee25 MAR 20170OPEN480 Fibonacci29.64
Yarmouth 25 Mar 2017 HT 1Yarmouth25 MAR 20171GR A5462 Hellroad Anchor28.70
Yarmouth 25 Mar 2017 HT 4Yarmouth25 MAR 20174GR A1462 Isthebossabout28.22
Yarmouth 25 Mar 2017 HT 13Yarmouth25 MAR 201713GR A1462 Upourside28.45
CHASERS FUNCTION CENTRE HT1Bendigo24 MAR 20173GR Mixe500 Good Luck Mark28.37
THE JAKE, OLLY AND HENRY BIRTHDAY RACE HT 5Crayford24 MAR 20175GR S2540 Crossfield Champ34.21
The Simon Deakin Kennel Stakes HT 3Hall Green24 MAR 20173GR A7480 Castell Buddy30.20
The IRP Lap HT 6Hall Green24 MAR 20176GR A3480 Castell Jack29.92
ROMFORD FRIDAY NIGHT 500 WINNER OF ONE 400MRomford24 MAR 20178OPEN400 Brynoffa Jasmin23.99
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