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Race Videos

 Select by Stadium or by Sire of the runners
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Name of RaceStadiumDate vHtGradeDist mWinnerTimeFilm
THE WALLYS WAY STAKES HT 10Towcester25 FEB 201710GR D1260 Brynoffa Jasmin15.57
THE FROSTY WEATHER STAKES HT 12Towcester25 FEB 201712GR S1655 What Fun Macey40.11
The Pun Loving Criminals HT 4Wimbledon25 FEB 20174GR IT480 Silverview Meant29.45
Yarmouth 25 Feb 2017 HT 14Yarmouth25 FEB 201714GR A6462 Lu Lu My Baby28.97
Belle Vue Standard HT 4Bellevue23 FEB 20174OPEN470 Beaming for You28.02
Belle Vue 23 Feb 2017 HT 9Bellevue23 FEB 20179GR A5470 Casino Jimmy28.71
LADBROKES 480 (DUPLICATE) HT 2Monmore23 FEB 20172OPEN480 King Dan28.57
3 WINS IN A ROW - DOROTAS IRENA HT 13Monmore23 FEB 201713GR A4480 King Alan29.21
Monmore Green 23 Feb 2017 HT 14Monmore23 FEB 201714GR A3480 Foyle Huja29.18
Romford 23 Feb 2017 HT 13Romford23 FEB 201713GR A3400 Coolbeg Prunty24.69
MCIVOR RD VETERINARY CLINICBendigo22 FEB 20179GR Tier425 Minca Man24.19
FOLLOW THE TIMEFORM PAWS RATINGS NOW IN CORHove & Brighton22 FEB 20176GR A5515 Foileen Cowboy30.66
THE 59th YARMOUTH CHAMPIONSHIP GRAND FINAL Yarmouth22 FEB 201711GR A1462 Our Man Dan27.89
THE 2017 LADBROKES GOLDEN JACKET - Final HTCrayford21 FEB 201710GROUP1714 Boylesports Star45.18
Monmore Green 21 Feb 2017 HT 10Monmore21 FEB 201710GR A2480 Cloneen Duke28.75
ENDEAVOUR LOCKSMITHSWarragul21 FEB 20178GR Mixe460 Zinzan Brooke25.60
Monmore Green 20 Feb 2017 HT 4Monmore20 FEB 20174GR A4480 Tyrur Spieth29.30
Romford 20 Feb 2017 HT 2Romford20 FEB 20172GR A7400 Cushtybot Ripper24.84
BET ON BARKING BUZZ S2 325Youghal20 FEB 20173GR S2297 Casino Maverick17.88
Mixed M/5/383Darwin19 FEB 20174GR Mixe383 Vunivalu22.58
Belle Vue 18 Feb 2017 HT 12Bellevue18 FEB 201712GR A1470 Beaming for You27.78
THE LETTERKENNY HOSPICE S4/S5 350Lifford18 FEB 20178GR S4320 Fridays Crystal19.06
Monmore Green 18 Feb 2017 HT 3Monmore18 FEB 20173GR A2480 Holycross Love28.82
Monmore Green 18 Feb 2017 HT 4Monmore18 FEB 20174GR A2480 Roseville Billy28.57
Monmore Green 18 Feb 2017 HT 6Monmore18 FEB 20176GR A5480 Beatties Dancer28.96
Monmore Green 18 Feb 2017 HT 7Monmore18 FEB 20177GR A1480 Ballyregan Ray28.61
THE NOTE ON THE WINDSCREEN STAKES HT 5Perry Barr18 FEB 20175OPEN660 Fearsome Phantom40.21
WILLIAMHILL.COM STAKES HT 7Sunderland18 FEB 20177GR HP450 Lanody Mill27.83
The Christina Nedovich Birthday CelebrationWimbledon18 FEB 201710GR A6480 Silverview Ness29.41
Yarmouth 18 Feb 2017 HT 1Yarmouth18 FEB 20171GR A6462 Swift Hawk28.86
THE 59TH YARMOUTH CHAMPIONSHIP 1ST SEMI-FINYarmouth18 FEB 201710GR A1462 Clomantagh Razor28.24
THE 59TH YARMOUTH CHAMPIONSHIP 2ND SEMI-FINYarmouth18 FEB 201711GR A1462 Carrowkeal Monty27.92
THE 59TH YARMOUTH CHAMPIONSHIP 3RD SEMI-FINYarmouth18 FEB 201712GR A1462 Our Man Dan28.16
Belle Vue Midi HT 6Bellevue16 FEB 20176OPEN590 Exiles Maestro35.86
LADBROKES 480 STANDARD HT 8Monmore16 FEB 20178OPEN480 My Mate Max28.85
Belle Vue 15 Feb 2017 HT 8Bellevue15 FEB 20178GR A2470 Ballymac Jack28.38
THE ABBEY MAIDEN 509er HT 8Swindon15 FEB 20178OPEN509 Empress Katie30.44
Crayford 14 Feb 2017 HT 4Crayford14 FEB 20174GR A7380 Reaveys Raider23.70
Monmore Green 13 Feb 2017 HT 14Monmore13 FEB 201714GR A4480 Notorious Rhys29.51
Romford 13 Feb 2017 HT 3Romford13 FEB 20173GR A7400 Cushtybot Ripper25.05
Sheffield 13 Feb 2017 HT 14Sheffield13 FEB 201714GR A4500 Droopys Ewing29.83
JADE MEDIA PHOTOGRAPHYShepparton13 FEB 20173GR Grad450 Peter Yap25.57
THE 59th YARMOUTH CHAMPIONSHIP - HEAT 2 HT Yarmouth13 FEB 20177GR A1462 Roxys Lass28.47
THE 59th YARMOUTH CHAMPIONSHIP - HEAT 3 HT Yarmouth13 FEB 20178GR A1462 Harrow Wolf28.62
STRAIGHTS FUNCTIONS & EVENTSHealesville12 FEB 20176GR Grad350 Zinzan Brooke19.02
Hall Green 11 Feb 2017 HT 3Hall Green11 FEB 20173GR A3480 Fabulous Bounty28.79
Monmore Green 11 Feb 2017 HT 1Monmore11 FEB 20171GR A2480 Pawsforbaker28.92
Monmore Green 11 Feb 2017 HT 2Monmore11 FEB 20172GR A3480 Emi Smurph29.23
THE GREENE KING IPA BITTER STAKES HT 6Monmore11 FEB 20176GR A1480 Sallows Ford28.80
LLOYDS COACH SERVICES TROPHY FINAL HT 11Monmore11 FEB 201711GR S1630 Vigorous Debbie38.59
Romford 11 Feb 2017 HT 7Romford11 FEB 20177GR A4400 Lismadine Dream24.81
Hall Green 10 Feb 2017 HT 1Hall Green10 FEB 20171GR A8480 Castell Buddy29.72
Hall Green 10 Feb 2017 HT 3Hall Green10 FEB 20173GR A4480 Castell Johnnie29.51
The Online Deal of the Month 525Harolds Cross10 FEB 201710GR A1480 Saunders Dash29.04
Pelaw Grange 10 Feb 2017 HT 4Pelaw Grange10 FEB 20174GR A4435 Folayno Big Bang26.74
WWW.IGB.IE S2/S3 325Youghal10 FEB 20176GR S2297 Nemos Mia17.86
Belle Vue Maiden HT 8Bellevue9 FEB 20178OPEN470 Beaming for You27.99
Belle Vue 09 Feb 2017 HT 9Bellevue9 FEB 20179GR A4470 Allright Ted28.27
Belle Vue 09 Feb 2017 HT 10Bellevue9 FEB 201710GR A2470 Swift Dromas28.17
OWNERS BONUS SERIES FINAL HT 13Monmore9 FEB 201713GR A5480 Beril the Peryl28.86
Romford 09 Feb 2017 HT 5Romford9 FEB 20175GR A3400 Gorgeous George24.83
Monmore Green 08 Feb 2017 HT 11Monmore8 FEB 201711GR A7480 Scolari Me Baby29.86
THE THANKS FOR COMING, SAFE JOURNEY HOME STTowcester7 FEB 201714GR A5480 Drink Up Bolt28.97
HENLOW 550 MAIDEN HT 10Henlow5 FEB 201710OPEN550 Moynevilla West34.69
Brighton & Hove 05 Feb 2017 HT 3Hove & Brighton5 FEB 20173GR A6515 Foileen Cowboy31.08
Crayford 04 Feb 2017 HT 7Crayford4 FEB 20177GR A8380 Deran Trader24.32
Monmore Green 04 Feb 2017 HT 1Monmore4 FEB 20171GR A5480 Notorious Rhys29.45
THE JOYCE LLOYD MEMORIAL TROPHY - HEAT 3 HTMonmore4 FEB 201711GR A1480 King Dan28.88
THE LOVE THE DOGS MAIDEN STAYERS HT 2Perry Barr4 FEB 20172OPEN660 Klockwork Kasey40.85
BEST ODDS GUARANTEED ON THE BOYLESPORTS APPTowcester4 FEB 20175GR D3260 Twowords Jobdone16.08
LADBROKES NATIONAL FUTURITY FINALWentworth Park4 FEB 20176GROUP1520 Striker Light29.74
www.lovethedogs.co.uk HT 1Wimbledon4 FEB 20171GR A7480 Silverview Ness29.90
Wimbledon 04 Feb 2017 HT 2Wimbledon4 FEB 20172GR A6480 Kelva Elvis29.83
www.hershamhounds.org HT 9Wimbledon4 FEB 20179GR A3480 Yahoo Holly29.60
Yarmouth 04 Feb 2017 HT 1Yarmouth4 FEB 20171GR A5462 Teds Eskapade29.40
1ST LEG PICK 6 JACKPOT HT 6Yarmouth4 FEB 20176GR A1462 Rorys Way28.53
The Try a Trio Bet 525Harolds Cross3 FEB 20174GR A4480 Flat Totheboards29.19
The Lucky Last @ Harold's Cross 525Harolds Cross3 FEB 201711GR A1480 Ballymac Andwhy29.09
Pelaw Grange 03 Feb 2017 HT 4Pelaw Grange3 FEB 20174GR P4435 Zoos Zulu26.75
Pelaw Grange 03 Feb 2017 HT 7Pelaw Grange3 FEB 20177GR A1435 Daisys Bliss26.05
Belle Vue 02 Feb 2017 HT 7Bellevue2 FEB 20177GR A5470 Casino Jimmy29.00
DPR INSURANCE BROKERSShepparton2 FEB 20172GR Tier450 Macka's Victorem25.72
The Blunsdon Standard Stakes HT 6Swindon1 FEB 20176OPEN480 Let Me Tell You29.25
Monmore Green 31 Jan 2017 HT 8Monmore31 JAN 20178GR A4480 Emi Smurph29.24
THE CENTRAL PARK SPRINT HT 1Sittingbourne31 JAN 20171OPEN265 Ela Ela Genie16.13
OWNERS BONUS SERIES FINAL HT 8Towcester31 JAN 20178GR A5480 Nobodys Fool29.42
THE VISIT www.towcester-racecourse.co.uk STTowcester31 JAN 201712GR S2655 So Swift Jess40.72
Sheffield 30 Jan 2017 HT 9Sheffield30 JAN 20179GR A5500 Droopys Ewing29.79
Yarmouth 30 Jan 2017 HT 5Yarmouth30 JAN 20175GR A1462 Wolf Pack28.54
TAB.COM.AU FINALCanberra29 JAN 20178GR Mixe440 Selena25.49
Monmore Green 28 Jan 2017 HT 3Monmore28 JAN 20173GR A4480 Foyle Huja29.06
THE TOM BEDFORD BIRTHDAY RACE HT 7Monmore28 JAN 20177GR A5480 Beatties Dancer29.32
Monmore Green 28 Jan 2017 HT 10Monmore28 JAN 201710GR A2480 Shaneboy Clover28.93
THE LOVE THE DOGS DASH HT 6Perry Barr28 JAN 20176OPEN275 Tyrur Vettel16.20
BET WITH YOUR LOCAL INDEPENDENT BOOKMAKER STowcester28 JAN 20176GR A8480 Lexies Noodles29.83
4TH LEG PICK 6 JACKPOT HT 9Yarmouth28 JAN 20179GR A6462 Flaming Princess29.29
Hall Green 27 Jan 2017 HT 7Hall Green27 JAN 20177GR A4480 Castell Jack29.47
Hall Green 27 Jan 2017 HT 8Hall Green27 JAN 20178GR A5480 Castell Johnnie29.76
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