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Race Videos

 Select by Stadium or by Sire of the runners
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Name of RaceStadiumDate vHtGradeDist mWinnerTimeFilm
HOVE THURSDAY NIGHT 500 MAIDEN - Heat 2 HT Hove & Brighton19 NOV 201512OPEN515 Sizzlers Puma29.95
LADBROKES.COM 416 HT 12Monmore19 NOV 201512OPEN416 Tyrur Vettel24.31
WARATAH SPORTS STAKESGosford17 NOV 20153GR Grad515 Multicam Ranger29.81
R W 600mAlbion Park16 NOV 20154OPEN600 Ratatat35.39
BGRC 5th Grade HeatAlbion Park16 NOV 201510GR 5520 Minnie Impact30.34
Larry O'Rourke/TSC Munster Juvenile Cup FinClonmel15 NOV 20158GR A1480 Brinkleys King29.01
Welcome to Dundalk Stadium S9/S10 350Dundalk14 NOV 20151GR S9320 Killglen Fairy19.58
Find us on Facebook A7/A8 525Dundalk14 NOV 20152GR A7480 Bardolino Joe29.62
Fundraise at Dundalk Stadium A6/A7 525Dundalk14 NOV 20153GR A6480 Our Top Man29.30
Christmas Party Nights at Dundalk Stadium SDundalk14 NOV 20154GR S4366 Joshuas Blossom21.99
Packages for all Budgets at Dundalk StadiumDundalk14 NOV 20155GR A5480 Shesadiamond29.21
David Crosby’s 50th Birthday Celebrations ADundalk14 NOV 20156GR A3480 Killeavy Flash29.07
Mary Torley’s Birthday Celebrations A4 525Dundalk14 NOV 20157GR A4480 Rock Garden29.35
Celebrate your special occasion at Dundalk Dundalk14 NOV 20158GR S3366 Coloured Flair21.81
Birthday Parties at Dundalk Stadium A3 525Dundalk14 NOV 20159GR A3480 Boyne Aimee29.13
Christmas Party Nights for all budgets A1/ADundalk14 NOV 201510GR A1480 Rock Starman29.10
THE TRACK LOTTO NOVICE 350Lifford14 NOV 20152GR N0320 Mineola Monster19.58
BECOME AN OWNER AT ROMFORD STADIUM - CALL FRomford14 NOV 20156GR A5400 Sharons Dilemma24.88
3RD LEG PICK 6 JACKPOT HT 8Yarmouth14 NOV 20158GR A7462 Qualeys Rocket29.35
Grsovenor Casinos Online Live Casino HT 4Bellevue13 NOV 20154GR S4590 Malbay Alfie36.67
Grosvenor Casinos Ace King Suited HT 6Bellevue13 NOV 20156GR A2470 Mucky Sully28.39
Grosvenor Casinos Progressive Blackjack HT Bellevue13 NOV 201511GR S1590 Racecourse Suesu36.48
Grosvenor Casinos Bonus Pairs HT 12Bellevue13 NOV 201512GR A1470 Delightful Girl28.01
Welcome To Dundalk Stadium S0/S1 400Dundalk13 NOV 20151GR S0366 Lemon Oscar21.60
Christmas Party Nights at Dundalk Stadium ADundalk13 NOV 20152GR A1480 Dryland Pearl28.97
Bridge Turf Lawns A2/A3 525 Semi-FinalDundalk13 NOV 20153GR A2480 Trewmount Blue28.66
Bridge Turf Lawns A2/A3 525 Semi-FinalDundalk13 NOV 20154GR A2480 Leezie Lindsay28.80
Fundraise at Dundalk Stadium A2 525Dundalk13 NOV 20155GR A2480 Ballygibba Jack28.99
Bit and Bite Packages at Dundalk Stadium A3Dundalk13 NOV 20156GR A3480 Fridays Dazzler29.10
Christmas Party Nights for all budgets A4 5Dundalk13 NOV 20157GR A4480 Mystic Aussie29.25
The Try A Trio S6 325Newbridge13 NOV 20153GR S6297 Letsgo Liam18.18
Nottingham 13 Nov 2015 HT 6Nottingham13 NOV 20156GR A4500 Salacres Jimmy31.38
ROMFORD FRIDAY NIGHT 500 SPRINT - HEAT 1 HTRomford13 NOV 20153OPEN225 Consecutive13.91
Monmore Green 12 Nov 2015 HT 9Monmore12 NOV 20159GR S1630 Riverside Harry38.83
BYERS ELECTRICALShepparton12 NOV 20159GR Tier390 Miss Georgia May22.48
Belle Vue 11 Nov 2015 HT 14Bellevue11 NOV 201514GR A7470 Ballymac Jack28.97
Yarmouth 11 Nov 2015 HT 4Yarmouth11 NOV 20154GR A1462 Inch Taller28.70
STAGGER AT STUDHorsham10 NOV 20150GR 6480 Sparkletini27.57
MACKAY'S LEADING EDGE JEWELLERSHorsham10 NOV 20157GR 5480 Oscar de Snowman27.21
(BAGS) RFS Puppy Derby Final HT 6Wimbledon10 NOV 20156OPEN480 Droopys Roddick27.97
(BAGS) William Hill St Leger Final 2015 HT Wimbledon10 NOV 201510GROUP1687 Fizzypop Buddy41.49
R W 600mAlbion Park9 NOV 20153OPEN600 Sivamet35.43
BGRC 5th Grade FinalAlbion Park9 NOV 20157GR 5520 Great Knock That30.33
The Longford Grade A6-A7 525Longford9 NOV 20154GR A6480 Calzaghe Venus29.56
Betfred 480m Maiden Trophy HT 6Nottingham9 NOV 20156OPEN480 Garryglass Penny29.20
Stadium Bookmakers Sprint Trophy - Final HTNottingham9 NOV 201513OPEN305 Scolari Sound17.90
4TH LEG PICK 6 JACKPOT HT 9Yarmouth9 NOV 20159GR A5462 Abbodabbo Luvey28.79
Belle Vue 08 Nov 2015 HT 9Bellevue8 NOV 20159GR A2470 Southwind Tip28.20
Larry O'Rourke/TSC Munster Juvenile Cup SemClonmel8 NOV 20157GR A1480 Newlawn Luke28.83
R W 600mAlbion Park7 NOV 20154GR R/W600 Winzar35.22
BGRC 5th GradeAlbion Park7 NOV 20156GR 5520 Torque Flight30.40
Welcome to Dundalk Stadium S9/S10 400Dundalk7 NOV 20151GR S9366 Bloomfield Ali22.07
Craic at the Track Race Night A9/A10 525Dundalk7 NOV 20152GR A9480 Brannock Steve29.44
Niall Clarke Oils A4 525Dundalk7 NOV 20154GR A4480 Inslips Wonder28.93
Craic at the Track A7 - A10 525 FinalDundalk7 NOV 20155GR A7480 Baby Solerina29.29
Tony Pizzeria A5 525 FinalDundalk7 NOV 20156GR A5480 Claristown Rio29.17
Dundalk Bureau de Change A4 525 FinalDundalk7 NOV 20157GR A4480 Colarhouse Poppy28.66
Joe Mulholland S2 400Dundalk7 NOV 20158GR S2366 Killahan Swallow21.67
Bar One Racing A2/A3 575Dundalk7 NOV 20159GR A2526 Ocees Blaze31.51
Hungarian Puppy Derby SprintIsaszeg7 NOV 20157OPEN485 Harlem Baby29.57
Pelaw Grange 07 Nov 2015 HT 7Pelaw Grange7 NOV 20157GR A5435 Balmoral Grange26.15
HUDSON PACIFIC (NO CITY WINS) FINALThe Meadows7 NOV 20154GR Grad525 Emily Jane30.39
The Add Sign A5 Stakes. FinalWaterford7 NOV 20156GR A5480 Ginas Lad28.56
Wimbledon 07 Nov 2015 HT 7Wimbledon7 NOV 20157GR A5480 Izzy a Buzzer29.44
Bridge Turf Lawns A2/A3 525 Round 2 Heat 1Dundalk6 NOV 20151GR A2480 Mays Tubby28.84
Bridge Turf Lawns A2/A3 525 Round 2 Heat 2Dundalk6 NOV 20152GR A2480 Saxon Jack28.73
Bridge Turf Lawns A2/A3 525 Round 2 Heat 3Dundalk6 NOV 20153GR A2480 Dryland Dennis29.17
An Cú Veterinary Open Unraced FinalDundalk6 NOV 20154GR N0480 Wizzer Magee29.28
Bridge Turf Lawns A2/A3 525 Round 2 Heat 5Dundalk6 NOV 20156GR A2480 Courtlough Katie29.57
Bridge Turf Lawns A2/A3 525 Round 2 Heat 6Dundalk6 NOV 20157GR A2480 Knockmant Puma29.16
The Land Of Legends S8 400Dundalk6 NOV 20158GR S8366 Bloomfield Fury21.90
Southland 6 Nov 2015 HT E18 - Festival MaleSouthland6 NOV 2015E18STAKE533 Chasmo's Dutch31.57
WILLIAM HILL STANDARD HT 9Sunderland6 NOV 20159OPEN450 Tip Top Ozil27.54
LADBROKES.COM 630 MAIDEN HT 8Monmore5 NOV 20158OPEN630 Fane Veekayee38.46
THE GREENE KING IPA BITTER STAKES HT 9Monmore5 NOV 20159GR S1630 Beatties Wild38.57
Monmore Green 05 Nov 2015 HT 13Monmore5 NOV 201513GR A3480 Ontop Mini28.77
DPR INSURANCE BROKERSShepparton5 NOV 201510GR Tier390 Miss Georgia May22.73
Red Mills/Track Supprts A4/A5 570 stk FinalThurles5 NOV 20157GR A4521 Active Trump31.91
The Blunsdon Maiden Stayers Stakes BAGS HT Swindon4 NOV 20156OPEN685 Wiki Waki Woo41.94
R W 600mAlbion Park2 NOV 20154OPEN600 Sir Blink35.94
BGRC 5th Grade HeatAlbion Park2 NOV 20159GR 5520 Alpha Theseus30.02
RACE 5 DESSIE LOUGHREY MEMORIAL 500Derry2 NOV 20150GR A1457 Moyola Seantan28.00
Stadium Bookmakers Maiden Standard Trophy HNottingham2 NOV 20156OPEN500 Patjennaholly30.41
ORACLECMS HT2The Meadows2 NOV 20154GR Grad525 Tollbar30.22
Yarmouth 02 Nov 2015 HT 13Yarmouth2 NOV 201513GR A5462 Athlacca Charlie28.44
Craic at the Track A7 - A10 525 Semi-FinalDundalk31 OCT 20151GR A7480 Bit of Company29.52
Craic at the Track A7 - A10 525 Semi-FinalDundalk31 OCT 20152GR A7480 Jewel Ruler29.24
Craic at the Track 7th November A5 525 SemiDundalk31 OCT 20153GR A5480 Coyalee29.33
Craic at the Track 7th November A5 525 SemiDundalk31 OCT 20154GR A5480 Insane Manor29.48
Bridge Turf Lawns A2/A3 525 Round 1 Heat 6Dundalk31 OCT 20155GR A2480 Fridays Wilton28.93
Francie McQuaid Tyres Ltd S1/S2 400Dundalk31 OCT 20156GR S1366 Sneijder21.58
Dublin City Hotel and Trinity Bar D2 A1 525Dundalk31 OCT 20157GR A1480 Maytown Rules28.78
Monaghan Alzheimer’s A4 525 FinalDundalk31 OCT 20158GR A4480 Gentleman Jim29.15
Camcas Social Inclusion S4 400 FinalDundalk31 OCT 20159GR S4366 Glasmeen Diamond21.68
Craic at the Track 7th November A4 525 SemiDundalk31 OCT 201510GR A4480 Valeries Master28.98
Craic at the Track 7th November A4 525 SemiDundalk31 OCT 201511GR A4480 Mineola Shea29.01
2015 Kerry Agribusiness Irish St Leger FinaLimerick31 OCT 201510GROUP1503 Skywalker Rory29.47
Monmore Green 31 Oct 2015 HT 3Monmore31 OCT 20153GR A5480 Dublinhill Magic29.11
Pelaw Grange 31 Oct 2015 HT 5Pelaw Grange31 OCT 20155GR A5435 Windy Rodao26.32
AWESOME PROJECT 1-3WIN STKSThe Gardens31 OCT 20158GR Grad600 Shezza Girl34.81
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