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Race Videos

 Select by Stadium or by Sire of the runners
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Name of RaceStadiumDate vHtGradeDist mWinnerTimeFilm
2018 BoyleSports Irish Greyhound Derby RounShelbourne Park18 AUG 20186GR AA0503 Our Lovely Tune29.80
2018 BoyleSports Irish Greyhound Derby RounShelbourne Park18 AUG 20187GR AA0503 Coolavanny Pet30.38
2018 BoyleSports Irish Greyhound Derby RounShelbourne Park18 AUG 20188GR AA0503 Cash Is King29.54
2018 BoyleSports Irish Greyhound Derby RounShelbourne Park18 AUG 20189GR AA0503 Blueberry Diva29.79
2018 BoyleSports Irish Greyhound Derby RounShelbourne Park18 AUG 201810GR AA0503 Lenson Blinder29.40
2018 BoyleSports Irish Greyhound Derby RounShelbourne Park18 AUG 201811GR AA0503 Bakery Lane29.80
2018 BoyleSports Irish Greyhound Derby RounShelbourne Park18 AUG 201812GR AA0503 Jaytee Taylor29.46
2018 BoyleSports Irish Greyhound Derby RounShelbourne Park18 AUG 201813GR AA0503 Magical Bale29.64
Celebrate your special occasion at Dundalk Dundalk17 AUG 20186GR S6366 Wall Garden21.63
2018 BoyleSports Irish Greyhound Derby RounShelbourne Park17 AUG 20183GR AA0503 Karlow Eddie29.74
2018 BoyleSports Irish Greyhound Derby RounShelbourne Park17 AUG 20184GR AA0503 Clona Blaze29.79
2018 BoyleSports Irish Greyhound Derby RounShelbourne Park17 AUG 20185GR AA0503 Slippy Cian29.49
2018 BoyleSports Irish Greyhound Derby RounShelbourne Park17 AUG 20186GR AA0503 Totos Park29.71
2018 BoyleSports Irish Greyhound Derby RounShelbourne Park17 AUG 20187GR AA0503 Uncut Diamond29.80
2018 BoyleSports Irish Greyhound Derby RounShelbourne Park17 AUG 20188GR AA0503 Droopys Floral29.91
2018 BoyleSports Irish Greyhound Derby RounShelbourne Park17 AUG 20189GR AA0503 Stonepark Noel29.61
2018 BoyleSports Irish Greyhound Derby RounShelbourne Park17 AUG 201810GR AA0503 Whoops Jack29.56
2018 BoyleSports Irish Greyhound Derby RounShelbourne Park17 AUG 201811GR AA0503 Droopys Verve29.49
2018 BoyleSports Irish Greyhound Derby RounShelbourne Park17 AUG 201812GR AA0503 Blue East29.85
LADBROKES GOLD CUP 2018 (SEMI FINAL 3) HT 8Monmore16 AUG 20187OPEN480 Plan Ahead28.12
Yarmouth 16 Aug 2018 HT 2Yarmouth16 AUG 20182GR A3462 Pennys Breeze28.55
Belle Vue 15 Aug 2018 HT 8Bellevue15 AUG 20188GR A2470 Casino Elvis28.22
Droopys Stud Open 620Dundalk15 AUG 20187GR AA0567 Coconut Crusader33.60
Monmore Green 15 Aug 2018 HT 7Monmore15 AUG 20187GR A4480 Moanteen Everest28.60
Mega Owners Bonus Series Heat 3 HT 11Peterborough15 AUG 201811GR A5435 Ironroad Shadow26.41
Monmore Green 14 Aug 2018 HT 10Monmore14 AUG 201810GR A2480 Droopys Light29.13
THE SHEFFIELD STADIUM 280M SPRINT - HEAT 1 Sheffield14 AUG 20185OPEN280 Gurtnacrehy Theo16.03
The Longford Grade A4 525Longford13 AUG 20182GR A4480 Glenbeech Oir29.70
Monmore Green 13 Aug 2018 HT 1Monmore13 AUG 20181GR A7480 Mitchells Baz29.38
HENLOW 460 MAIDEN HT 6Henlow12 AUG 20186OPEN460 Forest Alma27.87
Henlow 12 Aug 2018 HT 14Henlow12 AUG 201814GR A7460 Lionel Rich Tea28.18
Marramas RaceSkellefteå12 AUG 20185GR 1295 Stella Dog's Zook17.11
The 2018 Greyhound and Petworld A1 Stake FiCork11 AUG 20189GR A1480 Vancouver27.99
SKY RACING STAKEIpswich11 AUG 20182GR NOV520 Stealth Karmar30.72
THE GREYHOUND-DATA.COM A8/A9 525Lifford11 AUG 20183GR A8480 Tadhgs Nidge29.32
Peterborough 11 Aug 2018 HT 2Peterborough11 AUG 20182GR A8435 Rumble Fantasy26.71
FOLLOW@CORAL ON TWITTER HT 14Romford11 AUG 201813GR A1400 Wychwood Sarah24.21
BoyleSports Derby Draw next Tuesday 10.30amShelbourne Park11 AUG 20189GR AA0480 Cashen Kuba28.20
The Six & Out Stakes HT 12Swindon11 AUG 201812GR A2480 Westwell Delilah29.23
Monmore Green 10 Aug 2018 HT 10Monmore10 AUG 201810GR A4480 Sporting Gear28.90
BET WITH CORAL IN-SHOP, ONLINE & ON MOBILE Romford10 AUG 201811OPEN575 Droopys Alex35.67
NorrmaskinerSkellefteå9 AUG 20189GR 1510 Elsa Viola30.50
Crayford 07 Aug 2018 HT 8Crayford7 AUG 20188GR A6380 Firminos Class23.72
Swindon 06 Aug 2018 HT 9Swindon6 AUG 20189GR A2480 Ballymac Fusspot28.80
1ST LEG PICK 6 JACKPOT HT 6Yarmouth6 AUG 20186GR A3462 Feora Kite28.58
Willie Hanlon, Tiling Contractor, Open 725Kilkenny5 AUG 20187GR DD0663 Coconut Crusader40.66
Pelaw Grange 05 Aug 2018 HT 7Pelaw Grange5 AUG 20187GR A1435 Zoes Manor25.45
O'Neills Dog Food A4/A5 Bitch 525 Round 1 HDundalk4 AUG 20185GR A4480 Fridays Skittles29.43
Monmore Green 04 Aug 2018 HT 1Monmore4 AUG 20181GR A7480 Old Fort Jesse29.14
Nottingham 04 Aug 2018 HT 6Nottingham4 AUG 20186GR A8500 Odell Emma30.99
Thurles Fresh Milk Tipperary Cup 2018 FinalThurles4 AUG 201810FEATURE480 Skywalker Rafa28.88
Zehlendorf LSR 04.August 2018Zehlendorf4 AUG 20181OPEN480 Cash Legend31.68
BET WITH CORAL ONLINE, MOBILE & IN SHOP HT Hove & Brighton3 AUG 20183GR A11515 Get On Cindy31.53
VISIT CORAL.CO.UK HT 8Hove & Brighton3 AUG 20188GR A6515 Swift Victoria30.34
SUSSEX CUP STAYERS HT 8Hove & Brighton2 AUG 20188OPEN695 Kentish Power41.63
LADBROKES 480 HT 1Monmore2 AUG 20181OPEN480 Plan Ahead28.11
Monmore Green 31 Jul 2018 HT 7Monmore31 JUL 20187GR A4480 Murlens Product28.85
The Longford Grade A8 525Longford30 JUL 20185GR A8480 Glenbeech Oir29.33
PALM BEACH 30 Jul 2018 HT A6Palm Beach30 JUL 2018A6GR B498 Dutch Zeus30.11
Yarmouth 30 Jul 2018 HT 13Yarmouth30 JUL 201813GR A4462 Flaming Princess28.91
GRV VIC BRED MAIDEN SERIES HT1Healesville29 JUL 20181GR Maid350 Reco Tonic19.47
Großer Preis von NiedersachsenHildesheim29 JUL 20181OPEN280 Cailin17.15
Großer Preis von NiedersachsenHildesheim29 JUL 20182OPEN280 CChewbacca17.10
Großer Preis von Niedersachsen Finale HündiHildesheim29 JUL 20183OPEN280 Cailin17.21
Großer Preis von Niedersachsen Finale RüdenHildesheim29 JUL 20184OPEN280 CChewbacca17.17
Belle Vue 28 Jul 2018 HT 3Bellevue28 JUL 20183GR A5470 Palatine Michael28.35
50th Wedding Anniversary Stakes Trophy PresBellevue28 JUL 201810GR A1470 Holycross Model28.54
3 IN A ROW DERRYADD RECRUIT HT 2Hove & Brighton28 JUL 20182GR A11515 Fabulous Theatre31.72
EMERALD SKY HT 9Hove & Brighton28 JUL 20189GR A5515 Fizzypop Exit30.72
Brighton & Hove 28 Jul 2018 HT 12Hove & Brighton28 JUL 201812GR A7515 Desperate30.65
Thurles Fresh Milk Tipperary Cup 2018 Semi-Thurles28 JUL 201810GR AA0480 Skywalker Rafa28.72
Greycrafts TikloppÅkersberga28 JUL 20181GR 2550 Cava Volcano32.89
SM Veteran FinalÅkersberga28 JUL 20186OPEN320 Superlove18.66
SM Sprint FinalÅkersberga28 JUL 20187OPEN320 Stunning Romeo18.25
SM Tik FinalÅkersberga28 JUL 20188OPEN550 Hagas Leeona32.51
SM Open FinalÅkersberga28 JUL 20189OPEN550 Canis Majoris32.31
Crayford 27 Jul 2018 HT 6Crayford27 JUL 20186GR A6380 Holiday Jen23.88
DOGS TIMEFORM NOW AVAILABLE IN CORAL SHOPS Hove & Brighton27 JUL 20184GR A7515 Fizzypop Jet30.76
Monmore Green 27 Jul 2018 HT 1Monmore27 JUL 20181GR A3480 Manks Vanfrater28.70
ROMFORD FRIDAY NIGHT 500 MAIDEN STAYERS - HRomford27 JUL 20186OPEN575 Collswood Hawk36.86
ROMFORD FRIDAY NIGHT 500 STANDARD - HEAT 3 Romford27 JUL 20189OPEN400 Headford Kev24.28
The D.G.O.B.A Dublin Cup 525 FinalShelbourne Park27 JUL 20189GR A2480 Rocket Turbo28.89
Stockholm GP Race 27.07.2018Åkersberga27 JUL 20181GR K3320 Wai Wai18.33
Stockholm GP Race 27.07.2018Åkersberga27 JUL 20182OPEN515 Elsa Viola30.46
Monmore Green 25 Jul 2018 HT 5Monmore25 JUL 20185GR A4480 Capper28.96
Swindon 25 Jul 2018 HT 7Swindon25 JUL 20187GR A2480 Tailteann Storm29.52
CGRC European Championship Dogs 280m 2nd SeTampere25 JUL 20182OPEN280 Ballymac Galway16.50
CGRC European Championship 480m 2nd SemiTampere25 JUL 20184OPEN480 Woodville28.70
Stockholm GP Race 25.07.2018Åkersberga25 JUL 20181GR K4320 Cava Volcano19.09
Stockholm GP Race 25.07.2018Åkersberga25 JUL 20182GR K4320 Crazy Daisy19.22
Risto Cup ConsolationÅkersberga25 JUL 20183GR M3515 Tyrur Ethan30.50
Risto Cup FinalÅkersberga25 JUL 20184OPEN515 Troll Viking30.50
BET WITH CORAL ONLINE, MOBILE & IN SHOP HT Hove & Brighton24 JUL 20183GR A6515 Fizzypop Exit30.99
FOLLOW US ON TWITTER @CORAL HT 10Hove & Brighton24 JUL 201810GR A7515 Apple Buttons31.06
The Monbeg Unraced Bitch Sweeptake Semi-FinEnniscorthy23 JUL 20185GR N0480 Droopys Chimes29.09
The Monbeg Unraced Bitch Sweeptake Semi-FinEnniscorthy23 JUL 20187GR N0480 Colston Pearl29.22
4TH LEG PICK 6 JACKPOT HT 9Yarmouth23 JUL 20189GR A4462 Surfer Girl28.36
Hünstetten 22.07.2018 VL Hündinnen 280mHünstetten22 JUL 20182OPEN280 Ballymac Maloo16.73
Hünstetten 22.07.2018 VL Rüden 280mHünstetten22 JUL 20185OPEN280 CCrystal Blue16.61
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