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Race Videos

 Select by Stadium or by Sire of the runners
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Name of RaceStadiumDate vHtGradeDist mWinnerTimeFilm
Hünstetten 22.07.2018 Finale Rüden 280mHünstetten22 JUL 201810OPEN280 CCrystal Blue16.65
Stockholm 22.07.2018Åkersberga22 JUL 20181GR K5320 Ravage Ke Vinn19.34
Stockholm 22.07.2018Åkersberga22 JUL 20182GR M3515 Davantis Mafalda31.22
Stockholm 22.07.2018Åkersberga22 JUL 20183GR M3515 Chica Rapida30.68
Stockholm 22.07.2018Åkersberga22 JUL 20184GR M3515 Troll Viking30.37
Brighton & Hove 21 Jul 2018 HT 3Hove & Brighton21 JUL 20183GR A11515 Hello Trish31.22
Monmore Green 21 Jul 2018 HT 12Monmore21 JUL 201812GR A6480 Catunda Sapphire29.19
Thurles Fresh Milk Tipperary Cup 2018 RoundThurles21 JUL 201811GR AA0480 Skywalker Rafa28.87
Yarmouth 21 Jul 2018 HT 1Yarmouth21 JUL 20181GR A5462 She Done Well28.38
Monmore Green 20 Jul 2018 HT 10Monmore20 JUL 201810GR A5480 Bright Jada29.22
Crayford 19 Jul 2018 HT 7Crayford19 JUL 20187GR A6380 Clarens Sidney23.88
Henlow 19 Jul 2018 HT 4Henlow19 JUL 20184GR A9460 Silverview Jerri28.60
CORAL.CO.UK MAIDEN 475 HT 10Hove & Brighton19 JUL 201810OPEN475 Tommys Moment28.08
Monmore Green 19 Jul 2018 HT 7Monmore19 JUL 20187GR A6480 Catunda Heidi28.71
PALM BEACH 19 Jul 2018 HT A9Palm Beach19 JUL 2018A9GR C498 Dutch Zeus30.17
2ND LEG PICK 6 JACKPOT HT 7Yarmouth19 JUL 20187GR A1462 Collswood Hawk27.89
TIMEFORM RATINGS NOW AVAILABLE ON CORAL MOBHove & Brighton18 JUL 20189GR A7515 Swift Victoria30.65
LIKE CORAL ON FACEBOOK HT 14Hove & Brighton18 JUL 201814GR A8515 Fizzypop Jet30.69
LADBROKES.COM MAIDEN STAKES HT 4Crayford17 JUL 20184OPEN540 Swift Casey33.40
SHEFFIELD STADIUM MAIDEN HT 11Sheffield17 JUL 201811OPEN500 Piemans Cougar28.88
The Whitewood Unraced Sweepstake FinalEnniscorthy16 JUL 20187GR N0480 Bubbly James29.06
Monmore Green 16 Jul 2018 HT 4Monmore16 JUL 20184GR A6480 No Naughty Names29.11
Stadium Bookmakers 480 Trophy Heat 1 HT 10Nottingham16 JUL 201810OPEN480 Fernhill Rex28.61
72nd British Bred 2 Year Old Produce StakesSwindon16 JUL 20184OPEN480 Shoot the Bolt29.07
6TH LEG PICK 6 JACKPOT HT 11Yarmouth16 JUL 201811GR A4462 Pawsome Santiago28.57
Henlow 15 Jul 2018 HT 14Henlow15 JUL 201814GR A10460 Agincourt Squeak28.83
BUY THE FAB4 £10 PACKAGE HT 11Towcester15 JUL 201811GR A1480 Razor Blazer28.24
Crayford 14 Jul 2018 HT 10Crayford14 JUL 201810GR A5380 Pesky Pheasant23.39
COL HARRIS GOLD SOVEREIGN FINALIpswich14 JUL 20188GR R/W630 Red Hot Spur37.50
YAH MUPPET MEMORIAL TROPHY HT 8Monmore14 JUL 20188OPEN630 Ridgedale Max38.21
Thurles Fresh Milk Tipperary Cup 2018 RoundThurles14 JUL 20188GR AA0480 Skywalker Rafa28.74
FOLLOW THE TIMEFORM PAWS RATINGS NOW IN CORHove & Brighton13 JUL 20185GR A6515 Killeacle Jet30.92
LIVE GREYHOUNDS STREAMING AT CORAL.CO.UK HTHove & Brighton13 JUL 20187GR A7515 Shotgun Express30.44
Gain Dog Nutrition Corn Cuchulainn 750 RounShelbourne Park13 JUL 20185GR DD0686 Coconut Crusader42.13
EOS IT Solutions Dundalk International 2018Dundalk12 JUL 20188GROUP1503 Droopys Verve29.39
CORAL SPRINT HT 5Hove & Brighton12 JUL 20185OPEN285 Droopys Perfect16.29
2ND CORAL SUSSEX CUP TRIAL STAKES (DUPLICATHove & Brighton12 JUL 20186OPEN515 Lotties Rocket30.00
CORAL.CO.UK STAYERS - FINAL HT 7Hove & Brighton12 JUL 20187OPEN695 Mays Monalee41.97
CORAL 475 HT 8Hove & Brighton12 JUL 20188OPEN475 Punkrock Rambo27.97
2ND CORAL SUSSEX CUP TRIAL STAKES (DUPLICATHove & Brighton12 JUL 20189OPEN515 Roses Bolt30.16
CORAL MAIDEN SPRINT HT 10Hove & Brighton12 JUL 201810OPEN285 Ela Bomber16.51
CORAL MAIDEN HT 11Hove & Brighton12 JUL 201811OPEN515 Enchanted Jaguar29.95
CORAL MAIDEN 475 HT 12Hove & Brighton12 JUL 201812OPEN475 Silva Hill28.08
Monmore Green 12 Jul 2018 HT 4Monmore12 JUL 20184GR A2480 Skyfall Buster28.64
3 WINS IN A ROW - GERALDINES BOY HT 6Monmore12 JUL 20186GR A8480 Derryadd Nikki29.78
Monmore Green 12 Jul 2018 HT 13Monmore12 JUL 201813GR D1264 Keeperlit15.63
The Try a Trio Bet 600Shelbourne Park12 JUL 20186GR A4549 Antigua Fire32.96
72nd British Bred 2 Year Old Produce StakesSwindon11 JUL 20182OPEN480 Raise the Stakes29.10
72nd British Bred 2 Year Old Produce StakesSwindon11 JUL 20183OPEN480 Morning Live Len29.33
72nd British Bred 2 Year Old Produce StakesSwindon11 JUL 20184OPEN480 Roxhill Mystique29.16
72nd British Bred 2 Year Old Produce StakesSwindon11 JUL 20185OPEN480 Zenas Zeus29.47
72nd British Bred 2 Year Old Produce StakesSwindon11 JUL 20186OPEN480 Decoy Junior29.07
Crayford 10 Jul 2018 HT 11Crayford10 JUL 201811GR A5380 Special Fli23.90
RAPIDVITE.COM STAKEDevonport10 JUL 201810GR 5TH452 Whoop Bang26.01
VISIT CORAL.CO.UK HT 8Hove & Brighton10 JUL 20188GR A7515 Gustys Brae30.71
THE BETFRED BOOKMAKERS RACE HT 1Sheffield10 JUL 20181GR A3500 Piemans Cougar29.16
Monmore Green 09 Jul 2018 HT 2Monmore9 JUL 20182GR A7480 Catunda Heidi29.44
3RD LEG PICK 6 JACKPOT HT 8Yarmouth9 JUL 20188GR A4462 Tendring Rainbow28.55
Yarmouth 09 Jul 2018 HT 12Yarmouth9 JUL 201812GR A4462 Flaming Princess28.78
Midlanda 08.July 2018Midlanda8 JUL 20181GR K4283 In Bloom17.48
Midlanda 08.July 2018Midlanda8 JUL 20182GR K11283 Estac Troyes17.20
Midlanda 08.July 2018Midlanda8 JUL 20183GR K2283 Billy Bounce17.17
Midlanda 08.July 2018Midlanda8 JUL 20184GR K1283 Nobel Ginger17.13
Hamburg 07.07.2018Hamburg7 JUL 20183OPEN480 Black Kinloch29.42
Hamburg 07.07.2018Hamburg7 JUL 20184OPEN480 Zampano29.44
Hamburg 07.07.2018 Hansa Union FinaleHamburg7 JUL 20185OPEN270 CCrystal Blue16.48
Hamburg 07.07.2018 Hansa Union FinaleHamburg7 JUL 20186OPEN270 Ballymac Alesha16.67
RICARDO SHILLEY SHALLEY RACE HT 6Hove & Brighton7 JUL 20186GR A6515 Quaver Ava30.69
Brighton & Hove 07 Jul 2018 HT 10Hove & Brighton7 JUL 201810GR A8515 Fizzypop Exit30.81
3RD LEG PICK 6 JACKPOT HT 8Yarmouth7 JUL 20188GR A4462 Leahs Ace28.78
LIKE CORAL ON FACEBOOK HT 14Hove & Brighton6 JUL 201814GR A7515 Nextop Model30.78
Monmore Green 06 Jul 2018 HT 11Monmore6 JUL 201811GR S3630 Miss Jodee39.01
Henlow 05 Jul 2018 HT 5Henlow5 JUL 20185GR A8460 Catch Kushino28.45
CORAL.CO.UK STAYERS - HEAT 1 HT 4Hove & Brighton5 JUL 20184OPEN695 Celtic Ash41.93
LADBROKES 630 HT 12Monmore5 JUL 201812OPEN630 Buckos Lass37.73
THE WILLIAM HILL GRAND PRIX HEAT 1 HT 1Sunderland4 JUL 20181OPEN640 Donation39.57
THE WILLIAM HILL CLASSIC HEAT 5 HT 11Sunderland4 JUL 201811OPEN450 Bubbly Turbo27.13
THE WILLIAM HILL CLASSIC HEAT 6 HT 12Sunderland4 JUL 201812OPEN450 Droopys Expert26.80
3RD LEG PICK 6 JACKPOT HT 8Yarmouth2 JUL 20188GR A4462 Talisa28.96
6TH LEG PICK 6 JACKPOT HT 11Yarmouth2 JUL 201811GR A4462 Tullig Farewell28.72
VIP BOX 4 COURSE MEAL FROM £48.00 STAKES HTTowcester1 JUL 20189GR A5480 Skinny Love28.57
The Edit Office Open 330 Semi-FinalCork30 JUN 20183GR SS0302 Butterbridge Bex17.37
The Edit Office Open 330 Semi-FinalCork30 JUN 20184GR SS0302 Lahana Gold17.66
The 2018 Irish Independent Laurels Round 3 Cork30 JUN 20187GR AA0480 Hazelhill Star28.41
The 2018 Irish Independent Laurels Round 3 Cork30 JUN 20188GR AA0480 Rockybay Rover28.40
The 2018 Irish Independent Laurels Round 3 Cork30 JUN 20189GR AA0480 Rockybay Foley28.38
The 2018 Irish Independent Laurels Round 3 Cork30 JUN 201810GR AA0480 Nice Mystery28.71
Crayford 30 Jun 2018 HT 12Crayford30 JUN 201812GR A7380 Snowdon Nora23.96
THE LIFFORD SILVER S4/S5 350 Semi-FinalLifford30 JUN 20186GR S4320 Fridays Skittles19.66
Monmore Green 30 Jun 2018 HT 14Monmore30 JUN 201814GR A1480 Salems Phoenix28.95
The Shelbourne Champion Open 550 Semi-FinalShelbourne Park30 JUN 20189GR AA0503 Slippy Cian29.55
Swindon 30 Jun 2018 HT 10Swindon30 JUN 201810GR A3480 Tailteann Storm29.09
The Recorded Trials Next Tuesday 525Waterford30 JUN 20181GR A1480 Dollar Bay Bowe28.89
CORAL BET & GET CLUB PUPPY HT 6Romford29 JUN 20186OPEN400 Madabout Finn23.96
ROMFORD FRIDAY NIGHT 500 STANDARD - HEAT 1 Romford29 JUN 20189OPEN400 Rearguard Gizmo23.87
Southland 29 Jun 2018 HT 13Southland29 JUN 201813STAKE533 FGF Chisum32.00
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