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Race Videos

 Select by Stadium or by Sire of the runners
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Name of RaceStadiumDate vHtGradeDist mWinnerTimeFilm
Craic at the Track A7 - A10 525 Semi-FinalDundalk31 OCT 20152GR A7480 Jewel Ruler29.24
Craic at the Track 7th November A5 525 SemiDundalk31 OCT 20153GR A5480 Coyalee29.33
Craic at the Track 7th November A5 525 SemiDundalk31 OCT 20154GR A5480 Insane Manor29.48
Bridge Turf Lawns A2/A3 525 Round 1 Heat 6Dundalk31 OCT 20155GR A2480 Fridays Wilton28.93
Francie McQuaid Tyres Ltd S1/S2 400Dundalk31 OCT 20156GR S1366 Sneijder21.58
Dublin City Hotel and Trinity Bar D2 A1 525Dundalk31 OCT 20157GR A1480 Maytown Rules28.78
Monaghan Alzheimer’s A4 525 FinalDundalk31 OCT 20158GR A4480 Gentleman Jim29.15
Camcas Social Inclusion S4 400 FinalDundalk31 OCT 20159GR S4366 Glasmeen Diamond21.68
Craic at the Track 7th November A4 525 SemiDundalk31 OCT 201510GR A4480 Valeries Master28.98
Craic at the Track 7th November A4 525 SemiDundalk31 OCT 201511GR A4480 Mineola Shea29.01
2015 Kerry Agribusiness Irish St Leger FinaLimerick31 OCT 201510GROUP1503 Skywalker Rory29.47
Monmore Green 31 Oct 2015 HT 3Monmore31 OCT 20153GR A5480 Dublinhill Magic29.11
Pelaw Grange 31 Oct 2015 HT 5Pelaw Grange31 OCT 20155GR A5435 Windy Rodao26.32
AWESOME PROJECT 1-3WIN STKSThe Gardens31 OCT 20158GR Grad600 Shezza Girl34.81
(BAGS) William Hill St Leger 1st 1/4 Final Wimbledon31 OCT 20153OPEN687 Swansalona Diva41.71
(BAGS) RFS Puppy Derby 1st Rnd Heat 1 HT 7Wimbledon31 OCT 20157OPEN480 Banabane28.95
(BAGS) RFS Puppy Derby 1st Rnd Heat 2 HT 8Wimbledon31 OCT 20158OPEN480 Ballymac Sheehy28.76
(BAGS) RFS Puppy Derby 1st Rnd Heat 3 HT 9Wimbledon31 OCT 20159OPEN480 Trade Freddie28.67
(BAGS) RFS Puppy Derby 1st Rnd Heat 4 HT 10Wimbledon31 OCT 201510OPEN480 Ballymac Ramsey28.73
(BAGS) RFS Puppy Derby 1st Rnd Heat 5 HT 11Wimbledon31 OCT 201511OPEN480 Pretty Lane28.92
(BAGS) RFS Puppy Derby 1st Rnd Heat 6 HT 12Wimbledon31 OCT 201512OPEN480 Millwards Mates28.73
An Cú Veterinary Open Unraced Semi-FinalDundalk30 OCT 20152GR N0320 Maytown Eclipse18.91
An Cú Veterinary Open Unraced Semi-FinalDundalk30 OCT 20153GR N0320 Jims Rosie18.87
Bridge Turf Lawns A2/A3 525 Round 1 Heat 1Dundalk30 OCT 20154GR A2480 Lazy Daddy28.42
Bridge Turf Lawns A2/A3 525 Round 1 Heat 3Dundalk30 OCT 20156GR A2480 Beretta Blue28.79
Bridge Turf Lawns A2/A3 525 Round 1 Heat 4Dundalk30 OCT 20157GR A2480 Dryland Dennis28.72
Bridge Turf Lawns A2/A3 525 Round 1 Heat 5Dundalk30 OCT 20158GR A2480 Hee Haws Romo28.83
The Glennons Monumentals A6 525Longford30 OCT 20154GR A6480 Corkish Lily29.51
BAGS TRACK CHAMPIONSHIP 2015 STANDARD HT 5Peterborough30 OCT 20155GR IT435 Flemish Idea26.57
The Add Sign A5 Stakes. Semi-FinalWaterford30 OCT 20154GR A5480 Milliondolarbaby29.32
Wimbledon 30 Oct 2015 HT 8Wimbledon30 OCT 20158GR A5480 Dragon Apache29.52
Monmore Green 29 Oct 2015 HT 12Monmore29 OCT 201512OPEN630 Sidarian Seanie38.13
Monmore Green 29 Oct 2015 HT 13Monmore29 OCT 201513GR A1480 Emils Banjo28.18
JADE MEDIA PHOTOGRAPHYShepparton29 OCT 20151GR Tier390 Miss Georgia May22.62
TOPCAT VIDEO (NO CITY WINS) HT2The Meadows28 OCT 20150GR 525 Emily Jane30.25
4TH LEG PICK 6 JACKPOT HT 9Yarmouth28 OCT 20159GR A1462 Inch Taller28.43
WINNING POST SUPPLIESHorsham27 OCT 201512GR Grad410 Iona Machine23.34
Stadium Bookmakers Puppy Trophy HT 1Nottingham27 OCT 20151OPEN500 Khag Yolo30.13
R W 5th GradeAlbion Park26 OCT 20155GR 5600 Got a Brother35.45
BGRC 5th Grade HeatAlbion Park26 OCT 201510GR 5520 Spring Out30.53
RACE 4 LOTTO 720Derry26 OCT 20154GR D1658 Moyola Gearr41.60
Red Mills Future Champion Unraced 525 FinalEnniscorthy26 OCT 20157GR N0480 Droopys Nine28.71
Monmore Green 26 Oct 2015 HT 1Monmore26 OCT 20151GR A2480 Tyrur Vettel28.80
Nottingham 26 Oct 2015 HT 8Nottingham26 OCT 20158GR A2500 Garryglass Penny29.82
HU Puppy Derby Final 2015Alsonemedi25 OCT 20153OPEN480 Runtastic Air Hammer28.77
Belle Vue 25 Oct 2015 HT 9Bellevue25 OCT 20159GR A2470 Casino Nerissa28.33
Beringen 25.10.2015 Final 480mBeringen25 OCT 20155GR 480 Legyen 1 Dolores29.10
Larry O'Rourke/TSC Munster Juvenile Cup RouClonmel25 OCT 20154GR A1480 Newlawn Luke28.78
RPGTV HENLOW DERBY FINAL HT 10Henlow25 OCT 201510OPEN460 Making Paper27.56
DERBY MIDI DUP HT 12Henlow25 OCT 201512OPEN550 Riverside Harry33.90
Int. Kurzstreckenmeisterschaft Hündinnen-FiKleindöttingen25 OCT 20155OPEN280 Evita Peron18.11
An Cú Veterinary Open Unraced Round 1 Heat Dundalk24 OCT 20151GR N0366 Briannahs Charm21.84
An Cú Veterinary Open Unraced Round 1 Heat Dundalk24 OCT 20155GR N0366 Ide Docket21.66
Jarlath Quinn’s 50th Birthday A5 525Dundalk24 OCT 20156GR A5480 Boanerges28.80
Camcas Social Inclusion S4 400 Semi-FinalDundalk24 OCT 20157GR S4366 Cordoola Ceol21.49
Camcas Social Inclusion S4 400 Semi-FinalDundalk24 OCT 20158GR S4366 Dine Chick21.89
Monaghan Alzheimer’s A4 525 Semi-FinalDundalk24 OCT 20159GR A4480 Rockcliffe James28.77
Monaghan Alzheimer’s A4 525 Semi-FinalDundalk24 OCT 201510GR A4480 Ballymoney Fane29.52
October SprintIsaszeg24 OCT 20152GR S2275 Dopping Bonie Tyler17.11
Puppy Derby SprintIsaszeg24 OCT 20153OPEN275 Raemon Camolin16.57
October TrophyIsaszeg24 OCT 20154GR A2485 Holdem Impact29.74
Select Stakes SprintIsaszeg24 OCT 20156OPEN275 Perfect Runner Natiry16.48
Puppy StakeIsaszeg24 OCT 20157OPEN485 Mr Ypsilon30.00
Select StakesIsaszeg24 OCT 20158OPEN485 Kengyelfuto Magnezium29.51
Puppy DerbyIsaszeg24 OCT 20159OPEN485 Ballymac Galway29.50
Monmore Green 24 Oct 2015 HT 2Monmore24 OCT 20152GR A4480 Malbay Balotelli29.01
Monmore Green 24 Oct 2015 HT 12Monmore24 OCT 201512GR A1480 Lemon Bomb28.50
Pelaw Grange 24 Oct 2015 HT 3Pelaw Grange24 OCT 20153GR A6435 Windy Ridge26.18
The S & D Bookmakers 2015 Sprint Trophy FinPeterborough24 OCT 20155OPEN250 Scolari Sound14.92
THE TOWCESTER RACECOURSE MAIDEN FINAL HT 11Towcester24 OCT 201511OPEN480 Toast of Newbury28.50
William HIll St Leger 1st Round Heat 5 HT 9Wimbledon24 OCT 20159OPEN687 Millwards Teddy41.98
MOFFETT World Championships A3 525 FinalDundalk23 OCT 20152GR A3480 Sheikh Mahead28.83
MOFFETT M4 - Versatile and Agile S1 400Dundalk23 OCT 20153GR S1366 Steely Warrior21.50
MOFFETT: The 70th Anniversary A5 525 FinalDundalk23 OCT 20154GR A5480 Old Fort Miami28.87
MOFFETT M5 All Terrain Model S3 400Dundalk23 OCT 20155GR S3366 Gran Perro21.62
MOFFETT E4, LITHIUM POWERED A5 525Dundalk23 OCT 20158GR A5480 Frankies Lass29.61
Nottingham 23 Oct 2015 HT 3Nottingham23 OCT 20153GR A2500 Fahy Lucy30.02
Unrecorded Trials Wednesday and Friday A3 5Enniscorthy22 OCT 20154GR A3480 Metric Mocha29.34
TARAGREYHOUNDS.COM.AU STAKESMaitland22 OCT 20156GR Grad450 Multicam Ranger25.49
TOPCAT VIDEO PRODUCTIONSBendigo21 OCT 20151GR Tier425 Fatboy Linc24.85
BENDIGO ADVERTISERBendigo21 OCT 201511GR Tier425 Lady Juar24.32
www.k9racers.com.auBendigo21 OCT 201512GR Grad425 Cold Stare24.55
Peterborough 21 Oct 2015 HT 4Peterborough21 OCT 20154OPEN250 Scolari Sound15.07
The Try a Trio A3 525 Semi-FinalShelbourne Park21 OCT 20153GR A3480 Deep Night28.64
CRYMELON KENNELSHorsham20 OCT 20151MAIDEN410 Kitty Hawke23.95
Nottingham 20 Oct 2015 HT 11Nottingham20 OCT 201511GR A2500 Go Mel Go30.14
TOP RUN IMAGES (VIC BRED) FINALWarragul20 OCT 20151GR Maid460 Maverick Thunder26.21
R W 5th GradeAlbion Park19 OCT 20154GR R/W600 Got a Brother35.14
BGRC 5th Grade HeatAlbion Park19 OCT 20156GR 5520 Jimmy Brute30.26
Track Bookmakers Future Champion Plate SemiEnniscorthy19 OCT 20153GR A0480 Ballinclare Thea29.36
Red Mills Future Champion Unraced 525 Semi-Enniscorthy19 OCT 20155GR N0480 Droopys Roddick28.95
Red Mills Future Champion Unraced 525 Semi-Enniscorthy19 OCT 20156GR N0480 Droopys Nine29.11
Monmore Green 19 Oct 2015 HT 6Monmore19 OCT 20156GR A6480 Rockette Star29.18
Worthingtons Maiden Sprint Trophy - Heat 2 Nottingham19 OCT 201512OPEN305 Raparee Rocket17.80
Romford 19 Oct 2015 HT 1Romford19 OCT 20151GR A8400 Confident Empire24.95
RPGTV HENLOW DERBY 1ST SEMI FINAL HT 9Henlow18 OCT 20159OPEN460 Forest Sara27.46
The John Peden 50th Birthday Stakes HT 10Bellevue17 OCT 201510GR A3470 Proud Darkie28.49
Welcome to Dundalk Stadium S7/S8 400Dundalk17 OCT 20151GR S7366 Gravedigger22.20
Follow us on Twitter S5/S6 400Dundalk17 OCT 20152GR S5366 Ballybun Bill21.71
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