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Race Videos

 Select by Stadium or by Sire of the runners
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Name of RaceStadiumDate vHtGradeDist mWinnerTimeFilm
SOUTHERN CROSS AUSTEREOBendigo15 JAN 20168GR Mixe500 Emily Jane28.22
Find us on Facebook S0/S1 400Dundalk15 JAN 20161GR S0366 Abbylea Marta21.69
Fundraise at Dundalk Stadium A1/A2 550Dundalk15 JAN 20162GR A1503 Drumsna Canyon30.17
Bit and Bite Packages at Dundalk Stadium A3Dundalk15 JAN 20163GR A3480 Thats It28.95
Silks Carvery at Dundalk Stadium S1/S2 400Dundalk15 JAN 20164GR S1366 Glasmeen Diamond21.81
Packages for all Budgets at Dundalk StadiumDundalk15 JAN 20165GR A4480 Dornaville Diva29.21
Celebrate your special occasion at Dundalk Dundalk15 JAN 20166GR A4480 Paradise Dakota29.07
Follow us on Twitter S3 400Dundalk15 JAN 20167GR S3366 Coloured Flair21.50
Party Food Package at Dundalk Stadium S4 40Dundalk15 JAN 20168GR S4366 Fridays Suarez21.84
Monmore Green 15 Jan 2016 HT 8Monmore15 JAN 20168GR A8480 Treacys Escalade30.25
Nottingham 15 Jan 2016 HT 5Nottingham15 JAN 20165GR A2500 Swift Rifle30.57
Pelaw Grange 15 Jan 2016 HT 4Pelaw Grange15 JAN 20164GR A5435 Glengiblin Phil26.86
Pelaw Grange 15 Jan 2016 HT 7Pelaw Grange15 JAN 20167GR A2435 Glengiblin Brae26.53
Francie O Donoghue Memorial Semi-FinalTralee15 JAN 20166GR A4480 Killeacle Tammy28.83
Brighton & Hove 14 Jan 2016 HT 2Hove & Brighton14 JAN 20162GR A5515 Satellite Fever31.05
Romford 14 Jan 2016 HT 4Romford14 JAN 20164GR A5400 Vics Me Daddy25.19
Yarmouth 14 Jan 2016 HT 1Yarmouth14 JAN 20161GR A3462 Extreme Scholar29.32
Yarmouth 14 Jan 2016 HT 4Yarmouth14 JAN 20164GR A3462 Corbys Finest29.66
Swindon 13 Jan 2016 HT 6Swindon13 JAN 20166GR A4480 Forest Lexie29.41
EXPRESS LUBE WEST GOSFORD HT2Gosford12 JAN 20162GR Maid400 Lochinvar Dash23.05
Sheffield Stadium Puppy 500 HT 6Sheffield12 JAN 20166OPEN500 Cloran Paddy29.11
BGRC 5th Grade FinalAlbion Park11 JAN 20168GR 5520 Chador Kahn30.35
RACE 3Derry11 JAN 20160GR A2457 Hatfield Mak28.25
Monmore Green 11 Jan 2016 HT 4Monmore11 JAN 20164GR A7480 Swift Ger29.50
Monmore Green 11 Jan 2016 HT 9Monmore11 JAN 20169GR A3480 Rossa Wonder28.66
Stadium Bookmakers 480m Trophy Heat 3 HT 11Nottingham11 JAN 201611OPEN480 Deanridge Kerry28.72
Romford 11 Jan 2016 HT 8Romford11 JAN 20168GR A3400 Underground Olly24.65
Yarmouth 11 Jan 2016 HT 4Yarmouth11 JAN 20164GR A5462 Devine Beauty28.93
Pelaw Grange 10 Jan 2016 HT 8Pelaw Grange10 JAN 20168GR A1435 Killglen Flower26.13
Find us on Facebook S8 400Dundalk9 JAN 20162GR S8366 Fridays Bounty22.07
Champions Restaurant Dining Packages S7/S8 Dundalk9 JAN 20163GR S7480 Leonas Babe29.28
Celebrate your special occasion at Dundalk Dundalk9 JAN 20164GR A7480 Express Fizz29.52
Fundraise at Dundalk Stadium A5/A6 525Dundalk9 JAN 20165GR A5480 Mayhem Minnie29.28
Gareth Bellew and Charlene Fisher A4 525Dundalk9 JAN 20167GR A4480 Maytown Eclipse28.67
Jolly January Dining Special S2 400Dundalk9 JAN 20169GR S2366 Tedeedah21.46
Hens and Stags Racing Packages A3 525Dundalk9 JAN 201610GR A3480 Hip Hop Harry29.11
Silks Carvery A1/A2 525Dundalk9 JAN 201611GR A1480 Maytown Rules28.81
Nottingham 09 Jan 2016 HT 3Nottingham9 JAN 20163GR A2500 Precious Rebel30.38
Pelaw Grange 09 Jan 2016 HT 10Pelaw Grange9 JAN 201610GR A3435 Windy Ridge26.44
Swindon 09 Jan 2016 HT 10Swindon9 JAN 201610GR A6480 Primo Rumble29.73
THE DINE IN STYLE AT TOWCESTER RACECOURSE STowcester9 JAN 20162GR D3260 Mash Mad Mustang15.97
William Hill Springbok 1st Trial Stake Div Wimbledon9 JAN 20165OPEN480 Aero Frenzy29.51
William Hill Springbok 1st Trial Stake Div Wimbledon9 JAN 20166OPEN480 Brinkleysdominic29.67
Welcome to Dundalk Stadium A2 550Dundalk8 JAN 20161GR A2503 Drumsna Canyon30.53
Fundraise at Dundalk Stadium A2 525Dundalk8 JAN 20162GR A2480 Fisty Kit28.95
Slipalong Hero A7 - A10 525 FinalDundalk8 JAN 20164GR A7480 Shelone Gem29.09
Follow us on Twitter A4/A5 525Dundalk8 JAN 20165GR A4480 Legacy Boy29.53
Champions Restaurant Dining Packages S6 400Dundalk8 JAN 20166GR S6366 Homeless Darkie21.85
Birthday Parties at Dundalk Stadium A4/A5 5Dundalk8 JAN 20167GR A4503 Brannock Shelly30.69
Bit and Bite Packages at Dundalk Stadium A6Dundalk8 JAN 20168GR A6480 Jaxx Hawk Junior29.25
THE PLACE YOUR PLACEPOT ON RACES 3-8 STAKESTowcester8 JAN 20161GR P7480 Parkers Prince28.99
Henlow 07 Jan 2016 HT 9Henlow7 JAN 20169GR A5460 Roxholme Eliza27.76
HOVE LADIES HT 11Hove & Brighton7 JAN 201611OPEN515 Forest Sara30.13
100 UP CLUB - LIGHTNING SKY HT 4Monmore7 JAN 20164GR A3480 Sheazys29.02
Monmore Green 07 Jan 2016 HT 8Monmore7 JAN 20168GR A1480 Klockwork Kannon28.53
LADBROKES.C0M 630 MAIDEN (DUPLICATED) HT 10Monmore7 JAN 201610OPEN630 Malbay Balotelli38.22
Monmore Green 07 Jan 2016 HT 14Monmore7 JAN 201614GR A3480 Toosey Penny28.71
CALL 01708 762 345 FOR BOOKINGS HT 9Romford6 JAN 20169GR A3400 Little Goodthing24.71
2ND LEG PICK 6 JACKPOT HT 7Yarmouth6 JAN 20167GR A4462 Soviet Angel28.67
Sheffield Stadium Sprint HT 3Sheffield5 JAN 20163OPEN280 Cloncunny Ardera15.94
LONGWARRY HOTEL Warragul5 JAN 20167GR Grad400 Liam22.73
BGRC 5th Grade HeatAlbion Park4 JAN 20165GR 5520 Sivamet30.42
BGRC 5th Grade HeatAlbion Park4 JAN 201610GR 5520 Ratatat30.39
Yarmouth 04 Jan 2016 HT 1Yarmouth4 JAN 20161GR A5462 Suirview Carol28.88
Pelaw Grange 03 Jan 2016 HT 7Pelaw Grange3 JAN 20167GR A2435 Pennys Aaliyah26.12
Happy New Year From Dundalk Stadium S9/S10 Dundalk2 JAN 20161GR S9366 Bloomfield Knan21.88
Find us on Facebook S8/S9 400Dundalk2 JAN 20162GR S8366 Rock Song22.21
Fundraise at Dundalk Stadium A7/A8 525Dundalk2 JAN 20163GR A7480 Bloomfield Hoya29.81
Packages for all Budgets at Dundalk StadiumDundalk2 JAN 20164GR A4480 Glideaway Rita29.09
Follow us on Twitter S3 400Dundalk2 JAN 20165GR S3366 Dark Train21.72
Slipalong Hero A7 - A10 525 Semi-FinalDundalk2 JAN 20166GR A7480 Wishful Deano29.51
Slipalong Hero A7 - A10 525 Semi-FinalDundalk2 JAN 20167GR A7480 Shelone Gem29.15
Bit and Bite Packages at Dundalk Stadium A3Dundalk2 JAN 20168GR A3480 Bakerswood28.96
Champions Restaurant Dining Packages S2 400Dundalk2 JAN 20169GR S2366 Glasmeen Diamond21.74
Celebrate your special occasion at Dundalk Dundalk2 JAN 201610GR A2480 Beretta Blue29.00
Birthday Parties at Dundalk Stadium A2 550Dundalk2 JAN 201611GR A2503 Sheikh Mahead30.39
Brighton & Hove 02 Jan 2016 HT 7Hove & Brighton2 JAN 20167GR A4515 Coolykereen Vic30.11
Monmore Green 02 Jan 2016 HT 12Monmore2 JAN 201612GR A2480 Riverside Harry29.05
ORANGE PARK 02 Jan 2016 HT E7Orange Park2 JAN 2016E7GR B603 Darx Ida Da Moon37.53
Pelaw Grange 02 Jan 2016 HT 7Pelaw Grange2 JAN 20167GR A4435 Windy Ridge26.65
Romford 02 Jan 2016 HT 2Romford2 JAN 20162GR A6400 Wychwood Bronze24.87
2015 Gain Dog Foods Christmas Oaks 525 FinaShelbourne Park2 JAN 201610GROUP2480 Ballydoyle Honey27.94
Sunderland 02 Jan 2016 HT 5Sunderland2 JAN 20165GR A1450 Havana Grandee27.47
1ST LEG PICK 6 JACKPOT HT 6Yarmouth2 JAN 20166GR A6462 Woodcocks Denzil29.28
Monmore Green 01 Jan 2016 HT 8Monmore1 JAN 20168GR A7480 Swift Ger29.71
Monmore Green 01 Jan 2016 HT 10Monmore1 JAN 201610GR A5480 Lucky Impact29.22
CORAL BACKS CHILDREN WITH CANCER HT 4Hove & Brighton30 DEC 20154GR D1285 Farloe Comet16.65
BGRF BONUS RACE HT 8Sheffield29 DEC 20158GR A2500 Nice Chance29.21
BGRC 5th GradeAlbion Park28 DEC 20157GR 5600 Radley Return34.81
BGRC 5th GradeAlbion Park28 DEC 20159GR 5520 Miss Glenreagh30.53
ADEPT ACCOUNTANTS C0Hatrick28 DEC 20150MAIDEN520 Crowd Goes Wild30.83
Monmore Green 28 Dec 2015 HT 5Monmore28 DEC 20155GR A4480 Sheazys29.33
Nottingham 28 Dec 2015 HT 12Nottingham28 DEC 201512GR A1500 Garryglass Penny30.01
Romford 28 Dec 2015 HT 8Romford28 DEC 20158GR A4400 Xavier 24.55
Yarmouth 28 Dec 2015 HT 5Yarmouth28 DEC 20155GR A4462 Extreme Scholar29.40
5TH LEG PICK 6 JACKPOT HT 10Yarmouth28 DEC 201510GR A6462 Devine Beauty29.05
OLYMPIC LADIES HT 4Hove & Brighton27 DEC 20154OPEN515 Mustang Chick30.22
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