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Race Videos

 Select by Stadium or by Sire of the runners
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Name of RaceStadiumDate vHtGradeDist mWinnerTimeFilm
Monmore Green 09 Aug 2017 HT 4Monmore9 AUG 20174GR A2480 Pawsforbaker28.77
THE BUD LIGHT STANDARD HT 7Yarmouth9 AUG 20177OPEN462 Shaneboy Freddie29.32
SHEFFIELD STADIUM SPRINT HT 2Sheffield8 AUG 20172OPEN280 Tynwald Storm16.45
Kleindöttigen 06.08.2017Kleindöttingen6 AUG 20173OPEN480 Uniqueness Carrera30.88
Williamhill - Puppy Handicap HT 2Brough Park5 AUG 20172GR HP480 Mustang Thrill29.10
Monmore Green 05 Aug 2017 HT 14Monmore5 AUG 201714GR A1480 Barbican Angel28.67
GRV VIC BRED SERIES HT2Shepparton4 AUG 20176GR Grad450 Hammer Head25.82
HENLOW VS TOWCESTER A9 INTERTRACK HT 2Henlow3 AUG 20172GR IT460 Catch Kushino28.10
Henlow 03 Aug 2017 HT 4Henlow3 AUG 20174GR A10460 A Bit Nippy28.39
Henlow 03 Aug 2017 HT 9Henlow3 AUG 20179GR A5460 Confused Eddie27.59
CORAL SUSSEX CUP - FINAL HT 10Hove & Brighton3 AUG 201710OPEN515 Shaneboy Freddie29.94
LADBROKES GOLD CUP 2017 HEAT 1 HT 1Monmore3 AUG 20171OPEN480 Forest Chunk28.01
LADBROKES SUMMER STAYERS HEAT 2 HT 8Monmore3 AUG 20178OPEN630 Jetstream Lynx37.72
WILLIAM HILL HOTBOX BET STAKES HT 9Sunderland3 AUG 20179GR A1450 Darlo Dawsy27.98
Monmore Green 02 Aug 2017 HT 1Monmore2 AUG 20171GR A4480 Slinky Minky29.28
FOLLOW US ON TWITTER atROMFORDDOGS HT 9Romford2 AUG 20179GR A4400 Cushtybot Ripper24.30
NORFOLK BUTCHERSWarrnambool2 AUG 201710GR Mixe390 Windmills22.64
Yarmouth 31 Jul 2017 HT 12Yarmouth31 JUL 201712GR A1462 Do It for Twiggy27.85
BAGS HT 3Poole30 JUL 20173GR A4450 Difficult Choice27.27
Williamhill.com Puppy Handicap HT 2Brough Park29 JUL 20172GR HP480 Cashen Rolo29.17
Crayford 29 Jul 2017 HT 11Crayford29 JUL 201711GR A7380 Fairest Storm24.00
Crayford 29 Jul 2017 HT 12Crayford29 JUL 201712GR A7380 Pure Peaceful23.83
Henlow 29 Jul 2017 HT 3Henlow29 JUL 20173GR A9460 Salthillminstrel27.84
Henlow 29 Jul 2017 HT 10Henlow29 JUL 201710GR A8460 Slick Sanskrit28.22
HES EASY 4 IN A ROW STAKES HT 7Hove & Brighton29 JUL 20177GR A2515 Celtic Ash29.92
COL HARRIS GOLD SOVEREIGN FINALIpswich29 JUL 20178GR R/W630 Sweet Karmar37.75
Monmore Green 28 Jul 2017 HT 11Monmore28 JUL 201711GR S2630 Barbican Angel38.36
The gain dog nutrition corn cuchulainn finaShelbourne Park28 JUL 201710GR DD0686 Airmount Tess41.80
CORAL SUSSEX CUP - 2ND SEMI-FINAL HT 5Hove & Brighton27 JUL 20175OPEN515 Donation29.58
LADBROKES 630 MAIDEN HT 13Monmore27 JUL 201713OPEN630 Salems Nemesis38.09
Betfred Home Of Goals Galore 480m Trophy HTNottingham26 JUL 201714OPEN480 Let Me Tell You28.57
PUT YOUR QUADDIES ON STAKEDevonport25 JUL 20175GR 5TH452 Whoop Bang26.14
Yarmouth 24 Jul 2017 HT 12Yarmouth24 JUL 201712GR A1462 Harrow Wolf28.24
HENLOW 460 MAIDEN HT 7Henlow23 JUL 20177OPEN460 Clarence Seadog28.42
OWNERS BONUS SERIES FINAL. BAGS HT 5Poole23 JUL 20175GR A5450 Difficult Choice27.26
William Hill - Bet Anywhere Stakes HT 7Brough Park22 JUL 20177GR D3290 Archaton Spark17.52
Henlow 22 Jul 2017 HT 7Henlow22 JUL 20177GR A8460 Jazz Teddy28.91
Henlow 22 Jul 2017 HT 8Henlow22 JUL 20178GR A7460 Swift Casey28.55
COL HARRIS GOLD SOVEREIGN HEAT 1Ipswich22 JUL 20175GR R/W630 Mursleow38.26
Monmore Green 22 Jul 2017 HT 10Monmore22 JUL 201710GR A1480 Ballyregan Ray28.73
Produce Final Night Standard HT 7Swindon22 JUL 20177OPEN480 Let Me Tell You28.79
Bar One Racing Irish Sprint Cup Open 400 RoDundalk21 JUL 20176GR SS0366 Ela Ela Genie21.41
The HRX Puppy Oaks 525 Round 1 Heat 2Shelbourne Park21 JUL 20174GR AA0480 Vancouver28.45
The Gain Dog Nutrition Corn Cuchulainn SemiShelbourne Park21 JUL 20178GR DD0686 Frankies Lady41.88
CORAL SUSSEX CUP - HEAT 1 HT 2Hove & Brighton20 JUL 20172OPEN515 Donation30.32
Monmore Green 20 Jul 2017 HT 1Monmore20 JUL 20171GR A7480 Miss Jodee29.33
LADBROKES 630 HT 13Monmore20 JUL 201713OPEN630 Cuba Libre38.30
Monmore Green 19 Jul 2017 HT 1Monmore19 JUL 20171GR A4480 Lavan Lad29.49
Monmore Green 19 Jul 2017 HT 11Monmore19 JUL 201711GR A7480 Bellside Liz29.34
Yarmouth 19 Jul 2017 HT 1Yarmouth19 JUL 20171GR A4462 Gottabe Storm28.90
William Hill - The Home of Betting HT 3Brough Park18 JUL 20173GR P2480 Joy Again29.47
THE IDEAL COMBI AS STAKES HT 6Towcester18 JUL 20176GR A5480 Plan Ahead28.32
The 71st British Bred Produce Stakes - 1st Swindon17 JUL 20176OPEN480 Ballyoak Petal28.72
The 71st British Bred Produce Stakes - 2nd Swindon17 JUL 20177OPEN480 Supreme Merlot28.88
The 71st British Bred Produce Stakes - 3rd Swindon17 JUL 20178OPEN480 King Elvis28.51
Hünstetten 16.July 2017Hünstetten16 JUL 20171OPEN280 Oquino16.71
Hünstetten 16.July 2017Hünstetten16 JUL 20172OPEN280 Fly Obsession Apollo18.63
Hünstetten 16.July 2017Hünstetten16 JUL 20173OPEN480 Razldazl Lola28.77
Hünstetten 16.July 2017Hünstetten16 JUL 20174OPEN480 Zephyra29.33
Hünstetten 16.July 2017Hünstetten16 JUL 20175OPEN480 Waldfee28.88
Hünstetten 16.July 2017Hünstetten16 JUL 20176OPEN480 Cashen Princess28.92
Hünstetten 16.July 2017Hünstetten16 JUL 20177OPEN480 Black Lydi28.74
Hünstetten 16.July 2017Hünstetten16 JUL 20178OPEN280 Nothing Compares17.26
Hünstetten 16.July 2017Hünstetten16 JUL 20179OPEN280 Yakoma 17.46
Hünstetten 16.July 2017Hünstetten16 JUL 201710OPEN280 Adventure16.73
Hünstetten 16.July 2017Hünstetten16 JUL 201711OPEN480 Razldazl Oscar28.94
Hünstetten 16.July 2017Hünstetten16 JUL 201712OPEN480 Carlow28.95
Hünstetten 16.July 2017Hünstetten16 JUL 201713OPEN480 Black Kinloch28.31
Hünstetten 16.July 2017 Hündinnen 280m FinaHünstetten16 JUL 201714OPEN280 Adventure17.02
Hünstetten 16.July 2017 Rüden 280m FinaleHünstetten16 JUL 201715OPEN280 Oquino16.58
Hünstetten 16.July 2017 Hündinnen 480m FinaHünstetten16 JUL 201716OPEN480 Razldazl Lola28.77
Hünstetten 16.July 2017 Rüden 480m FinaleHünstetten16 JUL 201717OPEN480 Black Kinloch27.87
Hünstetten 16.July 2017 Hündinnen 480m B-FiHünstetten16 JUL 201719OPEN480 Zephyra29.71
Crayford 15 Jul 2017 HT 10Crayford15 JUL 201710GR A6380 Shirl Tel Franki23.96
Hall Green v Poole Intertrack HT 2Hall Green15 JUL 20172GR IT480 Rowington Pixie29.15
Henlow 15 Jul 2017 HT 7Henlow15 JUL 20177GR A6460 Clarence Seadog27.98
Henlow 15 Jul 2017 HT 11Henlow15 JUL 201711GR A8460 Mays Wendy28.06
Henlow 15 Jul 2017 HT 12Henlow15 JUL 201712GR A7460 Wheres Pup27.99
Monmore Green 15 Jul 2017 HT 12Monmore15 JUL 201712GR A2480 Saleen Chase28.55
Monmore Green 14 Jul 2017 HT 9Monmore14 JUL 20179GR A7480 Relaxing29.67
The Gain Dog Nutrition Corn Cuchulainn R2 HShelbourne Park14 JUL 20176OPEN686 Frankies Lady41.75
2ND CORAL SUSSEX CUP TRIAL STAKES - DIVISIOHove & Brighton13 JUL 20173OPEN515 Donation29.81
LADBROKES 630 HT 12Monmore13 JUL 201712OPEN630 Glideaway Bertie38.14
RACERS FUNCTION CENTREShepparton13 JUL 20177GR Grad450 College Queen25.97
Matthews.ie Day Trips A2 525 FinalDundalk12 JUL 20175GR A2480 Fridays Malteser28.47
4TH LEG PICK 6 JACKPOT HT 9Yarmouth12 JUL 20179GR A1462 Moors Doit Later28.75
Monmore Green 11 Jul 2017 HT 11Monmore11 JUL 201711GR A5480 Fozzie Me Daddy29.60
The Welcome To Longford Grade S9-S10 330Longford10 JUL 20171GR S9302 Decisive Move18.39
Monmore Green 10 Jul 2017 HT 8Monmore10 JUL 20178GR A4480 Jays Gangster29.19
A1 K9 BOARDING KENNELS MDN HT1Nowra10 JUL 20171GR Maid365 Sir Badger21.39
Yarmouth 10 Jul 2017 HT 12Yarmouth10 JUL 201712GR A1462 Blackrose Zena27.98
MAVE Championship Veterans FinalAlsonemedi9 JUL 20174OPEN280 Csontrakéta Black Dirty17.36
MAVE Championship Sprint A-FinalAlsonemedi9 JUL 20175OPEN280 Rákospataki Csavargó Ibra16.61
MAVE Championship Females A-FinalAlsonemedi9 JUL 20176OPEN480 Pantera Negra28.81
HOLDFAST INSURANCE BROKERS DASHDarwin9 JUL 201710GR Mixe312 Never Fear18.33
Federation Open Sprint FinalIsaszeg9 JUL 20178OPEN290 Deep Night17.12
Sunday July 9th 2017 BAGS HT 1Poole9 JUL 20171GR A6450 Difficult Choice27.53
THE CENTRAL PARK STAYERS DIV 2 HT 9Sittingbourne9 JUL 20179OPEN642 Glideaway Bertie40.18
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