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Race Videos

 Select by Stadium or by Sire of the runners
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Name of RaceStadiumDate vHtGradeDist mWinnerTimeFilm
CROSSFIELD MOLLY RETIREMENT STAKES HT 3Hove & Brighton31 DEC 20173OPEN475 Crossfield Molly28.10
HAPPY 15th BIRTHDAY HOLLY GOODSIR HT 4Hove & Brighton31 DEC 20174OPEN285 Blue East16.59
Belle Vue 30 Dec 2017 HT 10Bellevue30 DEC 201710GR A1470 Beaming for You28.35
Brighton & Hove 30 Dec 2017 HT 3Hove & Brighton30 DEC 20173GR D1285 Fridays Angel16.64
Pelaw Grange 30 Dec 2017 HT 10Pelaw Grange30 DEC 201710GR A1435 Zoes Manor25.79
CHRISTMAS BONUS MONEY RACE HT 5Perry Barr30 DEC 20175GR A2480 Da Boomerang29.41
Perry Barr 30 Dec 2017 HT 9Perry Barr30 DEC 20179GR A3480 Champagne Magic29.13
Perry Barr 30 Dec 2017 HT 12Perry Barr30 DEC 201712GR A7480 Pukka Susie29.64
BAGS HT 4Poole30 DEC 20174GR A6450 Coris Moments27.88
CHECK ROMFORDDOGS.COM FOR ALL YOUR RACING NRomford30 DEC 20171GR A4400 Underground Eske24.78
TRY THE STRAIGHT FOUR FOR JUST £1 HT 2Romford30 DEC 20172GR A7400 Devon Victoria25.01
ADOPT A RETIRED GREYHOUND WITH THE RGOA HT Romford30 DEC 20174GR S1575 Burtons Bolt36.33
CALL 01708 762 345 FOR BOOKINGS HT 5Romford30 DEC 20175GR A5400 Kyvierich24.69
DOGS TIMEFORM NOW AVAILABLE IN CORAL SHOPS Romford30 DEC 20176GR A3400 Chopchop Yvonne24.54
TRY THE PICK SIX FOR JUST £1 TO WIN A CASH Romford30 DEC 20177GR A3400 Chanstow Charley24.76
PROMOTE YOUR BUSINESS HERE ? CALL NOW TO FIRomford30 DEC 20178GR A2400 Young Dancer24.56
NO DONUTS STAKESThe Gardens30 DEC 20179GR Grad400 Risky Roscoe23.55
Yarmouth 30 Dec 2017 HT 1Yarmouth30 DEC 20171GR A3462 Suirview Lucas28.53
Yarmouth 30 Dec 2017 HT 5Yarmouth30 DEC 20175GR A6462 No Place for Me28.96
**Xmas Bonus Race 49** HT 1Kinsley29 DEC 20171GR A4462 Lost Love28.25
Monmore Green 29 Dec 2017 HT 4Monmore29 DEC 20174GR A4480 Delboys Trigger29.23
Monmore Green 29 Dec 2017 HT 5Monmore29 DEC 20175GR S2630 Feel No Pain39.17
The Best Car Parks S1/2 350 Stake FinalShelbourne Park29 DEC 20176GR S1320 Woodville19.03
OLYMPIC 475 HT 3Hove & Brighton28 DEC 20173OPEN475 Bockos Alfie27.92
OLYMPIC STANDARD - DIVISION A HT 4Hove & Brighton28 DEC 20174OPEN515 Droopys Bonucci30.26
CORAL.CO.UK WINNER OF ONE SPRINT HT 5Hove & Brighton28 DEC 20175OPEN285 Lenson Cobra16.45
MOSSVALE ACE MEMORIAL TROPHY HT 6Hove & Brighton28 DEC 20176OPEN695 Rubys Rascal42.01
DOWNLOAD THE CORAL APP LADIES HT 7Hove & Brighton28 DEC 20177OPEN515 Droopys Polly30.14
CORAL OLYMPIC - FINAL HT 8Hove & Brighton28 DEC 20178FEATURE515 Bruisers Bullet29.90
OLYMPIC STANDARD - DIVISION B HT 9Hove & Brighton28 DEC 20179OPEN515 Droopys Who30.36
OLYMPIC SPRINT HT 10Hove & Brighton28 DEC 201710OPEN285 Droopys Perfect16.72
CORAL.CO.UK WINNER OF ONE STAYERS HT 11Hove & Brighton28 DEC 201711OPEN695 Droopys Affirm42.70
CORAL.CO.UK WINNER OF ONE STANDARD HT 12Hove & Brighton28 DEC 201712OPEN515 Roses Mick30.18
THE CARLSBERG BOXING DAY MARATHON - Final HCrayford26 DEC 20177OPEN874 Maireads Ivy56.67
Brighton & Hove 26 Dec 2017 HT 8Hove & Brighton26 DEC 20178GR A8515 Last Legs30.88
Monmore Green 26 Dec 2017 HT 11Monmore26 DEC 201711GR A5480 Brocknmatts Lady29.33
Blackhouse Farm Maiden Trophy HT 6Pelaw Grange26 DEC 20176OPEN435 Zoes Manor26.36
THE THOMPSONS FOOD SERVICE STAKES HT 4Yarmouth26 DEC 20174GR A1462 Swift Nando28.15
GEM BENDIGOBendigo24 DEC 201710GR Grad425 White Ambush24.37
BGRF EXTRA PRIZEMONEY RACE HT 9Crayford23 DEC 20179GR S5540 Melodys Queen34.18
Gain Dog Nutrition Christmas Oaks 525 FinalShelbourne Park23 DEC 20177GROUP1480 Mrs Chippy28.29
Sealand Windows Chase HT 7Bellevue22 DEC 20177GR D4260 Casino Balboa15.59
MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM H.G.A. (250+ RANK)Healesville22 DEC 201712GR Grad300 Cailah Rose16.77
Henlow 22 Dec 2017 HT 1Henlow22 DEC 20171GR A10460 Blackrose Kizzy29.05
Monmore Green 22 Dec 2017 HT 2Monmore22 DEC 20172GR S3630 Croaghill Midget39.15
Monmore Green 22 Dec 2017 HT 3Monmore22 DEC 20173GR A6480 Isaacs Princess29.62
Monmore Green 22 Dec 2017 HT 10Monmore22 DEC 201710GR A7480 Relaxing29.23
Monmore Green 22 Dec 2017 HT 14Monmore22 DEC 201714GR A5480 Emi Smurph28.96
The Best Car Parks Marathon FinalShelbourne Park22 DEC 20178GROUP2937 Jaytee Patriot58.62
SOUTHERN ARGUS STAKEStrathalbyn22 DEC 20178GR Grad536 Greysynd Ebony31.41
WELCOME TO LADBROKES GARDENS MDNThe Gardens22 DEC 20171MAIDEN400 Risky Roscoe23.65
T Nolan CVRT Test Centre Kingdom Derby FinaTralee22 DEC 201710GR AA0480 Holycross Lad28.59
THE B.G.R.F. CHRISTMAS BONUS RACE HT 9Yarmouth22 DEC 20179GR A4462 Colski Rags28.58
BGRF CHRISTMAS BONUS RACE HT 8Crayford21 DEC 20178GR S2540 Franco Lola33.90
LUXBET BEST OF THE BEST Division 2Hobart21 DEC 20179GR 5461 Lashing Lizzy26.32
CORAL OLYMPIC - 1ST SEMI-FINAL HT 3Hove & Brighton21 DEC 20173OPEN515 Bruisers Bullet29.63
CORAL OLYMPIC - 2ND SEMI-FINAL HT 4Hove & Brighton21 DEC 20174OPEN515 King Kid29.77
CORAL OLYMPIC - 3RD SEMI-FINAL HT 5Hove & Brighton21 DEC 20175OPEN515 Clash30.00
SADIA WATSON THE BIG 50 HT 8Hove & Brighton21 DEC 20178OPEN515 Barricane Tiger30.07
A4LABELS.COM TROPHY HT 10Hove & Brighton21 DEC 201710OPEN475 Roses Mick27.51
SUSSEX GLAZING SERVICES STAKES HT 11Hove & Brighton21 DEC 201711OPEN475 Romeo Mandate27.95
CORAL HOME OF THE PRICE BOMB MAIDEN HT 12Hove & Brighton21 DEC 201712OPEN515 Totus Tommy30.50
Monmore Green 21 Dec 2017 HT 3Monmore21 DEC 20173GR A2480 Swift Drake28.96
LADBROKES 630 MAIDEN HT 5Monmore21 DEC 20175OPEN630 Ardrahan Zeann38.85
LADBROKES 630 HT 11Monmore21 DEC 201711OPEN630 Glideaway Bertie38.36
Romford 21 Dec 2017 HT 1Romford21 DEC 20171GR A7400 Da Boss Charlie24.74
MCIVOR RD VETERINARY CLINICBendigo20 DEC 20176GR Grad500 Fearless Flyer28.39
Monmore Green 20 Dec 2017 HT 2Monmore20 DEC 20172GR A6480 Keeperlit29.55
Monmore Green 20 Dec 2017 HT 10Monmore20 DEC 201710GR A1480 Ballyregan Ray28.72
Monmore Green 20 Dec 2017 HT 14Monmore20 DEC 201714GR A8480 Be Wide Boss29.94
CHECK ROMFORDDOGS.COM FOR ALL YOUR RACING NRomford20 DEC 20171GR A8400 Underground Ward24.83
TRY THE STRAIGHT FOUR FOR JUST £1 HT 2Romford20 DEC 20172GR A7400 Billy the Squid24.86
DOGS TIMEFORM NOW AVAILABLE IN CORAL SHOPS Romford20 DEC 20173GR P6400 Chilli Chocolate24.33
ADOPT A RETIRED GREYHOUND WITH THE RGOA HT Romford20 DEC 20174GR A5400 Bonville Steph24.53
CALL 01708 762 345 FOR BOOKINGS HT 5Romford20 DEC 20175GR A4400 March On Buzz24.19
TRY THE PICK SIX FOR JUST £1 TO WIN A CASH Romford20 DEC 20177GR A4400 Headleys Serena24.57
PROMOTE YOUR BUSINESS HERE ? CALL NOW TO FIRomford20 DEC 20178GR A3400 Brickleberry24.48
FOLLOW US ON TWITTER atROMFORDDOGS HT 9Romford20 DEC 20179GR A2400 Sparta Turbo24.40
ROMFORD.STADIUMatCORAL.CO.UK FOR GENERAL ENRomford20 DEC 201710GR A2400 Droopys Greatest24.14
VISIT CORAL.CO.UK HT 12Romford20 DEC 201712GR A1400 Pro Penny24.18
TREMBATH TYRE REPAIRS HEAT 1Ipswich19 DEC 20176GR 4/5520 Sweet Karmar30.73
THE SHEFFIELD STADIUM STAYERS 660M HT 5Sheffield19 DEC 20175OPEN660 Soars Above38.62
THE SHEFFIELD STADIUM STANDARD 500M HT 7Sheffield19 DEC 20177OPEN500 Swift Aspen28.82
RYAN HOLMES PUPPY CUP FINAL HT 9Sheffield19 DEC 20179OPEN500 Droopys Zephyr29.02
HARRY HOLMES MEMORIAL CUP FINAL HT 11Sheffield19 DEC 201711OPEN500 Dorotas Vic28.66
Stadium Bookmakers Dual Distance Trophy - DNottingham18 DEC 20178OPEN500 Lowgate Sirius30.07
Betfred Maiden Sprint Trophy - Final HT 9Nottingham18 DEC 20179OPEN305 Bubbly Joe17.80
Stadium Bookmakers National Sprint Trophy -Nottingham18 DEC 201712OPEN305 Queen Anna17.83
Stadium Bookmakers Super Stayers Trophy HT Nottingham18 DEC 201713OPEN730 Shreyas Solitair45.78
Yarmouth 18 Dec 2017 HT 1Yarmouth18 DEC 20171GR A1462 Swift Dixon28.96
Yarmouth 18 Dec 2017 HT 4Yarmouth18 DEC 20174GR A1462 Leighton Wolf29.01
6TH LEG PICK 6 JACKPOT HT 11Yarmouth18 DEC 201711GR A4462 Annvale Girl29.48
BRISGREYS.COM STAKEAlbion Park17 DEC 20179GR 5TH395 Rally Dryva22.88
Perry Barr 17 Dec 2017 HT 5Perry Barr17 DEC 20175GR A3480 Drahbeg Duke28.90
Perry Barr 17 Dec 2017 HT 14Perry Barr17 DEC 201714GR A6480 Swift Harley29.64
Crayford 16 Dec 2017 HT 7Crayford16 DEC 20177GR S3540 Franco Lola34.06
Welcome to Drumbo Park 335Drumbo Park16 DEC 20171GR S8306 Slaheny Fifty18.95
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