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Race Videos

 Select by Stadium or by Sire of the runners
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Name of RaceStadiumDate vHtGradeDist mWinnerTimeFilm
Welcome to Drumbo Park 335Drumbo Park16 DEC 20171GR S8306 Slaheny Fifty18.95
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer A6/A7 525 SeDundalk16 DEC 20173GR A6480 Sapphire Lady29.09
45TH BGRF XMAS BONUS MONEY RACE HT 2Henlow16 DEC 20172GR A9460 Corfu Ikarus29.14
46TH BGRF XMAS BONUS MONEY RACE HT 3Henlow16 DEC 20173GR A9460 Catch Kushino28.99
48TH BGRF XMAS BONUS MONEY RACE HT 5Henlow16 DEC 20175GR A7460 El Pais29.05
49TH BGRF XMAS BONUS MONEY RACE HT 6Henlow16 DEC 20176GR A6460 Queenie28.75
51ST BGRF XMAS BONUS MONEY RACE HT 8Henlow16 DEC 20178GR A4460 Layton Express28.31
Monmore Green 16 Dec 2017 HT 13Monmore16 DEC 201713GR A4480 Go Rae29.05
THE FLUID POWER SUPPLIES, JENTECH, IMCRON SPerry Barr16 DEC 20176GR A4480 Ballymac Augusta29.33
Perry Barr 16 Dec 2017 HT 9Perry Barr16 DEC 20179GR A3480 Ballymac Bono29.21
Swindon 16 Dec 2017 HT 2Swindon16 DEC 20172GR A5480 Ventry Jack30.03
BENDIGO ULTIMATE EARTHMOVINGBendigo15 DEC 20173GR Grad425 Parcero Hope24.18
THE JOHN WISHART MEMORIAL RACE HT 4Crayford15 DEC 20174OPEN714 Out of Chicago46.30
41ST BGRF XMAS BONUS MONEY RACE HT 5Henlow15 DEC 20175GR A10460 Woodcocks Anya29.63
LIKE CORAL ON FACEBOOK HT 14Hove & Brighton15 DEC 201714GR A3515 Ashwood Telly30.60
Monmore Green 15 Dec 2017 HT 4Monmore15 DEC 20174GR A3480 Fozzie Me Daddy29.35
CINDERELLAS COMMERCIAL CLEANING STAKEAngle Park14 DEC 201711GR Grad515 Greysynd Ebony30.09
CORAL OLYMPIC - HEAT 1 HT 2Hove & Brighton14 DEC 20172OPEN515 Calico Blackjack30.19
CORAL OLYMPIC - HEAT 2 HT 3Hove & Brighton14 DEC 20173OPEN515 Crossfield Giles30.31
CORAL OLYMPIC - HEAT 3 HT 4Hove & Brighton14 DEC 20174OPEN515 Oakfield Caesar30.16
CORAL OLYMPIC - HEAT 4 HT 5Hove & Brighton14 DEC 20175OPEN515 Calico Ranger29.91
CORAL OLYMPIC - HEAT 5 HT 6Hove & Brighton14 DEC 20176OPEN515 Sporting Dave29.86
CORAL OLYMPIC - HEAT 6 HT 7Hove & Brighton14 DEC 20177OPEN515 King Turbo29.68
CORAL SUSSEX PUPPY TROPHY - FINAL HT 8Hove & Brighton14 DEC 20178OPEN515 Droopys Nirvana30.21
WASTE HOUSE CHRISTMAS TROPHY HT 10Hove & Brighton14 DEC 201710OPEN695 Slick Strauss41.77
WILLIAM HILL HOTBOX BET STAKES HT 3Sunderland14 DEC 20173GR A2450 Forest Apple28.88
Greyhound Media Group Standard HT 4Bellevue13 DEC 20174OPEN470 Faughan Flash28.43
Greyhound Media Group Oaks - FINAL HT 10Bellevue13 DEC 20179GROUP1470 Wuheida28.74
LAUNCESTON VETERINARY GROUP Division1Launceston11 DEC 20179GR 5278 Dee Mini Mouse16.21
Yarmouth 11 Dec 2017 HT 5Yarmouth11 DEC 20175GR A1462 Jura Onimo29.03
PALM BEACH 10 Dec 2017 HT A15Palm Beach10 DEC 2017A15GR A498 Tip Top30.08
18TH BGRF XMAS BONUS MONEY RACE HT 1Henlow9 DEC 20171GR A10460 Lionel Rich Tea28.74
19TH BGRF XMAS BONUS MONEY RACE HT 2Henlow9 DEC 20172GR A9460 Woodcocks Tyson28.80
26TH BGRF XMAS BONUS MONEY RACE HT 9Henlow9 DEC 20179GR A4460 Finallyfoundyou27.73
OWNERS BONUS SERIES - FINAL HT 4Hove & Brighton9 DEC 20174GR A3515 Tullig Return30.10
Perry Barr 09 Dec 2017 HT 9Perry Barr9 DEC 20179GR A4480 Rowington Pixie29.22
Perry Barr 09 Dec 2017 HT 11Perry Barr9 DEC 201711GR A1480 Townspark Gem28.49
Yarmouth 09 Dec 2017 HT 2Yarmouth9 DEC 20172GR A1462 Jura Go Go28.75
Yarmouth 09 Dec 2017 HT 3Yarmouth9 DEC 20173GR A4462 Perfect Warrior29.27
Greyhound Media Group Oaks - 1st Semi-FinalBellevue8 DEC 20172OPEN470 Donation28.13
Greyhound Media Group Oaks - 2nd Semi-FinalBellevue8 DEC 20174OPEN470 Wuheida28.06
ROMFORD FRIDAY NIGHT 500 MAIDEN STAYERS - HRomford8 DEC 20174OPEN575 Honest Robber35.76
The 2017 Gold Collar Open 550 Semi-FinalShelbourne Park8 DEC 201710GR AA0503 Swithins Brae30.45
CORAL SUSSEX PUPPY TROPHY - Heat 2 HT 5Hove & Brighton7 DEC 20175OPEN515 Droopys Nirvana30.39
BALLYREGAN BOB MEMORIAL RACE HT 7Hove & Brighton7 DEC 20177OPEN695 Clares Kyletaun41.72
JIMMY JUPP NATIONAL HURDLE HT 9Hove & Brighton7 DEC 20179OPEN515 Razldazl Raidio30.59
Monmore Green 07 Dec 2017 HT 13Monmore7 DEC 201712GR A2480 Swift Drake29.00
Monmore Green 07 Dec 2017 HT 14Monmore7 DEC 201713GR A1480 Roseville Billy28.45
5TH LEG PICK 6 JACKPOT HT 10Yarmouth6 DEC 201710GR A4462 Whoops Molly28.99
WIMMERA AQUATRAIL FINALHorsham5 DEC 20175GR Mixe485 Mepunga Gal27.40
OWNERS BONUS SERIES FINAL HT 10Towcester5 DEC 201710GR D2260 Zammos Bullet15.55
BARGAIN STEEL CENTRE STAKEAngle Park4 DEC 20179GR Grad515 Lucy Stardust30.31
SAGE CONTRACTING DASHDarwin3 DEC 20179GR Grad312 Never Fear18.31
BAGS HT 4Poole3 DEC 20174GR A3450 Five O One27.19
Greyhound Media Group Oaks 2nd Round Heat 1Bellevue2 DEC 20172OPEN470 Wuheida27.74
Greyhound Media Group Oaks 2nd Round Heat 2Bellevue2 DEC 20173OPEN470 Donation27.62
Greyhound Media Group Oaks 2nd Round Heat 3Bellevue2 DEC 20175OPEN470 Princess Aurora27.85
Greyhound Media Group Oaks 2nd Round Heat 4Bellevue2 DEC 20176OPEN470 Olwinn Bella27.86
Greyhound Media Group Oaks 2nd Round Heat 5Bellevue2 DEC 20178OPEN470 Jumeirah Charm27.42
Greyhound Media Group Oaks 2nd Round Heat 6Bellevue2 DEC 20179OPEN470 Jumeirah Lolls27.70
Henlow 02 Dec 2017 HT 1Henlow2 DEC 20171GR A10460 O Learys Gold28.49
Pelaw Grange 02 Dec 2017 HT 10Pelaw Grange2 DEC 201710GR A1435 Zoes Manor26.14
Perry Barr 02 Dec 2017 HT 7Perry Barr2 DEC 20177GR A4480 Autumn Leyla29.18
Gain Dog Nutrition Christmas Oaks 525 RoundShelbourne Park2 DEC 20177GR AA0480 Droopys Ant28.21
Yarmouth 02 Dec 2017 HT 2Yarmouth2 DEC 20172GR A2462 Leighton Wolf28.88
Try a Forecast Novice 335Drumbo Park1 DEC 20172GR N1306 Shes My Lady18.72
Henlow 01 Dec 2017 HT 1Henlow1 DEC 20171GR A10460 Volantes Azul28.76
Henlow 01 Dec 2017 HT 2Henlow1 DEC 20172GR A9460 Droopys Hyde28.32
Shawfield 01 Dec 2017 HT 4Shawfield1 DEC 20174GR HP480 Makeit Job Done30.14
630 MAIDEN (DUPLICATED) HT 5Monmore30 NOV 20175OPEN630 Dippy Norman38.72
Romford 30 Nov 2017 HT 1Romford30 NOV 20171GR A3400 Cushtybot Ripper24.75
Monmore Green 29 Nov 2017 HT 6Monmore29 NOV 20176GR A4480 Fozzie Me Daddy29.13
Monmore Green 29 Nov 2017 HT 10Monmore29 NOV 201710GR A10480 Our River Jet29.86
STAR SPORTS SHOOTOUT HT 7Towcester29 NOV 20177OPEN500 Dorotas Wildcat29.06
COLOSSUS BETS 2017 TV TROPHY FINAL HT 10Towcester29 NOV 201710GROUP1906 Goldies Hotspur55.45
5TH LEG PICK 6 JACKPOT HT 10Yarmouth29 NOV 201710GR A1462 Wordsmith28.57
BALLYMAC ESKE AT STUD STAKES FINAL HT 11Towcester28 NOV 201711OPEN686 Creative Thinker41.99
Brighton & Hove 26 Nov 2017 HT 11Hove & Brighton26 NOV 201711GR A10515 Nextop Model31.08
Greyhound Media Group Oaks Heat 1 HT 1Bellevue25 NOV 20171OPEN470 Match Play27.94
Greyhound Media Group Oaks Heat 2 HT 2Bellevue25 NOV 20172OPEN470 Tyrur Emily27.96
Greyhound Media Group Oaks Heat 3 HT 3Bellevue25 NOV 20173OPEN470 Bramble Swift28.15
The Barley Mow Celebration Stakes HT 4Bellevue25 NOV 20174OPEN470 Ballydoyle Maura27.65
Poppa Dom Stakes HT 5Bellevue25 NOV 20175OPEN470 Wuheida28.10
Greyhound Media Group Oaks Heat 6 HT 6Bellevue25 NOV 20176OPEN470 Donation27.85
Greyhound Media Group Oaks Heat 7 HT 7Bellevue25 NOV 20177OPEN470 Jumeirah Lolls27.91
Lets make some money Lads HT 8Bellevue25 NOV 20178OPEN470 Jumeirah Charm27.84
Greyhound Media Group Oaks Heat 9 HT 9Bellevue25 NOV 20179OPEN470 Ameilas Charm28.31
Greyhound Media Group Oaks Heat 10 HT 10Bellevue25 NOV 201710OPEN470 Charder Girl28.01
Greyhound Media Group Oaks Heat 11 HT 11Bellevue25 NOV 201711OPEN470 Droopys Hen28.17
Greyhound Media Group Oaks Heat 12 HT 12Bellevue25 NOV 201712OPEN470 Tea for Tess27.88
Henlow 25 Nov 2017 HT 1Henlow25 NOV 20171GR A10460 Westmead Suzie28.50
Monmore Green 25 Nov 2017 HT 12Monmore25 NOV 201712GR A4480 Elderberry Vic29.60
Pelaw Grange 25 Nov 2017 HT 6Pelaw Grange25 NOV 20176GR A2435 Zoes Manor26.48
Perry Barr 25 Nov 2017 HT 10Perry Barr25 NOV 201710GR A3480 Wicky Big Rocks29.06
Yarmouth 25 Nov 2017 HT 1Yarmouth25 NOV 20171GR A4462 Leighton Wolf28.41
Shawfield 24 Nov 2017 HT 1Shawfield24 NOV 20171GR HP480 Makeit Job Done29.45
The Grandstand Restaurant 570Tralee24 NOV 201710GR A1521 Enchanted Puma31.34
DAPTO LOYALTY PROGRAM MDNDapto23 NOV 20171MAIDEN520 Wendy Darling30.56
BENDIGO ADVERTISERBendigo22 NOV 201710GR Tier425 Macka's Victorem24.68
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