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Race Videos

 Select by Stadium or by Sire of the runners
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Name of RaceStadiumDateHtGrade ^Dist mWinnerTimeFilm
The Gain Bitch Night Of Stars Open 525Shelbourne Park17 NOV 20184GR AA0480 Rural Aloha28.48
The Gain Dog Puppy Night Of Stars Open 525Shelbourne Park17 NOV 20185GR AA0480 Jambo Joy28.59
The www.barkingbuzz.ie Night Of Stars Open Shelbourne Park17 NOV 20186GR SS0320 Ardnasool Jet18.71
The Track Bookmakers Night Of Stars Open 75Shelbourne Park17 NOV 20187GR DD0686 Antigua Fire41.52
The Droopys Stud Night Of Stars Open Bitch Shelbourne Park17 NOV 20188GR AA0480 Vancouver28.61
The Tadhg Hegarty Bookmaker Night Of Stars Shelbourne Park17 NOV 20189GR DD0777 Are Nagini47.93
The Droopys Nidge @ Stud Night Of Stars OpeShelbourne Park17 NOV 201810GR AA0480 Cabra Hurricane28.34
The Ted Hegarty Bookmaker Night Of Stars OpShelbourne Park17 NOV 201811GR AA0526 Lenson Blinder30.72
The BoyleSports Night Of Stars Open 550Shelbourne Park17 NOV 201812GR AA0503 Slippy Cian29.37
The Future Boy/Sporting Kennels Night Of StShelbourne Park17 NOV 201813GR AA0549 Macaroon Cruz32.73
Saturday 17th November 2018 HT 1Swindon17 NOV 20181GR A9480 Gemstone Bobbie30.51
Yarmouth 17 Nov 2018 HT 4Yarmouth17 NOV 20184GR A5462 Butterbridge Ann28.59
Nottingham 16 Nov 2018 HT 6Nottingham16 NOV 20186GR A2500 Blue Pit30.53
OWNERS BONUS SERIES MINI (HEAT 1) HT 2Monmore15 NOV 20182GR A3480 Mitchells Angel28.48
Monmore Green 15 Nov 2018 HT 12Monmore15 NOV 201812GR A10480 Brocknmatts Last29.86
Brighton & Hove 14 Nov 2018 HT 12Hove & Brighton14 NOV 201812GR A2515 Enchanted Jaguar30.45
Monmore Green 12 Nov 2018 HT 3Monmore12 NOV 20183GR A5480 Beatties Fear28.82
Pelaw Grange 11 Nov 2018 HT 6Pelaw Grange11 NOV 20186GR A2435 Selkirk Mayhem25.72
Pelaw Grange 10 Nov 2018 HT 12Pelaw Grange10 NOV 201811GR A1435 Zoes Manor25.45
3RD LEG PICK 6 JACKPOT HT 8Yarmouth10 NOV 20188GR A7462 Zari Lucy29.66
6TH LEG PICK 6 JACKPOT HT 11Yarmouth10 NOV 201811GR A5462 Butterbridge Ann28.97
The Upcoming Sweepstakes SprintClonmel9 NOV 20183GR S5274 Stephens Choice16.88
Nottingham 09 Nov 2018 HT 2Nottingham9 NOV 20182GR A2500 Hollygate Star30.20
Monmore Green 07 Nov 2018 HT 6Monmore7 NOV 20186GR A3480 Droopys Heckle28.73
Monmore Green 07 Nov 2018 HT 9Monmore7 NOV 20189GR S1630 Zero Forks38.28
Monmore Green 07 Nov 2018 HT 11Monmore7 NOV 201811GR A6480 Hilltop Betty28.95
Swindon 07 Nov 2018 HT 6Swindon7 NOV 20186GR A9480 Record Merlot31.07
Crayford 06 Nov 2018 HT 2Crayford6 NOV 20182GR A5380 Coonough Melody23.80
HENLOW TUES 6TH NOV PM HT 1Henlow6 NOV 20181GR A2460 Savana Awesome27.71
Henlow 05 Nov 2018 HT 12Henlow5 NOV 201812GR A4460 Jet Stream Berty27.77
Yarmouth 05 Nov 2018 HT 12Yarmouth5 NOV 201812GR A6462 Pack Wolf28.67
Monmore Green 03 Nov 2018 HT 1Monmore3 NOV 20181GR A5480 Tommys Wonder29.29
FOLLOW US ON TWITTER @HOVEGREYHOUNDS HT 5Hove & Brighton2 NOV 20185GR A3515 Enchanted Jaguar30.22
Monmore Green 01 Nov 2018 HT 13Monmore1 NOV 201813GR A3480 Mostwantedman28.79
Yarmouth 01 Nov 2018 HT 13Yarmouth1 NOV 201813GR A5462 Skywalker Mod28.65
Monmore Green 31 Oct 2018 HT 8Monmore31 OCT 20188GR A6480 Croaghill Rose29.02
Henlow 30 Oct 2018 HT 4Henlow30 OCT 20184GR A9460 Savana Maud28.21
Henlow 30 Oct 2018 HT 8Henlow30 OCT 20188GR A6460 Teepark Black28.08
Pelaw Grange 28 Oct 2018 HT 10Pelaw Grange28 OCT 20189GR A1435 Curly Trev26.14
Crayford 27 Oct 2018 HT 10Crayford27 OCT 201810GR S5540 Monagea Katie34.54
KAYPAT LODGE STAKEIpswich27 OCT 20183GR NOV520 Darby's Girl30.88
Fund£Racer - Leg 6 HT 14Nottingham26 OCT 201814GR A2500 Harts Beauty30.51
Monmore Green 24 Oct 2018 HT 1Monmore24 OCT 20181GR A5480 Droopys Pep28.73
Monmore Green 23 Oct 2018 HT 10Monmore23 OCT 201810GR A3480 Onyergobetty28.95
RAPIDVITE STAKELaunceston22 OCT 20187GR 4TH515 Whoomph29.68
Monmore Green 22 Oct 2018 HT 6Monmore22 OCT 20186GR A3480 Beatties Fantasy28.89
Swindon 22 Oct 2018 HT 7Swindon22 OCT 20187GR A8480 Record Malbec29.66
Pelaw Grange 21 Oct 2018 HT 9Pelaw Grange21 OCT 20189GR A2435 Selkirk Mayhem25.85
The 2018 Shelley Fennelly Memorial Stake FiCork20 OCT 20189GR AA0480 Vancouver28.15
Henlow 20 Oct 2018 HT 6Henlow20 OCT 20186GR A7460 Zadog the Priest28.06
The 75th Shaddys Race HT 5Pelaw Grange20 OCT 20185GR A1435 Zoes Manor25.54
Åkers kanal raceÅkersberga20 OCT 20181GR 1320 Shout Shout Joy18.47
Poppies KortaÅkersberga20 OCT 20184GR 2320 Stella Dog's Rough Boy18.44
Monmore Green 19 Oct 2018 HT 1Monmore19 OCT 20181GR A6480 Beatties Fear29.04
Fund£Racer - Leg 6 HT 14Nottingham19 OCT 201814GR A2500 Chosen By You30.25
THE BOOK FOR MONMORE AFTERNOON TEA TROPHY HMonmore18 OCT 20185GR A4480 Beatties Dancer28.71
Yarmouth 18 Oct 2018 HT 13Yarmouth18 OCT 201813GR A5462 Flaming Princess29.01
ONLY AT THE DOGSAngle Park15 OCT 20187GR Grad515 Lenny the Jet30.19
Monmore Green 15 Oct 2018 HT 10Monmore15 OCT 201810GR A3480 Narabane Angel28.46
Yarmouth 15 Oct 2018 HT 1Yarmouth15 OCT 20181GR A7462 Hour Glass Snowy29.15
Yarmouth 15 Oct 2018 HT 4Yarmouth15 OCT 20184GR A6462 Geelo Global29.00
3RD LEG PICK 6 JACKPOT HT 8Yarmouth15 OCT 20188GR A4462 Shes Wild28.70
Eastern Electrical, Coes Road, Dundalk S2/SDundalk13 OCT 20186GR S2366 Wall Garden21.40
Eilenburg 13.Oktober 2018 FinaleEilenburg13 OCT 20189GR 450 Zampano28.33
Henlow 13 Oct 2018 HT 5Henlow13 OCT 20185GR A7460 Tubbercurry Bleu28.08
Henlow 13 Oct 2018 HT 7Henlow13 OCT 20187GR A8460 Zadog the Priest28.42
Brighton & Hove 13 Oct 2018 HT 3Hove & Brighton13 OCT 20183GR A7515 Nextop Model30.50
Midlanda13.Oktober 2018Midlanda13 OCT 20181GR K3283 Hannemoon Moonraker17.84
Djursjukhuset SundsvallMidlanda13 OCT 20182GR K3283 Billy Bounce17.14
Magic RunnersMidlanda13 OCT 20183GR L1696 Cabra Blacksmith43.36
Delta SprintMidlanda13 OCT 20184GR K1283 Zivago17.32
Delta TikenMidlanda13 OCT 20185GR M2488 Riona Viking29.81
Monmore Green 13 Oct 2018 HT 1Monmore13 OCT 20181GR A10480 Brocknmatts Last29.33
Swindon 13 Oct 2018 HT 9Swindon13 OCT 20189GR A9480 Record Malbec30.00
Crayford 11 Oct 2018 HT 14Crayford11 OCT 201814GR A6380 Markstheboss24.19
Monmore Green 11 Oct 2018 HT 6Monmore11 OCT 20186GR A7480 Stellas Reggie28.72
Monmore Green 11 Oct 2018 HT 13Monmore11 OCT 201813GR S1630 Zero Forks38.38
Central Park 10 Oct 2018 HT 8Sittingbourne10 OCT 20188GR A3480 Bogcross Esther29.35
Monmore Green 09 Oct 2018 HT 11Monmore9 OCT 201811GR A4480 Onyergobetty28.65
3RD LEG PICK 6 JACKPOT HT 8Yarmouth8 OCT 20188GR A5462 Flaming Princess28.99
Pelaw Grange 07 Oct 2018 HT 8Pelaw Grange7 OCT 20188GR A2435 Curly Trev25.67
Crayford 06 Oct 2018 HT 6Crayford6 OCT 20186GR A6380 Anglesey One23.86
Henlow 06 Oct 2018 HT 8Henlow6 OCT 20188GR A8460 Mashmad Bale28.73
Monmore Green 06 Oct 2018 HT 2Monmore6 OCT 20182GR A7480 Ballyhi Joyce28.90
Pelaw Grange 06 Oct 2018 HT 10Pelaw Grange6 OCT 201810GR A1435 Zoes Manor25.56
Perry Barr 06 Oct 2018 HT 8Perry Barr6 OCT 20188GR A7480 Swift Leila30.43
Yarmouth 06 Oct 2018 HT 4Yarmouth6 OCT 20184GR A6462 Mikey Ship29.02
1ST LEG PICK 6 JACKPOT HT 6Yarmouth6 OCT 20186GR A6462 Suirview Barry29.68
Find us on Facebook S2 350Dundalk5 OCT 20184GR S2320 Ace Camolin19.02
Peterborough 05 Oct 2018 HT 4Peterborough5 OCT 20184GR A9435 Headford Recruit27.38
Swindon 03 Oct 2018 HT 11Swindon3 OCT 201811GR A2480 Tailteann Storm29.34
OWNERS BONUS SERIES THIRD BONUS OF TEN TROPCrayford2 OCT 20183GR S5540 Edencurra Cuckoo34.16
Monmore Green 01 Oct 2018 HT 1Monmore1 OCT 20181GR A10480 Brocknmatts Lola30.04
Pelaw Grange 30 Sep 2018 HT 9Pelaw Grange30 SEP 20189GR A1435 Zoes Manor25.71
Henlow 29 Sep 2018 HT 9Henlow29 SEP 20189GR A8460 Quivers Blake27.92
CGRC TrophyIsaszeg29 SEP 20182GR S3275 Kengyelfuto Illinois17.23
Monmore Green 29 Sep 2018 HT 1Monmore29 SEP 20181GR A4480 Klockwork Kasey29.29
Yarmouth 29 Sep 2018 HT 13Yarmouth29 SEP 201813GR A6462 Pack Wolf28.69
Crayford 27 Sep 2018 HT 11Crayford27 SEP 201811GR A6380 Surewhynot23.60
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