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Race Videos

 Select by Stadium or by Sire of the runners
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Name of RaceStadiumDateHtGrade ^Dist mWinnerTimeFilm
BET WITH www.starsportsbet.co.uk STAKES HT Towcester18 NOV 20178GR A9480 Mad About Johnny29.02
Monmore Green 17 Nov 2017 HT 12Monmore17 NOV 201712GR A4480 Skyfall Venom28.98
WILLIAMHILL.COM STAKES HT 7Sunderland15 NOV 20177GR A4450 Glaise Jackie27.77
3RD LEG PICK 6 JACKPOT HT 8Yarmouth15 NOV 20178GR A4462 Droopys Essence28.64
THE Y.G.O.T.A KENNEL SWEEPSTAKE - FINAL HT Yarmouth15 NOV 201710GR A4462 Jaydeecee28.72
TWITTER@BRISGREYS STAKEAlbion Park13 NOV 20175GR R/W600 Sweet Karmar35.19
6TH LEG PICK 6 JACKPOT HT 11Yarmouth13 NOV 201711GR A1462 Thats Grand28.33
Monmore Green 11 Nov 2017 HT 14Monmore11 NOV 201714GR A8480 Bark O Barman29.07
BET ON YOUR MOBILE AT WILLIAMHILL.COM STAKESunderland11 NOV 20173GR A4450 Imperial King27.84
Ml.Fitzpatrick Memorial Oaks Open 525 FinalNewbridge10 NOV 20177GR AA0480 Down the Green28.77
UBET DASHDarwin8 NOV 20172GR Mixe312 Never Fear18.63
WILLIAMHILL.COM STAKES HT 7Sunderland8 NOV 20177GR A4450 Darlo Lulubelle28.17
Yarmouth 08 Nov 2017 HT 5Yarmouth8 NOV 20175GR A4462 Flaming Princess29.21
2ND LEG PICK 6 JACKPOT HT 7Yarmouth6 NOV 20177GR A4462 Perfect Peace28.39
Perry Barr 05 Nov 2017 HT 7Perry Barr5 NOV 20177GR A4480 Drahbeg Dior28.89
Perry Barr 05 Nov 2017 HT 14Perry Barr5 NOV 201714GR A4480 Drahbeg Duke29.26
Monmore Green 04 Nov 2017 HT 12Monmore4 NOV 201712GR A1480 Holycross Love28.92
Swindon 04 Nov 2017 HT 5Swindon4 NOV 20175GR A3480 Tailteann Storm29.95
Ml.Fitzpatrick Memorial Oaks Open 525 Semi-Newbridge3 NOV 20178GR AA0480 Canyar28.97
THE WILLIAMHILL.COM STAKES HT 1Sunderland2 NOV 20171GR A3450 Whites Mccool28.54
Monmore Green 01 Nov 2017 HT 7Monmore1 NOV 20177GR A1480 Saleen Chase28.90
Monmore Green 01 Nov 2017 HT 10Monmore1 NOV 201710GR A8480 Bright Ruby29.41
Yarmouth 01 Nov 2017 HT 5Yarmouth1 NOV 20175GR A1462 Merchant Navy28.19
3RD LEG PICK 6 JACKPOT HT 8Yarmouth30 OCT 20178GR A4462 Saleen Missy28.55
Red Mills Future Champion Unraced 525 FinalEnniscorthy29 OCT 20176GR N0480 Burgess Brandy29.15
Perry Barr 29 Oct 2017 HT 4Perry Barr29 OCT 20174GR A5480 Drahbeg Dior29.00
Perry Barr 29 Oct 2017 HT 6Perry Barr29 OCT 20176GR A4480 Wicky Jo29.26
Perry Barr 29 Oct 2017 HT 11Perry Barr29 OCT 20179GR A4480 Champagne Magic28.76
Perry Barr 29 Oct 2017 HT 10Perry Barr29 OCT 201710GR A3480 Romeo True Blue29.30
THE RYAN PRESTON CHALLENGE CUP HT 10Perry Barr28 OCT 201710GR A2480 Townspark Gem28.60
Perry Barr 28 Oct 2017 HT 11Perry Barr28 OCT 201711GR A1480 St Clares Lass28.82
FOLLOW TOWCESTER GREYHOUNDS ON FACEBOOK STATowcester28 OCT 20176GR A9480 Greencroft Kelly29.31
BET WITH www.starsportsbet.co.uk STAKES HT Towcester28 OCT 20177GR A7480 Crinkill Kay29.19
6TH LEG PICK 6 JACKPOT HT 11Yarmouth28 OCT 201711GR D2277 Rondun Ado Ron16.75
Monmore Green 27 Oct 2017 HT 8Monmore27 OCT 20178GR A1480 Muchas Gracias28.92
Ml.Fitzpatrick Memorial Oaks Open 525 RoundNewbridge27 OCT 20178GR AA0480 Pennys Ding28.96
Henlow 26 Oct 2017 HT 1Henlow26 OCT 20171GR A10460 Night Time Shani28.65
BERMUDA HOLIDAYS STAKES HT 11Yarmouth25 OCT 201711GR A1462 Jazz Prince28.01
Yarmouth 23 Oct 2017 HT 5Yarmouth23 OCT 20175GR A4462 Duffry Gate Kate28.68
4TH LEG PICK 6 JACKPOT HT 9Yarmouth23 OCT 20179GR A4462 Rahoolea Man28.68
THE FOYLE S4/S5 350 Round 1 Heat 3Lifford21 OCT 20174GR S4320 Mapleleafforever18.99
Mullingar Agri Stores Fair Warrior ConsolatMullingar21 OCT 20175GR SS0366 Down the Green21.54
Mullingar Agri Stores Fair Warrior 2017 FinMullingar21 OCT 20179GR SS0366 Junior Jet21.43
The Paul Cooney ‘On The Trial Stake Trail’ Shelbourne Park21 OCT 20173GR SS0320 Ela Ela Genie18.96
Yarmouth 21 Oct 2017 HT 4Yarmouth21 OCT 20174GR D2277 Leighton Wolf16.73
Monmore Green 19 Oct 2017 HT 2Monmore19 OCT 20172GR A2480 Swift Drake29.22
6TH LEG PICK 6 JACKPOT HT 11Yarmouth18 OCT 201711GR A1462 Monroe Brae28.13
DOWLING McCARTHY TYRES STAKEDevonport17 OCT 20176GR 3RD452 Devil's Gullet25.95
Perry Barr 17 Oct 2017 HT 4Perry Barr17 OCT 20174GR A6480 Drahbeg Dior29.20
Perry Barr 17 Oct 2017 HT 6Perry Barr17 OCT 20176GR A3480 Leathems Bolt28.85
Perry Barr 17 Oct 2017 HT 8Perry Barr17 OCT 20178GR A4480 Dynamo Honeygar28.98
Perry Barr 17 Oct 2017 HT 9Perry Barr17 OCT 20179GR A4480 Marcos Alfie28.84
Perry Barr 17 Oct 2017 HT 11Perry Barr17 OCT 201711GR A7480 Cushie Obsidian29.12
THE GREYHOUND TRUST STAKES HT 10Towcester17 OCT 201710GR A4480 Plan Ahead28.25
Yarmouth 16 Oct 2017 HT 4Yarmouth16 OCT 20174GR A4462 Tullig Farewell28.85
Perry Barr 15 Oct 2017 HT 3Perry Barr15 OCT 20173GR A1480 Lindean Loch28.77
Harlow 14 Oct 2017 HT 5Harlow14 OCT 20175GR A5415 Swift Casey26.29
***FINAL BEGS RACE *** HT 11Monmore14 OCT 201711GR A2480 Beatties Dancer29.13
Mullingar Agri Stores Fair Warrior 2017 SemMullingar14 OCT 20177GR SS0366 Aulton Jet21.60
Mullingar Agri Stores Fair Warrior 2017 SemMullingar14 OCT 20178GR SS0366 Junior Jet21.45
Perry Barr 14 Oct 2017 HT 12Perry Barr14 OCT 201712GR A4480 Rowington Pixie29.01
2ND LEG PICK 6 JACKPOT HT 7Yarmouth14 OCT 20177GR A5462 Rorys Wolf28.79
Crayford 13 Oct 2017 HT 7Crayford13 OCT 20177GR A4380 Yahoo Esther23.76
Monmore Green 13 Oct 2017 HT 12Monmore13 OCT 201712GR A5480 Vicky Supernova29.61
WWW.IPSWICHGREYHOUNDS.COM 5th Grade HeatIpswich10 OCT 20171GR 5520 Bergamo30.80
Henlow 07 Oct 2017 HT 1Henlow7 OCT 20171GR A10460 A Bit Nippy29.19
Henlow 07 Oct 2017 HT 2Henlow7 OCT 20172GR A10460 Celestial King28.85
Henlow 07 Oct 2017 HT 6Henlow7 OCT 20176GR A8460 Santano Girl28.47
Mullingar Agri Stores Fair Warrior 2017 RouMullingar7 OCT 20177GR SS0366 Junior Jet21.48
Perry Barr 07 Oct 2017 HT 12Perry Barr7 OCT 201712GR A1480 Quids In28.52
3RD LEG PICK 6 JACKPOT HT 8Yarmouth7 OCT 20178GR A5462 Bar Gold28.88
Peterborough 04 Oct 2017 HT 10Peterborough4 OCT 201710GR A8435 Rookery Gold27.11
2ND LEG PICK 6 JACKPOT HT 7Yarmouth4 OCT 20177GR A5462 Cloncunny Tara28.63
6TH LEG PICK 6 JACKPOT HT 11Yarmouth2 OCT 201711GR A1462 Mandeville Fly28.45
Crayford 30 Sep 2017 HT 9Crayford30 SEP 20179GR S7540 Zatopeks Baby34.40
Monmore Green 30 Sep 2017 HT 1Monmore30 SEP 20171GR A4480 Swift Drake28.72
THE ANDY COX 50th BIRTHDAY STAKES HT 7Monmore30 SEP 20177GR A6480 Vicky Supernova29.74
Perry Barr 30 Sep 2017 HT 9Perry Barr30 SEP 20179GR A4480 Drahbeg Duke29.08
TRY THE STRAIGHT FOUR FOR JUST £1 HT 2Romford30 SEP 20172GR P7400 Harlequins Law24.86
4TH LEG PICK 6 JACKPOT HT 9Yarmouth30 SEP 20179GR A4462 Whoops Molly28.64
THIRTY TALKS @ STUD NOVICEAlbion Park28 SEP 20172GR NOV520 Bergamo30.86
Monmore Green 27 Sep 2017 HT 4Monmore27 SEP 20174GR A5480 Lucky Impact29.25
Yarmouth 27 Sep 2017 HT 12Yarmouth27 SEP 201712GR A6462 Rorys Wolf28.81
BLUE STREAM PICTURES HT1Warragul26 SEP 20171GR Maid460 Parcero Hope26.39
Harlow 25 Sep 2017 HT 2Harlow25 SEP 20172GR A7415 Wachovia Perseus26.69
2ND LEG PICK 6 JACKPOT HT 7Yarmouth25 SEP 20177GR D2277 Gottabe Special16.68
CANBERRA FOUNDATION STAKESCanberra24 SEP 201712GR 5310 Bloke's Advice18.11
Perry Barr 23 Sep 2017 HT 9Perry Barr23 SEP 20179GR A5480 Rowington Pixie29.15
BoyleSports Fon-A-Bet Open 350Shelbourne Park23 SEP 20172GR SS0320 Ela Ela Genie18.58
2ND LEG PICK 6 JACKPOT HT 7Yarmouth23 SEP 20177GR A5462 Flaming Princess28.83
The 2017 Dublin Coach Juvenile Derby 525 RoShelbourne Park22 SEP 201710GR AA0480 Droopys Noah28.36
GARRARD'S HORSE AND HOUND NOVICEAlbion Park21 SEP 20172GR NOV520 Freehold30.32
Crayford 21 Sep 2017 HT 9Crayford21 SEP 20178GR A5380 Millbank Brando23.68
LUXBET.COM STAKEHobart21 SEP 20172GR 5TH340 Whoop Bang19.51
Monmore Green 21 Sep 2017 HT 5Monmore21 SEP 20175GR A2480 Beatties Dancer28.98
Yarmouth 21 Sep 2017 HT 13Yarmouth21 SEP 201713GR A6462 Smiley Miley28.60
Yarmouth 20 Sep 2017 HT 12Yarmouth20 SEP 201711GR A1462 Tyrur Bubbles28.23
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