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Race Videos

 Select by Stadium or by Sire of the runners
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Name of Race ^StadiumDateHtGradeDist mWinnerTimeFilm
3/4 GRADE MIXCRETE CONCRETEIpswich26 JUL 20116GR 431 Kissy Bond25.23
3/4 GRADE MTD AUSTRALIAAlbion Park8 APR 20116GR 395 Pretty Lady Di23.14
3/4 GRADE PRD NATIONWIDE IPSWICHIpswich22 OCT 200810GR 3/4431 Slick Candy25.37
3/4 GRADE REDCLIFFE OXLEY MEATSAlbion Park6 JUL 20094GR 520 Like the Look30.08
3/4 GRADE REDCLIFFE OXLEY MEATSAlbion Park29 JUN 20094GR 520 Tawny Shiraz30.31
3/4 GRADE REDCLIFFE/OXLEY MEATSAlbion Park29 NOV 20104GR 520 Jim's Ability30.46
3/4 GRADE THE AVENUES HOTELTownsville20 DEC 20119GR 380 Top Knock22.12
3/4 GRADE THE GEM HOTELAlbion Park22 JUN 20116GR 395 Golden Duck23.30
3/4 GRADE UNITABAlbion Park21 OCT 20099GR 395 Rebel Undercover23.21
3/4 GRADE WINNING EDGEAlbion Park11 MAR 20116GR 395 Made Man23.10
3/4 GRADE WINNING EDGEAlbion Park31 MAY 20109GR 600 Royston Renegade35.40
3/4 GRADE WINNING EDGEAlbion Park26 AUG 20099GR 395 Flaming Tsunami23.17
3/4 GRADE WINNING EDGEAlbion Park12 AUG 20099GR 395 Rapid Set22.90
3/4 GRADE www.encounterkennels.comIpswich7 JUN 20114GR 431 Naawy Naawy25.47
3/4 Mixed StakeCannington18 MAR 20090GR 3/4530 Galactic Rose30.63
3/4th Grade Stake Wentworth ParkWentworth Park21 OCT 20020SB520 Royal Impact *30.48
30 JAN 2015 HT 2Towcester30 JAN 20152GR D2260 Magpie Mal15.64
30 Pearls of WisdomCork11 OCT 20139GR A3480 Sleek Hurrah29.11
303 GradedBjerringbro23 OCT 20101GR 303 Game Billie18.91
303 GradedBjerringbro23 OCT 20102GR 303 Swanson Kaisar18.53
303 m GradedBjerringbro6 NOV 20101GR 303 Bill Wyman18.66
303 m GradedBjerringbro6 NOV 20102GR 303 Butterbridge Tug18.62
303 m GradedBjerringbro6 NOV 20104GR 303 Shosholoza18.78
303 m GradedBjerringbro23 OCT 20104GR 303 Flying Sarah18.56
303 m OpenBjerringbro6 NOV 20103GR 303 Say You Will18.44
30th Birthday Greetings to Dani Griffin HerNewbridge30 MAR 20133GR A8/9480 Deans Teddy30.04
37TH BGRF XMAS BONUS MONEY RACE HT 6Henlow26 DEC 20186GR A7460 Flip the Tyre27.85
3BO 93.5 FMBendigo7 OCT 20163GR Grad500 Flaming Elite28.42
3BO 93.5 FMBendigo24 DEC 20146GR Grad425 El Jay Torana24.17
3BO 93.5 FMBendigo4 JUN 20143MAIDEN425 Little Mumma Cry24.39
3BO FM 93.5Bendigo2 NOV 201212GR 5425 Polkinghorne24.24
3BO FM 93.5 WINTER CUP HT2Bendigo29 JUN 20142GR 4/5660 Arktika38.12
3Herzen Rennen 15.04.2018 Finale HündinnenGeldrop15 APR 20186OPEN280 Cashel16.83
3Herzen Rennen 15.04.2018 Finale RüdenGeldrop15 APR 20187OPEN280 Oquino16.56
3Herzen Rennen 15.04.2018 VL HündinnenGeldrop15 APR 20182OPEN280 Elite Eve16.90
3Herzen Rennen 15.04.2018 VL HündinnenGeldrop15 APR 20183OPEN280 Vigorous Marcena16.90
3Herzen Rennen 15.04.2018 VL RüdenGeldrop15 APR 20184OPEN280 Gotta Pick Him16.74
3Herzen Rennen 15.04.2018 VL RüdenGeldrop15 APR 20185OPEN280 Oquino16.50
3LIONS POKER.COM STAKESCoventry15 JUN 20061GR D4280 Evenus17.26
3LIONSPOKER.COM DUAL DISTANCE HEAT 2Coventry15 JUN 20066OPEN280 Splendid Vieri17.14
3LIONSPOKER.COM MAIDEN 480 CUP FINALCoventry29 JUN 20069OPEN480 Elderberry Vavom29.85
3LIONSPOKER.COM MAIDEN 680 DIV ACoventry10 MAY 20066OPEN680 Blonde Chance43.38
3LIONSPOKER.COM MAIDEN 680 DIV BCoventry10 MAY 20065OPEN680 Flomur Katie43.64
3LIONSPOKER.COM STAKESCoventry22 JUN 20061GR D5280 Airborne17.20
3LIONSPOKER.COM STAKESCoventry22 JUN 20062GR A9480 Lydpal Richard30.18
3LIONSPOKER.COM STAKESCoventry21 JUN 20061GR A10480 Cefn Hurricane30.72
3LIONSPOKER.COM STAKESCoventry21 JUN 20062GR A8480 Man of Kings30.52
3LIONSPOKER.COM STAKESCoventry21 JUN 20063GR A7480 Doonanes Nibbles30.10
3LIONSPOKER.COM STAKESCoventry21 JUN 20064GR D3280 Canadian Blue17.06
3LIONSPOKER.COM STAKESCoventry21 JUN 20066GR A6480 Rooster Gucci30.40
3LIONSPOKER.COM STAKESCoventry21 JUN 20068GR A5480 Vikkis Boy30.41
3LIONSPOKER.COM STAKESCoventry21 JUN 200610GR A4480 Raheen Pride30.31
3LIONSPOKER.COM STAKESCoventry21 JUN 200611GR A1480 Lady Arauba29.96
3LIONSPOKER.COM STAKESCoventry21 JUN 200612GR A2480 Cagey Luke30.13
3LIONSPOKER.COM STAKESCoventry21 JUN 200613GR A4480 Mikes Magic30.54
3LIONSPOKER.COM STAKESCoventry15 JUN 20062GR A10480 Lydpal Richard30.53
3LIONSPOKER.COM STAKESCoventry15 JUN 20063GR A7480 Transform Frank29.78
3LIONSPOKER.COM STAKESCoventry15 JUN 20068GR A6480 Bohereen Ben29.96
3LIONSPOKER.COM STAKESCoventry15 JUN 20069GR D2280 Moatview Supreme17.41
3LIONSPOKER.COM STAKESCoventry15 JUN 200610GR A2480 Comehome Tonight30.02
3LIONSPOKER.COM STAKESCoventry15 JUN 200611GR A3480 Lennie the Dip29.73
3LIONSPOKER.COM STAKESCoventry15 JUN 200612GR A4480 Laneash Dan30.29
3LIONSPOKER.COM STAKESCoventry15 JUN 200613GR A5480 Avondale Tina30.48
3LIONSPOKER.COM STAKESCoventry8 JUN 20061GR D5280 Head It On Harry17.78
3LIONSPOKER.COM STAKESCoventry8 JUN 20062GR A10480 Cushie Gemini30.99
3LIONSPOKER.COM STAKESCoventry8 JUN 20063GR A7480 Rooster Everett30.32
3LIONSPOKER.COM STAKESCoventry8 JUN 20067GR A5480 Shes Beattie30.43
3LIONSPOKER.COM STAKESCoventry8 JUN 20068GR D4280 Winnies Way17.69
3LIONSPOKER.COM STAKESCoventry8 JUN 200610GR D3280 Combridge Hunter17.35
3LIONSPOKER.COM STAKESCoventry8 JUN 200611GR A3480 Rooster Kells30.14
3LIONSPOKER.COM STAKESCoventry8 JUN 200612GR A2480 Windgap Classic30.16
3LIONSPOKER.COM STAKESCoventry8 JUN 200613GR A4480 Ballybrazil Ben30.27
3LIONSPOKER.COM STAKESCoventry7 JUN 20061GR A7480 Alfie30.69
3LIONSPOKER.COM STAKESCoventry7 JUN 20062GR A6480 Hes Ben30.29
3LIONSPOKER.COM STAKESCoventry7 JUN 20063GR 480 Monsieur Bond29.93
3LIONSPOKER.COM STAKESCoventry7 JUN 20064GR A6480 Up for Glory30.00
3LIONSPOKER.COM STAKESCoventry7 JUN 20068GR A2480 Dunromin Dream29.41
3LIONSPOKER.COM STAKESCoventry7 JUN 200610GR A3480 Cushie William29.86
3LIONSPOKER.COM STAKESCoventry7 JUN 200611GR A4480 Maxilla Mylady30.33
3LIONSPOKER.COM STAKESCoventry7 JUN 200612GR A2480 Lady Arauba30.43
3LIONSPOKER.COM STAKESCoventry7 JUN 200613GR A4480 Big Billy Rowe30.09
3LIONSPOKER.COM STAKESCoventry31 MAY 20061GR A7480 Heath Emerald30.41
3LIONSPOKER.COM STAKESCoventry31 MAY 20068GR A2480 Jomagebrro30.13
3LIONSPOKER.COM STAKESCoventry31 MAY 20069GR A3480 Comehome Tonight29.94
3LIONSPOKER.COM STAKESCoventry31 MAY 200610GR A4480 Black Dell30.16
3LIONSPOKER.COM STAKESCoventry31 MAY 200611GR A5480 Cushie William30.19
3LIONSPOKER.COM STAKESCoventry24 MAY 20061GR A9480 Bourne Caitlin30.36
3LIONSPOKER.COM STAKESCoventry24 MAY 20063GR A6480 Ogaras Skip Pass30.66
3LIONSPOKER.COM STAKESCoventry24 MAY 200610GR A2480 Tornaroy Tim30.05
3LIONSPOKER.COM STAKESCoventry24 MAY 200611GR A3480 Dunromin Dream30.22
3LIONSPOKER.COM STAKESCoventry24 MAY 200612GR A4480 Lennie the Dip30.36
3LIONSPOKER.COM STAKESCoventry24 MAY 200613GR A5480 Black Lamb30.39
3LIONSPOKER.COM STAKESCoventry18 MAY 20061GR A10480 Gilchrist31.14
3LIONSPOKER.COM STAKESCoventry18 MAY 20062GR A9480 Gwydions Unknown30.97
3LIONSPOKER.COM STAKESCoventry18 MAY 20063GR A8480 Cefn Pest30.59
3LIONSPOKER.COM STAKESCoventry18 MAY 20064GR D5280 Whitehall Chief17.39
3LIONSPOKER.COM STAKESCoventry18 MAY 20065GR S2680 Spikey Sheila45.34
3LIONSPOKER.COM STAKESCoventry18 MAY 20066GR A7480 Cefn Legolas31.08
3LIONSPOKER.COM STAKESCoventry18 MAY 20067GR A6480 Strika30.98
3LIONSPOKER.COM STAKESCoventry18 MAY 20068GR A5480 Mikes Magic30.44
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