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The First Greyhound Workshops for Owners in Mainland China

The GRCC with Greyhound-Data has conducted its first Workshop 1 and 2 Basic Injury Detection for greyhound owners in Mainland China. The injury detection workshops are "hands on" and teach a precise technique of examining any dog for muscle injuries.

The following subjects were covered:
Suitable Bedding, Nails, Acidosis, Cramping and Corns.

Examination of the: Shoulders, Accessory Carpal, Main Flexor Tendon, Metacarpals, Toes, Wrists, Hip Muscles, Hip Support, Gracilis, Calf, Achilles Tendon, Hock and Groin.

Thank you for your Support.

Tony Gallagher

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Race Videos

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Name of Race ^StadiumDateHtGradeDist mWinnerTimeFilm
***FINAL BEGS RACE *** HT 11Monmore24 SEP 201511GR S1630 Beatties Wild38.11
***FINAL BEGS RACE *** HT 11Monmore19 SEP 201511GR A2480 Express Treasure28.49
***FINAL BEGS RACE *** HT 11Monmore27 AUG 201511GR A3480 Proud Charm28.75
***FINAL BEGS RACE *** HT 11Monmore23 MAY 201511GR A6480 Butts Muldoon29.26
***FINAL BEGS RACE *** HT 11Monmore16 APR 201511GR A6480 Manic Mourinho29.46
**ALL RESERVES TRAVELLING** HT 1Kinsley18 JUL 20151GR A2462 Ravenswood Darla27.76
**BETFRED GYMCRACK HEAT 1** HT 2Kinsley8 APR 20182OPEN462 Brinkleys Poet27.26
**BETFRED GYMCRACK HEAT 2** HT 3Kinsley8 APR 20183OPEN462 Itsur Mate27.44
**BETFRED GYMCRACK HEAT 6 ** HT 7Kinsley8 APR 20187OPEN462 Droopys Radiance27.72
**BETFRED GYMCRACK SEMI FINAL 1** HT 2Kinsley7 MAY 20172OPEN462 Sylvias Chloe27.31
**BETFRED GYMCRACK SEMI FINAL 2** HT 6Kinsley12 APR 20156OPEN462 Yesnomaybeso27.62
**GYMCRACK HEAT 2**Kinsley3 JUL 2011A4OPEN462 Sundance Jet27.87
**In Memory Of Eric Vose from all at KinsleKinsley11 APR 20155GR HP462 Stanton Cimla27.76
**KOATA OWNERS OPEN THE BOX** HT 6Kinsley28 MAR 20156GR A7462 Mr Soul28.48
**Xmas Bonus Race 49** HT 1Kinsley29 DEC 20171GR A4462 Lost Love28.25
. Y.T.S. Unraced Stake N/O 525 FinalYoughal30 JAN 20191GR N0480 Dashing Blue29.85
. Y.T.S. Unraced Stake N/O 525 Semi-FinalYoughal23 JAN 201912GR N0480 Druids Busy Man28.96
.comdirect private finance 525Shelbourne Park3 MAY 20085OPEN480 Oran Majestic29.25
01 FEB 2015 HT 10Towcester1 FEB 201510OPEN260 Mays Teejay15.27
02 JAN 2015 HT 7Towcester2 JAN 20157GR A4480 Butterbridge Kia28.53
08 JAN 2015 HT 10Towcester8 JAN 201510OPEN260 Mays Teejay15.40
08 JAN 2015 HT 5Towcester8 JAN 20155OPEN480 Mays Musicbox28.63
1Enniscorthy14 OCT 20101GR A3480 Piercestown Fire29.02
1Enniscorthy11 MAR 20101GR A3480 More Blue29.74
1Enniscorthy7 JUN 20071GR A4480 Bobs Fancy29.58
1Enniscorthy24 MAY 20071GR A5480 Dairylane Boy29.20
1Enniscorthy17 MAY 20071GR A3480 Barney Rumble29.41
1-2-3 After Schools Club A3 525Drumbo Park7 MAY 20108GR A3480 Modern Mistress29.44
1. DWZRV-SiegerrennenEilenburg26 JUN 20160OPEN280 Best Wishes99.00
1. DWZRV-Siegerrennen FinallaufEilenburg26 JUN 20163OPEN280 Best Wishes17.11
1. DWZRV-Siegerrennen FinallaufEilenburg26 JUN 20164OPEN280 Yes17.42
1. DWZRV-Siegerrennen FinallaufEilenburg26 JUN 20165OPEN450 Never Got On27.78
1. DWZRV-Siegerrennen VorlaufEilenburg26 JUN 20161OPEN280 Yes17.27
1. DWZRV-Siegerrennen VorlaufEilenburg26 JUN 20162OPEN450 Never Got On27.78
1/2 GRADE F.F.A. COREY PEARCE PHOTOGRAPHAlbion Park29 JUN 20119GR 395 Golden Duck22.97
1/2 GRADE F.F.A. THE "A" TEAMAlbion Park1 OCT 20094GR 520 Dashing Corsair29.84
10Enniscorthy21 OCT 201010GR A2503 Lightning Liam30.50
10Enniscorthy14 OCT 201010GR A1480 Clover Fantasy28.80
10Enniscorthy27 MAY 201010GR A2480 Get The Guards28.95
10Enniscorthy25 OCT 200711GR A0480 Bennys Sec29.03
10Enniscorthy7 JUN 200710GR A2549 Marwood Review33.63
10Enniscorthy4 JUN 200710GR A4503 Soft Wall31.22
10Enniscorthy28 MAY 200710GR A4526 St Johns Lass32.11
10Enniscorthy24 MAY 200710GR A1526 Kiltrea Legend32.10
10Enniscorthy17 MAY 200710GR A3549 Lightning Declan33.59
10Enniscorthy14 MAY 200710GR A3549 Bridge Darby33.51
10Enniscorthy10 MAY 200710GR A0549 Galway Blaze32.84
10Enniscorthy3 MAY 200710GR A2526 Kiltrea Legend31.68
10 SHADES OF GREY STAKEAngle Park4 JUN 201511GR Grad515 Dee Ivy29.98
10 Year Anniversary S2 350Dundalk16 AUG 20136GR S2320 Southern Mesut19.04
10 Year Anniversary S5 350Dundalk17 AUG 20133GR S5320 Bloomfield Lizzy19.19
100 BURGERS @ MCQUEENS MAIDEN STAKEAngle Park20 NOV 20172MAIDEN515 Greysynd Ebony30.00
100 UP - SALEMS SEPPI HT 3Monmore15 MAR 20183OPEN480 Beaming for You28.94
100 UP CLUB - BALLYMAC DIONEMonmore29 AUG 20193GR A2480 Soda Star29.05
100 UP CLUB - BOURNE WALKMonmore6 AUG 20094GR A5480 Quinton Gazelle28.98
100 UP CLUB - LIGHTNING SKY HT 4Monmore7 JAN 20164GR A3480 Sheazys29.02
100 UP CLUB - UNLIKELY DIVA HT 4Monmore2 FEB 20194OPEN480 Kooga Klass28.32
100 UP CLUB BALLYMAC PATTY HT 3Monmore18 FEB 20163GR A4480 Risky Pumpkin29.09
100 UP- ZULU ROSE HT 4Monmore4 JUN 20164GR A7480 Gogetembridie29.65
102.3 3ba fmBallarat7 MAY 20080GR 5550 Uno Amy32.00
108 West of Duddon Sands Stakes Open 335Drumbo Park25 APR 20148OPEN306 Che Owendara17.98
13 DEC 2014 HT 2Towcester13 DEC 20142OPEN655 Holdem Hawk39.42
13 DEC 2014 HT 3Towcester13 DEC 20143OPEN480 Ballymac Brogan28.30
13 DEC 2014 HT 4Towcester13 DEC 20144OPEN480 King Dec28.20
13 DEC 2014 HT 6Towcester13 DEC 20146OPEN686 Vanrooney41.55
13 DEC 2014 HT 7Towcester13 DEC 20147OPEN906 Supreme Rossie56.75
13,200 Greyhound and Petworld A1 Stake. RouCork16 AUG 20149GR A1480 Off Limits28.31
1300 4Jukebox Grade 5The Meadows11 AUG 20100GR G5600 Lansvale Flash35.40
14,000 ECC Timber Champion 550 FinalShelbourne Park12 JUL 201410GR AA0503 Droopys Nidge29.71
17 JAN 2015 HT 3Towcester17 JAN 20153GR B5480 Sidarian Brash28.68
17 JAN 2015 HT 4Towcester17 JAN 20154GR A5480 Vanmaestro28.51
17 JAN 2015 HT 5Towcester17 JAN 20155GR A5480 Unlikely Mason28.65
17 JAN 2015 HT 6Towcester17 JAN 20156GR P5480 Poodle Star28.72
17 JAN 2015 HT 7Towcester17 JAN 20157GR S1655 Jetstream Spirit39.89
17 JAN 2015 HT 8Towcester17 JAN 20158GR B4480 Mash Mad Blackie28.36
17 JAN 2015 HT 9Towcester17 JAN 20159GR A2480 Dedi Diddle Dum28.23
17TH BGRF XMAS BONUS MONEY RACE HT 10Henlow23 DEC 201810GR A5460 Pennylane Iarla28.42
1890 269 969 A1 525Shelbourne Park27 NOV 20139GR A1480 Excess Reserves29.13
1890 269 969 A1 525Shelbourne Park17 OCT 20127GR A1480 Highview Dasher29.56
1890 269 969 A1 525Shelbourne Park26 JUL 20127GR A1480 Exit Milan28.62
1890 269 969 A1 525 FinalShelbourne Park3 OCT 20128GR A1480 Urban Artist29.03
1890 269 969 A1 525 Semi-FinalShelbourne Park27 SEP 20128GR A1480 Bulls Bolt28.96
1890 269 969 A1 525 Semi-FinalShelbourne Park26 SEP 20128GR A1480 Landfall Monty28.97
1890 269 969 A1 550Shelbourne Park4 OCT 20129GR A1503 Thats My Gypsy30.33
1890 269 969 A1 550 FinalMullingar26 OCT 20136GR A1503 Gizmo Diamond30.82
1890 269 969 A1 550 Semi-FinalMullingar19 OCT 20135GR A1503 Best Land30.99
1890 269 969 A1 550 Semi-FinalMullingar19 OCT 20136GR A1503 Gizmo Diamond30.81
1890 269 969 A1/A2 525Mullingar16 NOV 20138GR A1/2480 Buttermaid29.66
1890 269 969 A2 525Mullingar5 DEC 20148GR A2480 Cill Dubh Paul30.13
1890 269 969 A2 525Mullingar28 AUG 20148GR A2480 He Got Fame29.49
1890 269 969 A2 525Mullingar8 FEB 201411GR A2480 Ricies Queen29.57
1890 269 969 A2 525Shelbourne Park30 MAR 20132GR A2480 Grillagh Miller29.09
1890 269 969 A2 525Shelbourne Park3 NOV 20123GR A2480 Kilgrogan Nicked28.92
1890 269 969 A2 525Shelbourne Park13 SEP 20125GR A2480 Razldazl Panda28.79
1890 269 969 A2 525Shelbourne Park31 MAY 20124GR A2480 Barnhill Cheetah28.66
1890 269 969 A2 525 FinalMullingar20 DEC 20147GR A2480 Zamora Grace29.89
1890 269 969 A2 525 FinalShelbourne Park29 NOV 20124GR A2480 Figaruso28.89
1890 269 969 A2 525 Semi-FinalMullingar12 DEC 20145GR A2480 Gilroy Kate30.01
1890 269 969 A2 525 Semi-FinalMullingar12 DEC 20146GR A2480 Fahy Beag30.00
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