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Race Videos

 Select by Stadium or by Sire of the runners
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Name of RaceStadiumDateHtGrade ^Dist mWinnerTimeFilm
William Hill - Hotbox Bet Stakes HT 4Newcastle (Brough Park)17 MAR 20184GR D3290 Target Frost17.70
ORANGE PARK 17 Mar 2018 HT A5Orange Park17 MAR 2018A5GR M503 GS Mitch31.84
Mega Owners Bonus Series Heat One HT 10Pelaw Grange17 MAR 201810GR A1435 Zoes Manor26.77
Perry Barr 17 Mar 2018 HT 6Perry Barr17 MAR 20186GR A5480 Suirview Eric29.26
Ladbrokes Download the Grid App A1 525 FinaShelbourne Park17 MAR 20188GR A1480 Da Head Hunter28.48
Monmore Green 16 Mar 2018 HT 13Monmore16 MAR 201813GR A6480 Swift Glory29.62
210 BATTERY ASSOCIATION HT 10Monmore15 MAR 201810GR S3630 Ferndale Queen39.92
Yarmouth 15 Mar 2018 HT 12Yarmouth15 MAR 201812GR A1462 Droopys Eager28.14
FOLLOW US ON TWITTER @ROMFORDDOGS HT 7Romford14 MAR 20187GR S1575 Wychwood Sarah35.77
Henlow 13 Mar 2018 HT 2Henlow13 MAR 20182GR A9460 Lemming Boleyn29.15
Yarmouth 12 Mar 2018 HT 5Yarmouth12 MAR 20185GR A5462 Gottabe Sweetie28.94
Yarmouth 12 Mar 2018 HT 12Yarmouth12 MAR 201812GR A4462 Flaming Princess29.12
COOLALINGA MOWERS DASHDarwin11 MAR 20188GR Grad312 Never Fear18.66
CABINET CONNECTIONS (1-4 WINS) GDRSale11 MAR 20189GR Rest650 Pepper Shiraz37.84
Monmore Green 10 Mar 2018 HT 10Monmore10 MAR 201810GR A5480 Bloos Big Boris29.43
Monmore Green 10 Mar 2018 HT 12Monmore10 MAR 201812GR A2480 Skyfall Buster29.02
Monmore Green 10 Mar 2018 HT 14Monmore10 MAR 201814GR A2480 Skyfall Venom28.99
Perry Barr 10 Mar 2018 HT 9Perry Barr10 MAR 20189GR A8480 Ninas Wish29.95
STAR SPORTS ENGLISH GREYHOUND DERBY JUNE 2NTowcester10 MAR 2018E3GR A9480 Bit View Shannon28.97
BUY THE FAB4 £10 PACKAGE HT 11Towcester10 MAR 2018E11GR S2686 Swift Dante42.46
Welcome to Drumbo Park 335Drumbo Park9 MAR 20181GR S9306 Iko Iko18.35
Confirmation Celebrations at Dundalk StadiuDundalk9 MAR 20187GR A4480 GeeDee Allstar29.25
RAY WHITE DAPTO STAKESDapto8 MAR 20182GR Grad520 Pennybacker30.13
Monmore Green 07 Mar 2018 HT 14Monmore7 MAR 201814GR A2480 Hidden Laura29.03
TRY THE STRAIGHT-4 FOR JUST £1 HT 2Hove & Brighton6 MAR 20182GR A10515 Puzzle Peace31.07
Henlow 05 Mar 2018 HT 4Henlow5 MAR 20184GR A6460 Millbank Oscar28.25
Yarmouth 05 Mar 2018 HT 3Yarmouth5 MAR 20183GR A4462 Feora Kite28.84
WELCOME TO YOUGHAL A6 525Youghal5 MAR 20181GR A6480 Maxgrove Minnie29.95
BARKING BUZZ APP A5 525Youghal5 MAR 20182GR A5480 Our Blue Velvet29.63
YOUGHAL BOOKMAKERS A4 525Youghal5 MAR 20183GR A4480 Seaview Elmo29.71
OWNAGREYHOUND .IE A5 525Youghal5 MAR 20184GR A5480 Slaneyside Tipp29.87
I.R.G.T.ie A3 525Youghal5 MAR 20186GR A3480 Colour Blue29.43
CEC HOPPER & SONSHorsham27 FEB 20188GR Mixe485 Peter Yap27.42
Monmore Green 27 Feb 2018 HT 12Monmore27 FEB 201812GR A4480 Miss Jodee29.25
Henlow 26 Feb 2018 HT 3Henlow26 FEB 20183GR A8460 Millbank Oscar28.25
Yarmouth 26 Feb 2018 HT 1Yarmouth26 FEB 20181GR A5462 Awesome Queen29.09
3RD LEG PICK 6 JACKPOT HT 8Yarmouth26 FEB 20188GR A3462 Saleen Missy28.55
Perry Barr 25 Feb 2018 HT 3Perry Barr25 FEB 20183GR A5480 Cronody Magic28.81
BAR4000 CELEBRATION PACKAGES FROM £15 STAKETowcester25 FEB 201812GR A2480 Plan Ahead29.07
WWW.IPSWICHGREYHOUNDS.COMIpswich24 FEB 20184GR NOV431 Eye That Girl25.84
Monmore Green 24 Feb 2018 HT 13Monmore24 FEB 201813GR A2480 Garryglass Tiger29.11
Monmore Green 24 Feb 2018 HT 14Monmore24 FEB 201814GR A2480 Skyfall Buster29.51
Belle Vue 23 Feb 2018 HT 3Bellevue23 FEB 20183GR A4470 Fearsome Skipper28.26
Belle Vue 23 Feb 2018 HT 7Bellevue23 FEB 20187GR D1260 Gurtnacrehy Theo15.33
LIKE CORAL ON FACEBOOK HT 12Hove & Brighton23 FEB 201812GR A3515 Enchanted Jaguar30.29
SOUTHERN CROSS AUSTEREO (250+ RANK)Bendigo21 FEB 20184GR Grad500 Pepper Shiraz27.98
CHECK OUR FACEBOOK PAGECranbourne21 FEB 201812GR Grad311 Parcero Hope17.65
GOSFORD TO WP FINALWentworth Park21 FEB 20184GR Grad520 Pennybacker30.22
HENLOW TUES 20TH FEB HT 3Henlow20 FEB 20183GR A7460 Woodcocks Anya28.80
MICHAEL PANDELAKIS STAKETownsville20 FEB 20183GR 5TH380 All Fueled Up22.27
BLACK BEAR LEE @ STUD PATHWAYS STKSNowra19 FEB 201811GR Grad365 Wendy Darling21.11
DPR INSURANCE BROKERS (300+ RANK)Shepparton19 FEB 20184GR Grad450 Pepper Shannon25.75
Yarmouth 19 Feb 2018 HT 5Yarmouth19 FEB 20185GR D1277 Cloncunny Tara16.58
6TH LEG PICK 6 JACKPOT HT 11Yarmouth19 FEB 201811GR A1462 Jura Go Willow28.10
Monmore Green 17 Feb 2018 HT 14Monmore17 FEB 201814GR A3480 Locnamon Al28.93
Perry Barr 17 Feb 2018 HT 1Perry Barr17 FEB 20181GR A9480 Philipstown Sal30.19
Swindon 17 Feb 2018 HT 2Swindon17 FEB 20182GR A2480 Angels Share29.26
Swindon 17 Feb 2018 HT 5Swindon17 FEB 20185GR A2480 Lemming Lara29.24
LIKE CORAL ON FACEBOOK HT 14Hove & Brighton16 FEB 201814GR A8515 Nextop Model30.91
THE CHILDRENS RACE HT 6Towcester16 FEB 20186GR D2260 Shaneboy Xavier15.62
Monmore Green 15 Feb 2018 HT 10Monmore15 FEB 201810GR A1480 Supreme Merlot28.92
Yarmouth 15 Feb 2018 HT 2Yarmouth15 FEB 20182GR A1462 Jura Onimo28.24
Yarmouth 15 Feb 2018 HT 13Yarmouth15 FEB 201813GR D2277 Sonnies Isla16.47
MANNINGS GREYHOUND COMPLEXBendigo14 FEB 20181GR Tier500 Pepper Shiraz28.07
Swindon 14 Feb 2018 HT 11Swindon14 FEB 201811GR A2480 Lemming Masada29.56
OWNERS BONUS SERIES A3 HEAT 1 HT 10Henlow13 FEB 201810GR A3460 Miss Aethelflaed27.66
SIGN-UP FOR CORAL CONNECT HT 4Hove & Brighton13 FEB 20184GR A4515 Enchanted Jaguar30.23
LIVE GREYHOUNDS STREAMING AT CORAL.CO.UK HTHove & Brighton13 FEB 20187GR A4515 Gowan Sublic30.41
1ST LEG PICK 6 JACKPOT HT 6Yarmouth12 FEB 20186GR A4462 Flaming Princess29.04
Perry Barr 10 Feb 2018 HT 8Perry Barr10 FEB 20188GR HP480 Rustys Forest29.05
FOLLOW US ON TWITTER atROMFORDDOGS HT 7Romford10 FEB 20187GR A2400 Cobalt Belle24.70
The Best Car Parks AIB Centre Ballsbridge 5Shelbourne Park10 FEB 201811GR A0480 Vancouver28.40
VIP BOX 4 COURSE MEAL FROM £48.00 STAKES HTTowcester10 FEB 20189GR A5480 Barrow Vic28.76
The Try A Trio 330Cork9 FEB 20182GR S8302 Cronody Flash18.25
Monmore Green 09 Feb 2018 HT 4Monmore9 FEB 20184GR A5480 Swift Houdini29.64
Monmore Green 08 Feb 2018 HT 6Monmore8 FEB 20186GR A3480 Garryglass Tiger28.78
Yarmouth 08 Feb 2018 HT 4Yarmouth8 FEB 20184GR A1462 Collswood Hawk28.40
GET BEST PRICE GUARANTEE ON GREYHOUNDS HT 1Romford7 FEB 201812GR A1400 Harlequins Law24.46
Monmore Green 05 Feb 2018 HT 11Monmore5 FEB 201811GR A6480 Keeperlit29.31
Rural Hawaii @ Stud Open Unraced Stake SemiClonmel4 FEB 20189GR N0480 Burgess Jupiter29.47
Rural Hawaii @ Stud Open Unraced Stake SemiClonmel4 FEB 201810GR N0480 Rural Brae29.11
THE GREENE KING IPA BITTER STAKES HT 8Monmore3 FEB 20188GR S2630 Malbay Balotelli38.84
Monmore Green 03 Feb 2018 HT 13Monmore3 FEB 201813GR A2480 Swift Drake29.01
Perry Barr 03 Feb 2018 HT 7Perry Barr3 FEB 20187GR A6480 Lumberjack29.46
Swindon 03 Feb 2018 HT 13Swindon3 FEB 201813GR A3480 Pride of Hungary29.49
1ST LEG PICK 6 JACKPOT HT 6Yarmouth3 FEB 20186GR A5462 Fancy Don28.88
6TH LEG PICK 6 JACKPOT HT 11Yarmouth3 FEB 201811GR A6462 Collswood Emma29.30
SIGN-UP FOR CORAL CONNECT HT 1Hove & Brighton2 FEB 20181GR A9515 Nextop Model30.80
The Model County A1 StakesEnniscorthy1 FEB 20189GR A1480 Forest Rival29.32
Yarmouth 01 Feb 2018 HT 2Yarmouth1 FEB 20182GR A1462 Leighton Wolf28.93
Yarmouth 01 Feb 2018 HT 3Yarmouth1 FEB 20183GR D2277 Flaming Princess17.16
Monmore Green 31 Jan 2018 HT 11Monmore31 JAN 201811GR A3480 Beatties Dancer29.10
CALL 01708 762 345 FOR BOOKINGS HT 4Romford31 JAN 20184GR A6400 Cobalt Belle24.99
LJ HOOKER GOSFORD STAKESGosford30 JAN 20183GR Grad515 Pennybacker30.00
Henlow 30 Jan 2018 HT 1Henlow30 JAN 20181GR A6460 Mustang Tiara28.40
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