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Race Videos

 Select by Stadium or by Sire of the runners
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Name of RaceStadiumDateHtGradeDist mWinner ^TimeFilm
The Upcoming Sweepstake A3 525Clonmel2 DEC 20123GR A3480 Amandas Desire29.05
The New Stadium A4 Dual Distance Stake SemiClonmel14 JUN 20127GR A4503 Amandas Desire31.03
The Upcoming Sweepstakes A6 525Clonmel26 SEP 20133GR A6480 Amandas Minx29.71
Shelbourne A3 525Shelbourne Park17 JUL 20083GR A3480 Amarantine28.81
E 4,000 Shelbourne A3 525 Semi-FinalShelbourne Park27 SEP 20077GR A3480 Amarantine29.05
E 4,000 Shelbourne A3 525 Round 1Shelbourne Park20 SEP 20075GR A3480 Amarantine29.05
Shelbourne A6 525 (29.90) Semi-FinalShelbourne Park21 MAR 20074GR A6480 Amarantine29.74
Shelbourne A6 525 (29.90) Round 1Shelbourne Park14 MAR 20076GR A6480 Amarantine29.31
W.O.A. TROPHY RACEWalthamstow7 OCT 20069GR A4475 Amarillo Scholes29.03
williamhill.co.uk STAKESWalthamstow17 AUG 200614GR S2640 Amarillo Scholes40.49
williamhillarcade.com STAKESWalthamstow25 MAY 200614OPEN640 Amarillo Scholes40.33
LISTEN LIVE @ williamhillradio.com STAKESWalthamstow2 MAY 20067GR A5475 Amarillo Scholes29.39
The Stag & Hen S1 335Drumbo Park29 JAN 20109GR S1306 Amarillos Best18.26
Drumbo Park Meal Deal S2 335Drumbo Park9 APR 20098GR S2306 Amarillos Best18.36
Ann Carew A5/A6 Buster Stake For Bitches RoClonmel10 OCT 20135GR A5480 Amazing Avril29.62
The Hades Rocket & Hometown Boy A4 525Enniscorthy18 JUN 20126GR A4480 Amazing Blaze29.51
Intertrack Betting A4 525Enniscorthy31 MAY 20123GR A4480 Amazing Blaze29.58
The Upcoming Sweepstakes A2 525Clonmel19 AUG 20124GR A2480 Amazing Bolt29.27
The Bet with the Tote 525Harolds Cross21 JAN 20112GR A6480 Amazing Gill30.71
Hildesheim 05 June 1988Hildesheim5 JUN 19880GR GR480 Amazing Girl29.33
Harolds Cross (Dublin) 10 OCT 2014 HT 4Harolds Cross10 OCT 20144GR A2480 Amazing Hi29.11
The Try a Trio Bet 550Harolds Cross8 NOV 20134GR A3503 Amazing Hi30.23
Race Sponsorship N1/A6 525 ydsThurles26 APR 20136GR A6/7480 Amazing Hi29.72
Sittingbourne 13 APR 2014 HT 5Sittingbourne13 APR 20145OPEN642 Amazing Joe40.45
The Glenbrien Kennels A3 525 Round 1Harolds Cross3 SEP 201310GR A3480 Amazing Joe29.53
The Dublin Coach Partnership 330Cork20 NOV 20145GR S5302 Amazing Lady18.06
The Try A Trio 330Cork20 JUN 20142GR S5/6302 Amazing Lady18.32
Bellevue (Manchester) 22 JUN 2012 HT 5Bellevue22 JUN 20125GR A6470 Amazing Lily29.14
Bellevue (Manchester) 14 JUN 2012 HT 5Bellevue14 JUN 20125GR A7470 Amazing Lily28.77
Bellevue (Manchester) 17 MAY 2012 HT 2Bellevue17 MAY 20122GR A7470 Amazing Lily28.62
Bellevue (Manchester) 15 MAR 2012 HT 4Bellevue15 MAR 20124GR A8470 Amazing Lily28.90
THE LIFFORD E 10 SIZZLER SO/S1 350Lifford18 AUG 20129GR S0/1320 Amazing Vintage18.80
John Curry Stag Party S6 400Dundalk23 JUN 20121GR S6366 Amazing Vintage21.51
Derby Lane 24 Oct 2012 HT A5Derby Lane24 OCT 2012A5GR D503 Amber Blossom31.35
Derby Lane (St. Petersburg ) 2 FEB 2011 HT Derby Lane2 FEB 2011A3GR B503 Amber Blossom30.62
Derby Lane (St. Petersburg ) 13 NOV 2010 HTDerby Lane13 NOV 2010A1GR C503 Amber Blossom30.79
Derby Lane (St. Petersburg ) 27 OCT 2010 HTDerby Lane27 OCT 2010A14GR D503 Amber Blossom30.90
Tampa@ Derby LaneDerby Lane23 OCT 2010A3MAIDEN503 Amber Blossom30.97
Press Red For Roulette StakesNewcastle (Brough Park)16 MAR 20064GR HP640 Amber Blue40.66
Press Red For Roll Em stakesNewcastle (Brough Park)7 FEB 20064GR HP640 Amber Blue40.53
Press Red & Spin 2 Win StakesNewcastle (Brough Park)3 JAN 20063GR HP480 Amber Blue30.00
Bet Online @ William Hill StakesNewcastle (Brough Park)1 SEP 20058GR HP640 Amber Blue39.87
NOVICE EASTER SUNDAY RACES AT BGRCAlbion Park4 APR 20127GR N331 Amber Cash19.56
Harolds Cross (Dublin) 04 MAR 2005 HT 9Harolds Cross4 MAR 20059OPEN526 Amber Dasher32.09
Prague House A5 525Kilkenny7 MAY 20145GR A5480 Amber Light29.81
Sales At Lmk Thursday February 26th A6 525Limerick30 JAN 20154GR A6480 Amber Vintage29.46
Greyhound Ownership A6 525Limerick2 JAN 20158GR A6480 Amber Vintage29.76
Thurles (Townpark) 24 OCT 2014 HT 1Thurles24 OCT 20141GR A5480 Amber Vintage30.08
The Online Booking @ the Cross 550Harolds Cross23 NOV 20127GR A0/1503 Amberly30.66
The Boyneside Kennels A1/A2 550 FinalHarolds Cross14 SEP 20126GR A1503 Amberly30.34
The Boyneside Kennels A1/A2 550 Semi-FinalHarolds Cross10 SEP 20127GR A1503 Amberly30.38
The 2010 Future Champion Unraced Stake RounEnniscorthy20 SEP 20107OPEN480 Ambis Gary29.59
The Welcome To Longford Grade A9 525Longford8 OCT 20121GR A9480 Ambis Gillian29.79
The Welcome To Longford Grade A9 525Longford23 APR 20121GR A9480 Ambis Gillian29.87
Longford 03 OCT 2014 HT 4Longford3 OCT 20144GR S7302 Ambis Molly18.34
The Welcome To Longford Grade A9 525Longford4 OCT 20131GR A9480 Ambis Pearl29.68
The Longford Grade A9 525Longford22 APR 20132GR A9480 Ambis Pearl29.91
The Foley Pub ( Danny Foley) S8 330Longford15 AUG 20141GR S8302 Ambis Shortie18.29
The Bet With The Tote @ Longford S5 330Longford1 NOV 20135GR S5302 Ambis Shortie18.42
The Welcome To Longford Grade S8 330Longford27 SEP 20131GR S8302 Ambis Shortie18.28
JULIE GRINDLEYThe Meadows13 AUG 20059GR G5525 Ambria Flex30.40
Monmore Green 21 Mar 2015 HT 10Monmore21 MAR 201510GR A4480 Ambush Girl28.71
Watch the Derby from SPK Thur and Saturday Kilkenny6 AUG 20142GR A8480 Ambush Girl29.45
The Bet with The Tote 525Waterford3 MAY 20147GR A5480 Amcas Pines29.17
E 2,500 Track Supporters Club N1 525 FinalKilkenny18 OCT 20131GR N1480 Amcas Pines30.05
E 2,500 Track Supporters Club N1 525 Round Kilkenny2 OCT 20135GR N1480 Amcas Pines29.88
Greyhound Media Group Oaks Heat 9 HT 9Bellevue25 NOV 20179OPEN470 Ameilas Charm28.31
The Find Us On Facebook 525Cork19 APR 20128GR A5480 Amelavas Hope29.16
Harolds Cross (Dublin) 01 NOV 2005 HT 1Harolds Cross1 NOV 20051OPEN480 Amelias Pride29.86
Tote Retention N3 525Harolds Cross27 SEP 20051GR N3480 Amelias Pride29.95
The Queen Of The Suir A2/A3 Bitch Stake RouClonmel13 SEP 20125GR A2480 America29.01
The Queen Of The Suir A2/A3 Bitch Stake RouClonmel6 SEP 20123GR A2480 America29.11
Welcome to Kilcohan Park 525Waterford20 APR 20121GR A7480 America29.23
CH425-BACK AT WALTHAMSTOW & SHEFFIELD TOMORSunderland16 SEP 200512GR A1450 Amerigo Joe27.59
ORANGE PARK 24 Mar 2013 HT A3Orange Park24 MAR 2013A3GR M503 AMF Downsideleft31.17
Wheeling Downs 01 Jan 2011 HT E5Wheeling Downs1 JAN 2011E5GR M501 AMF Ex President30.39
ORANGE PARK 12 May 2013 HT A1Orange Park12 MAY 2013A1GR D503 AMF Gold Mine30.88
Lincoln Park 12 OCT 2005 HT A8Lincoln Park12 OCT 2005A8GR C503 Amf Lollipop31.00
ORANGE PARK 26 Jun 2013 HT E14Orange Park26 JUN 2013E14GR C603 AMF Soul Singer38.37
Wheeling Downs 04 AUG 2007 HT A11Wheeling Downs4 AUG 2007A11GR AA501 AMF Stalwart30.34
Wheeling Downs 07 Aug 2009 HT A1Wheeling Downs7 AUG 2009A1GR D501 AMF Super Son30.34
The Race Sponsorship 330Cork3 NOV 20072GR S3302 Amibothered18.04
Fab Family Funday Sat 30th Aug A7 525Mullingar23 AUG 20144GR A7480 Amidus City29.67
Harolds Cross (Dublin) 05 SEP 2005 HT 10Harolds Cross5 SEP 200510OPEN521 Amidus Flyer31.46
Mullingar 16 OCT 2014 HT 7Mullingar16 OCT 20147GR A3480 Amidus Here29.67
Mullingar 02 OCT 2014 HT 2Mullingar2 OCT 20142GR A5480 Amidus Here29.90
Upcoming Shaneboy Spencer @ Stud Fair WarriMullingar14 AUG 20142GR A3480 Amidus Here30.16
1890 269 969 A6 525Mullingar31 JUL 20149GR A6480 Amidus Here29.86
The Barking Buzz App A4 525Mullingar12 JUN 201410GR A4480 Amidus Here30.20
E 1,700 Shelbourne A4 525 Semi-FinalShelbourne Park20 AUG 20084GR A4480 Amidus Jim29.30
The Harolds Cross Novice 750Harolds Cross3 NOV 200611OPEN686 Amidus Laura42.48
The Harolds Cross Novice 750Harolds Cross30 OCT 20068OPEN686 Amidus Laura42.60
The Ryder Cup @ The K Club Open/A1 570Harolds Cross22 SEP 200611OPEN521 Amidus Laura31.40
The Ryans Cleaning Services A2 570Harolds Cross23 JUN 200611GR A2521 Amidus Laura31.35
The Ladbrokes A1 570Harolds Cross10 MAR 20069GR A1521 Amidus Laura31.63
The Ladbrokes A1 570Harolds Cross27 FEB 20061GR A1521 Amidus Laura31.33
Harold's Cross Bookmakers Grand PrixHarolds Cross9 DEC 20058OPEN521 Amidus Laura31.50
Greenpark Lodge Grand Prix HT 3Harolds Cross25 NOV 20056OPEN521 Amidus Laura31.76
Harolds Cross (Dublin) 18 NOV 2005 HT 10Harolds Cross18 NOV 200510OPEN521 Amidus Laura31.35
Harolds Cross (Dublin) 07 OCT 2005 HT 3Harolds Cross7 OCT 20053OPEN503 Amidus Laura30.29
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