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Race Videos

 Select by Stadium or by Sire of the runners
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Name of RaceStadiumDateHtGradeDist mWinnerTime ^Film
Emeralds Gaa & Johnstown Urlingford C.C. S6Kilkenny26 MAR 20141GR S6274 Monopoly Tim16.73
The Bet On The Tote S6 or Lower 300Clonmel24 OCT 20132GR S6/9274 Foinns Ace16.73
Bet into Harolds Cross 300Kilkenny20 SEP 20132GR S0/1274 Istabraqs Back16.73
The Bet On The Tote S3 / S4 300Clonmel7 APR 20132GR S3/4274 Thurlesbeg Road16.73
The Bet On The Tote S5 or Lower 300Clonmel25 OCT 20122GR S5/9274 Maybe We Win16.73
Palm BeachPalm Beach10 MAY 2008E6GR A275 Wizardry16.73
3Herzen Rennen 15.04.2018 VL RüdenGeldrop15 APR 20184OPEN280 Gotta Pick Him16.74
Rehab Benefit Night S4 / S5 300Kilkenny21 MAY 20144GR S4/5274 Random Meave16.74
The Bet On The Tote S5 / S9 300Clonmel20 MAR 20142GR S5/9274 Whiteys Blaze16.74
Yarmouth (Great Yarmouth) 04 NOV 2013 HT 6Yarmouth4 NOV 20136GR IT277 Send It Yawn16.74
Sittingbourne 10 MAR 2012 HT 5Sittingbourne10 MAR 20125GR IR265 Lady Faye16.74
KARMA ROLLY DOG OF THE MONTH TROPHYHove & Brighton16 JUL 201110GR D1285 Toots Too16.74
THE UPCOMING BENEFIT MEETING S7 300 YDSLimerick24 NOV 20083GR S7274 Elbony Adriano16.74
PHONE 07794 166973 FOR RESTAURANT SPRINTHull24 OCT 20081GR D2270 Moorfield Steph16.74
Geldrops Open 280m dogs FinalGeldrop17 JUN 200610OPEN280 Sam 16.74
6TH LEG PICK 6 JACKPOT HT 11Yarmouth28 OCT 201711GR D2277 Rondun Ado Ron16.75
Hünstetten 20.07.14 FinaleHünstetten20 JUL 201414OPEN280 Tenno16.75
Henlow 01 JUN 2014 HT 3Henlow1 JUN 20143OPEN277 Owens Magic16.75
European Derby Sprint PlateIsaszeg28 SEP 20132GR S2270 Celtic Quality16.75
European Championship 2011 Veterans-Final 2Geldrop30 JUL 20113OPEN280 Brother Mick16.75
Palm Beach 6 AUG 20009 HT A6Palm Beach6 AUG 2009A6GR TB275 Wizardry16.75
Graded raceHaukipudas11 JUL 20092GR 280 Capes' Francine16.75
Palm BeachPalm Beach20 SEP 2008A11GR A275 Wizardry16.75
Yarmouth 28 Apr 2018 HT 13Yarmouth28 APR 201813GR D3277 Funso Banjo16.76
HENLOW DASH HEAT 1 HT 4Henlow15 DEC 20164OPEN277 Azzurri Dino16.76
The Sporting Press S4 / S6 300Clonmel29 NOV 20146GR S4274 Castlegale Cabin16.76
The Bet On The Tote S5 / S9 300Clonmel4 SEP 20142GR S5274 Group Sparky16.76
Betting on The Tote S3 300Kilkenny25 JUL 20142GR S3274 Condor Amy16.76
Welcome To Kilkenny Track S6 300Kilkenny4 DEC 20131GR S6/9274 Black Sagitta16.76
The Punters Rest S4 / S6 300Clonmel12 SEP 20136GR S4/6274 Newbridge Lad16.76
GEORGE HOLMES MEMORIAL SPRINT HT 1Derry5 JUL 20108GR S1274 Move Over Jered16.76
MAGNERS IRISH CIDER SPRINTHull25 OCT 20082GR D2270 Boozed Iceman16.76
Sprint-SM semifinalSkellefteå23 JUL 20082OPEN295 Kerberos Pearl16.76
Palm BeachPalm Beach12 FEB 2008A10GR A275 Wizardry16.76
Palm BeachPalm Beach26 SEP 20071GR S275 Wizardry16.76
Hünstetten VL Bitches 280mHünstetten21 JUL 20198OPEN280 Stemgrove Lulu16.77
MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM H.G.A. (250+ RANK)Healesville22 DEC 201712GR Grad300 Cailah Rose16.77
BET WITH CORAL ONLINE, MOBILE & IN SHOP HT Hove & Brighton18 DEC 20153GR D1285 Vivendi Lewis16.77
Rotterdam 22.03.2015 Finale dogs 280mRotterdam22 MAR 20159OPEN280 Vegas16.77
Tote Betting @ Kilkenny Track S3 300Kilkenny16 JAN 20152GR S3274 Deenside Wood16.77
Hove & Brighton 04 DEC 2014 HT 1Hove & Brighton4 DEC 20141GR D1285 Ballymac Chindit16.77
EC Bitches 275m FinalIsaszeg27 SEP 201411OPEN275 Devil in Disguise16.77
The Bet On The Tote S5 / S9 300Clonmel19 JUN 20142GR S5/9274 Shaneboy Tigger16.77
Welcome To Kilkenny Track S8 300Kilkenny9 APR 20141GR S8/9274 Montore Sunshine16.77
Michael Davitt's Gaa Club S2 300Kilkenny18 SEP 20134GR S2/3274 Aughacasla Jill16.77
Masters VeteransIsaszeg17 AUG 20135OPEN270 Hugocinate16.77
Yarmouth 06 Jan 2018 HT 3Yarmouth6 JAN 20183GR D1277 Beaming Storm16.78
Hungarian Championship bitches 275mIsaszeg1 AUG 20151OPEN275 Legyen 1 Dolores16.78
The Bet On The Tote S6 / S9 300Clonmel13 FEB 20142GR S6/9274 Candid Opinion16.78
Springhill Court Hotel S5 300Kilkenny20 NOV 20134GR S5274 Ballydaniel King16.78
STADIUM BOOKMAKERS SPRINT (Div1)Yarmouth18 JUL 20118OPEN277 Gold Finch16.78
Palm BeachPalm Beach15 SEP 2009A12GR TA275 Wizardry16.78
Graded raceHaukipudas12 JUL 20081GR 280 Fireline Cherokee16.78
Geldrop 01.06.02 H4Geldrop1 JUN 20020R280 Side Movement16.78
European Puppy Derby 1st semiIsaszeg27 SEP 20186OPEN275 Dark Raven16.79
Magyar Puppy Sprint DerbyIsaszeg4 NOV 20174OPEN275 Ballymac Jo Jo16.79
TOP CAT VIDEO PRODUCTIONSHealesville24 MAY 201512GR Mixe300 Splash of White16.79
Clonmel 25 SEP 2014 HT 6Clonmel25 SEP 20146GR S3274 Kilbreedy Lisa16.79
K.R.B. LEATHER DEBUTANTSHealesville30 DEC 20122MAIDEN300 Inclusion16.79
The Bet On The Tote S6 or Lower 300Clonmel3 MAY 20122GR S5274 Call Me Mark16.79
The Country Pork S2 Coursing Stake Round 1Clonmel19 APR 20123GR S2274 Fleet Foxx Uk16.79
Czech Championship 2011 280m dogsRabapatona16 JUL 20112OPEN280 Pennys Cartel16.79
Palm BeachPalm Beach27 JUN 2009A11GR TA275 Wizardry16.79
Palm Beach 1 JAN 2009 HT A6Palm Beach1 JAN 20096GR TA275 Wizardry16.79
Graded raceHaukipudas12 JUL 20082GR 280 Dog Hallelujah16.79
Pohjolan Värisisustus Sprint Rd 1 Ht 2Haukipudas8 JUL 20084OPEN280 Franks Leader16.79
Hünstetten 01.06.2008 dogs final 280mHünstetten1 JUN 20083OPEN280 Pike 16.79
Palm BeachPalm Beach1 SEP 2007A14GR TA275 Wizardry16.79
Palm BeachPalm Beach8 JUL 200712GR TA275 Wizardry16.79
Perry Barr (Birmingham) 23 SEP 2019 HT 6Perry Barr23 SEP 20196GR D4275 Unwritten16.80
Sprint Derby FinalAlsonemedi11 JUN 20173OPEN280 Blackjack Bling16.80
Amsterdam Jubileum Rennen 13.11.2016Amsterdam13 NOV 20163OPEN280 Black Lydi16.80
Terezas Nikita Open Sprint 275mIsaszeg10 SEP 20169OPEN275 Kengyelfuto Big Bolt16.80
European Derby Sprint 2st semifinalRabapatona29 SEP 20122OPEN280 Unique Rolex16.80
Palm BeachPalm Beach30 AUG 2009A6GR TB275 Wizardry16.80
Tapset Sprint FinalHaukipudas31 MAY 20093OPEN280 Chief Tail16.80
Naples-Ft. Myers 6 MAY 2009 HT A2Naples-Ft. Myers6 MAY 2009A2GR S302 Atascocita Karen16.80
Palm BeachPalm Beach3 MAY 2009A10GR TB275 Wizardry16.80
RACE 3Derry26 FEB 20093OPEN274 Knockwellan Lady16.80
Graded raceHaukipudas8 JUL 20081GR 280 Radiant Midwife16.80
Palm BeachPalm Beach19 AUG 20076GR TB275 Wizardry16.80
European Championship Final 280m bitchesGeldrop5 AUG 20069FEATURE280 Vigorous Xara16.80
HAPPY EASTER FROM THE BGOA HT 13Hove & Brighton31 MAR 201813GR D2285 Ardbeg Bella16.81
SILVER EAGLE OUTFITTERS FINALHealesville11 JUN 20174GR Mixe300 Cailah Shakey16.81
The Upcoming Sweepstakes S4 / S6 300Clonmel17 OCT 20133GR S4/6274 Schweinsteiger16.81
The Red Mills S3 / S4 300Clonmel11 NOV 20125GR S3/4274 Scoochy Boy16.81
Guldstadens RaceSkellefteå15 JUN 20123GR K2295 Heartlines Undercover16.81
European Championship 2011 Dogs-Final 280mGeldrop30 JUL 20115OPEN280 I Am Legend16.81
Graded raceHaukipudas11 JUL 20093GR 280 Havaiji Hawk16.81
Graded raceHyvinkaa21 MAY 20091GR 280 Rock Dove16.81
Nellin Kanaherkku Spint Rd 1 Ht 2Hyvinkaa21 MAY 20094OPEN280 Hot 'n Nasty16.81
Hull (Craven Park) 17 OCT 2008 HT 2Hull17 OCT 20082GR D2270 Toems Spiral16.81
Palm BeachPalm Beach1 JUL 2008A14GR A275 Wizardry16.81
Palm BeachPalm Beach21 JUN 2008A10GR A275 Wizardry16.81
Palm Beach 10 MAY 2007 HT A7Palm Beach10 MAY 2007A7GR B275 Wizardry16.81
Sittingbourne 30 OCT 2019 HT 8Sittingbourne30 OCT 20198GR D2265 Killuran Lilly16.82
ÄggaracetJärbo23 JUN 20186GR 1286 Stella Dog's Rough Boy16.82
Kiepenkerl Rennen HT4 FinaleMünster23 AUG 20154OPEN275 Nothing Compares16.82
Friday Night Racing S3 / S4 300Kilkenny24 APR 20134GR S3/5274 Kilkenny Banjo16.82
Internationale KurzstreckenmeisterschaftKleindöttingen30 OCT 20110OPEN280 Alistair16.82
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