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Race Videos

 Select by Stadium or by Sire of the runners
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Name of Race ^StadiumDateHtGradeDist mWinnerTimeFilm
A1 Salvage & HardwareMandurah25 NOV 20140GR 5405 Dare Revenge22.94
A1 Salvage & HardwareMandurah22 APR 20140GR 5405 Jabba Da Pup22.59
A1 Salvage & HardwareMandurah4 MAR 20140MAIDEN405 Kalden Talisa22.97
A1 Salvage & HardwareMandurah27 SEP 20130GR 2/3405 Alotta Cash22.93
A1 Salvage & HardwareMandurah26 JUL 20130GR 5405 Skrimshander22.77
A1 Salvage & Hardware Miami Stake 405mMandurah21 JUN 20130GR 4405 Velociraptor22.84
A1 Salvage and HardwareMandurah9 JUL 20130GR 5405 Histrionic22.82
a1 salvage and hardwareMandurah27 NOV 20123GR 5405 Mr. Sprite23.25
A1 Salvage and HardwareMandurah17 JUL 20120GR 5405 Cougar Assassin22.92
A1 Salvage and Hardware 490m grade 5Mandurah5 DEC 20130GR 5490 Bekim Maxim27.79
A1 Salvage and Hardware StakeMandurah22 OCT 20090GR 3/4405 Bom Lee23.27
A1 Salvage HardwareMandurah25 NOV 20100GR 5405 Doing My Thing23.13
A1 Salvage HardwareMandurah16 MAR 20100GR 5405 Pintsize Diva22.91
A1 Windows S10 335Drumbo Park20 JUN 20142GR S10306 Belgrave Jai18.34
A1-a2 550Mullingar9 MAR 20138GR A1/2503 Coolalough Gem30.86
A1/A2 RACEEnniscorthy22 OCT 20076GR A1480 Paradisio Lad29.32
A2Galway11 MAY 201210GR A2480 Allen Raider29.42
A2 525Galway9 AUG 20145GR A2480 Wooly Escalade29.48
A2 525Dundalk14 DEC 20139GR A2480 Black Hawk Lad29.23
A2 550Dundalk19 DEC 201310GR A2503 Black Economy30.79
A2 550Dundalk30 NOV 201311GR A2503 Netherville Hawk30.89
A2 BACKGRADERS STAKECork27 MAY 20066GR A2480 Hoppers Fortune29.01
A2 BACKGRADERS STAKECork27 MAY 20067GR A2480 Captain Max28.83
A3 525Dundalk14 DEC 20138GR A3480 Messan Minstrel29.03
A3 525Mullingar9 MAR 20134GR A3480 Tintreach Tully30.13
A3 525Mullingar9 MAR 20136GR A3480 Lahinch Billy29.85
A3 550Mullingar9 MAR 201311GR A3503 Courtneyendajoe31.10
A3 550 Stakes. FinalCork10 NOV 20127GR A3503 Castlelyons Ralf30.48
A3 550 Stakes. Semi-FinalCork3 NOV 20126GR A3503 Laranolta Cross30.33
A3 550 Stakes. Semi-FinalCork3 NOV 20127GR A3503 Murdaniel Ice30.41
A3 575 GRADED RACEEnniscorthy3 SEP 200710GR A3526 Koh Samui Baby32.05
A3 600Mullingar9 MAR 20135GR A3549 Olivia Jane34.35
A3 GRADED RACEEnniscorthy29 OCT 20076GR A3480 Kiltrea Bambi29.23
A3 GRADED RACEEnniscorthy22 OCT 20075GR A3480 Kingsmill Magic30.08
A3 GRADED RACEEnniscorthy3 SEP 20079GR A3480 Sean Dubh29.45
A3 GRADED RACEEnniscorthy20 AUG 20078GR A3480 Delrico Boy29.26
A4 525Dundalk7 DEC 20135GR A4480 Lucky Gamble29.29
A4 525Mullingar9 MAR 201310GR A4480 Songofanangel29.96
A4 Graded 600 RaceEnniscorthy1 OCT 200710GR A4549 Benghazi Flyer33.97
A4 GRADED RACEEnniscorthy29 OCT 20075GR A4480 Clonogan Rebel29.29
A4 GRADED RACEEnniscorthy3 SEP 20075GR A4480 Paris Pop29.68
A4 Sweepstakes FinalEnniscorthy27 SEP 20073GR A4480 Castleboro Lark29.30
A4 Sweepstakes Round 1Enniscorthy17 SEP 20074GR A4480 Fortune Mist29.36
A4 Sweepstakes Round 1Enniscorthy17 SEP 20075GR A4480 Castleboro Spark29.42
A4 Sweepstakes Round 1Enniscorthy17 SEP 20076GR A4480 Kingsmill Magic29.64
A4 Sweepstakes Round 1Enniscorthy17 SEP 20077GR A4480 Hillbilly Dingle29.75
A4 Sweepstakes Semi-FinalEnniscorthy24 SEP 20075GR A4480 Max Light29.46
A4 Sweepstakes Semi-FinalEnniscorthy24 SEP 20076GR A4480 Hillbilly Dingle29.51
A4 Tri Distance Round 1Enniscorthy22 OCT 20077GR A4480 Elite Honcho29.43
A4 Tri Distance Round 1Enniscorthy22 OCT 20078GR A4480 Marwood Review29.82
A4 Tri Distance Round 1Enniscorthy22 OCT 20079GR A4480 Gloss Finish29.55
A4 Tri Distance Round 1Enniscorthy22 OCT 200710GR A4480 Waxey Man30.26
A4 Tri Distance Semi-FinalEnniscorthy29 OCT 200710GR A4503 Miss Chippy31.14
A4 Tri Distance Semi-FinalEnniscorthy29 OCT 200711GR A4503 Waxey Man31.53
A4/A5 525Dundalk14 DEC 20134GR A4/5480 Banshee Hawk28.60
A4LABELS.COM TROPHY HT 10Hove & Brighton21 DEC 201710OPEN475 Roses Mick27.51
A5 525 Re RunDrumbo Park28 JUL 20111GR A5480 Will to Live28.90
A5 600 GRADED RACEEnniscorthy29 OCT 20073GR A5549 Jet Shearer34.05
A5 ENNISCORTHY STAKES FinalEnniscorthy28 MAY 20076GR A5480 Bowhill Rocket29.16
A5 ENNISCORTHY STAKES Semi-FinalEnniscorthy21 MAY 20074GR A5480 Bowhill Rocket29.63
A5 ENNISCORTHY STAKES Semi-FinalEnniscorthy21 MAY 20075GR A5480 Tag Along Rosie29.60
A5 ENNISCORTHY STAKES Semi-FinalEnniscorthy21 MAY 20076GR A5480 Larkhill Dreamer29.65
A5 GRADEDMonmore20 FEB 20150GR a4480 Blackhall Slippy29.19
A5 gradedMonmore9 FEB 20155GR 480 Altmore Flash29.09
A5 GRADED RACEEnniscorthy29 OCT 20074GR A5480 Robinho29.35
A5 GRADED RACEEnniscorthy29 OCT 20077GR A5480 Robodog29.69
A5 GRADED RACEEnniscorthy22 OCT 20074GR A5480 Ballycarney Hawk29.48
A5 Graded RaceEnniscorthy1 OCT 20079GR A5480 Pauls Boy29.41
A5 GRADED RACEEnniscorthy3 SEP 20074GR A5480 Kauto Star29.78
A5 GRADED RACEEnniscorthy20 AUG 20075GR A5480 Vinnies Meghan29.20
A5 GRADED RACEEnniscorthy20 AUG 20077GR A5480 Hot Onthe Hare29.48
A5 Intertrack Betting 575Enniscorthy9 JUL 20128GR A5526 Luffany Girl32.47
A5 SWEEPSTAKE NO BACKGRADERS FinalEnniscorthy27 SEP 20071GR A5480 Josh the Lad29.06
A5 SWEEPSTAKE NO BACKGRADERS Round 1Enniscorthy10 SEP 20071GR A5480 Biro Blue29.35
A5 SWEEPSTAKE NO BACKGRADERS Round 1Enniscorthy10 SEP 20072GR A5480 Rathsilla Sarah29.88
A5 SWEEPSTAKE NO BACKGRADERS Round 1Enniscorthy10 SEP 20073GR A5480 Josh the Lad29.33
A5 SWEEPSTAKE NO BACKGRADERS Round 1Enniscorthy10 SEP 20074GR A5480 Clonogan Rebel29.57
A5 SWEEPSTAKE NO BACKGRADERS Semi-FinalEnniscorthy17 SEP 20072GR A5480 Josh the Lad29.18
A5 SWEEPSTAKE NO BACKGRADERS Semi-FinalEnniscorthy17 SEP 20073GR A5480 Archaton Girl29.28
A5/A6 525Dundalk14 DEC 20133GR A5/6480 Shauneens Rocket29.14
A6 525Mullingar9 MAR 20137GR A6480 Touchpawsengage30.12
A6 525 (Non Winners) Raced At Least 5 TimesLimerick1 MAR 20131GR A6480 Lonely Rebel29.53
A6 GRADED RACEEnniscorthy26 JUL 20104GR A6480 Tyford Swift30.03
A6 Graded RaceEnniscorthy29 OCT 20071GR A6480 Travira29.80
A6 GRADED RACEEnniscorthy29 OCT 20072GR A6480 Financial Times29.62
A6 GRADED RACEEnniscorthy22 OCT 20073GR A6480 Cavies Jack29.50
A6 GRADED RACEEnniscorthy20 AUG 20074OPEN480 Morepowertoya29.67
A6 RaceEnniscorthy13 AUG 20072OPEN480 Vonnies Command29.81
A6 Ross Road Stake FinalEnniscorthy21 MAY 20077GR A6480 Clearmor Road29.84
A6 Ross Road Stake Semi-FinalEnniscorthy14 MAY 20071GR A6480 Local Pet29.26
A6 Ross Road Stake Semi-FinalEnniscorthy14 MAY 20072GR A6480 Softsand Sandy29.68
A6 STAKE FinalEnniscorthy4 JUN 20079GR A6480 Lexus Queen29.72
A6 STAKE Semi-FinalEnniscorthy28 MAY 20074GR A6480 Yellow Belly29.66
A6 STAKE Semi-FinalEnniscorthy28 MAY 20075GR A6480 Ellas Pilot29.88
A7 525Mullingar9 MAR 20131GR A7480 Run On Phillip30.68
A7/A8 525Dundalk6 DEC 20138GR A7/8480 Rockcliffe Girl29.50
A7/A8 525Dundalk9 NOV 20135GR A7/8480 Breakfast Angel29.34
A9 525Mullingar9 MAR 20132GR A9480 Boynepark Dora30.26
A9 KENNEL SWEEPSTAKE FINAL HT 6Henlow2 APR 20156GR A9460 Roman Ginger28.35
AA 550Lincoln Park23 JUN 20089OPEN503 Ballymac Flight *30.28
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