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Race Videos

 Select by Stadium or by Sire of the runners
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Name of RaceStadiumDateHtGradeDist mWinnerTime ^Film
kallar syedan greyhound Derby 2009 round 1Kallar Syedan27 FEB 20098GROUP1251 Dragon Fire13.68
1st Round Heat 9 Dina Greyhound Derby 2014Jehlum26 NOV 20149GROUP3251 Library Buzz13.70
Mildenhall 17 AUG 2012 HT 2Mildenhall17 AUG 20122GR D2220 Craan Double13.70
National Greyhound DerbyFaisalabad10 JAN 20091GROUP1250 Lively Rossa13.70
THE CORAL ROMFORD SPRINTRomford25 SEP 20091OPEN225 Greenlough Speed13.71
THE CORAL ROMFORD SPRINTRomford13 NOV 20091OPEN225 Greenlough Speed13.74
Semi-final 2 Dina Greyhound Derby 2014Jehlum27 NOV 20142GROUP3251 Library Buzz13.75
Mildenhall 05 OCT 2012 HT 5Mildenhall5 OCT 20125GR D2220 Lightning Pride13.76
Qasir Saleem Momorial Coursing Derby 2009 RGujranwala Park CC16 DEC 20094COURSING0 Hot Air13.80
Mildenhall 31 MAR 2013 HT 3Mildenhall31 MAR 20133GR D2220 Touched a Dream13.85
Pakistan Country sprint Greyhound Derby Q-FFaisalabad1 FEB 20112GROUP1251 Speed13.85
Pakistan Country sprint Greyhound Derby semFaisalabad2 FEB 20112GROUP1251 Speed13.89
ROMFORD FRIDAY NIGHT 500 SPRINT - HEAT 1 HTRomford13 NOV 20153OPEN225 Consecutive13.91
Pakistan Country sprint Greyhound Derby Q-FFaisalabad1 FEB 20113GROUP1251 Wonderous13.95
national greyhound derby finalFaisalabad14 JAN 20081GROUP1251 Quivers Ace13.96
all pak track race paneaala 2014Lucky Marwat1 JUN 20140OPEN275 Fire of Mianwali13.99
VC GAMES SPRINTWalthamstow16 SEP 20067OPEN235 Horseshoe Ping14.14
Royal Canin Gruppe 1Odense10 SEP 20086GR 1260 Kajol14.20
Royal Canin G 1Odense19 MAY 20116GR 1260 Pesoto14.22
Royal Canin G 1Odense8 JUN 20116GR GR1260 Pesoto14.33
Royal Canin G 1Odense26 AUG 20096OPEN260 Meenala Marc14.34
Royal Canin gr. 1Odense9 APR 20086GR 1260 Cheeta14.37
Royal Canin G 1Odense3 APR 20114GR G1260 Royal Ace14.38
Royal Canin FGK Cup-Gr1Odense20 MAY 20096OPEN260 Kajol14.38
Royal Canin Dansk OaksOdense19 NOV 20086OPEN260 Kajol14.38
Royal Canin gr. 1/2Odense20 JUL 20088GR 1/2260 Kajol14.38
Royal Canin Gruppe 1Odense3 NOV 20104GR GR1260 Meenala Marc14.39
Royal Canin - Gruppe 3Odense17 MAR 20107GR GR3260 Fridays Mal14.39
Royal Canin Dansk DerbyOdense19 AUG 20116OPEN260 Pesoto14.41
Royal Canin Derby - heat BOdense7 OCT 20096OPEN260 Meenala Marc14.41
Royal Canin - Gruppe 1Odense12 AUG 20096GR GR1260 Jonos Patience14.41
Royal Canin Derby semi BOdense5 AUG 20116OPEN260 Pesoto14.42
Royal Canin - Gruppe 1Odense15 APR 20116GR GR1260 Killishin Jamar14.42
The Strongbow Cider 235m Sprint StakesPeterborough24 JUN 20065OPEN235 Ballydaniel Bozz14.42
Royal Canin Gruppe 3Odense20 MAR 20113GR GR3260 Killishin Jamar14.44
Royal Canin FGK Cup-Gr2Odense20 MAY 20095OPEN260 Only Billy14.44
Royal Canin Dansk Oaks FinaleOdense3 NOV 20106OPEN260 Kajol14.45
Royal Canin Derby - Indl. Afd.Odense9 MAY 20075OPEN260 Rhincrew April14.45
Royal Canin Danish Open FinalOdense18 JUL 20106OPEN260 Kajol14.46
Royal Canin Derby - FinaleOdense25 OCT 20092OPEN260 Meenala Marc14.46
Royal Canin - DM for hannerOdense17 JUN 20096OPEN260 Bepe Marvros14.46
The S & D Bookmakers 2006 Sprint Trophy HeaPeterborough3 OCT 20063OPEN235 Unique Vieri14.46
Royal Canin - Gruppe 2Odense28 APR 20101GR Gr2260 Meenala Marc14.47
Jeanet and Trevor Sibley's ÆrespræmieOdense23 SEP 20096GR GR1260 Meenala Marc14.47
Royal Canin Stiften CupOdense6 MAY 20096OPEN260 Kajol14.47
Royal Canin gr. 1/2Odense23 MAY 20076GR 1/2260 Fortune Green14.47
Royal Canin - Gruppe 2Odense15 APR 20114GR GR2260 New Style14.48
Royal Canin Danish Open - indl.afd.Odense30 JUN 20106OPEN260 Kajol14.48
Royal Canin FGK`s ÆrespræmieOdense25 FEB 20096OPEN260 Bepe Marvros14.49
Royal Canin gr. 1Odense7 NOV 20074GR 1260 Cheeta14.49
Royal Canin Dansk DerbyOdense23 MAY 20075OPEN260 Cheeta14.49
The Enquiries@srtransport Sprint HT 4Pelaw Grange19 JUL 20154OPEN245 Riverside Gold14.50
Royal Canin FGK Cup-Gr3Odense20 MAY 20094OPEN260 Take On Bear14.50
Fyns Mesterskab - tæverOdense11 APR 20073OPEN260 Black Beauty14.50
Advanced Totes Sprint Trophy HT 3Pelaw Grange26 DEC 20163OPEN245 Daisys Bliss14.51
Royal Canin G 1Odense22 JUL 20116GROUP1260 Pesoto14.51
Royal Canin - Gruppe 1Odense25 AUG 20106GR GR1260 Meenala Marc14.51
Royal Canin gr. 1/2Odense28 JUL 20077GR 1/2260 Elbony Rebel14.51
Royal Canin G 1Odense18 SEP 20113GR GR1260 Pesoto14.52
Royal Canin G 1Odense10 SEP 20110GROUP1260 Pesoto14.52
Royal Canin - Gruppe 2Odense25 AUG 20102GR GR2260 Final Touch14.52
Royal Canin gr. 1Odense15 AUG 20076GR 1260 Tea Biscuit14.52
Royal Canin G 1Odense2 SEP 20117GROUP1260 Pesoto14.53
Royal Canin - Gruppe 1Odense26 MAY 20108GR GR1260 Veyron Shadow14.53
Fynske Mesterskaber -dogs heat 2Odense8 APR 20096OPEN260 Jonos Patience14.53
Royal Canin Danish Open indl. heat 2Odense20 JUL 20086OPEN260 Only Champ14.53
Royal Canin G 2Odense5 AUG 20111GR 2260 Meenala Marc14.54
Royal Canin Gruppe 3Odense20 MAR 20115GR GR3260 Royal Ace14.54
Royal Canin Danish Open - indl.afd.Odense30 JUN 20104OPEN260 Sandyway Babe14.54
Royal Canin Danish openOdense25 JUL 20096OPEN260 Jonos Patience14.54
Royal Canin Derby semi AOdense5 AUG 20115OPEN260 Killishin Jamar14.55
Royal Canin G 1/2Odense19 MAY 20111GR 1/2260 I Am Legend14.55
Royal Canin Gruppe 1/2Odense15 APR 20111GR 1/2260 Liberal Sydney14.55
Royal Canin - DM for tæverOdense17 JUN 20093OPEN260 Kajol14.55
The Fosters Lager 235m Sprint StakesPeterborough13 MAY 20064OPEN235 Ballydaniel Bozz14.55
Royal Canin - Gruppe 1/2Odense7 OCT 20094GR 1/2260 Little Jenny14.56
The S & D Bookmakers 2006 Sprint Trophy HeaPeterborough3 OCT 20064OPEN235 Footwork Fancy14.56
Royal Canin Danish Open - Heat BOdense6 JUL 20117OPEN260 Pesoto14.57
Royal Canin Gruppe 1/2Odense3 NOV 20102GR 1/2260 Vopium14.57
Royal Canin Danish Championship BitchesOdense16 JUN 20104OPEN260 Sandyway Babe14.57
Royal Canin - Gruppe 2Odense12 AUG 20094GR GR2260 Cool Dennis14.57
Royal Canin-Gruppe 1/2Odense10 SEP 20084GR 1/2260 Fire Man14.57
S&D Bookmakers 2005 Sprint Trophy Semi 1Peterborough4 OCT 20055OPEN235 Clounlaheen14.57
March Hare Dual Distance Trophy - Heat ThrePelaw Grange2 MAR 20197GR D1245 Yes Vote14.58
Royal Canin G 1Odense28 SEP 20117GR GR1260 Pesoto14.58
Royal Canin DM Indl. HannerOdense2 JUN 20106OPEN260 Meenala Marc14.58
Royal Canin G 3Odense19 JUL 20092GR 3260 Meenala Marc14.58
Royal Canin gr. 1Odense12 SEP 20076GR 1260 Cheeta14.58
Royal Canin gr. 1/2Odense9 MAY 20072GR 1/2260 Haughty Madam14.58
Fyens Mesterskaber - hannerOdense11 APR 20075OPEN260 Cheeta14.58
The S & D Bookmakers 2006 Sprint Trophy FinPeterborough7 OCT 20067OPEN235 Unique Vieri14.58
The Grolsch Lager 235 Sprint StakesPeterborough19 JUL 20054OPEN235 Crecks Crack14.58
Deluxe Flooring Sprint Trophy HT 6Pelaw Grange11 MAR 20186OPEN245 Bluereef Cruiser14.59
Royal Canin Fynsk Mesterskab HannerOdense3 APR 20116OPEN260 Meenala Marc14.59
Royal Canin DANISH DERBY semi-finalOdense22 SEP 20101OPEN260 Sandyway Babe14.59
Royal Canin Danish DERBY semi - finalOdense22 SEP 20106OPEN260 Meenala Marc14.59
Royal Canin - Gruppe 3Odense17 MAR 20104GR GR3260 Dance Roxy14.59
Royal Canin Danish open semiOdense19 JUL 20096OPEN260 Jonos Patience14.59
Royal Canin Dansk Mesterskab - HannerOdense29 AUG 20071OPEN260 Tea Biscuit14.59
Royal Canin gr. 1Odense1 AUG 20076GR 1260 Tea Biscuit14.59
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