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Race Videos

 Select by Stadium or by Sire of the runners
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Name of RaceStadiumDate vHtGradeDist mWinnerTimeFilm
LADBROKES SAME RACE MULTIGoulburn4 DEC 20206GR Grad350 Merry Lass19.82
Harlow 04 DEC 2020 HT 10Harlow4 DEC 202010GR A5415 Diesel Freya26.92
Hove & Brighton 03 DEC 2020 HT 1Hove & Brighton3 DEC 20201GR A1500 Classic Tune30.39
Monmore (Wolverhampton) 03 DEC 2020 HT 1Monmore3 DEC 20201GR A1480 Daves Gift28.54
LIKE US ON FACEBOOK @ROMFORDDOGSRomford3 DEC 20208GR A1400 Blunder Buss24.04
Sheffield (Owlerton) 03 DEC 2020 HT 6Sheffield3 DEC 20206GR A7500 Bless Him30.11
Sittingbourne 03 DEC 2020 HT 6Sittingbourne3 DEC 20206GR S1642 Rathclough Chloe40.63
DURHAM & DISTRICT RETIRED GREYHOUNDSSunderland3 DEC 20209GR A1450 Prozac Ted27.47
The Property 192 Oaks 2020 Heat 1Swindon3 DEC 20201OPEN476 Galloping Moon28.43
The Property 192 Oaks 2020 Heat 2Swindon3 DEC 20202OPEN476 Velvet Juliet27.88
The Property 192 Oaks 2020 Heat 3Swindon3 DEC 20203OPEN476 Ballyboss Con28.15
The Property 192 Oaks 2020 Heat 4Swindon3 DEC 20204OPEN476 Arthur Sprout28.39
The Property 192 Oaks 2020 Heat 5Swindon3 DEC 20205OPEN476 Queen Franklin28.47
The Property 192 Oaks 2020 Heat 6Swindon3 DEC 20206OPEN476 Jumeirah Liberty28.31
The Property 192 Oaks 2020 Heat 7Swindon3 DEC 20207OPEN476 Only You28.64
The Property 192 Oaks 2020 Heat 8Swindon3 DEC 20208OPEN476 Droopys Coffee28.23
The Property 192 Oaks 2020 Heat 9Swindon3 DEC 20209OPEN476 Ballymac Iona28.57
The Property 192 Oaks 2020 Heat 10Swindon3 DEC 202010OPEN476 Lights Out28.10
The Property 192 Oaks 2020 Heat 11Swindon3 DEC 202011OPEN476 Newinn Liz27.96
The Property 192 Oaks 2020 Heat 12Swindon3 DEC 202012OPEN476 Aayamza Lexie28.39
The ARC Maiden Trophy (Duplicated)Nottingham30 NOV 20207OPEN500 Mohort Bill29.59
Sittingbourne 30 NOV 2020 HT 8Sittingbourne30 NOV 20208GR A2480 Lady Diva29.92
The Slan Abhaile Non SIS 525Youghal30 NOV 202013GR A6480 Marlfield Penny29.37
Ladbrokes Kent Derby Final 2020Sittingbourne29 NOV 202010GROUP1480 Kilara Lion28.90
Sittingbourne 29 NOV 2020 HT 12Sittingbourne29 NOV 202012GR A2480 Teecee Tom29.82
Friends Of Lmk Irish St Leger Open 550 FinaLimerick28 NOV 20209GROUP1503 Epic Hero29.44
Thank You Key Workers StakesNewcastle (Brough Park)27 NOV 20209GR A7480 Skirk Bound30.02
BOX 1 PHOTOGRAPHY FFAAlbion Park26 NOV 20206OPEN600 Frieda Las Vegas34.89
MOTORHUB STAKEAlbion Park26 NOV 202010GR 5TH520 Hopeful Lash30.14
Crayford 26 NOV 2020 HT 13Crayford26 NOV 202013GR A3380 Castlehillbadger23.90
GOULBURN GREYHOUNDS AS PETSGoulburn26 NOV 20205GR Grad350 Merry Lass19.71
RPGTV ST LEGER FINALPerry Barr26 NOV 202011GROUP1710 Smallmead43.37
Harlow 25 NOV 2020 HT 8Harlow25 NOV 20208GR A5415 Treaty Jet26.37
Hove & Brighton 25 NOV 2020 HT 9Hove & Brighton25 NOV 20209GR A1500 Droopys Loretta29.53
Henlow 24 NOV 2020 HT 7Henlow24 NOV 20207GR D3277 Greenhill Gal16.94
Henlow 24 NOV 2020 HT 9Henlow24 NOV 20209GR A8460 Lemming Devon28.08
Monmore (Wolverhampton) 24 NOV 2020 HT 4Monmore24 NOV 20204GR A5480 Kilaharry Bolt29.38
Monmore (Wolverhampton) 24 NOV 2020 HT 5Monmore24 NOV 20205GR A6480 Kaypee Marni29.34
Sittingbourne 24 NOV 2020 HT 10Sittingbourne24 NOV 202010GR D1265 Nans Tom16.54
Monmore (Wolverhampton) 23 NOV 2020 HT 2Monmore23 NOV 20202GR A8480 Mitchells Baz29.49
The Talking Dogs 0N3 525Mullingar23 NOV 20202GR ON3480 Shady Oscar30.14
Nottingham 23 NOV 2020 HT 1Nottingham23 NOV 20201GR A3500 Scullys Ruby30.63
Nottingham 23 NOV 2020 HT 2Nottingham23 NOV 20202GR A2500 Salacres Neeson30.37
Nottingham 23 NOV 2020 HT 3Nottingham23 NOV 20203GR A3500 Newinn Jackie30.44
Nottingham 23 NOV 2020 HT 4Nottingham23 NOV 20204GR A4500 Santas Slick30.66
RPGTV National Sprint Trial StakesNottingham23 NOV 20205OPEN305 Dark Magic17.95
Nathan's Farewell TrophyNottingham23 NOV 20206OPEN730 Our Supreme Sue45.43
RPGTV National Sprint Trial StakesNottingham23 NOV 20207OPEN305 Loggies Lito17.64
ARC 480 TrophyNottingham23 NOV 20208OPEN480 Moanteen Usyk28.88
RPGTV National Sprint Trial StakesNottingham23 NOV 20209OPEN305 Atarah King17.82
RPGTV National Sprint Trial StakesNottingham23 NOV 202012OPEN305 Grays Cup Winner17.83
Sheffield (Owlerton) 23 NOV 2020 HT 8Sheffield23 NOV 20208GR A7500 Hitthelids Missy30.21
Sittingbourne 23 NOV 2020 HT 11Sittingbourne23 NOV 202011GR A2480 Catch the Action29.35
Sittingbourne 22 NOV 2020 HT 2Sittingbourne22 NOV 20202GR A1480 Nans Missile28.97
Towcester Sunday 22nd November 2020Towcester22 NOV 20201GR D2270 Distant Voice16.18
22 NOV 2020 HT 2Towcester22 NOV 20202GR A2500 Droopys Respect29.55
22 NOV 2020 HT 3Towcester22 NOV 20203GR A6500 Savana Volcano30.42
22 NOV 2020 HT 4Towcester22 NOV 20204GR D4270 Malbay Pippa16.25
22 NOV 2020 HT 5Towcester22 NOV 20205GR A6500 Whizzing Garcia30.45
22 NOV 2020 HT 6Towcester22 NOV 20206GR A6500 Unlikely Friend30.32
22 NOV 2020 HT 7Towcester22 NOV 20207GR A4500 Anhid News29.87
22 NOV 2020 HT 8Towcester22 NOV 20208GR D3270 Millies Topjet16.19
22 NOV 2020 HT 9Towcester22 NOV 20209GR D1270 Rafan One15.98
22 NOV 2020 HT 10Towcester22 NOV 202010GR D2270 Crypto Blues16.09
22 NOV 2020 HT 11Towcester22 NOV 202011GR A5500 Unexpected Gift29.82
22 NOV 2020 HT 12Towcester22 NOV 202012GR A3500 Lunar Prince29.72
22 NOV 2020 HT 13Towcester22 NOV 202013GR A4500 Aspen29.96
22 NOV 2020 HT 14Towcester22 NOV 202014GR D4270 Nice Zoe16.63
The Denis Linehan Solicitors Unraced Round Cork21 NOV 20206GR ON1480 Ballymac Cashout28.12
Crayford 21 NOV 2020 HT 4Crayford21 NOV 20204GR A4380 Ballymac Newman23.42
Henlow 21 NOV 2020 HT 7Henlow21 NOV 20207GR A1460 Fernhall Roxy27.47
Track Championship 500m FinalHove & Brighton21 NOV 20207GR A1500 Doorus Jet29.20
DOVER & SONSIpswich21 NOV 20204GR Mixe520 Frieda Las Vegas30.57
Friends Of Lmk Irish St Leger Open 550 SemiLimerick21 NOV 20207GROUP3503 Ballymac Wild29.43
Friends Of Lmk Irish St Leger Open 550 SemiLimerick21 NOV 20208GROUP3503 Cash Ready29.68
Newcastle Greyhound Stadium StakesNewcastle (Brough Park)21 NOV 20206GR A1480 Fit Bit28.94
The Joe Dolan/ICC 350 FinalShelbourne Park21 NOV 20207GR SS0320 Ballymore Rory18.92
The 2020 Sporting Press Irish Oaks 525 FinaShelbourne Park21 NOV 202010GROUP1480 Ballymac Beanie28.18
Crayford 20 NOV 2020 HT 9Crayford20 NOV 20209GR A4380 Hitthelids Bob23.66
Hove & Brighton 20 NOV 2020 HT 5Hove & Brighton20 NOV 20205GR A2500 Knight Rider29.81
Trials @ Kilkenny Track A3 525Kilkenny20 NOV 20208GR A3480 Blackstone Flyer29.50
Monmore (Wolverhampton) 20 NOV 2020 HT 4Monmore20 NOV 20204GR A5480 Ranchers Sunfern28.87
Sittingbourne 20 NOV 2020 HT 7Sittingbourne20 NOV 20207GR D1265 Poirot16.60
Sittingbourne 20 NOV 2020 HT 10Sittingbourne20 NOV 202010GR A1480 Take a Chance29.68
Wheeling Downs 20 Nov 2020 HT A1Wheeling Downs20 NOV 2020A1GR TA302 Mac's Kaitlin17.24
Wheeling Downs 20 Nov 2020 HT A2Wheeling Downs20 NOV 2020A2GR M501 Oshkosh Edward30.54
Wheeling Downs 20 Nov 2020 HT A3Wheeling Downs20 NOV 2020A3GR D501 JK Time Bomb29.93
Wheeling Downs 20 Nov 2020 HT A4Wheeling Downs20 NOV 2020A4GR M501 KW Bonnie Parker30.10
Wheeling Downs 20 Nov 2020 HT A5Wheeling Downs20 NOV 2020A5GR D501 BGR Jaded29.63
Wheeling Downs 20 Nov 2020 HT A6Wheeling Downs20 NOV 2020A6GR C501 JK Outheregrindn29.91
Wheeling Downs 20 Nov 2020 HT A7Wheeling Downs20 NOV 2020A7GR B501 Hashtag Yani30.05
Wheeling Downs 20 Nov 2020 HT A8Wheeling Downs20 NOV 2020A8GR C501 WW's Nanabee29.68
Wheeling Downs 20 Nov 2020 HT A10Wheeling Downs20 NOV 2020A10GR C620 Easi Veronica38.06
Wheeling Downs 20 Nov 2020 HT A11Wheeling Downs20 NOV 2020A11GR A501 Racine29.70
Wheeling Downs 20 Nov 2020 HT A12Wheeling Downs20 NOV 2020A12GR C501 Cruisin Chic29.89
Wheeling Downs 20 Nov 2020 HT A13Wheeling Downs20 NOV 2020A13GR AA501 TNT Free Falling29.60
Wheeling Downs 20 Nov 2020 HT A14Wheeling Downs20 NOV 2020A14GR C501 Keeper Cry29.79
Wheeling Downs 20 Nov 2020 HT A15Wheeling Downs20 NOV 2020A15GR TAA620 HKF Friskyfranny37.60
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