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Race Videos

 Select by Stadium or by Sire of the runners
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Name of RaceStadiumDate vHtGradeDist mWinnerTimeFilm
Box 1 Photography 600Albion Park3 AUG 20207GR 5600 Frieda Las Vegas35.09
The Barking Buzz App A0 525Shelbourne Park1 AUG 20207GR A0480 Da Bold Eagle28.36
Monmore (Wolverhampton) 31 JUL 2020 HT 8Monmore31 JUL 20208GR A4480 Katiba29.05
The Racing Every Friday Night 525Newbridge31 JUL 20209GR A4480 Tinryland Boy28.85
Nottingham 31 JUL 2020 HT 6Nottingham31 JUL 20206GR A4500 Zero Wood30.47
The Salute To Our Industry Open Unraced SemShelbourne Park31 JUL 20206GR ON1480 Ballymac Lowry28.53
Monmore (Wolverhampton) 29 JUL 2020 HT 6Monmore29 JUL 20206GR A6480 Fiddly Diddly29.10
Swindon 27 JUL 2020 HT 12Swindon27 JUL 202012GR A5476 Only You28.87
Crayford 25 JUL 2020 HT 9Crayford25 JUL 20209GR S6540 Woodcocks Aura34.84
Henlow 25 JUL 2020 HT 2Henlow25 JUL 20202GR A4460 Swift Blackmail28.59
Coral Sussex Cup - Semi Final 3Hove & Brighton25 JUL 20208OPEN515 Drahbeg Dash30.49
Ladbrokes.com 630 MaidenMonmore25 JUL 20204OPEN630 Greenhill Jack38.03
Greyhounds Make Great Pets 525Tralee25 JUL 20208GR A3480 Lemming Dancer28.87
The Salute To Our Industry Open Unraced RouShelbourne Park24 JUL 20209GR ON1480 Amazing Champ28.57
Friday 24th July 2020Swindon24 JUL 20201GR A8476 Sazerac29.22
Swindon 24 JUL 2020 HT 2Swindon24 JUL 20202GR A6476 Bellini29.35
RPGTV Puppy Cup - Heat TwoNewcastle (Brough Park)23 JUL 20202OPEN480 Nice As Ice28.47
PALM BEACH 23 Jul 2020 HT A8Palm Beach23 JUL 2020A8GR TD275 PJ Chardonnay17.12
Monmore (Wolverhampton) 22 JUL 2020 HT 9Monmore22 JUL 20209GR A4480 Ballymac Kiora28.91
The Welcome To Youghal Greyhound Stadium 52Youghal22 JUL 20201GR ON2480 Rising Village29.64
Henlow 21 JUL 2020 HT 7Henlow21 JUL 20207GR A9460 Longacres Bandit28.88
Henlow 20 JUL 2020 HT 12Henlow20 JUL 202012GR A7460 China Missile28.16
Nottingham 20 JUL 2020 HT 6Nottingham20 JUL 20206GR A5500 Zero Wood30.53
Swindon 20 JUL 2020 HT 11Swindon20 JUL 202011GR A6476 Only You29.21
Rotterdam 19.07.2020Rotterdam19 JUL 20201OPEN480 Artturi28.66
Rotterdam 19.07.2020Rotterdam19 JUL 20202OPEN280 Arrivederci16.51
Rotterdam 19.07.2020Rotterdam19 JUL 20203OPEN280 Activity16.74
Rotterdam 19.07.2020Rotterdam19 JUL 20204OPEN280 Big Bullit99.00
Rotterdam 19.07.2020 FinaleRotterdam19 JUL 20205OPEN280 Big Bullit16.48
Rotterdam 19.07.2020 FinaleRotterdam19 JUL 20206OPEN280 Arrivederci16.72
Ipswich Young Guns (Heat)/Class 2/520Ipswich18 JUL 20206GR Open520 Marske30.48
Welcome To Limerick Greyhound Stadium ON3 5Limerick18 JUL 20201GR ON3480 Magical Claire29.06
July 18, 2020 Evening Race 4Palm Beach18 JUL 20204GR TJ301 Go Bon Fox News16.67
Perry Barr (Birmingham) 18 JUL 2020 HT 6Perry Barr18 JUL 20206GR D3275 Westview Puddles16.58
Monmore (Wolverhampton) 17 JUL 2020 HT 1Monmore17 JUL 20201GR A4480 Cash City29.40
Monmore (Wolverhampton) 17 JUL 2020 HT 8Monmore17 JUL 20208GR A3480 Elderberry Jade28.87
Swindon 17 JUL 2020 HT 6Swindon17 JUL 20206GR A9476 Sazerac29.41
Henlow 16 JUL 2020 HT 9Henlow16 JUL 20209GR A5460 Agincourt Xena27.74
Sheffield (Owlerton) 16 JUL 2020 HT 9Sheffield16 JUL 20209GR A6500 Woodcocks Romeo29.66
Southland 16 Jul 2020 HT 6Southland16 JUL 20206GR A533 Goddessofthehunt31.70
Crayford 15 JUL 2020 HT 9Crayford15 JUL 20209GR A6380 Woodcocks Alina23.55
Monmore (Wolverhampton) 15 JUL 2020 HT 2Monmore15 JUL 20202GR A5480 Katiba29.57
RICHMOND RACE CLUBRichmond15 JUL 20205GR Grad535 Pamelas Girl30.92
Monmore (Wolverhampton) 14 JUL 2020 HT 14Monmore14 JUL 202014GR A2480 Deadly Doughnut29.15
PALM BEACH 14 Jul 2020 HT A1Palm Beach14 JUL 2020A1GR M498 Supercharged30.52
Monmore (Wolverhampton) 13 JUL 2020 HT 9Monmore13 JUL 20209GR A3480 Scullys Lochlan28.62
Kiepenkerl Rennen 12.07.2020 FinaleMünster12 JUL 20209OPEN275 Arrivederci99.00
Kiepenkerl Rennen 12.07.2020 B-FinaleMünster12 JUL 202013OPEN275 Allegra17.19
12 JUL 2020 HT 4Towcester12 JUL 20204GR A4500 Francos Caz30.15
www.barkingbuzz.ie 525Tralee12 JUL 20204GR A1480 Ardrahan Justice28.63
Crayford 11 JUL 2020 HT 5Crayford11 JUL 20205GR E2714 Rummy Countess46.29
drumbopark.com 335Drumbo Park11 JUL 20205GR S5306 Holdem Japan17.84
Bet Into Shelbourne Park ON3 525Limerick11 JUL 20202GR ON3480 Hawkeye Supreme28.88
Monmore (Wolverhampton) 11 JUL 2020 HT 1Monmore11 JUL 20201GR A1480 Some Sketch28.41
Monmore (Wolverhampton) 11 JUL 2020 HT 3Monmore11 JUL 20203GR A3480 Mo Cara Stunner29.00
Monmore (Wolverhampton) 10 JUL 2020 HT 8Monmore10 JUL 20208GR A6480 Katiba29.25
Nottingham 10 JUL 2020 HT 11Nottingham10 JUL 202011GR A1500 Somermead Guest29.97
PALM BEACH 10 Jul 2020 HT A1Palm Beach10 JUL 2020A1GR M498 Sweet to Taste29.84
Monmore (Wolverhampton) 09 JUL 2020 HT 8Monmore9 JUL 20208GR A1480 Magical Otis28.85
Crayford 07 JUL 2020 HT 10Crayford7 JUL 202010GR A7380 Woodcocks Amelia23.73
Henlow 07 JUL 2020 HT 2Henlow7 JUL 20202GR A11460 Dark Exile28.83
Nottingham 06 JUL 2020 HT 8Nottingham6 JUL 20208GR A6500 Zero Wood30.48
Swindon 06 JUL 2020 HT 11Swindon6 JUL 202011GR A6476 Alarming Lil Al28.53
PALM BEACH 05 Jul 2020 HT A1Palm Beach5 JUL 2020A1GR M498 Kelsos Bogart29.90
Federations Independant Racecourse PromoterSittingbourne5 JUL 20207OPEN642 Southfield Code39.50
05 JUL 2020 HT 3Towcester5 JUL 20203GR A6500 Francos Caz30.06
Crayford 04 JUL 2020 HT 3Crayford4 JUL 20203GR S3540 Classy Lexie34.09
Crayford 04 JUL 2020 HT 10Crayford4 JUL 202010GR S5540 Pineview Girl34.08
Crayford 04 JUL 2020 HT 13Crayford4 JUL 202013GR A6380 Trouble Maker24.09
Restaurant Bookings 061 448080 A1 525Limerick4 JUL 20208GR A1480 Athlacca Zette28.62
Nottingham 03 JUL 2020 HT 11Nottingham3 JUL 202011GR A2500 Drumcrow Linnet30.16
The Barking Buzz App 525Tralee3 JUL 20202GR ON2480 Coolavanny Class29.03
SKY RACING STAKEAlbion Park2 JUL 20201GR NOV520 Hopeful Lash30.11
THE ROMFORDDOGS.COMRomford2 JUL 202012GR A5400 Wychwood Katie24.75
Crayford 01 JUL 2020 HT 8Crayford1 JUL 20208GR A4380 Woodcocks Ariela23.73
Crayford 01 JUL 2020 HT 11Crayford1 JUL 202011GR A5380 Daphs Domino23.60
Monmore (Wolverhampton) 01 JUL 2020 HT 14Monmore1 JUL 202014GR A1480 Distant Pirate28.80
PALM BEACH 01 Jul 2020 HT A1Palm Beach1 JUL 2020A1GR M498 Superior Felicia30.32
Henlow 30 JUN 2020 HT 6Henlow30 JUN 20206GR A10460 Roma Lady28.61
Monmore (Wolverhampton) 30 JUN 2020 HT 6Monmore30 JUN 20206GR A4480 Minnies Petrov29.44
The BoyleSports A5 525Shelbourne Park30 JUN 20205GR A5480 Columbia28.76
Greyhounds Make Great Pets 525Tralee30 JUN 20206GR A4480 Ardrahan Justice28.84
Monmore (Wolverhampton) 29 JUN 2020 HT 5Monmore29 JUN 20205GR A5480 Parknook Champ29.44
Monmore (Wolverhampton) 29 JUN 2020 HT 14Monmore29 JUN 202014GR A5480 Elderberry Belle29.44
Perry Barr (Birmingham) 29 JUN 2020 HT 11Perry Barr29 JUN 202011GR A4480 Barnfield Bolt16.91
THE ROMFORDDOGS.COMRomford29 JUN 20209GR A2400 Stradeen Azzurro23.96
28 JUN 2020 HT 6Towcester28 JUN 20206GR A2500 Sidaz Jet29.92
28 JUN 2020 HT 8Towcester28 JUN 20208GR A3500 Lemming Edith30.08
PALM BEACH 27 Jun 2020 HT A1Palm Beach27 JUN 2020A1GR M498 Kaycee30.07
Perry Barr (Birmingham) 27 JUN 2020 HT 6Perry Barr27 JUN 20206GR A1480 Drahbeg Dart29.07
ROMFORD Saturday Morning 27th June 2020 SISRomford27 JUN 20201GR A3400 Droopys Chant24.63
FOLLOW@CORAL ON TWITTERRomford27 JUN 20202GR A4400 Under Pressure24.71
THE ROMFORDDOGS.COMRomford27 JUN 20203GR A3400 Bleach Wood24.47
VISIT CORAL.CO.UKRomford27 JUN 20204GR A7400 Brickleberry24.76
CORAL APP NOW AVAILABLE ON GOOGLE PLAYRomford27 JUN 20207GR S1575 Kind Hoffman35.67
ROMFORD.STADIUM@CORAL.CO.UK FOR GENERAL ENQRomford27 JUN 20208GR A4400 Kohinoor Fancy24.51
FOLLOW THE TIMEFORM PAWS RATINGS NOW IN CORRomford27 JUN 20209GR A3400 Clonnacool Gem24.48
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