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Race Videos

 Select by Stadium or by Sire of the runners
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Name of RaceStadiumDate vHtGradeDist mWinnerTimeFilm
CENTRAL PARK NOVICE STAYERSSittingbourne10 NOV 20194OPEN642 Droopys Spark40.69
LADBROKES WINTER FESTIVAL 480Monmore9 NOV 201913OPEN480 Droopys Nadal28.39
MARIAN SWIFT'S 80th BIRTHDAY STAKESSheffield9 NOV 201911GR A6500 Woodcocks Blue30.14
The Curraheen Park ON3 525 Unraced Stake SeCork8 NOV 20194GR ON3480 Blame Johnny28.90
Monmore (Wolverhampton) 08 NOV 2019 HT 7Monmore8 NOV 20197GR A8480 Brocknmatts Tara28.85
Nottingham 08 NOV 2019 HT 6Nottingham8 NOV 20196GR A1500 Movealong Denver29.92
Sheffield (Owlerton) 08 NOV 2019 HT 2Sheffield8 NOV 20192GR A3500 Casino Deejay29.24
SUNDAY NIGHT STAYERS HEAT 2Sittingbourne3 NOV 20196OPEN642 Millroad Susie40.45
CENTRAL PARK MAIDEN STAYERSSittingbourne3 NOV 20199OPEN642 Rathlin May41.32
Monmore (Wolverhampton) 02 NOV 2019 HT 13Monmore2 NOV 201913GR A7480 Kilbreedy Avril29.60
Perry Barr (Birmingham) 02 NOV 2019 HT 8Perry Barr2 NOV 20198GR A8480 Suirview Betty30.51
Perry Barr (Birmingham) 02 NOV 2019 HT 11Perry Barr2 NOV 201911GR D4275 Skipping Paty16.84
Perry Barr (Birmingham) 02 NOV 2019 HT 12Perry Barr2 NOV 201912GR A8480 Blue Rose Wonder29.77
CHASERS FUNCTION CENTRE HT2Bendigo1 NOV 20192GR Maid425 East Street24.13
Sheffield (Owlerton) 01 NOV 2019 HT 11Sheffield1 NOV 201911GR A7500 Woodcocks Blue30.56
Yarmouth (Great Yarmouth) 31 OCT 2019 HT 12Yarmouth31 OCT 201912GR A7462 Swift Despicable28.61
Sittingbourne 30 OCT 2019 HT 8Sittingbourne30 OCT 20198GR D2265 Killuran Lilly16.82
Sittingbourne 29 OCT 2019 HT 1Sittingbourne29 OCT 20191GR D4265 Orbital Tornado17.41
The Carling Eclipse Trial StakesNottingham28 OCT 20198OPEN500 Strides Farran29.91
Kleindöttingen 27.10.2019 Finale KSMKleindöttingen27 OCT 20195OPEN280 Fantasy16.84
CENTRAL PARK MAIDEN DIV 2Sittingbourne27 OCT 20194OPEN480 Woodcocks Fury29.61
CENTRAL PARK NOVICE STAYERSSittingbourne27 OCT 201910OPEN642 Clever Trend40.91
Henlow 26 OCT 2019 HT 3Henlow26 OCT 20193GR A5460 Savana Bacardi28.21
Ladbrokes Autumn Festival 630 MaidenMonmore26 OCT 201910OPEN630 Calzaghe Bobby38.31
COMING SOON www.oecsheffield.co.ukSheffield26 OCT 201914GR A7500 Lightfoot Craig30.46
Henlow 25 OCT 2019 HT 6Henlow25 OCT 20196GR A7460 Savana Eva28.43
Monmore (Wolverhampton) 25 OCT 2019 HT 7Monmore25 OCT 20197GR A3480 Skyfall Buster29.04
Nottingham 25 OCT 2019 HT 2Nottingham25 OCT 20192GR A3500 Glenmore Phantom30.29
Energy Assistance Solutions Ltd Standard TrNewcastle (Brough Park)24 OCT 20197OPEN480 Bramble Reggie28.30
Sittingbourne 24 OCT 2019 HT 2Sittingbourne24 OCT 20192GR D4265 Woodcocks Alisha17.14
Monmore (Wolverhampton) 23 OCT 2019 HT 11Monmore23 OCT 201911GR A2480 Curalina28.83
VISIT CORAL.CO.UKRomford23 OCT 201910GR A4400 Oishi Blue Dub24.50
Sittingbourne 23 OCT 2019 HT 4Sittingbourne23 OCT 20194GR D2265 View Strength17.07
Monmore (Wolverhampton) 22 OCT 2019 HT 5Monmore22 OCT 20195GR A6480 Agent Ava29.18
Three Cities StakesNottingham21 OCT 201910OPEN500 Rowington Joker30.27
Perry Barr (Birmingham) 21 OCT 2019 HT 2Perry Barr21 OCT 20192GR A1480 Drahbeg Dash28.55
The Munster Juvenile Cup Round 1 Heat 3Clonmel20 OCT 20197GR A1480 Sunshine Lad29.19
Grote Prijs De Covering 2019Geldrop20 OCT 20192OPEN280 Rockchase Capri17.07
Oberhausen 20.10.2019Oberhausen20 OCT 20191OPEN280 Ceannloch Boa16.94
Sunday Night Ladies Heat 1Sittingbourne20 OCT 20193OPEN480 Whitings Gift29.49
Monmore (Wolverhampton) 19 OCT 2019 HT 11Monmore19 OCT 201911GR A1480 Bravo Kiss28.37
Monmore (Wolverhampton) 19 OCT 2019 HT 13Monmore19 OCT 201913GR A1480 Cold Mountain28.59
Nottingham 19 OCT 2019 HT 7Nottingham19 OCT 20197GR A3500 Kilara Ice Cube30.05
Perry Barr (Birmingham) 19 OCT 2019 HT 7Perry Barr19 OCT 20197GR A9480 Coconut Sky Blue30.33
CHECK ROMFORDDOGS.COM FOR ALL YOUR RACING NRomford19 OCT 20192GR A10400 Momominstrel24.76
Swindon 19 OCT 2019 HT 3Swindon19 OCT 20193GR A8476 Hasskona Harry29.27
SEASONS SCAFFOLDING PUPPY TROPHY - FINALHove & Brighton17 OCT 20197OPEN490 Make No Apologie28.29
CORAL SPRINTHove & Brighton17 OCT 20198OPEN285 Coltwood Pogba16.33
BET WITH CORAL ONLINE, MOBILE & IN SHOPHove & Brighton16 OCT 20193GR D2285 Enchanted Wonder16.91
Henlow 15 OCT 2019 HT 6Henlow15 OCT 20196GR A7460 Savana Isme28.51
Henlow 15 OCT 2019 HT 10Henlow15 OCT 201910GR A4460 Tuftys Tony27.97
Monmore (Wolverhampton) 15 OCT 2019 HT 7Monmore15 OCT 20197GR A5480 Brocks Snowflake28.89
www.betfred.com StakesNottingham14 OCT 20191GR A2500 Dark Ocean30.26
LADBROKES AUTUMN FESTIVAL 630 MAIDENMonmore12 OCT 20192OPEN630 Slaneyside Sylvy37.69
LADBROKES AUTUMN FESTIVAL 480 MAIDENMonmore12 OCT 20193OPEN480 That Crazy Man28.45
LADBROKES AUTUMN FESTIVAL 480 PUPPYMonmore12 OCT 20196OPEN480 Million Wink28.60
THE PERRY GARAGE RACEMonmore12 OCT 20198OPEN480 Her Crazy Man28.79
Nottingham 12 OCT 2019 HT 11Nottingham12 OCT 201911GR A2500 Woodcocks Aero29.93
2nd BRIGHTON BELLE TRIAL STAKES DUPLICATEDHove & Brighton10 OCT 20191OPEN515 Droopys Baton30.59
Monmore (Wolverhampton) 10 OCT 2019 HT 1Monmore10 OCT 20191GR A4480 Skyfall Buster28.92
2ND LEG PICK 6 JACKPOTYarmouth10 OCT 20197GR A1462 Swift Onyx28.18
Henlow 08 OCT 2019 HT 7Henlow8 OCT 20197GR A7460 Only One Johnny28.02
Henlow 08 OCT 2019 HT 11Henlow8 OCT 201911GR A5460 White Horse Too27.98
The 2019 Future Champion Unraced Stake RounEnniscorthy7 OCT 20191GR ON1480 Distant Star29.58
Henlow 07 OCT 2019 HT 7Henlow7 OCT 20197GR A5460 Agincourt Eve28.20
The BGBF/Nottingham British Breeders StakesNottingham7 OCT 20198OPEN500 Salacres Barley30.30
Sittingbourne 07 OCT 2019 HT 1Sittingbourne7 OCT 20191GR D4265 Twisted Bliss17.29
LADBROKES KENT DERBY SUPER STANDARDSittingbourne6 OCT 20195OPEN500 Swansalona Playa30.08
DH CAR & COMMERCIAL TROPHYMonmore5 OCT 20199GR A1480 Feora Maestro28.18
Perry Barr (Birmingham) 05 OCT 2019 HT 5Perry Barr5 OCT 20195GR A9480 Ballygibbon Liz30.10
Perry Barr (Birmingham) 05 OCT 2019 HT 6Perry Barr5 OCT 20196GR D4275 Our Sid16.70
www.newcastledogs.com StakesNewcastle (Brough Park)4 OCT 201914GR A6480 Seaside Domino29.46
Monmore (Wolverhampton) 03 OCT 2019 HT 4Monmore3 OCT 20194GR A1480 That Crazy Man28.47
3 WINS IN A ROW - UP THE ANTEMonmore3 OCT 201910GR A4480 Salems Phoenix28.57
Monmore (Wolverhampton) 02 OCT 2019 HT 10Monmore2 OCT 201910GR A4480 Drumdoit Bolt28.81
Monmore (Wolverhampton) 30 SEP 2019 HT 2Monmore30 SEP 20192GR A5480 Glashead Tigger29.10
Sittingbourne 30 SEP 2019 HT 1Sittingbourne30 SEP 20191GR D5265 Cryin Marie17.10
LADBROKES AUTUMN FESTIVAL 480 MAIDENMonmore28 SEP 20191OPEN480 Drumdoit Billy28.56
LADBROKES AUTUMN FESTIVAL 630 MAIDENMonmore28 SEP 20193OPEN630 Smokestack Stan38.07
Monmore (Wolverhampton) 28 SEP 2019 HT 13Monmore28 SEP 201913GR A5480 Drumdoit Bolt29.31
CELEBRATION OR BIRTHDAY, WHY NOT SPONSOR A Romford28 SEP 201913GR A2400 Wychwood Max24.25
Henlow 27 SEP 2019 HT 2Henlow27 SEP 20192GR A7460 Flomur Harry28.59
The Pennie, Eddie & Matilda RaceSittingbourne27 SEP 20194GR A6480 Tornaroy Twirl29.92
Monmore (Wolverhampton) 26 SEP 2019 HT 13Monmore26 SEP 201913GR A1480 Washed Ashore28.45
Sittingbourne 26 SEP 2019 HT 6Sittingbourne26 SEP 20196GR D3265 Kranky Valentine17.16
Sittingbourne 26 SEP 2019 HT 12Sittingbourne26 SEP 201912GR A5480 Im So Fancy30.10
Monmore (Wolverhampton) 25 SEP 2019 HT 12Monmore25 SEP 201912GR A6480 Mitchells Diva28.74
WWW.IPSWICHGREYHOUNDS.COMIpswich24 SEP 20193GR Maid431 Special Karmar25.49
Perry Barr (Birmingham) 23 SEP 2019 HT 6Perry Barr23 SEP 20196GR D4275 Unwritten16.80
Monmore (Wolverhampton) 21 SEP 2019 HT 12Monmore21 SEP 201912GR A7480 Brocks Snowflake28.92
Monmore (Wolverhampton) 21 SEP 2019 HT 14Monmore21 SEP 201914GR A3480 Gortnaskeha John28.89
Owners Bonus Series Eighth Bonus of Nine TrPelaw Grange21 SEP 20198GR A1435 Selkirk Mayhem26.08
2019 BoyleSports Irish Greyhound Derby FinaShelbourne Park21 SEP 201910GROUP1503 Lenson Bocko29.40
Swindon Maiden StandardSwindon21 SEP 20192OPEN476 Zaha28.18
ROMFORD FRIDAY NIGHT 500 STANDARD - HEAT 1Romford20 SEP 20199OPEN400 Argentina23.87
Monmore (Wolverhampton) 19 SEP 2019 HT 5Monmore19 SEP 20195GR A2480 Siberian River28.53
Monmore (Wolverhampton) 19 SEP 2019 HT 10Monmore19 SEP 201910GR A2480 Bravo Kiss28.35
Monmore (Wolverhampton) 19 SEP 2019 HT 11Monmore19 SEP 201911GR A1480 Native Cobbler28.15
FOLLOW THE DOGS SA ON TWITTER (5+ WINS N/P)Angle Park18 SEP 20198GR Spec515 Emerley Nolen30.32
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