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Happy Easter to all at Greyhound-Data

Race Videos

 Select by Stadium or by Sire of the runners
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Name of RaceStadiumDate vHtGradeDist mWinnerTimeFilm
WELCOME TO LIFFORD STADIUM S8/S9 350Lifford7 FEB 20151GR S8320 Geneva Tracy19.46
THE TRY A TRIO S7 350Lifford7 FEB 20152GR S7320 What About Der19.20
THE BUY A BUSTER S5/S6 350Lifford7 FEB 20153GR S5320 Silverhead Tina19.39
THE BOOKING OFFICE A6/A7 525Lifford7 FEB 20154GR A6480 Harrow Wolf29.32
THE RACE SPONSORSHIP A5 525Lifford7 FEB 20155GR A5480 Colarhouse Bound29.35
THE LIFFORD €15 SPECIAL S4/S5 350Lifford7 FEB 20156GR S4320 Fernhill Scolari19.19
www.liffordgreyhounds.com S2/S3 350Lifford7 FEB 20157GR S2320 Orlando Milan19.30
THE LIFFORD €10 SIZZLER DEAL A4/A5 525Lifford7 FEB 20158GR A4480 Fernhill Travis29.52
THE PAURIC QUINN 50th and HURLERS A2/A3 550Lifford7 FEB 20159GR A2503 Dynamo Millar30.39
THE A McLEAN BOOKMAKERS A3 525Lifford7 FEB 201511GR A3480 Tromora Tiger29.62
THE GETTING OUT A4 525 BUMPER STAKESLifford7 FEB 201512GR A4480 Britania Belucky28.95
WELCOME TO LIFFORD STADIUM S8/S9 350Lifford31 JAN 20151GR S8320 Bete Noire19.27
THE TRY A TRIO S7 350Lifford31 JAN 20152GR S7320 Banard Girl19.54
BUY A BUSTER S4/S5 350Lifford31 JAN 20153GR S4320 Corrakelly Bang19.37
'LIKE' US ON FACEBOOK A7 525Lifford31 JAN 20154GR A7480 Townsend Cheeta30.00
THE RACE SPONSORSHIP A6 525Lifford31 JAN 20155GR A6480 Beraghill Monty29.94
THE LIFFORD €15 SPECIAL S4 350Lifford31 JAN 20156GR S4320 Hather Maverick19.38
www.liffordgreyhounds.com A5 525Lifford31 JAN 20157GR A5480 Smurfing Manx29.93
THE LIFFORD €10 SIZZLER DEAL A1/A2 525Lifford31 JAN 20158GR A1480 Tahina Kellie29.34
THE BOOKING OFFICE S2/S3 350Lifford31 JAN 20159GR S2320 Hather Peggy19.41
THE A MCLEAN BOOKMAKERS A4/A5 575Lifford31 JAN 201511GR A4526 Total Motion32.69
THE GETTING OUT A3/A4 575 BUMPER STAKESLifford31 JAN 201512GR A3526 Britania Belucky32.83
Welcome To Kilkenny Track A6 525Kilkenny30 JAN 20151GR A6480 Random Megan29.78
Betting on The Tote 300Kilkenny30 JAN 20152GR S1274 Kells Rebel16.59
€1,200 Betting On The Tote A4 Novice 7Kilkenny30 JAN 20153GR DD0663 Garryglass Zara41.47
The Track Supporters Club A5 525Kilkenny30 JAN 20154GR A5480 Barefoot Victor29.46
Fundraising Nights @ Kilkenny Track A2 / A3Kilkenny30 JAN 20155GR A2480 Mount Donal30.00
T.S.C. Awards Night A3 / A4 525Kilkenny30 JAN 20156GR A3480 San Miguel29.74
€2,200 Mister Bates A3 525 Semi-FinalKilkenny30 JAN 20157GR A3480 Garryglass Sammy29.83
€2,200 Mister Bates A3 525 Semi-FinalKilkenny30 JAN 20158GR A3480 Olympic Money30.29
The Kilkenny Track Sales A2 525Kilkenny30 JAN 20159GR A2480 Tubrid Beauty29.51
WELCOME TO LIFFORD STADIUM S9 350Lifford24 JAN 20151GR S9320 Kayleighs Girl19.91
THE TRY A TRIO S6/S7 350Lifford24 JAN 20152GR S6320 Rough Rogue19.40
BUY A BUSTER S5 350Lifford24 JAN 20153GR S5320 Mineola Tip Top19.49
'LIKE' US ON FACEBOOK A7 525Lifford24 JAN 20154GR A7480 Townparks Jenny30.07
THE RACE SPONSORSHIP A6/A7 525Lifford24 JAN 20155GR A6480 Tromora Allstar29.61
THE LIFFORD €15 SPECIAL S4 350Lifford24 JAN 20156GR S4320 Ballybun Oshea19.32
www.liffordgreyhounds.com AO/A2 525Lifford24 JAN 20157GR A0480 Tahina Ace29.08
THE LIFFORD €10 SIZZLER DEAL A4 525Lifford24 JAN 20158GR A4480 Tahina Rhonda29.99
THE BOOKING OFFICE S1/S2 350Lifford24 JAN 20159GR S1320 Ely Rambler19.13
THE ULTIMATE DINING EXPERIENCE A2/A3 550Lifford24 JAN 201510GR A2503 Tahina Kellie30.53
THE A McLEAN BOOKMAKERS A3/A4 525Lifford24 JAN 201511GR A3480 Quill Rocket29.68
THE GETTING OUT A4 525 BUMPER STAKESLifford24 JAN 201512GR A4480 Turbine Tulip29.56
Welcome To Kilkenny Track A6 525Kilkenny23 JAN 20151GR A6480 Deckos Kitty30.24
The Track Supporters Club Awards Night A8 5Kilkenny23 JAN 20152GR A8480 Sedgie29.71
Fundraising Nights @ Kilkenny Track N1 525Kilkenny23 JAN 20153GR N1480 Flomur Joey29.93
Shane Taylor Stag Party A4 525Kilkenny23 JAN 20154GR A4480 Slippersforwooly29.79
€1,200 Betting On The Tote A4 Novice 7Kilkenny23 JAN 20155GR DD0663 Group Rebel41.63
€1,200 Betting On The Tote A4 Novice 7Kilkenny23 JAN 20156GR DD0663 Garryglass Zara41.63
Happy Birthday Peter Rogers A4 525Kilkenny23 JAN 20157GR A4480 Baileys Star29.72
€2,200 Mister Bates A3 525 Round 1 HeaKilkenny23 JAN 20158GR A3480 Manners Legend29.69
€2,200 Mister Bates A3 525 Round 1 HeaKilkenny23 JAN 20159GR A3480 Karlow James29.51
€2,200 Mister Bates A3 525 Round 1 HeaKilkenny23 JAN 201510GR A3480 Blackrose Delta29.43
Welcome to Kilkenny Track A6 / A7 525Kilkenny16 JAN 20151GR A6480 Awaywitdedixies30.06
Tote Betting @ Kilkenny Track S3 300Kilkenny16 JAN 20152GR S3274 Deenside Wood16.77
Benefit Nights @ Kilkenny Track A6 525Kilkenny16 JAN 20153GR A6480 Garryglass Zara29.71
Kingsmill Messi and Moveit Jamie @ Stud A5 Kilkenny16 JAN 20154GR A5480 Tedo Missy30.35
Benefit Nights @ Kilkenny Track A5 525 FinaKilkenny16 JAN 20155GR A5480 Blackrose Sheena29.55
Upcoming Sweepstakes @ Kilkenny Track A4 52Kilkenny16 JAN 20156GR A4480 Raggletaggle Rex29.63
Connolly's Red Mills A2 525Kilkenny16 JAN 20157GR A2480 Thunder Man29.96
Trials @ Kilkenny Track A3 525Kilkenny16 JAN 20158GR A3480 Doubtful Venture29.67
The Kilkenny Track A2 525Kilkenny16 JAN 20159GR A2480 Kilbally Bob29.37
WELCOME TO LIFFORD STADIUM S8/S9 350Lifford10 JAN 20151GR S8320 Forward Daniel19.88
BUY A BUSTER S8/S9 350Lifford10 JAN 20152GR S8320 Moorlands Teecee19.96
THE TRY A TRIO S6/S7 350Lifford10 JAN 20153GR S6320 Hather Slippy19.70
THE BOOKING OFFICE A6/A7 525Lifford10 JAN 20154GR A6480 Swanson Cash30.31
www.liffordgreyhounds.com A4/A5 575Lifford10 JAN 20155GR A4526 Deerpark Youngin33.20
THE LIFFORD €15 SPECIAL S4 350Lifford10 JAN 20156GR S4320 Dothejob19.62
THE RACE SPONSORSHIPS D1/D2 750Lifford10 JAN 20157GR D1686 Dynamo Millar43.48
'LIKE' US ON FACEBOOK A2 525Lifford10 JAN 20158GR A2480 Ballymac Mohamed29.67
THE LIFFORD €10 SIZZLER S3/S4 350Lifford10 JAN 20159GR S3320 Ghetto Buddy19.79
www.betmclean.com/mobile A5 525 FinalLifford10 JAN 201510GR A5480 Storm Warrior30.00
THE ULTIMATE DINING EXPERIENCE A2/A3 600Lifford10 JAN 201511GR A2549 Tahina Kellie33.92
THE GETTING OUT A3/A4 525 BUMPER STAKESLifford10 JAN 201512GR A3480 Hillcroft Lass29.95
Welcome To Kilkenny Track A6 525Kilkenny9 JAN 20151GR A6480 Hi Rachael30.08
Betting on The Tote A7 525Kilkenny9 JAN 20152GR A7480 Vandiva29.67
The Kilkenny Track A5 525Kilkenny9 JAN 20153GR A5480 Chums Fiver29.76
Benefit Nights @ Kilkenny Track A5 525 SemiKilkenny9 JAN 20154GR A5480 By a Whisker29.98
Benefit Nights @ Kilkenny Track A5 525 SemiKilkenny9 JAN 20155GR A5480 Blackrose Sheena29.62
Sevenhouses Coursing Club A4 525Kilkenny9 JAN 20156GR A4480 Oxford Girl29.56
The Track Supporters Club A3 525Kilkenny9 JAN 20157GR A3480 Triangle Jamie29.58
www.igb.ie A3 525Kilkenny9 JAN 20158GR A3480 Dysert Ranger29.78
Upcoming Sweepstakes @ KK Track A2 / A3 525Kilkenny9 JAN 20159GR A2480 Kilbally Bob29.90
WELCOME TO LIFFORD STADIUM S7/S8 350Lifford3 JAN 20151GR S7320 Ryexpress19.45
THE BUY A BUSTER S5/S6 350Lifford3 JAN 20152GR S5320 Dothejob19.28
THE TRY A TRIO S3/S4 350Lifford3 JAN 20153GR S3320 Deerpark Bobby19.22
THE LIFFORD €15 SPECIAL A5/A6 525Lifford3 JAN 20154GR A5480 Bewley Blue29.85
THE ULTIMATE DINING EXPERIENCE A3/A4 600Lifford3 JAN 20155GR A3549 Tahina Kellie33.12
THE LIFFORD €10 SIZZLER S2/S3 350Lifford3 JAN 20156GR S2320 Nosey Taz18.94
www.betmclean.com/mobile A5 525 Semi-FinalLifford3 JAN 20157GR A5480 Smurfing Flame29.42
www.betmclean.com/mobile A5 525 Semi-FinalLifford3 JAN 20158GR A5480 Grillagh Miller29.16
THE BOOKING OFFICE A3/A4 525Lifford3 JAN 20159GR A3480 Pacific Amy29.28
THE HAPPY 2015 A2/A3 525Lifford3 JAN 201510GR A2480 Ballymac Mohamed29.11
THE amcleanbookmakers.com A3 525 FinalLifford3 JAN 201511GR A3480 Tahina Ace29.28
BET McLEAN A1/A2 575 FinalLifford3 JAN 201512GR A1526 Pinpoint Brandi31.74
WELCOME TO LIFFORD STADIUM S5/S6 350Lifford27 DEC 20141GR S5320 Deerpark Jim19.46
www.betmclean.com/mobile A5 525 Round 1 HeaLifford27 DEC 20142GR A5480 Lisneal Rumble29.55
www.betmclean.com/mobile A5 525 Round 1 HeaLifford27 DEC 20143GR A5480 Mullrook Danaher29.47
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