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Race Videos

 Select by Stadium or by Sire of the runners
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Name of RaceStadiumDate vHtGradeDist mWinnerTimeFilm
HENLOW MAIDEN DERBY FINAL HT 8Henlow21 JAN 20188OPEN460 Bull Run Bolt27.84
Pelaw Grange 21 Jan 2018 HT 3Pelaw Grange21 JAN 20183GR A3435 Mustang Noble26.49
WWW IPSWICH GREYHOUNDS.COM STAKEIpswich20 JAN 20187GR 4/5520 Sweet Karmar30.70
2018 Best Car Parks Gold Cup Open 525 RoundShelbourne Park20 JAN 20187GR AA0480 Moorstown Bobby28.64
2018 Best Car Parks Gold Cup Open 525 RoundShelbourne Park20 JAN 20188GR AA0480 Jaytee Yankee28.73
2018 Best Car Parks Gold Cup Open 525 RoundShelbourne Park20 JAN 20189GR AA0480 Borna Gin28.45
2018 Best Car Parks Gold Cup Open 525 RoundShelbourne Park20 JAN 201810GR AA0480 Ballybough Murt28.73
2018 Best Car Parks Gold Cup Open 525 RoundShelbourne Park20 JAN 201811GR AA0480 Fantasy Joey28.64
2018 Best Car Parks Gold Cup Open 525 RoundShelbourne Park20 JAN 201812GR AA0480 Pennylane Lucky28.62
Swindon 20 Jan 2018 HT 7Swindon20 JAN 20187GR A3480 Razor Jimelly29.83
Rural Hawaii @ Stud Open Unraced Stake RounClonmel19 JAN 20181GR N0480 Rural Brae28.82
Rural Hawaii @ Stud Open Unraced Stake RounClonmel19 JAN 20182GR N0480 Music Toour Ears28.98
Rural Hawaii @ Stud Open Unraced Stake RounClonmel19 JAN 20184GR N0480 Bruis Popeye29.10
Rural Hawaii @ Stud Open Unraced Stake RounClonmel19 JAN 20185GR N0480 Desert Tonic29.19
Rural Hawaii @ Stud Open Unraced Stake RounClonmel19 JAN 20186GR N0480 Dalcash Behold29.15
Rural Hawaii @ Stud Open Unraced Stake RounClonmel19 JAN 20187GR N0480 Kit Commando29.01
Rural Hawaii @ Stud Open Unraced Stake RounClonmel19 JAN 20189GR N0480 Drifting Bill29.24
MITCH MILLWARD MARATHON FINAL HT 9Romford19 JAN 20189OPEN750 Goldies Hotspur47.96
CORAL CORONATION CUP FINAL HT 10Romford19 JAN 201810OPEN575 Shotgun Bullet35.25
The Restaurant Packages A3/4 525 Stake RounShelbourne Park19 JAN 20183GR A3480 Prettylittleliar29.09
The Upcoming Events A2 525 Stake FinalShelbourne Park19 JAN 20188GR A2480 Sober Java29.04
THE SPRINGBOK TRIAL STAKES HT 3Sittingbourne19 JAN 20183OPEN480 Lenson Wilson30.14
Henlow 18 Jan 2018 HT 1Henlow18 JAN 20181GR A10460 Woodcocks Rocco28.93
Monmore Green 18 Jan 2018 HT 2Monmore18 JAN 20182GR A3480 Skyfall Buster29.34
LADBROKES 630 MAIDEN HT 8Monmore18 JAN 20188OPEN630 Holycross Avril39.04
Yarmouth 18 Jan 2018 HT 4Yarmouth18 JAN 20184GR A1462 Greenwell Panda28.54
Monmore Green 17 Jan 2018 HT 12Monmore17 JAN 201812GR S2630 Sameagain Totti38.77
Henlow 15 Jan 2018 HT 2Henlow15 JAN 20182GR A9460 Savana Kai28.54
Monmore Green 15 Jan 2018 HT 1Monmore15 JAN 20181GR A7480 Swift Houdini29.65
Stadium Bookmakers Oaks Trophy - Division 1Nottingham15 JAN 20188OPEN500 Madabout Maggie29.76
Yarmouth 15 Jan 2018 HT 4Yarmouth15 JAN 20184GR A1462 Leighton Wolf28.45
Yarmouth 15 Jan 2018 HT 5Yarmouth15 JAN 20185GR D2277 Whoops Molly16.95
HENLOW MAIDEN DERBY 1ST SEMI FINAL HT 7Henlow14 JAN 20187OPEN460 Lookalike27.33
HENLOW MAIDEN DERBY 2ND SEMI FINAL HT 8Henlow14 JAN 20188OPEN460 Bombers Bullet27.59
HENLOW MAIDEN DERBY 3RD SEMI FINAL HT 9Henlow14 JAN 20189OPEN460 Headford Octane27.16
HENLOW DASH HT 10Henlow14 JAN 201810OPEN277 Stringer Bell16.61
HENLOW MIDI HT 11Henlow14 JAN 201811OPEN550 Roswell Romanov33.43
HENLOW STANDARD DUP HT 13Henlow14 JAN 201813OPEN460 Droopys Dresden27.77
HENLOW STANDARD DUP HT 14Henlow14 JAN 201814OPEN460 Idle Talker27.60
THE IMPERIAL CAR SUPERMARKET BIG CASH GIVEATowcester14 JAN 20188GR S1686 Fire Height Josh41.37
Pelaw Grange 13 Jan 2018 HT 8Pelaw Grange13 JAN 20188GR A3435 Posh Pearl26.49
Perry Barr 13 Jan 2018 HT 3Perry Barr13 JAN 20183GR A4480 Ballymac Mohane29.74
The Try a Trio Bet 350Shelbourne Park13 JAN 20183GR SS0320 Claires Turbo18.89
The www.shelbourneparkgreyhoundstadium.ie 5Shelbourne Park13 JAN 201811GR AA0480 Ballymac Galway28.70
The BoyleSports 'Getting Out' 550Shelbourne Park13 JAN 201812GR AA0503 Vaguely Noble30.16
Swindon 13 Jan 2018 HT 11Swindon13 JAN 201811GR A4480 Pride of Hungary29.62
Yarmouth 13 Jan 2018 HT 1Yarmouth13 JAN 20181GR A5462 Perfect Hondo28.74
FOLLOWatCORAL ON TWITTER MAIDENS HT 1Romford12 JAN 20181OPEN400 Old Fort Comet24.25
FOLLOWatCORAL ON TWITTER MAIDENS HT 3Romford12 JAN 20183OPEN400 Swabys Gift24.05
ROMFORD FRIDAY NIGHT 500 STANDARD - HEAT 1 Romford12 JAN 20184OPEN400 Chopchop Steve23.86
ROMFORD FRIDAY NIGHT 500 STANDARD - HEAT 2 Romford12 JAN 20185OPEN400 Cotton Pants23.97
ROMFORD FRIDAY NIGHT 500 STANDARD - HEAT 3 Romford12 JAN 20186OPEN400 Ballymac Hope24.12
CORAL CORONATION CUP - 1ST SEMI FINAL HT 7Romford12 JAN 20187OPEN575 Droopys Who35.52
CORAL CORONATION CUP - 2ND SEMI FINAL HT 8Romford12 JAN 20188OPEN575 Shotgun Bullet34.95
CORAL CORONATION CUP - 3RD SEMI FINAL HT 9Romford12 JAN 20189OPEN575 Romeo Mandate34.95
MITCH MILLWARD MARATHON - HEAT 2 HT 11Romford12 JAN 201811OPEN750 Barricane Tommy46.94
MITCH MILLWARD MARATHON - HEAT 3 HT 12Romford12 JAN 201812OPEN750 Maireads Ivy46.71
VISIT CORAL.CO.UK WINNER OF ONE STANDARD HTRomford12 JAN 201814OPEN400 Coolemount View24.12
The Upcoming Events A2 525 Stake Semi-FinalShelbourne Park12 JAN 20189GR A2480 Sober Java29.24
THE FRIDAY NIGHT STAYERS HT 5Sittingbourne12 JAN 20185OPEN642 Kentish Power40.43
THE SPRINGBOK TRIAL STAKES HT 6Sittingbourne12 JAN 20186OPEN480 Droopys Stephan30.11
FRIDAY NIGHT DUAL DISTANCE FINAL HT 7Sittingbourne12 JAN 20187OPEN500 Master Jim30.53
THE CENTRAL PARK DUAL DISTANCE ( HEAT 1) HTSittingbourne12 JAN 20188OPEN450 Droopys Charm27.59
THE CENTRAL PARK DUAL DISTANCE ( HEAT 2) HTSittingbourne12 JAN 20189OPEN450 Droopys Justine27.87
THE FRIDAY NIGHT DASH HT 10Sittingbourne12 JAN 201810OPEN265 Well Reem16.68
THE FRIDAY NIGHT SUPER MAIDEN HT 11Sittingbourne12 JAN 201811OPEN500 Gemini Princess30.70
HOVE LADIES HT 5Hove & Brighton11 JAN 20185OPEN515 Droopys Polly30.04
HOVE STANDARD HT 6Hove & Brighton11 JAN 20186OPEN515 Fweshfromthesesh29.88
CORAL MAIDEN 475 - HEAT 1 HT 7Hove & Brighton11 JAN 20187OPEN475 Bubbly Panther28.28
CORAL MAIDEN 475 - HEAT 2 HT 8Hove & Brighton11 JAN 20188OPEN475 Baran Spitfire28.33
CORAL MAIDEN 475 - HEAT 3 HT 9Hove & Brighton11 JAN 20189OPEN475 Ower Boy Dazzler28.25
HOVE SPRINT HT 10Hove & Brighton11 JAN 201810OPEN285 Kilmore Lemon16.17
HOVE MAIDEN STAYERS HT 11Hove & Brighton11 JAN 201811OPEN695 Maireads Tiger42.25
HOVE 475 HT 12Hove & Brighton11 JAN 201812OPEN475 Punkrock Rambo28.35
HARLOW WEDNESDAY MAIDEN HT 2Harlow10 JAN 20182OPEN415 Portofino Bay25.93
HARLOW WEDNESDAY MAIDEN STAYERS HEAT 1 HT 4Harlow10 JAN 20184OPEN592 Ballyoak Flower37.33
HARLOW WEDNESDAY MAIDEN STAYERS HEAT 2 HT 6Harlow10 JAN 20186OPEN592 Philfen Blue Max37.16
HARLOW WEDNESDAY STANDARD HT 7Harlow10 JAN 20187OPEN415 Bar the Warrior25.59
HARLOW WEDNESDAY SPRINT HT 9Harlow10 JAN 20189OPEN238 Lemon Diamond14.70
HARLOW WEDNESDAY MAIDEN MONKEY HT 10Harlow10 JAN 201810OPEN415 Prime Bonus25.97
HARLOW WEDNESDAY STAYERS HT 11Harlow10 JAN 201811OPEN592 Loggies Rosie36.85
THE WILLIAMHILL.COM STAKES HT 7Sunderland10 JAN 20187GR A3450 Cuinns His Name27.62
SIS GRADED A7 SWEEPSTAKE HEAT 1 HT 2Henlow8 JAN 20182GR A7460 Marcos Santorini28.50
SIS GRADED A9 SWEEPSTAKE FINAL HT 8Henlow8 JAN 20188GR A9460 Kilbreedy Lark28.68
www.betfred.com Stakes HT 1Nottingham8 JAN 20181GR A4500 Brave Keano30.37
2ND LEG PICK 6 JACKPOT HT 7Yarmouth8 JAN 20187GR D2277 Funso Banjo16.90
6TH LEG PICK 6 JACKPOT HT 11Yarmouth8 JAN 201811GR A1462 Harrow Wolf28.28
HENLOW 550 MAIDEN HT 5Henlow7 JAN 20185OPEN550 Romeo Treaty33.59
HENLOW DASH HT 6Henlow7 JAN 20186OPEN277 Stringer Bell16.59
HENLOW MAIDEN DERBY HEAT 1 HT 7Henlow7 JAN 20187OPEN460 Headford Octane27.26
HENLOW MAIDEN DERBY HEAT 2 HT 8Henlow7 JAN 20188OPEN460 Bombers Bullet27.53
HENLOW MAIDEN DERBY HEAT 3 HT 9Henlow7 JAN 20189OPEN460 Lookalike27.67
HENLOW MAIDEN DERBY HEAT 4 HT 10Henlow7 JAN 201810OPEN460 Mustang Kelly27.83
HENLOW MAIDEN DERBY HEAT 5 HT 11Henlow7 JAN 201811OPEN460 Elegant Approach27.61
HENLOW MAIDEN DERBY HEAT 6 HT 12Henlow7 JAN 201812OPEN460 Noelles Phelpso27.84
HENLOW STANDARD DUP HT 13Henlow7 JAN 201813OPEN460 Ballyregan Jimmy27.50
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