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Business Ads
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Whelping service
Description  We are now taking bookings for Whelping service . breeder with over 30 yrs experience. With clean facilities and climate control. For more information please Pm . Conditions apply
Contact Name  Michelle Shambler
State  New South Wales   
Contact Address  ELLALONG
Phone  0400102076
email  contact now!
 (ad posted on 16-Jan-21)

Chain Wire
Description  Chain wire 1800high 50mmx50mm. This wire has been used but is in good condition. They come in various roll lengths of 5,10 and 15metre. It comes at a very cheap price of $5.00 per metre, the catch at that price is you must buy 200 metres as that is what’s on a pallet.
Contact Name  Brian Selleck
State  Victoria   
Contact Address  Cranbourne
Phone  0431110261
email  contact now!
 (ad posted on 14-Jan-21)

Greyhound laser
Description  Are you sick and tired of injuries costing your dog winning .If so contact jack today. There is no better Laser on today’s market.All the worlds leading trainers can’t be wrong .
Visit www.greyhound pp.com.au or google greyhound performance products laser 3300.
Contact jack today 0419317931.
Contact Name  Jack Ogilvie
State  Victoria   
Contact Address  Victoria
Phone  0419317931
email  contact now!
 (ad posted on 09-Jan-21)

Description  Description Teasers made to order fully synthetic fur

# the screamer electronic device operates on a
Standard 9v battery $90

# Movement activated as shown in video $120

# the Kindy ideal for pups from 8 weeks upwards
Fully synthetic material choice of colors with
Extra ears and hand held switch $155

Replacement skins $60
Teaser comes in two colors blue or brown

# the Ringer made for bullring $200 only takes around 10 minutes to install. Contents come with cable, conduct, waterproof switch and connectors and heavy duty teaser .

# the predator this one comes with a call device that has programed sounds. The fur on the teaser is fully synthetic realistic brown fluffy fur with a tail . Can be used at home or track for finish /lead on.
# 6 preloaded sounds $240
# 25 preloaded sounds $260

Video of happy overseas customer from Ireland

Shipping prices start from Australia wide $15 with tracking
International shipping from
# Tazzie $25
# NZ $30
# UK & Ireland $36 no tracking or $42 with tracking
Pm or call me on 0400102076

Contact Name  Michelle Shambler
State  New South Wales   
Contact Address  
Phone  0400102076
email  contact now!
 (ad posted on 07-Jan-21)

Cooling Vests
Description  Beat The Summer Heat
Cooling Vests
Cools core body temperature 2 to 5 degrees
Simply wet in cold water, Gently partially wring out then fit
Reduces Stress stops panting
Muscles not covered as cooling restricts blood flow causing cramping
Call Peter 0411 442 052
Contact Name  Peter Bryce
State  Victoria   
Contact Address  
Phone  0411442052
email  contact now!
 (ad posted on 24-Dec-20)

Stressless Suits
Description  Winning Post Supplies
Stressless Suits for excitable stressy Dogs
Ideal in Thunderstorms, travelling or Race day.
$145 Plus $10 Post
Order now
Color Blue.
Eftpos or Bank Deposit payment
Call Peter
O411 442 052
Sizes 26 28 30 32 34 36
Please quote bodyweight when ordering
Contact Name  Winning
State  Victoria   
Contact Address  28 Grantulla Rd
Phone  0411442052
email  contact now!
Ad posted by  Peter Bryce   
 (ad posted on 24-Dec-20)

Probiotic For Greyhounds
Description  Winning Post Supplies
Probiotic -
Greyhound Supplement
00Million CFU/g (Colony Forming Units)
For Animal Use Only
Build a stronger immune system
Available sizes
75g $25 - 150g $40 - 500g $80 - 1kg $140
To order Call Peter Bryce 0411 442 052
Key Benefits: Natural Wormer
May improve the following appetite, digestion and absorption
of nutrients, increase dominant flora in the gastrointestinal tract and reduce diarrhoea, gas build up, vomit and gastroenteritis as well as reduce bile issues and Kennel cough.
May also improve skin itch, redness and hair loss. reduce body odours and odours from excretion.
improve hair quality, lustre and enhance body postures.
also increase muscular endurance and activity in Greyhounds.
Daily Feed Rate:
Introductory dose small pinch sprinkled over the feed twice a day-then every second day
for 1 week then twice weekly.
Best Results: 2 days prior to and 2 days after racing.
Dogs 23 – 36kg 8g
Dogs over 36kg 10g
In period of intestinal discomfort double the dosage for the first 5 days.
Measure: Tablespoon = 15g 1 Teaspoon = 5.0 grams
1/2 Teaspoon = 2.5 grams
1/4 Teaspoon = 1.25 grams
Storage: Sealed, dry and ventilated place away from light
Shelf life: Room temperature preservation, 12 months
Probiotics = Insurance against the need for Antibiotics
Contact Name  Peter Bryce
State  Victoria   
Contact Address  
Phone  0411442052
email  contact now!
 (ad posted on 24-Dec-20)

Greyhound Rearing
Description  We at Starr Kennel's pride ourselves on our reputation of producing quality greyhounds for the National and International markets.
We have a number of high profile and professional clients that have dealt with us for many years.
Our experience extends back for more than Twenty-Five year's, specialising in rearing.
We have a new and exciting web site for your convenience, www.starr-kennels.com
It is worth a visit, It will explain more in detail our services and what we have to offer for sale...
Contact Name  Glenn Starr
State  New South Wales   
Contact Address  104 Yarras Lane , Bathurst, 2795
Phone  0429926487
email  contact now!
 (ad posted on 22-Dec-20)

Description  We have for lease 2 impressive,recently completed Greyhound properties located at TWO WELLS, South Australia
Please note the - 4 bedroom -house with 1 60 dog shed has been leased
There is a brand new 3 bedroom house available
- Fully Furnished
- Air Conditioned
- Internet / Phone installed
- Solar Powered
- Mains Water / Bore Water
For the Greyhounds:
- 2 brick sheds that hold 60 dogs per shed, all individual kennels (one shed per house )
- Fully Air Conditioned
-Stainless steel kitchen
-4 Breeding Pens per shed
- Wash Bay Hot / Cold
-15 X 100 meter sand runs
-20 X 70 meter pup runs with seperate sheds with overhead veranda with sand runs
- Use of a straight track with 3 dog starting boxes
- Bullring with 2 dog starting boxes
-Property fully licensed for 120 dogs
The properties will suit Greyhound Breeders or Trainers and are walk-in ready
Inspection are a must- Price on application

For all enquiries please email: Jack at - jack20010@bigpond.com or mobile is - 0488067889 -

Contact Name  Eugenio Savaglia
State  South Australia   
Contact Address  
Phone  0488067889
email  contact now!
 (ad posted on 15-Jan-21)

Description  Greyhounds not latching on, Bad box dogs, Not chasing. Over 35 yrs experience and our reputation speaks for itself. 2 week intensive course and we only take limited numbers at any one time. We have phone numbers of couriers that go past our door weekly. Dogs must be wormed prior to entering our property and be clean. $180 per week per dog.
Contact Name  B & R Evans
State  New South Wales   
Contact Address  PO Box 119 Moonbi 2353 NSW

Phone  67605267 or 0428293341
email  contact now!
Ad posted by  roselyn evans   
 (ad posted on 11-Jan-21)

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