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Pennys Kennel

Breeder   Eugene Price
Street   Rathangan
City   Co. Kildare
Country   Ireland
Email   eprice4321@gmail.com www.pennyskennels.com
Phone   00353 86 8377208

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(see www.pennyskennels.com for full details of prices etc)

The long established Pennys Kennel is a flagship in one of the most prominent greyhound areas in the world - Rathangan, Co. Kildare. Set on 80 acres of prime land, no expense has been spared in this birth place of many champions.
The estate is well secured and the kennel complex has a central kitchen, foodstore, 15 dog circular walking shed and a range of heated kennels for whelping, schooling and racing.
There are 14 spacious rearing runs for pups with fully insulated paper bedded accommodation.
There is a state of the art 400 meter irrigated grass on sawdust gallop with a specially designed safe pulling up and catching pen.
The remaining fifty acres run to the River Slate and are used for river walks, free galloping and hunting.

Easy Pay

Our new EASY PAY system for purchasing and rearing high quality pups. Bred and reared in our state of the art rearing facility PENNYS KENNELS.

Simply choose your puppy at 12 weeks old and we do the rest, your pup will be ready to race at 14 months of age approximately. Using our vast experience we ensure your dog/bitch reaches their full potential.
EASYPAYMENT SYSTEM gives buyers the option of paying monthly instead of the usual upfront payment.
Example: Dog puppies 10 payments of 180. Bitch puppies 10 payments of 150 There are no extra costs of any kind such as innoculations/regular worming/etc.
Buyers also have the option of paying 10 extra per payment (100 in total). In the unlikely event of serious career ending injury/illness or death to your puppy we will replace your dog or bitch with one of similar age/pedigree.

Full details see www.pennyskennels.com