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The French Kennel

Breeder   Francine Jestin
Street   Greenfields
City   Galway
Country   Ireland
Email   francinejestin@hotmail.fr

About the KennelStud DogsBroodsBreeding Successes

This is not a Professional kennel, I train and occasionaly breed my own dogs.
My kennels are outdoors, the dogs are kenneled up either on their own or by pair, depending what's best for them and all have private runs, they can get in and out as they wish.
I also have some of them living at home with me.
I'm just a French tourist eaten alive by my passion for those majestic dogs, and trying my best to pass it on!
I'm also helping rehoming groups, by fostering and spreading the word about responsible racing: our dogs aren't just live stock, they deserve respect and care, all their life..
I keep some of my retired, and rehome others.
You're welcome to visit my Facebook page The French Kennel, for regular updates on racing results, pups/sapplings available for sale, etc...