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Badminton Kennels

Breeder   David McGrath / Donal Murphy
Country   Ireland
Email   wdmcgrath@gmail.com
Phone   087 6646861

About the KennelStud DogsBroodsBreeding Successes

Always looking for Well Bred Potential Classic Brood Bitches.

Headline Photo

3 Good Bitches together, Badmintons Rossa, Girl and Maid.

Picture 1

Badminton Girl clear to the first bend in the 2013 Irish Oaks Final

**** Two litters born June 18****

6 dogs and 2 bitches by Taylors Sky ex Badminton Maid and

7 dogs and 2 bitches by Taylors Sky ex Badminton Girl

Currently stock include

Badminton Girl, July 11 Brett Lee- Tas, http://www.greyhound-data.com/d?d=badminton+girl&x=26&y=13

Runner up Irish Oaks, 2013

Brilliant Brood Bitch, 5 of her 12 pups to hit the Track already rated over 100 on Data with the eldest still 2 years old and including the brilliant Badminton Ciaran, now Tyrur Harold, Irish Derby Semi Finalist, Longford Track Recored Holder

April 2016 litter includes the8 brilliant Rising Brandy, unbeaten winner Monmore Puppy Derby 27.82 in the Final, straight to the top of the English Derby Betting

Latest litter repeat mating to Tullyurry Act June 17 2D 5B

** All sold**

Badminton Maid, July 13 Brett Lee - Kildallon Maid, http://www.greyhound-data.com/d?d=badminton+maid&x=24&y=14

Winner 2015 Redmills /Newbridge TSC Unraced bitch Stake 2844 in the final, 5,000 euro

Litter sister Ballydoyle Honey, Urban Gossip, Samiya,Hovex Princess, etc

Fantastic reports from the dogs in the first litter currently schooling.

First two pups to run

Badminton Ronan, Runner up Red Mills Futurre Chsmpion Stakes Enniscorthy
Cliffords Pick 2858 Shelbourne FTON, Winner Semi Finalist Kirby Memorial Limerick

Second litter 5 dogs and 6 bitches June 17 to Droopys Jet

**All sold**

Badminton Tyche, May 12 Brett Lee - Steamy Windows, http://www.greyhound-data.com/d?d=Badminton+tychee&x=11&y=13Photo at 12 months

Litter Sister to Slippery Fred R-up Easter Cup

Half Sister to Slippery Robert, Irish Derby Winner andSlippery Bob, Tote Gold Cup WInner

Wrist injury after winning first race

1 dog 5 bitches to Tullymurry Act Oct16

**Second litter Born 11October 2017, to Ballymac Vic 3 dogs and 6 bitces, all sold

Badminton Rua May 15 Ballymac Vic - Lacken Rua, Brilliant young bitch from one of the top producing dam lines in the Country

Already AA0 /SSO after 1779 fastest of the year at Drumbo Park, second fastest time ever recorded by a bitch there and Won by 10 1/2 lengths 28.28 Cork first look without an unofficial trial. An Oaks bitch for this year.
In season at the time of the Irish Oaks

Requified 18.89 Shelbourne and should be ready to start back in the Christmas Oaks there.

Bitch pup Aug 16 Confident - Rankin Rossa Baby

Current runners

Badminton Rua above

Badminton Ciaran, May 15 Tullymurry Act - Badminton Girl

By far the best dog pup I have had for 20 years.

Won first round Red Mills Unraced Clonmel 2874

Re-qualified after injury at Newbridge, 17.39, 10 slow, 17.29, Track record currently is 1735 set in 2009

Did 2826 first look at Longford unofficial followed by a brilliant 2964 over 550 yards in the first round of the Longford Derby last week

Broke Track Record 550 Longford 29.45 in the second round.

Sold to PJFahy and now. Renamed Tyrur Harold

Semi Finalist Irish Derby 2017

Other pups starting off

Badminton Ronan, Scolari Me Daddy ex Badminton Maid, Feb 16 Did an almost unheard of 25.85, first time in a box anywhere, at the Wild Goose, then 1822 at Newbridge and then qualified 2993 on the clock third time in a box and first time at Kilkenny, first 525, at this stage he looks every bit good as Ciaran.

** Ronan stated off on the Red Miils Future Champion Unraced Stake at Enniscorthy and ran a great race to be runner up in the Final, leading clear only to be caught on the line.

He will be aimed at the Kirby Memorial in Limerick where his early pace should put him right in the mix**

Next pup to start off is Badminton Dara, Taylors Sky ex Badminton Girl April 16.

Dara has qualified in 1906 at Enniscorthy and 28.93 at Newbridge and like his half brother Ciaran/ Harold, he will start off in the Red Mills Unraced Stake at Clonmel in January.
Dara got to the. final despite a sprained hock in the first round. He will comeback in late April or early May

3rd May 2018

Rising Brandy, unbeaten Winner Monmore Puppy Derby makes it an Unbeaten 5 from 5 in the First Round of the Starsports English Greyhound Derby in a Clash of the Round buckle with the great Dorotas Wildcat, now as low as 12/1 Favourite for the Derby