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The First Greyhound Workshops for Owners in Mainland China

The GRCC with Greyhound-Data has conducted its first Workshop 1 and 2 Basic Injury Detection for greyhound owners in Mainland China. The injury detection workshops are "hands on" and teach a precise technique of examining any dog for muscle injuries.

The following subjects were covered:
Suitable Bedding, Nails, Acidosis, Cramping and Corns.

Examination of the: Shoulders, Accessory Carpal, Main Flexor Tendon, Metacarpals, Toes, Wrists, Hip Muscles, Hip Support, Gracilis, Calf, Achilles Tendon, Hock and Groin.

Thank you for your Support.

Tony Gallagher

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Bashful Kennels

Breeder   Eamon O'goan
City   Co.tyrone
Country   Ireland
Email   eamonogoan@hotmail.co.uk
Phone   07742865521

About the KennelStud DogsBroodsBreeding Successes

pict 1; bashful susie

pict 2; bashful pat

pict 3; bashful lass:-from one of the greatest damlines in ireland(pauls turn)unraced due to recurring injury despite winning all her qualifying trials never made it to race,litter includes,pinpoint dazl-track record holder rated 120,madabout her 2970 550 yards,18.68 350 yards rated 117,madabout dan 2981 550 yards shelbourne park rated 111,blue samcro rated 111,service station 28.19 shelbourne park rated 125,flashy flojo rated 114,plus many more rated over 100 plus half comrade to pinpoint finas rated 143,her dam ardavagga dazl winner of 14 races and full sister to irish oaks winner and dundalk international winner skywalker queen,plus many more classic contenders and top class greyhounds,their dam nifty princess is a sister to galvanise,embassy lane,niamhs jo,and a half sister to the wonderdog premier fantasy,all offspring of the great nifty niamh which is a daughter of superbrood pauls turn.breeding at its best.

pict 4; bashful pride