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Ballyvane Kennels(new Pictures)

Breeder   Aiden O Hanlon
City   Co.Kerry
Country   Ireland

About the KennelStud DogsBroodsBreeding Successes

we are a small breeding and racing kennel in north kerry.we concentrate more so on the breeding and selling of dogs.we only have 2 dogs for racing at the moment.only started trialing with them last week,but so far so good.All dogs are trained to the collar and lead at 6 months.at this stage they are taken out of the run about 3-4 times a week where they have the freedom of 10 acres to run and hunt for about half an hour.At 10 months they are taken to the beach where they can gallop and swim.All pups up to 12 months are feed on creal and new milk in the morning and redmills racer,fish,brown bread during the day.they get a light snack of nuts and milk around 8 o clock every night.they are feed mince around twice a week.I think it easier get a dog in top shape for racing if u have smaller amount of dogs .it gives you more time to concentrate on them.The runs are located close to the house so all dogs have the advantage of seeing all the comings and goings,Its great because it means the dogs wont be nervous around people and excitment.