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Save Manchesters historic Belle Vue Stadium from demolition

Manchesters historic Belle Vue Stadium in England will be demolished after Manchester City Council approved developers plans to build 247 houses on the site.

Please sign the petition to help us fight the plans to demolish this iconic and viable stadium.
The stadium first opened in 1926, as part of the legendary Belle Vue area and is famous for staging the first ever Greyhound racing event in the UK.

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Breeding Kennels of  
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Breeder   Steve Potter
Street   ballybrien
Zip   ballylanders
City   County Limerick
Country   Ireland
Email   stevegreyhounds@hotmail.com
Phone   00353-6246588
Phone 2   086-3911269

About the KennelStud DogsBroodsBreeding Successes

kennels consist of 3 double inside.1 isolation kennel,+1 large kennel on 1 acre field.only 1 litter per year reared,best food only,ie best mince,veg,fresh milk.

update as of 29-08-18 all pups been handslipped and going well,
I lost to temptation and sold my pup to john hurst who has precious rebel.i have not mated my bitch this time as that would have meant whelping down and looking after newborns as well as schooling..UPDATE as of 5-1-19 all last litter finished schooling and gone to their owners apart from one called brian's last the owner wants me to give him a race or 2 before going to the uk,because I did not breed a litter this year due to schooling my last litter when pups would have been due I have bought a couple of dog pups to keep me busy they are august 18 tarsna Havana x coolree Nadene I shall be selling them later,they are in with 2 bitch pups who someone has asked me to rear for them all 4 getting on well.UPDATE as of 27-05-19 4 pups in the field enjoying life chasing magpies and pidgeons thay caught a rabbit that came through the fence all 4 latched onto it and it went in 4 different directions all mad keen,all 4 are fine big pups I put the them on the scales last week and dogs are 72 & 75 lb bitches are 54 & 55 lb only 9 months yet shall be binging them into the kennels at 11 months to get use to kennel routine before taking them to the schooling track for a look.precious colleen should be due in season about November so will be new year pups I shall give her one more litter that will be her last as getting on now. UPDATE as of 14-07-2019 all 4 pups now in from the field getting use to kennel life shall be taking them down the schooling track for a look before the end of the month before giving them a slip in august,i have already booked zero ten as colleen's next stud dog and paid for the service,from what iv'e seen zero ten producing lately he will be hard to get later on. hope she breaks end oct or nov then will be jan 20 pups.all colleen's last litter are staying 6 bends so I am looking to inject a bit of early by using zero ten his litters to hondo black bitches all look nice 4 bend types.update as of 27-09-19 3 of the pups have all had 3 slips each improving each time 2 bitches down to 10.01 and 10.18 the dog I think will be a bit special 9.90 and the slip before that was 9.91 which shows it was no fluke, the other dog picked up a injury in the field strained stifle so shall leave him till near xmas no rush as only aug pups.the 3 im schooling will have there first time out the boxes next week.still no sign of colleen coming in season I hope she holds off till end oct then I will have new year pups.
UPDATE as of 14-12-19 2 bitch pups gone to owner fully schooled the dog pup who was schooling well is coming out of boxes now so will be having a qualifying trial soon,the owner wants me to give him a race or 2 before going to uk.the dog pup that strained a stifle looks to be ok had 2 handslips a week between each and done 10.76 & 10.22 so if he improves again this week could be a nice pup for someone,will put him up for sale when he's schooled or might give him a race or 2 before selling. still no sign of colleen coming into season.