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Breeder   Steve Potter
Street   ballybrien
Zip   ballylanders
City   County Limerick
Country   Ireland
Email   stevegreyhounds@hotmail.com
Phone   00353-6246588
Phone 2   086-3911269

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kennels consist of 3 double inside.1 isolation kennel,+1 large kennel on 1 acre field.only 1 litter per year reared,best food only,ie best mince,veg,fresh milk.

UPDATE as of 3-1-2016 very precious had her litter 4dogs 4bitches hope they turn out as good as my sept14 litter there is 1 dog that looks very special,i'll put my neck on the line and say he is the fastest I have had,the 3 pups I have here for a race have had there sprint qualifying trial and will be going to clonmel for there 525 on Friday 8th.bottom picture are new pups 2 1/2 weeks old lapping milk with mum for the first time.update 10-01-2016 started the year off with a bang took the three 16month old pups for their 525 official trial at clonmel, had to trial all 3 together as no one to trial with down there, the winner was last away came together with the other dog going into the first bend lost 2-3 lengths got back into his stride down the back & won the trial by 5 lengths in 29.81 a brilliant run for his first look at the track & his first 525 the other 2 did qualifying times 30.16 & 30.44 so happy with all three,new pups dec 2015 now on solids loving the tripe & steak mince another 4 weeks they will be in the field.UPDATE as of 15-02-16 LYNNTON THUNDER won his n1 race at clonmel in 29.22 precious flo ran the same night but got no run early finishing 5th but running on into the drop, her next race should be a a8-9,she needs the rails badly.scarletts boy the other dog I have here from the litter should be out Friday 19th. pups in the field will be 9weeks old on Wednesday 17th all dogs plus 2 bitches sold already 2 bitches left for sale both brindle.alfjack will be going to monmore this Thursday 18th feb then will be concentrating on Wimbledon.update as of 18-04-16 second photo from bottom Kinloch brae X very precious dec 2015 now 16 weeks old.thats all I have here at the moment plus my to broods very precious I wont breed with her I shall use precious colleen for my next litter, due to take in 3 12month olds for schooling shortly that will keep me busy.all the last litter have now gone Lynton thunder gone to barry o Sullivan to run in puppy opens,precious flo gone to Maxine locke (romford) but came in season scarletts boy to Maxine also, had one solo trial done 25.24 to fast for first trial lol has his second trial tomorrow (tues)3dog trial,owners still unsure whether to put alfjack in the derby or not,i think he's earnt his place the only worry I would have is getting a tough first round heat where only 2 qualify,he's a strong dog and the longer he goes into comp the better he will show up,where as the flashy first & second round fast time winners will struggle as the comp goes on. update as of 20-06-2016 owners decided not to put alfjack in the derby going for mainly hove & romford comps,lynton thunder won his first 2 races now going for puppy opens, runs at Nottingham 2nite being prepared for a comp that starts in july at Nottingham, scarletts boy won his first 2 race a4 & a3 ran on wed 15th winning again a2 this time' he is getting better with each run.the bitch that is with Maxine lock came into season when going over just doing her qualifying trials now should be her last trial on Tuesday 21st.pups in the field (6months) coming on great already caught 3 rabbits this week that were silly enough to come through the fence.update as of 26-08-16 Lynton thunder back with me until xmas crayford not suiting has trialed at hove & sittinbourn but running wide, he never done that here it must have been the trials & couple of races at crayford he is a long striding dog so need a galloping track,ive give him a couple of trials to get him back on the card have entered him for a stake starts sunday 4th sept A3/4 GUYS AND DOLLS.pups in the field now 8 months and all looking well still 2 bitches for sale,if not sold by 11months i'll school and see what iv'e got.next litter is going to be with precious colleen will be her first litter and being the only pup in precious beautys last litter I think she will throw good pups, due in season around march 2017 UPDATE as of 2-10-2016 lynton thunder made the final of the guys & dolls but after missing the break finished 5th still doing 29.30 he went faster than that as a 16 month old so I don't now why he hasn't improved as he should,but at least he is back running rails rather than wide.i have just got his brother in (RABBITS TINY) his owner has just had a operation and cannot do anything with his dogs so asked me if I could have him here until the thurles sales in late oct.i shall enter him in a 550 A5/A6 stake starting on the 14toct.i shall give him a couple of unnofficial 525 solo's to see what sort of time he does compared to thunder.still 2 bitch pups left for sale 10months now if not sold by the end of this month I wont sell till after being schooled,i might just have another laurels winner.UPDATE as of 19-04-2017 all last litter sold 2 left here to have a race before going to the uk,rabbits tiny won 2 races for me here before going to thurles sales.i have finished breeding with very precious and will now use PRECIOUS COLLEEN she was precious beautys last litter with only her in it.i think she will throw something really good as her dam, great dam, and great great dam did,to many open winners to mention they all threw group1 winners and classic winners which is why I wanted her back for breeding.she came in season Friday 14th april she is going to the stud on Monday 24th april being mated to Kinloch brae for her first litter,pups from last litter (Kinloch brae x very precious)doing well Lynton lightning grading on in A4 at Romford another one marleypark champ gone flapping for a few races before being graded on.