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Save Manchesters historic Belle Vue Stadium from demolition

Manchesters historic Belle Vue Stadium in England will be demolished after Manchester City Council approved developers plans to build 247 houses on the site.

Please sign the petition to help us fight the plans to demolish this iconic and viable stadium.
The stadium first opened in 1926, as part of the legendary Belle Vue area and is famous for staging the first ever Greyhound racing event in the UK.

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Ch.Qaiser Saleem-Bokhari Kennels

Breeder   Rana Bakhtiar Lateef & Syed Ale Mohammad
Street   Village: AULAKH-BHAIKAY
Zip   54450
City   Gujranwala
Country   Pakistan
Email   eyeseeu_pk@yahoo.com
Phone   +923006443568
Phone 2   +923002010140

About the KennelStud DogsBroodsBreeding Successes

The history of "CH.QAISER SALEEM GROUP" is as old as the country itself. Our ancestors migrated from (India) at the partition and they brought the sport with them. We have been among the pioneers of The Greyhound Racing in Pakistan. The founder of the group, CH.MOHAMMAD SALEEM KHAN (late) was a Legend in this sport and he along with CH.TAFFAZAL (late) bred some of the finest greyhounds in the historical annals of Pakistan greyhound racing i.e Radical , Samehawk, Crown, KAANA, Sharpha, KIRAN 1, Dead Shot,Eagle Star,Diamond,BLUE Stinger,Ballyline Prince, and many more ...........
CH.QAISER SALEEM KHAN(late) took the charge from his father and a decade later he became an Icon in the greyhound racing in Pakistan. He is a pioneer in reviving the spirit of game in the country by always emphasizing his deep desire to take Pakistani greyhounds at par with the leading greyhounds from all around the world. He was one of the staunch advocates to separate country breed races from the imported ones for the first time. It was also due to his efforts that in the coursing fields the imported and country breed greyhounds were separated for 3 rounds. He imported many greyhounds and bred some of the finest greyhounds in the country’s history as well. For 30 years he dominated the greyhound scene in Pakistan. Worthy,PIR SYED ALE HUSNAIN BUKHARI(late), again one of the finest persons and lovers of the game in Pakistan and a friend of QAISER SALEEM KHAN joined the group and the group was renamed as "CH.QAISER SALEEM-BOKARI GROUP". Since then, the group has progressed greatly under the command of these two celebrated marshalls.
We produce nearly 70-80 pups annually which run in every nook and corner of the country.
The main members of the group are Rana Bakhtayar Latif, Syed Ale Muhammad Bukhari, Rana Javed Sarwar,Rana Zahid Latif Khan,Rana Sohail Sarwar{GLASGOW} Rana Shaukat Hayat, , Mr.Haqnawaz, Ch. Naseer Sandhu, , Rana Anwar,,Rana Mujahid Khan , Rana Ahad Khan , Raja Nisar Khan sb, Mr. Shaukat(W.A.H CANTT), , Malik Mukhtar, Malik Pervaiz, Shaukat Warraich, Zafar & Sikandar Bhatti, Mr. Ahmad Tatla, Mr. Tayyab Shah,Sarwar(choorigar],Rana Tanveer , Mr shokat{lahore} Samiullah cheema{GUJRAT},MR Sajid and Sahib Chandhar [gujrat], Mr khurram taj ,Mr Khayam taj[Shakargarh],Rana Guloam mustafa and Gulam murtaza[jaranwala],Raja aftab ahmad khan [Rodi],Malik Maqsud and Malik Nawaz awan[naru chak],Raja Khalid Usman,[Gada Bore] MR Basharat tafazzal chodhary,Rana Ahsan Iftikhar,nicknamed [HARRY][ENGLAND] Mian Maqsud , Mian Suhail,[Munianwalaa],Mian Asif [lathianwala],Rana Parvez Sarwar,Tanveer khan [narowal],Usman Shoaib Cheema [Sukheki],Mr Waqas Basra,[Daska],Rana Imran Anwar,HASHIM , Usama Qaisar Saleem Khan, Hassan Qaisar Saleem khan and many more stalwarts...................
We are the sole group in pakistan that can claim itself as the 'title-holder' of each championship ever held in pakistan whether it be in the country breed (coursing and track) category or be it in the imported ones..and it became achievable only due to the dedication and determination of the passionate members of the group and above all the expetise,guidance,execution and oversight of CH.QAISER SALEEM khan..we had been successfull several times in securing all the top 3 positions in a single tournament which is another distinctive feature of our kennel...We are now trying to accumulate the footsteps of our ancestors in the Promotion of Greyhound racing in Pakistan.......


(PIC:1): ......................................

"Group photo at the presentation ceremony at chak-7 J.B, Faisalabad, the biggest coursing ever held in the country comprising 156 dogs and our kennel secured all the first three spots with 'BLUE TIGER' crowned as a champion"


Left Half:
"Ch.Mohammad Saleem Khan & Ch.Tuffazal Holding the Epic greyhound 'CROWN'.

Right Half:
"Ch.Mohammad Saleem Khan(FOUNDER OF THE KENNEL) holding SAMEHAWK, the champion dog of NALKA KOHALA(Faisalabad) DERBY beating the famous gill kennels dog "WHISKY", since then this name became an integral part of our kennels best dogs"


"CH.QAISER SALEEM holding the celebrated prince of Pakistan..."BALLYLINE PRINCE" ,THE TRIPPLE DERBY WINNER
and undefeated the whole year"


"The Sporting PRESS "IRELAND'S leading greyhound magazine appreciated the kennel's achievements in the game."


"CH.QAISER SALEEM with the champions at LATHIANWALA CHALLENGE CUP where we bagged all the top positions"


" The legendary 'SAMEHAWK' out of 'FIVE OF US' in the middle of the race leading 'SUPER BOY' another great from MAHAR KHUDADAD KENNEL. SAMEHAWK won 9 cups in Pakistan and was 18 times a coursing finalist. He ran consistently for 5 seasons."