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45 second generation offspring, female branch, of Red Zombie

NameSexDobLandColorSireDam ^DamSireOffspringRacesWins2ndBGradeBForm
Brandon HillmJUL 1989USDKBDJournalist JichaJ's C GullWhere's Casey00000
Dr Liz ClaibornefFEB 1988USBDPath of Sand *J's C GullWhere's Casey00000
Enid ThrasherfMAY 1990USRFEvening Champ *J's C GullWhere's Casey3600D0
Fat DaddymJUL 1989USDKBDJournalist JichaJ's C GullWhere's Casey00000
Good Evening JCf 199xUSDKBDEvening Champ *J's C GullWhere's Casey160000
Honey DripfJUL 1989USDKBDJournalist JichaJ's C GullWhere's Casey00000
Jim GalemMAY 1990USWREvening Champ *J's C GullWhere's Casey00000
Jimmy JichamJUL 1989USBDJournalist JichaJ's C GullWhere's Casey00000
Jump CablemJUL 1989USBDJournalist JichaJ's C GullWhere's Casey00000
Patty SandfFEB 1988USBKPath of Sand *J's C GullWhere's Casey00000
Peach WaremMAY 1990USRFEvening Champ *J's C GullWhere's Casey01310D0
Pitter PatmJUL 1989USBDJournalist JichaJ's C GullWhere's Casey00000
Ray ThrashermMAY 1990USRFEvening Champ *J's C GullWhere's Casey0300D0
Tank ManmJUL 1989USBDJournalist JichaJ's C GullWhere's Casey00000
Jk Evening Ladyf 198xUSFEvening Champ *J's C PennyWhere's Casey40000
JK Itza DreamfAUG 1987USFEvening Champ *J's C PennyWhere's Casey00000
Jk Kokof 198xUSRFEvening Champ *J's C PennyWhere's Casey50000
JK Rapid RobertmNOV 1986USBEBDBold FootprintJ's C PennyWhere's Casey760000
JK TitomAUG 1987USRFEvening Champ *J's C PennyWhere's Casey1950000
JK YuritunitoofAUG 1987USFEvening Champ *J's C PennyWhere's Casey30000
Jk's CaliphmNOV 1986USRFBold FootprintJ's C PennyWhere's Casey00000
JK's DigginbonesmNOV 1986USRFBold FootprintJ's C PennyWhere's Casey970000
Jk's Jose CuervomNOV 1986USRFBold FootprintJ's C PennyWhere's Casey00000
JK's Penny AntefNOV 1986USRFBold FootprintJ's C PennyWhere's Casey230000
Jk's Yakity YakfNOV 1986USRFBold FootprintJ's C PennyWhere's Casey00000
Pick a PennyfAPR 1992USFSelf Conch UsJ's C PennyWhere's Casey00000
San Tan RedmAPR 1992USRFSelf Conch UsJ's C PennyWhere's Casey03834A0
Wigwam CaseymAPR 1990USFIron FigureJ's C PennyWhere's Casey00000
Wigwam HojomAPR 1990USWFIron FigureJ's C PennyWhere's Casey00000
Wigwam JakemSEP 1988USLTBDUnderstoodJ's C PennyWhere's Casey00000
Wigwam KarlafAPR 1990USWFIron FigureJ's C PennyWhere's Casey00000
Wigwam KathyfAPR 1990USFIron FigureJ's C PennyWhere's Casey00000
Wigwam KittyfAPR 1990USWFIron FigureJ's C PennyWhere's Casey00000
Wigwam LilfSEP 1988USDKBDUnderstoodJ's C PennyWhere's Casey00000
Wigwam RobertafAPR 1990USBDIron FigureJ's C PennyWhere's Casey00000
Wigwam SparkymAPR 1990USWBDIron FigureJ's C PennyWhere's Casey00000
Wigwam VickeyfAPR 1990USBDIron FigureJ's C PennyWhere's Casey00000
Wigwam WagmSEP 1988USLTBDUnderstoodJ's C PennyWhere's Casey33520000
Wigwam WampummAPR 1990USDKBDIron FigureJ's C PennyWhere's Casey00000
Wigwam WaynemAPR 1990USWBDIron FigureJ's C PennyWhere's Casey00000
Wigwam ZadyfJUL 1988USDKBDUnderstoodJ's C PennyWhere's Casey280000
Wigwam ZarafSEP 1988USLTBDUnderstoodJ's C PennyWhere's Casey00000
Wigwam ZombiefJUL 1988USBEBDUnderstoodJ's C PennyWhere's Casey240000
Banfield's TurbomJAN 1988USWBDSuper SpotJ's C ShellWhere's Casey00000
ProwlfAUG 1988USBKSlam JamJ's Z ZombieMadds Tubby00000