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Do you have questions regarding the health of your greyhound? Do you need tips what you should feed your dog?
Or do you need advice in curing an injury?

Bone cancer in Greyhound

Abdullah Alsallom
Saudi Arabia
(Verified User)
Posts 36
Dogs 1 / Races 0

29 Mar 2021 03:41



How are you.

The Greyhound was diagnosed with the disease (bone cancer) and about 6 months ago another Greyhound was diagnosed with the same disease. I do not know this there is a genetic cause or what are the reasons?


Bronwyn Welsh
(Verified User)
Posts 94
Dogs 0 / Races 0

02 Apr 2021 02:03


I lost my 11 year old (retired) bitch about 6 months ago to Osteosarcoma. At the time the Vet commented that they rarely saw bone cancers in Greys years ago but after discussion with other Vets they believed that it was possibly due to most hounds not having a long lifespan in the “old days”. It maybe due to more now getting to full life expectancy could be the reason maybe that it’s more common. Not backed up by any research yet of course but a relevant point.

Catriona Ni Duill
(Verified User)
Posts 98
Dogs 4 / Races 0

03 Apr 2021 12:15


What is the breeding of your dog

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