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Do you have questions regarding the health of your greyhound? Do you need tips what you should feed your dog?
Or do you need advice in curing an injury?

Stopper bone injury

Mark Tucker
United Kingdom
(Verified User)
Posts 8
Dogs 0 / Races 0

20 Jun 2021 15:40


Hi can anyone recommend what is best treatment for a stopper bone injury the dog has had an x Ray which confirmed nothing broken he's had 4 months off and brought him back 2 weeks ago and came off very sore again is there anything other than time that can help

Jack Zappala
(Verified User)
Posts 96
Dogs 0 / Races 0

20 Jun 2021 23:12


Hi Mark I've had some experience with these injuries an had success on the track with the following treatment,
Buy a really good blister, as your muscleman will recommend a series of applications which need to be followed an plenty of rest in between.

Carole Brown
(Verified User)
Posts 32037
Dogs 176 / Races 2

21 Jun 2021 01:27


Mark, you could also try Zheng Gu Shui, the one for bones. It is very effective, and helps the tendons around the bone as well. However, if there is no fracture apparent, read what I have said a bit further down on the topic, suspect shoulder problem, about the spine. It may help you and good luck.

Larry Valenti
(Verified User)
Posts 1462
Dogs 3 / Races 0

22 Jun 2021 08:10


A lot of time working in parallel runs ie 9 months. Get yourself 3 tubs of equiblock from America to stat off with and learn how to use it . It doesn't show in a swab . This even works the same on 4 1/2 year old dogs coming back to racing in FFA company . Don't try and change the steps though .

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