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Or do you need advice in curing an injury?

Split Webbing

Robert Weightman
(Verified User)
Posts 100
Dogs 0 / Races 0

18 Jun 2022 00:27


Hi I have a bitch who has split her webbing on the front outside toe it`s healing fine but i won`t be able to put a band on it because the toe next to it doesn`t match up, will she be able to race still without any danger off braking the toe?
Cheers Rob

Nathan Bendeich
(Verified User)
Posts 945
Dogs 13 / Races 0

18 Jun 2022 01:41


Shell be fine bud as long as your treatment now for infection and keeping it dry is ok

1st week treat
2nd week treat and band for free galloping

Band all 4 toes up high over the knuckle
Use a rubber washing up glove (the thumb ) cut it 5 ml wide so you have a rubber ring and it will have enough give in it to cross all 4 toes as apposed to a rubber tube with no give
Makes sure it sits in behind the inside and outside toe pads on the underside

One might be enough for your liking of firmness , if not , double it with another band

Ps if your struggling to keep the split dry which is the main concern , use a touch of diluted bleach , dries it out and sterilised also ( muzzled to not lick or digest treatment! ) For extra help with healing can use Rawlieghs antiseptic ointment ( brown tin ) it has honey healings in it , once every second day , it adds moisture so not everyday

Around 2 weeks min and should be perfect , take bands off 3rd week pending results and free gallop again and check , if it splits again in a paddock it aint ready for a track turn

Repeat process

Good luck , dont worry too much bud

Robert Weightman
(Verified User)
Posts 100
Dogs 0 / Races 0

21 Jun 2022 04:28


Thanks Nathan
I have since taken her to see Micheal Bell and he is going to stich it but i still need to put a band on it when galloping her

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