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Sapling for Sale
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Here you can advertise your Sapling.

Please note a Sapling is a puppy older than 10 months that has not been officially named.

3 Sapling Advertisements

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Moreira  x  Eminence
show pedigree
Date of birth  5/4/2020 
Price  5000
Comment  black dog roughly 30-31kg

young dog just turned 13 months old

has been box broken , and bullring broken

have videos , he chases in bullring and he comes out nicely out the boxes

his too young to be actually broken in around a track , i have done him myself and live residential , he is a barker !!!!!!! clean in kennels , but a barker , he might grow up out of it , but i have no patience , i work full time so i cant always be with him to get him to be wuiet , neighbours have started to complain

spell him for 5-6 weeks , then send him for break in , if his a freak your gain my loss !!

have lost patience and can not put up with his barking

all the rearing done !

$5000 firm

i will show videos in bullring to srs buyers

located vic, he is vic bred

Contact  kouta kama   
State  Victoria   
Address  Australia  ,   melbourne
Phone  0437474019
Email  contact now!
Ad posted by  Ibrahim kama   
(ad posted 09-May-21)

Cosmic Rumble  x  Replacing Diana
show pedigree
Date of birth  November 2018 
Price  Free
Comment  Black bitch broken in late at 18 months spelled then came on season not tried past 300 m bred to run 500 does everything right just need to make room for next litter to come into kennels trials16.30 at gardens and 15.50 maitland good kennel bitch and quiet 100% no bad habits
Contact  terry callen   
State  New South Wales   
Address  Australia  , 2284  Newcastle
Phone  0449532010
Email  contact now!
(ad posted 05-May-21)

Moreira  x  Velocity Daff
show pedigree
Date of birth  21/9/19 
Price  $2500.00
Comment  Nice style 34kg dog.The dog chases but he needs box work.Getting him in is the issue. Once in hes fine and comes out well.I don't have the facility to sort out this issue.He is a clean kennel dog. Has a little whinge when moving other dogs but not a barker.Q bred bonuses apply.Dog can be delivered to SE Qld.
Contact  ron brook   
State  Queensland   
Address  Australia  , 4655  Takura
Phone  0409820296
Email  contact now!
(ad posted 29-Apr-21)

3 Sapling Advertisements