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    Ballyhoe Marble

picture of the greyhound Ballyhoe Marble
(Mustang Yank  x  Ballyhoe Pivotal)
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Colour   Brindle
Date of Birth   2 NOV 2003
Land of Birth   Ireland
Standing Land   Ireland
Breeder   Mr. Padraic McCarthy
Studbooks Licensed with   
Choice of Semen available   Ai Or Natural Mating
Countries Semen available for   Ireland

Stud Fee: 350euro

Contact: Freshford,Co.Kilkenny 0879508147 or 0568832378

ABOUT Ballyhoe Marble

Complete Outcross

Mustang Yanks fastest son

From limited bitches this dog has bred some quality dogs.

While not only has he produced top quality dogs his litter sister has produced the great Krug Ninety Five


Date vStadiumDist m/yGradeDogsTrapStimePostsFinCommentPtsSpkgWinnerWinTmTimeETimeFormFilm
21 APR 2007Shelbourne Park480 / 525GROUP16DT15thFAw,Blk 15.05/133.50Ardkill Jamie28.3029.3729.3776
14 APR 2007Shelbourne Park480 / 525OPEN6DT22.1755333rdEvAw,RnOn5/233.50Aries Son28.6928.9428.9498
7 APR 2007Shelbourne Park480 / 525OPEN6DT22.3843322ndBmp 1,FinWl5/233.50Loyal Honcho28.6928.9728.9796
31 MAR 2007Shelbourne Park480 / 525OPEN6DT12.0922221stFAw,FinWl2/533.50Ballyhoe Marble28.7728.7728.77106
24 MAR 2007Shelbourne Park480 / 525GROUP16DT32.0811111stQAw,ALd15.0EVS33.50Ballyhoe Marble28.3228.3228.32129
17 MAR 2007Shelbourne Park480 / 525OPEN6DT12.0411111stFAw,ALd4.05/433.50Ballyhoe Marble28.4228.4228.42124
10 MAR 2007Shelbourne Park480 / 525OPEN6DT12.1154333rdEvAw,RnOn7/433.50Ballydaniel Bret28.6128.9228.9299
3 MAR 2007Shelbourne Park480 / 525OPEN6DT12.0931111stEvAw,FinWl6/4f33.50Ballyhoe Marble28.9828.9828.9896
25 FEB 2007Lifford503 / 550FEATURE6DT54.0322222ndFAw,A 2nd10.04/134.00Phoenix Paddy29.6829.7729.77124
18 FEB 2007Lifford503 / 550OPEN6DT14.0633322ndSlAw,ChlRi4/934.50Velvet Eldorado29.8929.9629.96114
11 FEB 2007Lifford503 / 550OPEN6DT13.9422222ndEvAw,A 2nd5/434.00Phoenix Paddy29.7129.8029.80122
28 JAN 2007Lifford297 / 325TRIAL1DT31st32.7517.3317.33
21 DEC 2006Cork480 / 525GROUP26DT23.4954345thBlk 3,Blk 43.07/233.00Hooter Macooter28.6328.8529.1595
16 DEC 2006Cork503 / 550OPEN6DT44.7933333rdMid,P3.05/4f33.00Tyrur Rocky29.8229.9930.29105
9 DEC 2006Cork503 / 550OPEN6DT54.7522221stW 4,FinWl2.01/1f33.00Ballyhoe Marble29.8029.8030.10115
2 DEC 2006Cork503 / 550OPEN6DT34.6611111stFAw,ALd4.06/4f33.00Ballyhoe Marble29.5829.5829.88126
25 NOV 2006Shelbourne Park503 / 550OPEN6DT12ndEvAw,RnOn7/433.00Dustin Fox30.0630.2030.20102
18 NOV 2006Shelbourne Park503 / 550OPEN6DT255453rdEvAw,RnOn5/433.00Hooter Macooter30.0330.1730.17104
3 NOV 2006Harolds Cross503 / 550GROUP16DT11stEP,ALd15.04/6f33.00Ballyhoe Marble30.1230.1230.12116
27 OCT 2006Harolds Cross503 / 550OPEN6DT34.3511111st4.04/6f33.00Ballyhoe Marble29.9029.9029.90127
20 OCT 2006Harolds Cross503 / 550OPEN6DT14.5943111stEvAw,FinWl2.09/1033.00Ballyhoe Marble29.9529.9529.95125
13 OCT 2006Harolds Cross503 / 550OPEN6DT433111st2.05/4f33.00Ballyhoe Marble30.0930.0930.09118
7 OCT 2006Shelbourne Park503 / 550OPEN6DT13.4611111stFAw,ALd5/432.75Ballyhoe Marble30.1030.1030.10107
22 SEP 2006Harolds Cross480 / 525OPEN6DT615554thBlk 1,RnOn1/1f32.75Best Display29.4029.6529.6572
16 SEP 2006Shelbourne Park480 / 525OPEN6DT42.0866443rdEvAw,Blk 24/132.75Oran Premier28.5428.9628.9697
1 SEP 2006Harolds Cross480 / 525OPEN5DT534453rdBmp,RnOn1/1f32.75Baystreet Beauty28.8529.2329.2393
19 AUG 2006Shelbourne Park503 / 550FEATURE6DT255434thSlAw,Crd 11.05/132.75Droopys Stacey29.8830.1430.14105
10 AUG 2006Shelbourne Park503 / 550OPEN6DT13.5643111stEvAw,FinWl7/432.75Ballyhoe Marble30.1230.1230.12106
5 AUG 2006Shelbourne Park503 / 550OPEN6DT352221stEvAw,RnOn5/232.75Ballyhoe Marble30.3130.3130.3197
27 JUL 2006Shelbourne Park503 / 550TRIAL1DT61stSolo29.8129.81
21 JUL 2006Harolds Cross503 / 550OPEN6DT51stSlAw,FinWl4/7f32.75Ballyhoe Marble30.1930.1930.19113
14 JUL 2006Harolds Cross503 / 550OPEN6DT34.451stEP,Styd4.04/5f32.75Ballyhoe Marble29.8729.8729.87129
1 JUL 2006Shelbourne Park503 / 550OPEN6DT343333rdEvAw,Blk 19/432.75Ravenswood Ross30.1730.7630.7674
24 JUN 2006Shelbourne Park503 / 550OPEN6DT255432ndEvAw,RnOn7/232.75Bar the Devil *29.8530.0230.02111
19 MAY 2006Harolds Cross480 / 525OPEN6DT155542nd7/4f33.00Larch Girl28.8029.0129.01104
21 APR 2006Kilkenny274 / 300GR A26DT5565thSlAw,Blk 16/433.50Jack O Lantern16.5717.3217.325
12 APR 2006Kilkenny274 / 300OPEN6DT42ndImpRu,RnOn5/134.50Disco Stu16.3516.6316.6374
2 SEP 2005Harolds Cross480 / 525OPEN6DT35thEvAw,Outp3.04/133.50Eye King28.9629.6229.6273
26 AUG 2005Harolds Cross480 / 525OPEN6DT412222ndQAw,W 16/134.50Alimo28.6828.8228.82113
19 AUG 2005Harolds Cross480 / 525OPEN6DT121111stFAw,RnOn6/134.00Ballyhoe Marble29.1629.1629.1696
22 JUL 2005Newbridge296 / 324TRIAL1DT41stSolo18.2318.23
3 MAY 2005Shelbourne Park480 / 525TRIAL1DT11stSolo30.0230.02


NameSexDobLandColorSireDam ^DamSireOffspringRacesWins2ndBGradeBForm
April MarblemDEC 2007IEFWBallyhoe MarbleApril DreamFrisby Flashing02123A465
Kayla DreammDEC 2007IEFWBallyhoe MarbleApril DreamFrisby Flashing03024A379
Ballyhoe HazelfOCT 2008IEBEBDWBallyhoe MarbleHoncho BelleTop Honcho *01131OPEN100
Ballyhoe SymbolmOCT 2008IEBKBallyhoe MarbleHoncho BelleTop Honcho *02584OPEN114
Emmairead IslefOCT 2008IEWBKBallyhoe MarbleHoncho BelleTop Honcho *0503S170
HoedownmOCT 2008IEBEWBallyhoe MarbleHoncho BelleTop Honcho *039119FEATURE119
ZenyattafOCT 2008IEBKWBallyhoe MarbleHoncho BelleTop Honcho *01011A272
Luminous CrystalmNOV 2009IEBEBDBallyhoe MarbleLady MercuryStaplers Jo0200A836
Spellbound LadyfNOV 2009IEBKBallyhoe MarbleLady MercuryStaplers Jo0911A377
Cill Dubh StarmAUG 2008IEBDBallyhoe MarbleMotel MayHoncho Classic *02114OPEN87
Flying TurbomAUG 2008IEBKBallyhoe MarbleMotel MayHoncho Classic *03148OPEN82
Ruscar BobbymAUG 2008IEBKBallyhoe MarbleMotel MayHoncho Classic *01834A474
ScorpionmAUG 2008IEBDBallyhoe MarbleMotel MayHoncho Classic *02235A377
Episode OnemNOV 2007IEWBDBallyhoe MarbleReady to GoStaplers Jo01851OPEN87
Slick SakurafNOV 2007IEBKBallyhoe MarbleReady to GoStaplers Jo01641OPEN99
Slick SapporomNOV 2007IEBKBallyhoe MarbleReady to GoStaplers Jo01762FEATURE113
Joes PatsyfJUL 2008IEWFBallyhoe MarbleStay ThereHoncho Classic *0100S8
Patsys JoemJUL 2008IEWBDBallyhoe MarbleStay ThereHoncho Classic *0400S818
French MalabarmSEP 2009IEBKBallyhoe MarbleVixen GirlWhos Abbey0201A660
Supernova RockymSEP 2009IEWBKBallyhoe MarbleVixen GirlWhos Abbey0310A468
Aslee MarblemOCT 2009IEFBallyhoe MarbleWere Wide AwakeMurtys Gang0100A839
Balleen BobbymOCT 2009IEBKBallyhoe MarbleWise SceneLarkhill Jo0000
Balleen ClarefOCT 2009IEBKBallyhoe MarbleWise SceneLarkhill Jo0000
Balleen MarblemOCT 2009IEDKBDBallyhoe MarbleWise SceneLarkhill Jo0300A816
Balleen TigermOCT 2009IEBDBallyhoe MarbleWise SceneLarkhill Jo0812A495

See exceptional performances and major races won by offspring of Ballyhoe Marble
racenamestadiumdategradedist mwinnerwintimefilm
Yarmouth (Great Yarmouth) 13 NOV 2013 HT 2Yarmouth13 NOV 2013GR A6462 Luminous Lass29.34


Terms and Conditions

Full refund for missing bitches

Contact: Freshford,Co.Kilkenny 0879508147 or 0568832378