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    Seventh Jet

picture of the greyhound Seventh Jet
(Jet Spray  x  Seventh Sense)
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Colour   Fawn
Date of Birth   3 OCT 2004
Land of Birth   Ireland
Standing Land   Ireland
Breeder   miss vanessa ahern
Studbooks Licensed with   Icc
Choice of Semen available   Natural or Fresh Ai
Countries Semen available for   Ireland

Stud Fee: 350

Contact: Seventh Kennels Mallow 089 4411414 Coolaboola Kennels Mallow 0877475401

ABOUT Seventh Jet

Offering an Proven Irish sire line with a difference. A tough durable honest dog who never knew when he was beaten. Jet was the last dog to be trained by Micheal Everard. He contested all the top staying races reaching numerous finals. He raced with a visible injury after breaking his hock at 17 Months (he walked and ran with a visible limp) What he achieved on the track was phenomenal given his handicap. He has a greyhound data rating of 129. Out of the prolific Seventh Sense he is a half brother to the ill fated Directors Ruler 27.96 Monmore, Birmingham Cup finalist, Carling Classic winner. His litter brother Whitegate Jet ran up the Bedfordshire Derby and was a group one finalist. His litter sister has bred an Irish Puppy derby finalist to Droopys Maldini and has thrown top sprinter Cloughtaney Gift (Irish sprint Cup runner up) 2013. This line is packed with pace and staying power. Jet ran without the aid of prohibitive substances.



49 Races 14 Wins 31 Times in the Money. A hard tough durable dog with a huge heart.

Finalist Redmills 600 Enniscorthy

Finalist Corn Cuchulain 2008.

3rd Barrys Tea 750 2008

Semi finalist IGB 750 2007


Coologue Smokey won a tri distance stake in Clonmel in 31.85 for the 575. Sold to the UK has recorded 28.63 28.79 28.79. 480 Swindon Went straight to Open class. His litter sister  Coologue Gem has won 2 from her eight career starts with a smashing 30.00 for the 563 yards in Brighton. which earned her a Greyhound Data rating of 99. Both pups are on the up and up.

News flash 09th June  Coologue Smokey wins 2 Opens on the bounce in Monmore latest Victory a smashing 37.89 over the 630mts leaving the likes of Romantic Rambo (TR Wimbeldon) and Produce Stakes winner Adageo in his wake.

Pups from 2 more litters will hit the track in 2014

Owners/ Stud masters recommendation

If its strenght and pace you want the Jet is your man. All his progeny are very determined hard chasers and will stay all day.


Terms and Conditions

Bitches kenneled and tested at no extra charge. 350 Euros 80% refund to missing bitches

Contact: Seventh Kennels Mallow 089 4411414 Coolaboola Kennels Mallow 0877475401