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    Broadacres Turbo

picture of the greyhound Broadacres Turbo
(Top Honcho *  x  Riverside Bella)
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Colour   Black
Date of Birth   10 NOV 2005
Land of Birth   Ireland
Standing Land   Ireland
Studbooks Licensed with   Irish Coursing Club
Choice of Semen available   Natural Mating
Countries Semen available for   Ireland

Stud Fee: 450

Contact: Graham Holland 00 353 863931615

ABOUT Broadacres Turbo

First dog to break 31 seconds at Shelbourne Park over 575 yds and still holds the track record.
Won over 84k Prize money


See race videos of Broadacres Turbo
racenamestadiumdategradedist mwinnerwintimefilm
E 13,000 Tote Retention Fund Open 575 FinalShelbourne Park4 OCT 2008GROUP2526 Kildallon Maid31.48
E 13,000 Tote Retention Fund Open 575 Semi-FinalShelbourne Park27 SEP 2008OPEN526 Broadacres Turbo30.92
E 13,000 Tote Retention Fund Open 575 Round 1Shelbourne Park20 SEP 2008OPEN526 Broadacres Turbo31.38
paddypower.com Open 575Shelbourne Park13 SEP 2008FEATURE526 Broadacres Turbo30.89
Shelbourne Open 575Shelbourne Park6 SEP 2008OPEN526 Almost Meteoric31.94
E310.000 2008 paddypower.com Irish Derby Rd 1 HT9Shelbourne Park7 AUG 2008OPEN503 Tyrur Bertie29.79


See exceptional performances and major races won by offspring of Broadacres Turbo
racenamestadiumdategradedist mwinnerwintimefilm
Tipp FM Broadcasting Live From Shelbourne A1 575Shelbourne Park6 SEP 2014GR A1526 Fast Fit Lexus31.16
€13,200 Greyhound and Petworld A1 Stake. SemiCork23 AUG 2014GR A1480 Burgess Four28.13
The Bet On The Tote S0 / S2 300Clonmel3 AUG 2014GR S0274 Quick Blaze16.36
ECC TIMBER CHAMPION BITCH 550 FinalGalway30 JUL 2014GR AA0503 Jaytee Osprey29.94
ECC TIMBER CHAMPION BITCH 550 Semi-FinalGalway25 JUL 2014GR AA0503 Jaytee Osprey29.89
Vetsearch Virbac CalciLimerick1 FEB 2014OPEN480 Burgess Four28.68
Hall Green (Birmingham) 29 JAN 2014 HT 6Hall Green29 JAN 2014OPEN480 Supreme Turbo29.44
The Try A Trio 550Cork14 SEP 2013GR A2503 Burgess Four29.84
THE E 17,000 ORAN MAJESTIC A5 525 Round 1Galway20 JUL 2012GR A5480 Runaway Turbo28.66

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See Graham Holland for T&C's

Contact: Graham Holland 00 353 863931615